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UM Canes coach Al Golden: "Just because your competition may not be in the room, just understand that he's coming.''

Coach Al Golden spoke today as part of the ACC spring football teleconference.

He was asked if there was any area he had concerns about during spring.

"No one would be satisfied with our wide receiver situation in the spring by numbers specifically,'' Golden replied. There have got to be some guys that come in and help us out there. You could say the same thing about corner. I’m not trying to diminish what the kids that were there did. It was just a huge task for minimal players, asking three or four wideouts to carry the load for a position group that should have 10 in it. The same thing at corner, asking three or four corners to really carry the weight of a positon that should have eight when you consider all the nickel we play these days. Those two positions are certainly positions there and the defensive end spot, where we’re going to have an infuse of talent and competition and hopefully it will improve our program."

I asked him about the next step for incoming recruits who haven't arrived.

"They’re allowed to have a conditioning book, a program to follow even though they’re not with us. some of them are working out with us already. we expect another probably six or so to be here for summer I [session] and then the remainder by June 27th. We’ll have everybody in place by July 1 and that will help us and help them with the transition. Clearly, we’re continuing to take to each and everyone of them and monitoring them and making sure they understand what they need to do and where their weight needs to be and those types of things so we’re in good shape when we begin."

Do you expect them to know stuff from the playbook? "We’re always trying to talk football with them,'' he replied, "but in terms of giving them playbooks and things it’s something we just don’t do. But certainly we talk football with them and make sure they understand the things they need to get done."

Aside: I'm pretty sure some of those guys (e.g. Tracy Howard) are already studying the playbook.

Golden was reminded that before spring practice he said certain players were going to get their big opportunities to get playing time before the talented freshman newcomers arrive. He was asked if some of the current players stepped up.

Golden:  "I think some guys did. I think the reality of it is at some positions we were so light because we lost 30 players it’s easy to get lulled to sleep or become complacent. But the reality is you’re competing against a standard, not just whether or not you’re the next in line. You’re competing against a standard that we need to operate on and that we’ve become accustomed to here at Miami. So, just because your competition may not be in the room, just understand that he’s coming. I believe we did recruit well. I’m very pleased with the 10 that are here now and I’m going to be anxious to see the next wave that comes in. We’re trying to play and perform and play at a standard, not so much, ‘there’s no one else at my position right now and I’m the starter by default.’ That’s not how it works. Our job as coaches it to keep maneuvering players so that we get the best players on the field and we have depth at every position.''

Golden's picks for the two or three players that "really helped themselves, no question'' on offense durting spring are receiver Rashawn Scott, tight end Asante Cleveland and center Shane McDermott."  He said on defense, the players who "jumped out" and "really helped themselves'' are defensive end Shayon Green, lineman/linebacker Kelvin Cain, linebacker Tyrone Cornileus and safeties Kacy Rodgers and A.J. Highsmith.

Golden didn't share any news about quarterback Stephen Morris, other than to say he was doing a lot of throwing. "I don't know exactly when he's going to get the absolute green light to do everything. But it's not going to be very long now because he's already pushing it.''




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Cane Fans, Me and Warren Sapp is making a tv show on the WB called, "Broke and Underaged...Nope?!" It's kind of like "Punked" We will use the proceeds for my defense, Sapps babys mommas, and a stadium at Tropical Park. Yous heard it first hear, cane fans.

Got some Canes over hurrrr shoop shoop.

[]_[] GO CANES []_[]

GAtor fans: Brantley,Driskel, and Burton are making a reality TV show entitled:

How to have 15 collective stars and still be 6-6

nate, maybe a reality show with sapp letting him know how his pot smoking along with ericksons bottle are the reasons for the penalties we suffered in the 90's.

Okay, here's what the 'Canes really need.

First, lose the "smoke" from fire extinguishers when the team runs out on the field at the beginning of the games. It was new and cool years ago, but now lots of other teams copy it. It's old news.

The "new" 'Canes should march out on the field to a drum cadence in military parade formation: start a new "discipline" trend in college football.

The old 'Canes were rough, rowdy, wild and unruly. The new 'Canes are all about discipline: no nonsense, no trash-talking, no loose puppy behavior--just a team that pounds its opponents into the turf in business-like fashion and lets the scoreboard say the rest.

Second, every time the FSU band plays that infernal "war chant," the Miami band should play a really ramped-up version of the cavalry "charge" bugle call. I've been waiting for years for somebody in the U's music department to think of that.

Do these two things, and the rest will fall into place.

Well, looks like "Goldy believes that there are no stars in the defensive secondary. I think U can more than get by on offense, even at the WR position. Are we going "aerial" all of a sudden?

It's the secondary that's troublesome, particularly the guy at SS. And the corners sucked last year and we lost one that was good. And don't leave out the fact that the DC is in above his head.

Still, UM wins 5/6 games. Struggles big time in ACC.

Urban was a drunk and banged his secretary. That is why he left for "health" reasons.

Question: Is this DC the right guy to coach Gaines, Cain, Highsmith, Finney et all? And what's he "teaching" Ray Ray?

Lake Worth Cane - Get rid of THE SMOKE???!!! That is HERESY my friend. That is one of the great (and few) true Cane traditions. Just because other teams copy it doesn't mean we should change. Now way. Anything "Military" will instantly bring back comparisons to Camogate of 86. Not fair but still true. I fully agree that we should have a process in place to stop the War Chant - it should be touchdowns! the more we score the quieter that band gets.

LakeWorth, GTFOOH!!!!!!!!!!

Best Hurricane tradition is Nevin standing at the tunnel entrance welcoming the team through the smoke.

Best gator tradition is getting high and beating your 3babys mama's before stealing taco's on your way to the doctor to get treated for lime disease so huntley actually has a shot at a defense...

You'll find out with all the other dipshits like yourself this fall.

championships, no he won't because the Miami Hurrcanes don't play the florida gators next fall.

LakeWorthCane, shame on you.

I still believe the best thing we can do is go back to the OB. Ever since we left we have been in decline. Those were our best years, forget building a stadium in Tropical park or moving to the new Marlin"s place, let's go back to the OB!

Thank you, Susan. I like your writing better than Manny's.

Tebow grabs testicles...

cool cat- again with your stupid posts. Almost as dumb as gatorsam's.

Yes the DC can coach up those you mentioned. The D was better last year. What was bad was the overrated O-line who played like a bunch of pu55ies despite their average 315 lbs. Couln't get 1-2 yds in several games.

Lakeworthcane- STupid suggestion. Miami will never get rid of the smoke. NEVER.

What we need to get back at the U is the nastiness. The smashmouthness of its team. Toughness is earned and built. This coach is making these kids touigher thats why the panzies like Vernon and others left for the draft early.

We need to get back where our safeties would punch someone in the mouth, same with our D line. I could care less about penalties if we are scaring the otehr team, and NO I am not promulgating dirty play, just mean play, there is a difference between taking someones head off legally versus late, cheap shots.

Emmitt hates his redneck alma mater. It is the SEC's biggest joke.

They can add the military march as a halftime entrance thing, but you can't mess with the smoke. Camogate wouldn't have been an issue if we had won.

And the Calvary charge is a great idea. They wanna act like loser indian savages, we can be the winners as the American Cavalry.

Perhaps the smoke affects us like the cold, rain, wind,and heat?

perhaps he smell of rotting possums and swamp juice hasbeen the cause of Brantley's poor performance? Could that have been the cause for Jeff Demps not running the fastest 40 at the combine or the fastest 2nd 10 meter split time? Could that be the possible reason for no gator being drafted? Perhaps thats the reason Tebow will never amount to anything in the NFL?

No REAL Canes fan would ever suggest that we get rid of the smoke. That's like getting rid of Sebastion

LakeWorthCane, tradition and legacy you do not change. Most athletes are as supersticious as one can be, and if you reflect on the charge that these guys have described about running through the smoke, that the thought of "losing" this surprises me that you would even post the idea.

No way.

It seems that you are hung up on the band, marching, charging on the field....Give me a break. You are talking about the 'U' not some high school friday night. The 'U' pipeline to the NFL.. Come on you must be kidding..the SMOKE remains.

I do not see Coach G who loves the tradition and legacy that we have built doing anything to change our style..and these group of players decided to attend the 'U' because of things like the smoke ..We are competing against OUR standard and that surely includes our Smoke.
The SMOKE stays.
Go 'Canes

I don't know what is worse between the gator trolls here or the idiots on our side who post all this crap about Gainesville and Tebow. You are a bunch of obsessed, immature little kids with nothing interesting to contribute.
So what's the gist of this, Golden is waiting for the freshmen because he isn't happy with what we have right now? If that is so, we are in trouble. Show me the last championship caliber team made up of mostly sophs and froshs. It doesn't exist.
Now hopefully Morris will step up now that he has some competition.
Now I know my hometown boys, Lewis and Howard are all world and will do very well. But to expect them to excel from the get go is unfair. They may need time to adjust to the league.
So if we have to count on several, not just one or two, freshmen to play a big role then we are in trouble.
Let's keep talking canes and don't answer the trolls.

We are the canes
Our Spring games are over
It wasn't pretty
I've heard it said Spring is the best time to be a cane
Not this year
Hopefully Summer will be better
Will it be Morris or Williams?
Can all the Golden Freshmen take us to the top?
Probably not
Good thing we locked up that FAU series
Can we do the same with Bethune?
We are the canes
We are in our Golden era
So far we have not much to show for

And with those last few comments that is the official and final end of Canespace.

It has been fun. It has been real.

But at this point it is no longer real or fun. Good bye and good luck Canespacers!

Happy blogging...

Posted by: SOUP | December 04, 2011 at 10:34 PM

I am officially upping my call to 10-2 in 2012 because I know something that U don't.

I can't tell U what it is but is is GOOD!

Posted by: SOUP | April 15, 2012 at 11:33 PM

We are the boys of ol' floriDUH.

We have the 2nd largest athletic budget in the country and go 6-6.

5 years of alleged top recruits and go 6-6.

Cesspool dump and a go 6-6.

Emmitt craps on us and Urban craps on us and 6-6.

Redneck 'billies don't need no computers....and go 6-6.

Gimme back my taco and go 6-6.

Are you NUTS??? WE invented the Smoke through the Tunnel, WHY would WE get rid of it??? Let the others who COPIED it get rid of it. That's like asking the Noles to lose the chop.

Getting rid of the smoke entrance idea for that other crap is dumber than that crap cool cat types out. We invented the coolest entrance in College Football.

Getting rid of the smoke entrance idea for that other crap is dumber than that crap cool cat types out. We invented the coolest entrance in College Football.

Posted by: championships is all that matters


Agreed among many other things that we invented and everyone has copied over the years.


Whenever I`m bored I go to my garden and pretend that I`m a carrot.

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