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Day 3 of the NFL Draft and RB Lamar Miller is still waiting. Best of luck to the others.

Heading into today's draft, I am very surprised that running back Lamar Miller didn't get chosen. I understand there were concerns about his physicality on the field, his blocking, his shoulder. But come on. The guy is fast and has great vision. When a hole opens, bye-bye.

Lamar is someone who can regularly get big chunks of yardage.

But I am so happy for Sean Spence, a really great kid with a really great family. He told me he grew up loving the Pittsburgh Steelers because of their great defenses, and he is so pumped they believe in him. Here's hoping Sean has a long, productive career, which I think he will.

I'm also happy for Olivier Vernon, a quiet young man with a lot of talent. I really think he could have boosted his stock by staying another season at UM, especially in light of hardly getting playing time last season. But honestly, if the rules allow these players to leave college early for the draft, then they have every right to do so if they think it's in their best interest. The thing is, I (and you) have seen so many great athletes get hurt, and then everything can change in one instant. And the fact that Olivier gets to play in his backyard for the home team? Wow! That is an unbelievably rare opportunity for him and his family.

I personally love when these guys stay all four years and are loyal to the program until the end. But if the end happens to occur prematurely, and they leave early, you'd like to think they continue coming back to Coral Gables and giving back to the ones who come after them. That has so much to do with their personalities and internal makeup.

I'm sure several guys (OK, at least a few!) will get drafted today, and once they do, they'll be eager to prove they are better than the obvious NFL perception. Of course, Lamar Miller, who had two seasons of eligibility left, will no doubt be on a mission.

And I frankly don't think the fact that the guys who left early didn't get picked until, possibly, today, will have much bearing on Hurricanes in the coming drafts. They're young, it's their dream and you know the rest.

By the way, I really hope that some of the guys nobody is talking about (LaRon Byrd, Chase Ford, etc.) get drafted also. But one way or another, they'll get their shot as free agents or in some capacity.

Have a good weekend. 





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-Anybody can go through a hole and have a big gain, if they have decent speed. Miller can't break tackles and will be injury prone. If he had desire and heart, he might be a decent kick returner. Maybe. Big ifs.

Look at all the tougher backs taken before him so far. Even one from (dare I say it?) Temple! And for speed, look at the fact they took TY Hilton from FIU, an even lighter guy in terms of weight. I'd rather have the kid from Utah State.

The NFL gets it. Miller, Streeter et al did not, and reality is coming home now. They would have been better off staying at UM and dedicating themselves to their team and developing as determined football players, as Ray Armstrong chose.

Yes, agree that 4 year players are what UM needs going forward, not self-deluded me first NFL "stars."

Susan, easy to see why Miller wasn't drafted yet. He played one season as a starter. He is fast, and had nice stats, but he got hurt and he was not the same player the second half of the season.. NFL is tough league and he needed another year to get stronger and tougher. I think the same thing could be said to Streeter too.. These guys need to understand pros are looking for good team players and leaving a few years early after your team didn't even do well shows a lot about character of the player

Of the players that left, I thought that Miller was the only one that made a good decision in leaving. Vernon did very well, no matter if he stayed or not he was drafted around draft position he would have has he stayed. Tommy Streeter made a terrible decision, there a great deal of difference between 1 round money and 4the or 5th round money. I know he'll be one year closer to his 2nd contract with the big money. But I don't think he will ever make the difference from his 1st contract. The rest will be disappointed in their draft position or their FA contract.

This should be a lesson for athletes, listen to what adults say, opppps except Drew Rosenhaus.

should have stayed but who can blame them, you got drew rosenhaus telling them they're gonna be first or second round picks, its ridiculous, but oh well at least it ain't college basketball, if this was basketball they would have been gone a long time ago. Spence is gonna be a big surprise and an absolute steal by the steelers

I love the a-holes that come on here and rip UM players for leaving early, but then love to brag about them on sundays when they are in the NFL. Calling a player "me-first" cause he left early is about as stupid as it gets. Miami has had a long history of players that leave early....that has never changed.

Jayel- you are wrong.

Golden should gather the entire team and say one big "I told you so". Streeter, Forston and even Miller should have waited till the NFL advisory committee, and listen to Golden's advice.

Difference between First and 3rd, 4th rounds (even for Olivier Vernon)- MILLIONS.

Vernon and Streeter (yes even Forston) could have upped their value by staying one or two more years. Translation: MILLIONS.

That is money they will NEVER see. And rememeber they stillhave to make the rosters. First cut comes around september.

Dumb sumb sumb decision. THIS is what has been happening withthe Mimai Hurricanes the last 5 years. These kids think they are all that. They think thaty are better than they really are, that they dont have to bleed and puke and sweat (in the off season especially) in order to try to be better for the TEAM. They already have in mind they are going pro and start backing off in their 2nd season (MIller, Benjamin) to conserve themselves for the NFL combine. Well- The NFL is no dummies. They have seen their body of work, Regardless of how fast Miller's time was in the 40. They saw that he peetered out after the 6th game and wasnt running through tackles hard. The Va Tech and Boise State rbs instead (even though they are both 5-9), ran through people, through holes. AND THEY ARE ALMOST AS FAST AS MILLER! Tranlastion: They were both first and second rounders!

Also shows how little the idiots at ESPN really know. Todd McShay and 1000 yds for at least two consecutive seasons. Then you all will be in the same conversation with the likes of Willis McGahee.

YOu live and learn. Bad advice hurt these kids. They bought the hype and know. look.

Congratulations go to Sean Spence and his family. Sean can leave UM holding his head up high and knowing he set out to get a 4 year degree from one of the top academic universities in the country. Major Career Accomplishment with no regrets to look back on.

He completed his college education for himself and a very proud family. Also no one can ever take away his education from him which is invaluable investment in his future professional career regardless of whatever happens in the NFL. His dream to play in the NFL is a reality now because of his dedication to the UM Program and his loving family. I can only wish Sean the very best.

University of Miami fans are the most entitled, spoiled little brats in the world.

Y'all come on here just to rip these kids, most of you probably didn't even ATTEND the school.

The irony of you idiots using the word 'entitled' when talking about those northwestern boys - you guys are just spoiled little brats yourselves.

If that is Miami's history, hope it changes. And I wish any Cane well, but care more about what they do at UM than in the NFL. Most Cane fans get the point. We need players devoted to team, not ther "dream" while at UM. The 2 factors are positively correlated.
The better the dedication in college, the better NFL prospect a kid becomes.

Many are vulnerable to agent BS. What do they lose? A few bucks to add players to their portfolio?

For me, naive as it may be, I wish pro sports would not take ANY kid who has not finished his eligibility.
And if you wonder what "me-first" players look like, check out Miami's pathetic record over the last several years...

Yes some should have stayed but the way I look at it is that it makes room for the new Hurricanes who want to be here! For once I agree with the unapologetic (see Micanor Regis Pig Tweet)Susan that Sean Spence will do very well with the Steelers. For me he compares to Tampa Bay great Lynch. I think they project him at Safety instead of outside linebacker...jmo.

Glad to see Vernon a Dolphin too. The are having the best draft they have had in a while...jmo!

Note to Streeter's dad, your supposed to use that stuff for your aches and pains! You never know what it will make you think!

stop following my school- I disagree.

Why are some UM fans entitled? Becasue we want championships? Passionate players? Players that will bleed and sweat and work for their fellow cane? Players who will bleed green and orange? Not players who will sit there and ASSUME because they were given preferntial trreatment by a loser clueless coach that they would not have to work hard to compete?

If entitled means I want UM to recruit players that are old school in the sense that they are willing to bust they butts to compete to try to get playing time, to make the U better, to bring the U back, then I am guilty.

He--l, I can't even expect championships anymore (at least not yet) just give me a winning season and a bowl win to start with. Is that being entitled? Then I am guilty.

The entitled ones from Miami NW (Sean Spence excepted) are the ones who came in here all that, buying the hype of their mythical high school NC, thinking all college competition was going to bow to them in fear. Well, Jacorry found that out very well when they went to Cal for the Emerald Bowl in 2008 and was sacked and pummelled into smithereens repeatedly oy linebacker. That is the south florida culture that Golden is trying to erase. We need smash mouth football players who will bust their a55es in the Tough U work outs... and like it! I mean I look at the 4 Alabama first rounders and they all looked NFL ready. All looked like men. Like the U from 2000-2005. Not that long ago (dont let gator haters convince you of that). Miami players all look underdeveloped and smallish compared to that. Butthat is changing.

Of this entire group, Spence is the only one who will probably end up being a factor in the NFL.

Hey group I am sure that Golden told them think of what you are doing and think of the 'U' with so many players leaving...THINK.
Well Rosenass made them THUNK...Yes they believed that the 'U' they saw on Sundays from so many good 'Canes was their BIRTHRIGHT..." I am a CANE so I can be just like those 'Canes from the 'U'.

Well Hello..Reality is a B****. If you did not play every play, lift like lights out, study like a Nerd and develop your Football inteligence then the payoff is as Geraldo would say "The vault is EMPTY". No dice, no payday.

There is no easy way to the NFL and every Cane who left early will feel it.
Stay 1 or 2 more years and Miami would be a top 10 team and everyone would be talking about the 'Canes and their rise.. Residual more interest.. We are not right now top 25 material and that reflects in the draft..

Happy for my 'Canes that made it but it shows that the 'U' is not "What is in it for me, but what did WE do...The tide rises and floats all the boats (Players).

We as 'Canes will be coming on strong with a new group and it is exciting to be a 'Cane.

Coach G and the Coaches keep plugging away we will surprise a lot of people and the excuse of I am leaving because I MAY get hurt is BU******. All players on the field face that possibilty so that does not fly with me.

Thanks Susan for a realistic article..

We have to rebuild our 'Canes not live off the legacy without doing maintenance, by being Blue collar in our attitude and work habits.

Oh by the way I studied and worked my way to get my degree from Uof M it was not handed to me..

My 'Canes are everything, but we have to look Reality in the face when someone like Rosenass is wispering in your ear..."leave early".
This is a good lesson.
Go 'Canes.

5>3>2 -- why is Sean Spence the exception? Wasn't he a team leader who got in bed with Nevin Shapiro? To hell with him, too.
Lulz. The Dudphins completely ignore the University of Miami through the entire glory period of 1999-2003, except for Vernon Carey, who was a massive underachiever in college and has continued underachieving in the pros.
Now, they're drafting lazy, entitled, heartless, gutless Miami bums like they're going out of style.
To hell with them all.

Lamar Miller to the 'Phins and T. Benjamin to the Browns. I wish them both (especially Miller) all the best. Honestly, I am elated that the Phin's got another 'Canes, much less a game breaker like Lamar, but I tohught the 'Phins could have used a WR with that pick, oh well. Finally the Phin's are getting players from the"U". It's about time the 'Phins grew a pair. I believe now though, there is no way that we can get Tommy Streeter (I doubt that the 'Phins would draft 3 'Canes).

My great SEC school only has 1, I REPEAT ONE player drafted from my school so far!!!!

Who am I???

Irrelavant without Timmy

Someone let the NFL know that UFailure does have some players eligible to be drafted. Outside of the cheeseburger guzzling dope-smoker Howard, crickets.

UFailure living up to its name. Glory days are over, Gatr Trash maggots. You still suuuuuuuuuuuck.

They crow about all their top ranked star recruiting classes and all their 5 star studs and what does it get these studs?

A Greyhound bus ticket to the Flint, Michigan Arena league team

Go Gatah

Lamar Miller 4th round. Way to throw away. Yes throw away Millions by leaving early Lamar.

Streeter? Forston? congrats. You chose to listen to the hype.

Lesson learned for the young canes.

Good luck to the drafted players nonetheless.

Lamar Miller 4th round. Way to throw away. Yes throw away Millions by leaving early Lamar.

Streeter? Forston? congrats. You chose to listen to the hype.

Lesson learned for the young canes.

Good luck to the drafted players nonetheless.

Posted by: 5>3>2 | April 28, 2012 at 02:25 PM


It takes a resume to go early in the draft. You can have all the potential and measurables in the world, but you still need a track record to go high. One year wonders do not get drafted high.

Well, I hate to say I told U guys so, but I told you so. Who in the hell told Lamar Miller he was going to get drafted in the 1st round? That kid lost serious money along with all the rest of them. Man its tough to watch those great talents get drafted where they did or will or if. Streeter's dad's analogy of Tebow being a big surprise in comparison to Tommy is looking pretty dumb now like it did when he said it. News Flash he hasn't done anything like Tebow did. Tommy is a great talent and somebody is going to get a steal but c'mon man. You have to have somewhat of a two year to 3 year resume to get drafted where you should. I wish you guys well, but damn ya'll are going to get ripped off for the 1st 2-3 years of your career.

How many 5 star 'billies drafted?

Trailertrashtown: where NFL dreams go to die.

I hope that Coach Golden shows this draft to future 'Canes who "think" they are ready because family, friends, guys at the barber shop and most notably, Drew Rosenhaus say the are when clearly they are not. I also hope that when guys see Rosenhaus or his cronies, they run, not walk, the opposite direction.

Streter to the Ravens at #199, Washington to the Eagles at #201. Both 6th rounders.

Hey Tommy and Brandon. You gonna share the cost of renting an armored truck for the millions that 6th rounders get in the NFL? Good luck. Hope you make the team...

Sorry, I underestimated these guys. Streeter at #198 and Washington at #200. Should make a lot of difference. Ka-ching, right Drew?

All you fans know nothing. Why should we work hard at the U when we have a chance to make thousands in the NFL. You fans keep paying your money to watch the U, didn't we give you some great entertainment?

We never cared about the U, just the free shirts and a nicer place to hang then NW.

"After 4 years, I will finally know what fresh air smells like. I will also meet people who aren't low-grade trailertrash."


Chris Rainey

I hope all these players do well in the league.
A serious lesson learned for most of them,though.

Those guys leaving wasn't about Drew Rosenhaus. Didn't anyone stop to think that they (the players leaving prematurely for league minimums) know something we don't?

You only get the League minimum if you make the team.

Writing in the Wall conspiracy theory Guy, I guess what they knew was so BA that the other juniors and rs-sophomores decided to stay. Or maybe only the guys who declared actuall knew and kept it from the others. Build that conspiracy web you dope.

Whatever you want to say about the canes, we stink, 6-6, anything, fact is the U is still NFL U. UM puts 6 in the draft. More will be in NFL rosters through free agency. Only UGA, oklahoma with 7 and alabama with 8 had more. Michigan state and south carolina also had 6. The U had as many drafted as FSU and UF combined and more than ohio state, usc, lsu, and texas.

Dont count the U out. Its just a matter of putting it all togetehr, and coaching these players up.

Point of interest: Gatorade player of the year Mr 5 star John Brantley went undrafted Although so did mr florida football jacorry harris. Also undrafted was FSUs Bert Reed.

UM. Baseball has lost what 8 of the last 12 games?

Please someone tell me why Morris deserves to be coach?..??.?

who will be our draft picks next year ?

or any other State of Florida team ?

I love the a-holes that come on here and rip UM players for leaving early, but then love to brag about them on sundays when they are in the NFL. Calling a player "me-first" cause he left early is about as stupid as it gets. Miami has had a long history of players that leave early....that has never changed.

Posted by: Jayel | April 28, 2012 at 10:56 AM

I agree! The folks complaining could care about these guys off the field. They wanted them to stay for their own selfish reasons!

Step right Up ...

So tired of some trolls saying those that left because they knew something. What they knew was that they could not hack Al Golden and being real football players.
Jokecorey not drafted imagine that. Butterball Forston not drafted, what a huge waste of talent. Momas boy aj still home sucking his thumb. What about the others in Byrd etc, figure put your phone will not ring on the draft. UDFA here they come or rather time to go begging for a tryout.
Congrats to Sean Spence for working hard and going to pittsburgh. Our desperate dolphins took a chance on two. Time will tell.

You are right on. That is the central point.

Anybody catch the re-run on ESPNU 30 and 30 of the UM story this morning? Unbelievable teams.

What will it take to get us there again?

Recruiting tough kids who jell in the identity of the U as a team. Coaches who can loosen the reins on playing style. A return to swagger and ability to dominate. Talent and ferocity. An administration that provides support and gets out of the way. Former players that come back home to help younger ones. And, yes, a stadium. The Orange Bowl, as the documentary shows, was a magical place in which fans felt connected to the action on the field.

When all these factors come together, something special can happen. Those kids were tough and fierce football players. Being favored usually meant wiping out the underdog teams.

We have an unbelievable tradition. I hope to see it erupt into the present in the next few seasons...

LMFAO at the stadium whiners.

You think those things go up overnight? Even if the impetus, money, and location were worked out it would be 5-6 years b4 it was even built. No money, no site, and no impetus and it's at least 10-15 years.

This talk about a new stadium is moronic. Tell me how it's going to happen. When Sun Life is sold out the atmosphere is just fine. Winning cures all.

These morons wanting a new stadium are the same morons that never go to games to begin with.

Truthteller, tell your momma that you need a bus ticket out of town because you hate Miami and all it's sports teams. I see you posting your hate on all the blogs, and your posts show you know nothing. Leave town please.

5>3>2 - no because you guys cry like spoiled brats if those things don't happen.

Wrong again genius... If I am hoping that the canes win, its no different than some redneck in Alabama or Mississipi cheering their team on or some movie start in LA wanting USC to win. You obviously don't get my point. The NFL draft results proved that Golden, and many of us who criticized Miller et al about their decisions to leave early: MILLIONS. No thousands. MILLIONS. left on the table that they will never see again. Oh yeah its awesome he got picked up. Happy for him. Of that there was no doubt. He--ll with his speed he probably would have been picked up had he never played a down of football, but the point is, and more important regarding Streeter and Forston,and possibly Vernon, that had they not been the type that were allergic to busting their butts, bleeding for the U, leaving their souls on Greentree day in day out, by the time their 4th year ended they'd be close to 1-2 roundewrs and would have made more millions, and their leverage would be better.

dbc and ltc are right.

Anyway congrats for being drafted. If the speculation is right 8 more canes will be given free agent contracts. Its still NFL-U.

But if the point is, to position yourself for the best possible NFL contract, IMO, young players should see what happened this draft. Stay in for a minimum of 3 yrs. 4 years if youhavent killed it. Killed it means for example being on the Heisman talk or winning a position award. Otherwise, you are leaving 1) Millions on the table 2) A free degree that will help you when football is over

5>3>2, didn't Streeter Sr. say it was up to God? Who are you to question god's plan for Streeter and company? If god wanted them to declare early, who are you to question his plan?

Now, isn't that belief system ridiculous? Claiming belief in a non-existent god who would care about something so insignificant as to the NFL draft?

You can't have it both ways. Drop your belief in the sky fairy.






NFL money isn't all that. Just ask Warren Sapp who just went bankrupt. There is a reason we say, "Young and dumb."

I've had enough of this draft talk. So you say we are NFL U, that's great, except it hasn't amounted to much for UM. So we have the most players drafted save for UGA, OU and Bama. That is shameful. UGA had a winning season and played in their conference championship game. OU has had winning records in the past few seasons and are usually a top 10 program. Bama won the NC and are always near the top. UM? See my point, why are we celebrating putting so many players in the NFL when those players do not perform for us in college ball. I don't give a hoot how many players go on to the NFL if they don't win for us. It is sad that we are reduced to gloating about NFL U and all this BS but we can't gloat about a top college football program. I rather have the latter. I rather have less players drafted if those players win for us. I am a college football fan, my team is The University of Miami, not the Eagles, Steelers or Ravens.
Finally this is the first thread in along time where there are no gators posting, so why the heck is there some moron asking where are the trolls. STF up about other teams and talk cane football you idiot.


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