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Day 3 of the NFL Draft and RB Lamar Miller is still waiting. Best of luck to the others.

Heading into today's draft, I am very surprised that running back Lamar Miller didn't get chosen. I understand there were concerns about his physicality on the field, his blocking, his shoulder. But come on. The guy is fast and has great vision. When a hole opens, bye-bye.

Lamar is someone who can regularly get big chunks of yardage.

But I am so happy for Sean Spence, a really great kid with a really great family. He told me he grew up loving the Pittsburgh Steelers because of their great defenses, and he is so pumped they believe in him. Here's hoping Sean has a long, productive career, which I think he will.

I'm also happy for Olivier Vernon, a quiet young man with a lot of talent. I really think he could have boosted his stock by staying another season at UM, especially in light of hardly getting playing time last season. But honestly, if the rules allow these players to leave college early for the draft, then they have every right to do so if they think it's in their best interest. The thing is, I (and you) have seen so many great athletes get hurt, and then everything can change in one instant. And the fact that Olivier gets to play in his backyard for the home team? Wow! That is an unbelievably rare opportunity for him and his family.

I personally love when these guys stay all four years and are loyal to the program until the end. But if the end happens to occur prematurely, and they leave early, you'd like to think they continue coming back to Coral Gables and giving back to the ones who come after them. That has so much to do with their personalities and internal makeup.

I'm sure several guys (OK, at least a few!) will get drafted today, and once they do, they'll be eager to prove they are better than the obvious NFL perception. Of course, Lamar Miller, who had two seasons of eligibility left, will no doubt be on a mission.

And I frankly don't think the fact that the guys who left early didn't get picked until, possibly, today, will have much bearing on Hurricanes in the coming drafts. They're young, it's their dream and you know the rest.

By the way, I really hope that some of the guys nobody is talking about (LaRon Byrd, Chase Ford, etc.) get drafted also. But one way or another, they'll get their shot as free agents or in some capacity.

Have a good weekend. 





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So tired of some trolls saying those that left because they knew something. What they knew was that they could not hack Al Golden and being real football players.
Jokecorey not drafted imagine that. Butterball Forston not drafted, what a huge waste of talent. Momas boy aj still home sucking his thumb. What about the others in Byrd etc, figure put your phone will not ring on the draft. UDFA here they come or rather time to go begging for a tryout.
Congrats to Sean Spence for working hard and going to pittsburgh. Our desperate dolphins took a chance on two. Time will tell.

Posted by: ltcdolphin


Finally some common sense on this blog. Good to hear from you ltcdolphin.

Don't know if you guys knew but BREW AT THE ZOO lastnight was great!!!!!

Thisclownagain. If you have a point is there an intelligent way you can make it??

miramarcane, canetillidie and 5>3>2,
Appreciate your points. They are on target.

Regarding stadium, I hope Sun Life assumes the magic that the OB did, and aggree that a major winner is our best shot at having that element needed for national level success at the U.

Ok miramarcane we get your point and you are partly right, but its always a blast to see the U represented in the NFL. The players have embraced that as well- more so than any other college program. That is because many of them return to the Hecht to work out in the summer and talk to current players.

The trolls are the gators who are no where to be found now. The other doosh is that one who tries to sucker people into a "God doesnt exist" circular argument.

6 UM players drafted. 8 others get NFL free agent contracts. Stioll NFL U I dont care what anyone says.

By the way, 'cool cat?===== Where's Jacorry?

532. Who were the ones that got FA contracts and which teams?? Where did you see that info??

Right on cane brothers, I too like to see former canes succeed in the NFL. It just pisses me off that for the past few years those players haven't contributed to our program in terms of wins. Used to be we placed a bunch of players in the NFL who had won big @ UM. Players like Reed, Lewis, Vilma, Beason all the way back to Irving and Kelly. We don't have those ballers anymore, haven't had them now for a few years.
I agree losing the OB was a big blow and that we need to have more support @ Sun Life. Hopefully Golden can get the ship righted.

Does 532 even know what a circular argument is? Just because you can't follow it due to your desire to be an abject slave to a sky fairy doesn't make it circular. My point still stands. Streeter Sr. Said god would decide. You have disagreed. Are you right and god wrong? Or are both you and Streeter Sr. delusional?

clown- you know who you are. Pagliaci. Payaso. The clown is you for brining that garbage nonsense on this UM blog. Since you don't believe in a so-called sky fairy then do us all a great favor, no- do society a great favor and (....) yourself. Do it. It will propagate the species by using your pathetic carcass as fertilizer.

ltc- I read it on the herald website and its on canesport etc etc. Chase Ford, Laron Byrd, Micanor Regis and 5 others signed free agent contracts. Dont recall the teams. All except Jacorry

532. Heard he is invited to try out for the dolphins and also invited to Arizona. In other words he's begging for a job. Maybe it will be a one way ticket up Arizona.
Jokecorey belongs in the nfl about as much as circular guy belongs in a debate. Neither have those skills.

Looking forward to seeing Jacory Harris again.....at a local McDonald's!
"Do you want fries with that?"

Anyone with any type of safe mentality sense would take the money thats on the table and win instead of gambling for more and possibly losing everything. If you have a chance to get drafted the smart thing to do is take the $$ rather than gambling and risking losing everything. Id rather spend a rookie season playing great, having security and asking for a better contract rather than playing good in college for another year hoping I dont get hurt, pass all classes, stay eligible to play, not lose position on depth chart etc etc etc. If you have a chance to make a guaranteed 6 figure income plus, only a fool, and I repeat only a FOOL would gamble losing that when the risk is ending up with 0

asking for a better contract? Gambling? Its a gamble the moment you put on pads as a high schooler. That argument (theone about getting hurt) doesn't hold any water, all due repsect. Football money is not guaranteed unless you are a first rounder and signed a 2 million dollar signing bonus. These 3rd rounders can walk on the practice field at camp in july and blow a knee and poof! gone. Then what? No degree, no nothing. But if you are of the mentality that 500,000 a year for 3 years is better than 1.5 million a year for 5 years, then youre right.

The argument is over. The kids are gone, but I say all this so that future kids stop listening to bad advice (their reps, their posse, Drew Rosenscum). Unless the kid has proven himself unmistakenly in college (McGahee, Gore, Edgerrin James) there is no reason to leave early. One good year on a 6-6 team does not prove to me that Lamar Miller is a quality NFL rb particularly since he peetered out towards the end. Newsflash- The nFL is >16 games. You cant peeter out then Lamar. On more year of 1200 yds would have done it for me and I would have been ok with him leaving before his senior season but 1 season dont tell me squat. He still doesnt blcok well, and he is marginal at catching passes out of the back field. Streeter is especially the case with that argument. What did Streeter do? Did he catch for >1000 yds at any poiint in time? Did he dominate in a bowl game (like Michael Floyd dominated Brandon Harris)? PLease.

Ahhhhh, yes. 532, spoken like a true man of faith. It is exactly your reaction which proves there is no god. And "propagate" the species? Sounds like evolution talk which is the opposite of your sky fairy "intelligent design" nonsense. You are conflicted. And not very smart.

And you still have no clue what a circular argument is, do you?

circular argument: God doesnt exist. Because I said so. And because I cant see God. So there is no God. Even though this is a Miami blog I am going to promulgate atheism. And since I cant see God, then God doesnt exist. Circular argument. Dumb a55. Go f yourself.

can anyone tell me please why Morris is still coaching Miami baseball? This team is in complete disarray. They cant compete against anyone. The UNC sweep was an aberration. There has been no progress with UM baseball the last 6 years. NONE. ZERO. Despite A-rods donation to the program, recruiting has been abysmal, and whereas 7, 8 yrs ago regionals would regularly go through Miami, no way UM has a fighting chance, bc regionals are going through Tally and Gainesville- tow programs which salivate at the prospect of playing Miami because they now realize how soft and poorly coached they are.

Please fire Morris. My grandma can coach better than him

Classic misunderstanding of the bible-thumpers on two counts:

1. I never said "because I said so." There is no evidence of it. That is not circular, Einstein.
2. Your same (lame) attempt at describing circular arguments can be used for the existence of god: "God exists. Because I said so. I see him in toast, windows and tree stumps. So there is god.:"

See how that works you angry bitter soldier of god. I bet your god, even though he doesn't exist, would be proud at how angry your are and lashing out at others.

Of course, if your god was so ominpotent, he could handle matters for himself. Which brings us back to the question of why he/she/it can't. Or which god exactly you are talking about.

So much to ponder, angry bible-thumper.

Yo Cane trash

Check it out. Stop whining about the juniors who bolted early and got stiffed in the draft, move on.

Yo miramar maggot, stop living in the past with dreams of Reed and Lewis, those days are long gone never to return.

Yo get used to an empty No Life Stadium.
Not even LOSERTILUDIE and his feeble street corner begging can get U out of that dUmp.
Speaking of which, glad U enjoyed Brew @ the Zoo loser. Now U looked pretty miserable inside Ur cage until I slipped U that banana and dumped beer in Ur drinking bowl. Glad I was able to help, Ur welcome.

Finally Ur little cane pig is at it again with his anti God crapola after he spent the whole weekend posting about the Gators. The loser is crying for attention.
Bunch of pathetic LOOSERS!!

Just found out Jacory has joined Miller and Vernon with the Dolphins. This is great news. Finally the Fins have found the next Marino. And with Miller in the backfield all we need now is to trade for Streeter.
Go Fins, Go Canes!!

canetrash=delusional=Mr Agnostic= all pathetic dweebs.

"I dont believe in God, bible thumper". Anyone who believes in God is a bible thumper. waaa waa, bible thumping bible thumpers.

Do you even read back your posts? CAn you see how much of an imbecile you sound like?

YOu stupid sad pathetic imbecile stooge. I feel sorry for you. How do you even know I read the bible? or torah/ Or Quran? Or neither? How do you know I am not a budhist? or a wiccan?

Go lie down. Youre given me a headache.


Canetrash- the atheist is no cane. I dont know he even knows what he is, since according to him we all dont exist.


Just remember cane fans, Clinton Portis went in the 2nd round, and he earned his way to a second round with his college play. Give me 1 Portis for 10,000 lamar Millers any day.

The first round this year had a good number of former 2-star and 3 star recruits. Remember that. Also remember that Phillip Buchanon was drafted AHEAD of Ed reed, and Some genius drafted Ryan leaf. Seriously. In retrospect.... Do yo uall think Tim Tebow was worth a first round pick to Denver? Where is he now? But the geniuses both in Denver and on TV dont have the b-lls to admit how wrong they were for making him a first round draftee.

Canetrash you are so redundant that it is now boring.
Come up with something other than more of the same old same old.
This tactic is as old as the hills...
No 'Gators in the draft so think of something to get these posters really riled..Voila.
Football is football...'U'style and all the diversionary B*** S**** will not change the fact that the 'U' will kick the Moosechumps Gayturds any day of the week...
Get back to the trailer, Pavlov is calling....you would never understand..
Go 'Canes

Point remains. You are a believer. And a really angry one. Would whatever supernatural being you worship approve of your anger and insults? All the more reason why believers, such as yourself, are proof that no supernatural being exists at least not one described by the Judeo-Christian belief.

You need to ask your fake supernatural being for more faith and understanding and patience and whatever else you get from it. Man, you are angry. You feel sorry for me? Thanks, but feel sorry for yourself.

Repent now. The sky-fairies are calling. All of them. They want to give you redemption.

Yo Cane trash

WhereUGocanesbutdown, Ur dUmmer than Ur name suggests.
Fact is, last time we played it was the Gators who kicked Ur arse. Don't let the facts get in Ur way. Football is football, and in college ball Ur canes have been sucking for 10 years and counting.
Yo cane clown pig, no one cares about Ur BS, not even Ur fellow canes.
Yo LOSERTILUDIE, are U out of Ur cage yet?
Bunch of pathetic LOOSERS!!



Yo, yo. Yo, yo yo. YOu use Yo a lot, yo.


Clown, why don't you and trash go play with each other and leave this blog alone?

"I dont know he even knows what he is, since according to him we all dont exist."

--- Where did I state that? Of course we exist. You don't need the supernatural to exist.

Look at this f****t!

Has no one in his life to talk to so he has to try to troll this blog.

Why not try politics you loser?

Fire Morris dot com.

Look at this f****t!

Has no one in his life to talk to so he has to try to troll this blog.

Why not try politics you loser?

Posted by: Cual? | April 30, 2012 at 01:29 PM

Anger. Rage. Insults. I love it. You faithful don't really practice what you preach, do you? "My god will kill you to prove I'm right."


I'm not religious, I'm anti-Troll.

But since you're big into arguing people with 'logic' - why not try to fill the gap for everyone here:

Why are you trying to instigate people into worthless religious debates on the UM blog in the Miami Herald?

Why do you spend the rest of your time obsessing over a fake internet rivalry that has nothing to do with football?

Is there any conceivable answer besides the fact that you're a complete loser with no life?

Thought not.

Cual, you nailed it. When this loser is not posting anti religion manure he is egging on the gator trolls in his fake rivarly. Never has he posted anything to do with Cane football. I suggest we ignore his sorry arse.

JESUS ! Can our baseball team field better than high school teams ?

Fire morris.period.

Agreed, but these kids are just not even average as a group. They simply CANNOT field, hit for average or any power whatsoever and their pitching depth is as thin as the middle of an oreo cookie. For Gods sake, our 3-4 hitters have combined for 6 Homeruns. That used to be our 9 hitter alone.

Now, if they do give Morris his walking papers, who do we go out and get ? Or stay within the program with Dimare perhaps ?

Where are U Ron Fraser ?


papal (paper) trail



gator fans talking crime and... arrests? ha ha ha ha ha ha. too funny

Still waiting on Mevin's book you said would be out Dec. 2010. Wrong again blog Pig. As with everything.

Morris has lost these players. "We need to focus"- translation: coaching. This team has more errors than any team in college baseball certainly in the ACC.

How is Morris still the coach? Someone tell me exactly what he has done to deserve keeping his job. he gets a pass 2002-2007. Five years, an entire recruiting class. After that its on him, his hires and his recruiting, not to mention the abominable on-field play. There is weak hitting and average pitching.

Since 2001, when Both Coker and Morris won national championships, Miami has had TWO head coaches in football and a slew of assistants. Morris keeps his jobs. What gives?

Watching some of these guys self-destruct is sad.
Both good players in college, first rounders, etc.
Always good to get that degree before heading to the pros. Some kind of fall back insurance at the leasr.

There was no way any of these guys were going to see any playing time this year as Canes. But I would have stayed for the ring. Miami and Bama are going to be the teams to beat this year.

Bryce Brown,
I see you got drafted. There is great rejoicing in Miami, Tennessee and Kansas State. All got rid of you. And you got no degree. Talk to your "spiritual" advisor. Time for fasting, no?

Whatever you do, negotiate psychiatric benefits in your upcoming big "deal." Then, unemployment insurance awaits. Way to handle your life, five star!

I could hold your tax return for a few minutes, I be right back.

@ trashbag

I don't acknowledge children unless they raise their hands and wait patiently to be called on.

Have a nice day.


Canetillidie. That applies to better than 80% of some on here.

Uncle Luke/Nevin - I guess I shouldn't have followed your lead. Anyone need a LB for year?

Listen pu55y: The 90s thing wasnt a bounty thing. It was pay for play for ints, TDs, sacks, etc. There was no "wanting to hurt anyone" so stfu and go jump off the tuttle causeway head first.
Otherwise, stand in front of it, with a sign and I'll be by soon. I'll settle things real quick.

Vilma got what he deserved. Whatever.

Roger Goodell is a f*g. He is destroying football with his rules and regulations. and all of the huggies he gives draftees on the stage.

What- are we turning into Canada?

god is dead. jesus, if he even existed. died and never rose from the dead. a dirty hoax pulled by the people in power to stay there.

you have been had by a 1st century lie.

ltcdolphin!! What's up hermano? How's everything??

Randy Shannon: If anything YOU must pay the U for the mess you caused and left behind:

- For recruiting the NW 8 at the expense of so many other good recruits in south florida that went elsewhere

- For not coaching one p-ubic hair of any of these kids, who left college to be coached in the pros, thanfully becuase of their natural athletic ability ( Sam Shields, Jimmy Graham, Colin McCarthy)

- For making evryones iincluding the media and press' lives miserable with your poor communications skills, arrogance, rigid demeanor and no personality self

- For sure, not paying attention to Neving sh-*tiro, but for allowing him to contaminate our players and coaches, not knowing about it or not doing anything about it before it was too late

- Fore recruiting Jacorry Harris and in the process running off at least 4-5 potentially good QBs (anyone would be better than J12)

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