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Golden, Fisch: Stephen Morris full go for fall -- expecting great quarterback competition

UM coach Al Golden said he believes rising junior quarterback Stephen Morris, who underwent back surgery before spring practice began, would be able to play today if there were a real game. Of course, Morris didn't partake in any of the 13 spring sessions -- other than his recent involvement in more individualized drills and some route-throwing.

However, the fact that coaches believe Morris is ahead of schedule and will be back full force in the fall, should be a huge sigh of relief to Hurricanes fans. One way or the other, there needs to be a strong competition this summer between Memphis transfer Ryan Williams and Morris, and hopefully one will materialize.

Fisch did say that none of the quarterbacks will be hit until the first game.

  “Our quarterbacks will not get hit until the first game of the season,’’ Fisch said. “They will not get touched. There will be nobody near them. Sometimes, there’s some accidental contact, which we’re trying to avoid right now. Come training camp we won’t be worrying about that. We feel really good about where he’s at and we feel like he’ll be 100-percent fine for the season.’’

    Morris agreed with Fisch about learning a lot from the sidelines of the past 13 practices.  "Seeing the game from the sidelines, I can see exactly what Coach Fisch is talking about. I see a lot of the reads that Coach Fisch points out on film. It makes you study harder and know the answer to every question they ask and know the offense inside and out.''

   Rashawn Scott told me Morris is back to throwing the ball at least 60 yards when he wants to.

    * Linebacker Jimmy Gaines was wearing a boot on his left foot Tuesday and is not expected to compete in Saturday's spring game (2-4 p.m.) at Sun Life Stadium. The game is free and open to the public.

    *...Scott said Williams will be the orange team quarterback for the spring game, and Gray Crow and Preston Dewey will lead the green. He said running backs Eduardo Clements and Mike James will compete for the orange, with Darris Hughes and Dallas Crawford on the green team.

     Scott said he and fellow receivers Phillip Dorsett and Kendal Thompkins will wear orange, with Shawn O’Dare, Garrett Kidd and Dallas Crawford (who will alternate between running back and slot receiver) on green. He said defensive end Anthony Chickillo will compete for the green team, and he thinks middle linebacker Denzel Perryman will wear green as well.

Golden on Ryan Williams: "I think he's really smart and I think he anticipates throws. He releases the ball before the receivers are open, which means it is slower in his mind. He doesn't have much panic in him...''

DC Mark D'Onofrio is looking forward to the return of linebacker Ramon Buchanan (torn ACL), and said Buchanan will be over 230 pounds at the start of the season.

When asked what safety Vaughn Telemaque must to do to win back his starting job, D'Onofrio said, "Work to be the same guy every day. You can't flash [only] one day.'' Telemaque will have that much more competition when Deon Bush and Tracy Howard arrive.

 Telemaque said Tuesday that he feels he is improving. "We have to catch the balls they throw to us, execute our defense, run our plays the way we need to run them.''





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Thank you susan!

Them n U ...

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There you go again gator troll jils, loser

Urban lied. Your trailertrash program died.

UFailure. Again.

Vaughn Telemaque job should be locked. Ray,Ray Armstrong should be the one trying to earn his job back. He's the one that been giving up big plays. The play I will never forget was in that Virginia game. Nuff said but when Deon Bush & Tracy come this fall man have mercy on the DB's. Now We have to keep in mind of this kid by the name Rayshawn Jenkins. He's beefing up and staying in shape as well. So it's 4 db's ready to play Nate Dortch is ready as well. Brandon Mcgee,Ray-Ray, be on the lookout of sitting on the bench when the season starts.

Lb's should be Denzel Perryman ILB, Kelvin Cain Olb, Ralpheal Kirby Olb. I just don't think Ramon Buccannon will make a big come back. I think he will choke like everyone has. He really didn't show me anything over the past 3yrs.

2 of the 5 posts so far have nothing to do with cane football. Why keep bringing up the gators here you loser.
What ever happened to Hurns, I thought he was the top returning WR?

Hurns is recovering from shoulder surgery and should be fine for the fall. His shoulder is mostly why he seemed to disappear toward the end of last year even though he continued to play.

Susan good update and good commentary on radio a few weeks ago as to what the 'Canes need to do in 2012.

What kind of workouts are our scholies doing?... I know summer is a few weeks down the line, but if our guys are on Campus lifting, studying, and running plays, the Class of scholies entering will have to be on a fast track to come in and make an impact..

Coach G talks about exercise, diet, and football i.q. so I hope Swase has these guys on a plan to come in ready to go.

The other thing is the injuries that are occuring. We practice hard and that is a given but it seems after every event with solid contact we have a detailed injury list.
Without depth, we need to have Swase build in a high flexibility level in exercise in order to slow down these nicks that we are having.

Spring looks good and the intensity level is racheting up so Summer Camp should be interesting.

We still have a lot of work to do but we are getting there.
Thanks again for a great update on our 'Canes.
Go 'Canes

Stephen Welcome back and good to know that on the sidelines you used to time to see the QB position from a different perspective, and worked closely with Coach Fisch...

In a tight game this can easily pay off on one or two good reads..
Good job.
Thanks for stepping up...

Go 'Canes,

Tebow sucks meat lollipops..

850Cane: U r right: Why doesn't the clueless DC attack Ray Ray for not playing the SS position the right way? VT ain't got no problems. He drops back when necessary, plays OK for the run, and I saw him, to quote the ghost of RS, "flying around" a lot last year. He's upset because of all the ups and downs and poor coaching decisons.

Sit Ray Ray. Decent athlete, but not suited for SS. Looks like the DC might be threatened a little by VT.

Trust me, the game ain't won in the secondary. It's won up front.

I talked alot of trash about the lower cased d last year but for some strange reason i think we will have a formidable yound d for years to come. My expectations for this year would be to win at least 7 or 9 games with a very rough schedule. I hope our young pups will turn into some rabid animals by the end of the year. if we can avoid the injuries we will be nice in the next two years. my biggest concern is the oline this year we need to get some maulers upfront on both sides.

I am surprised they didn't switch Davon Johnson back to WR. They should also switch Dyron Dye back to DE.

Where is king. I thought he was getting into the DT rotation. I do think there is going to be stiff competition for both safeties. Hope somebody shows up to play 4 quarters this year.

Glad you healed up well Mr. Morris. Curtis Porter, when healthy, is our best DT. More power to Luther. We need him. Ray Ray has not ever started consistently. So why are you concerned? He has been beaten out year after year. (See Jo Jo Nicholas) Vaughn is fine and will have a great career ahead of him. He has done a good job THE LAST 3 YEARS HE HAS STARTED! Get off of him. Dyron? Good atlete but a tweener. Not big enough for DE and not fast enough over the field for TE. I, for one, am looking forward to the fall camp and the QB competition. Stephen will win (what an arm!) but given a shot if Stephen goes down, we are not hurting at all with Ryan.
One step at a time Canes Fans.

Hurricane Fan, you know I have been wondering the same thing about Davon Johnson. I could see trying the kid at cb last year but with the lack of depth we have at WR, I thought he could make an impact in the slot position if not flanker. Dyron Dye, that may be another situation all together though. I don't know, just going to have to trust Coach Golden and what he and his staff are seeing. But I have to admit the Johnson thing is one that makes me scratch my head.

I sometime wonder why I read comments. First I'm a Cane. and until we beat someone I think we should stop putting the Gators of FSU down. Right now their programs are better than ours and maybe for a few more seasons. Until we prove otherwise we should shut our traps. I do wonder why Gator Trolls come here, but that's another story.

Its not another story bobba 70: Weve been talking cane football here and the turd and smen hole trolls are the ones that have come on here to putthe canes and canes fans down. It began by defending our sh*t. Its deteriorated into what its become.

Wonder why the Gator fans come here?
Read the comments posted on the Gator site and you will find many a cane posting there.
Take a look at Gator Clause and you will find "Nuttin' to brag about" and "uf 100 years of mediocrity and counting" posting every day. These gems are your fellow canes.
It is what it is, don't complain. At least you are sane enough to admit that UM is the worst of the Big 3 programs right now.

I am surprised they didn't switch Davon Johnson back to WR. They should also switch Dyron Dye back to DE.

Posted by: HurricanesFan


Golden was quoted on the radio (recently) saying that DJohnson has been playing both spots. Remember we're short handed on WR's with hurns out. We won't see the freshmen until the fall so we'll just have to wait for that. I saw DJ playing both sides in the hialeah scrimmage but only for a little bit on the offensive side.

Plus DCrawford has been playing everywhere it seems.

That's all I got for now. Take care.


Susan...thanks for the write up. Things are looking good IMO. I went to the hialeah scrimmage and left happy with what I saw. Some decent runs from the RB's and some nice catch+runs from the WR's. Wasn't able to make it to the FortMyers scrimmage but was happy that the defense really picked up the pace. It'll only make the Offense better. Ereck Flowers, Raphael Kirby, Gray Crow, and Larry Hope are the freshmen (already here) that have shown the most promise in my eyes. Also, great to hear that Morris is recuperating fast and already throwing the ball around. Read a nice quote from R.Scott that Morris hadn't lost his arm yet so that's always a plus. I didn't like that Morris was caught goofing on the sideline during the hialeah scrimmage (Fisch busted him). I noticed it myself a few seconds before Fisch got to him. He was supposed to be on the sideline giving hand signals. After that I didn't notice him goofing off anymore. Kids will be kids... Ryan Williams still looking like a starter to me. He definitely has the presence, control, timing, leadership in the huddle, EXPERIENCE, and definitely the size. Morris has some catching up to do if he wants to take command of the team again. Can't wait to see the incoming freshmen, especially the WR's...


Wonder why the Gator fans come here?
Read the comments posted on the Gator site and you will find many a cane posting there.
Take a look at Gator Clause and you will find "Nuttin' to brag about" and "uf 100 years of mediocrity and counting" posting every day. These gems are your fellow canes.
Posted by: Take your trash to the cane blog | April 12, 2012 at 11:31 AM

They did that in retaliation for Curse Piggy. It worked, he has all but been forgotten on here.

But "every day"? Way to exaggerate.

Today has one comment, from a Gator troll, BEGGING for a Canes response, but they have shown restraint.

The day before, same thing, Gator troll stirs up trouble, then whines when a Canes fan responds.

58 comments in 27 days, around two per day, so rather than whine about the 1 post per day on there by a Cane, (since the other is usually a Gator asking for a Canes response) why not instead go in there and make some Gator comments on the Gator blog that you love so much. Coming here to beg for attention of Canes on the Gator blog will get you just the result you are claiming you don't want.

Canes fans, let their blog rest for a while, it is in a coma already, but if they continue trolling here, then feel free to retaliate, as they wholeheartedly deserve.

If gatorsam and his trolling ilk keep trolling here, they have no right to whine if someone posts a link to an article that is unflattering to the Gators.

I personally didn't even believe that they even had a blog. I figured since they didn't have one that they had to come here to cry about something. I mean how much can they cry about their current situation on their own blog? Always thought they were too dumb to even have a blog. Just my 2 cents but at least it's worth more than 2 bits.


Hate to interrupt tnhe Gator blather.

Good news on Stephen Morris able to compete for a starting position. I believe he could be a really good QB with the kind of coaching that is now available. The guy has a powerful arm and quick feet, a fairly rare combo. He is a competitor. Ryan Williams brings strengths to the table as well, including size, accuracy and smarts. Having 2 strong QB prospects is a nice luxury for the Canes. Bring on the QB compeition. My money is on Morris to start, but we shall see.

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U clUcks all exited about the spring, what a great QB battle U got. Two losers, one who couldn't beat Harris, how hard can that be. The other a transfer from a no name college in a no name conference who couldn't beat any decent competition. Think of it he will fit right in @ Dah U. No name college playing crappy competition. Either way U suck maggots.
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Posted by: Five Titles

Dude "Nuttin' to brag about" and "uf 100 years of mediocrity and counting" are your fellow canes and they are on our blog not just everyday. Multiple times a day, more like every other post. But whatever you guys want to believe is fine, it won't change a thing.
Right now it seems to me that your losers are running amok in the Gator section. I don' see that here to the same extent. We will see what happens.

Ahh Canetrash good to hear from you.

Nice to see that you waddled your way out of the darkness of your parent's basement to get some sunlight and the first thing to come out of your mouth is the same'ol typical negativity as usual. Good for you.

By the way, that wasn't me on the corner of Bird and 87th Ave with that cardboard sign and old faded Tshirt. I paid your mother in happy meals to do that. Guess you've spent so much time in her basement that you forgot what she looked like. That's pathetic man. Get a life, and hell while you're at it, get a job.

Enjoy, have a great day and don't forget to tip your waitress.


I wonder how long it'll take TRASHBAG to respond with the same old ranting and raving negativity that he's known for???

Posted by: Canetrash | April 13, 2012 at 08:39 AM

Right now it seems to me that your losers are running amok in the Gator section. I don' see that here to the same extent. We will see what happens.
Posted by: Take your trash to the cane blog | April 13, 2012 at 08:53 AM

I guess you didn't see the post RIGHT ABOVE YOURS that was only 14 minutes earlier. Typical trolling by the obsessed Gator that got your blog destroyed in the first place.

Mess with the bull, you get the horns.

Posted by: Five Titles

I guess you didn't see the post RIGHT ABOVE YOURS

No I did not see it when I posted. But again that is the only one in this thread. While your loser troll has several in the same time span. Heck he even has 3 posts on this thread talking about the Gators. Did you not see those?
You will get what you ask for and what you deserve.


I paid your Mom with the tacos I stole off the skreet

This just in:

The UFailure Gatr Trash has dropped Furman from all future schedules. They want to play a more "national" schedule so they have added Ave Maria University and Daytona Technical College as future opponents.

Yo cane trash
I see all ya girls really missed me.
Hey LOSERTILLUDIE....DH is this post fast enough for U maggot?
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And the little cane pig trying to get in the conversation bringing up Furman, what a doUche! He's all Urs, a pathetic looser.
BTW I'm not "negative", I just tell U like it is and u don't like it so U cry about being so negative. So Ok clUck, I will let U enjoy the rest of the spring and summer. Get all wet about the football girls running around in shorts and "making plays". Go ahead and start Ur usual predictions about how good U are, that U are back and all the usual nonsense. I'll be back in the fall, when it counts, and give U a dose of reality and remind u how much u suck.
Until then enjoy U maggots.
Bunch of pathetic LOOSERS!

Yawn. Loser can't even spell loser.

This is the Florida Gator fanbase for you. So don't complain when it happens to your demolished blog, hypocrites.

Got to agree with my Miami brothers.
YOUR name says it all. Calm down, man.
I hear Ave Maria U. will be a tough NAIA
opponent for the mighty Gator. Can you
subtract stars from players? All those
5 star guys who are no shows...Think

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