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April 28, 2012

Day 3 of the NFL Draft and RB Lamar Miller is still waiting. Best of luck to the others.

Heading into today's draft, I am very surprised that running back Lamar Miller didn't get chosen. I understand there were concerns about his physicality on the field, his blocking, his shoulder. But come on. The guy is fast and has great vision. When a hole opens, bye-bye.

Lamar is someone who can regularly get big chunks of yardage.

But I am so happy for Sean Spence, a really great kid with a really great family. He told me he grew up loving the Pittsburgh Steelers because of their great defenses, and he is so pumped they believe in him. Here's hoping Sean has a long, productive career, which I think he will.

I'm also happy for Olivier Vernon, a quiet young man with a lot of talent. I really think he could have boosted his stock by staying another season at UM, especially in light of hardly getting playing time last season. But honestly, if the rules allow these players to leave college early for the draft, then they have every right to do so if they think it's in their best interest. The thing is, I (and you) have seen so many great athletes get hurt, and then everything can change in one instant. And the fact that Olivier gets to play in his backyard for the home team? Wow! That is an unbelievably rare opportunity for him and his family.

I personally love when these guys stay all four years and are loyal to the program until the end. But if the end happens to occur prematurely, and they leave early, you'd like to think they continue coming back to Coral Gables and giving back to the ones who come after them. That has so much to do with their personalities and internal makeup.

I'm sure several guys (OK, at least a few!) will get drafted today, and once they do, they'll be eager to prove they are better than the obvious NFL perception. Of course, Lamar Miller, who had two seasons of eligibility left, will no doubt be on a mission.

And I frankly don't think the fact that the guys who left early didn't get picked until, possibly, today, will have much bearing on Hurricanes in the coming drafts. They're young, it's their dream and you know the rest.

By the way, I really hope that some of the guys nobody is talking about (LaRon Byrd, Chase Ford, etc.) get drafted also. But one way or another, they'll get their shot as free agents or in some capacity.

Have a good weekend. 




April 26, 2012

Streeter's father on 1st round: "You never know what can happen"

Tonight is supposed to be a silent night for the Miami Hurricanes. Cell phones aren't supposed to ring for any of the seniors and underclassmen who put their names in for the NFL Draft. Not during the first round, anyway.

Tommy StreeterBut that doesn't mean they won't be sitting around with their families, hoping, praying and anxiously waiting for the phone to ring.

"Two years ago, where did they think [Tim] Tebow was going? Didn't they say he was going in the fourth or fifth round? He ended up in the first round. So, you never know," the father of receiver Tommy Streeter said Thursday.

"They can slot you here, they can slot you there and someone can surprise you and pick you up. Jimmy Graham was going in the fourth or fifth round. He went in the third. I look at it based on the need of the team. If you're there when that team is up and that team needs you and you're high on their board, they're going to snatch you. So, I really don't care what any experts say."

Draft experts -- guys like ESPN's Mel Kiper and Todd McShay -- believe no Canes will go in the first round tonight, making it four years in a row UM gets shut out of the first round (something that hasn't happened since 1968-1972).

In his seven-round mock draft released Wednesday night, McShay projected seven Hurricanes would be chosen -- the earliest being junior tailback Lamar Miller (2nd round, 59th overall to Green Bay) on Friday. After that McShay has defensive end Olivier Vernon going in the 3rd round, 80th overall to Arizona, linebacker Sean Spence going in the 4th round, 124th overall to Buffalo, Streeter going in the 5th round, 154th overall to the New York Jets, offensive lineman Brandon Washington going five picks later in the 5th round to Pittsburgh, defensive end Marcus Forston going in the 6th round,176th overall to Jacksonville and receiver Travis Benjamin going 15 picks later in the 6th round to Cincinnati.

Some Hurricanes fans believe if Streeter is taken that low that he'll have made a mistake leaving school early. But his father strongly disagrees and says wherever his son is taken "is a blessing."

"It was the right decision 100 percent," Streeter Sr. said. "There's really nothing he can look back on and say if I stayed I probably could have been a first rounder. That's not on his mind. I think he felt like it was just time. If you looked at it, if he would played with [quarterback] Jacory [Harris] from the get-go this would have been the year he came out anyway. A lot of people can say if he stayed one more year this might of happened, he could have gone higher. But you never know what could have happened. He could have gotten injured. You can't wait on that. You make a decision and you move on."

Miller, who celebrated his 21st birthday Wednesday, was asked on an ESPN chat last night if his decision not to return to Miami for his senior year was based on avoiding injury.

“Not really," Miller responded. "I know that running backs have a short lifespan. I think I put myself in a good position to get drafted. I just wanted to take my talents to the next level and live my dream.”

Miller said he plans to spend Thursday night at his South Florida home watching the draft on TV. “Some of my friends and family will be over," Miller said on the chat. “We’ll watch it, play dominoes and cards until I get that phone call.”

Streeter will also be surrounded by family. After working out privately for the Dolphins and Patriots (who have two first round picks) his father said he has no clue which team will snap him up. But staying home and playing for the Dolphins wouldn't be bad.

"If it works out like that, it would truly be a blessing," Streeter Sr. said. "But we're not going to put our hopes up high because we don't want to have a letdown. We're putting it in God's hands. Whoever picks him that's where we're going.

"But the anticipation. Man, that's something."

Canes release final spring depth chart

HOLLYWOOD -- I'm hanging out at the Westin Diplomat Hotel and Resort today waiting on the BCS to come out of meetings and tell us what their two to three proposed plans to determine college football's nation champion is going to be after the 2013 season (here's a link to today's story).

Vaughn TelemaqueBy then, Al Golden and the Canes might actually be back on their feet and able to make a real push for the title. For now, though, the rebuilding continues.

Earlier this morning, the school released its last depth chart following spring football. With a good number of talented freshmen set to arrive -- including star cornerback Tracy Howard and running back Duke Johnson -- I expect it will look different by the time the Canes finally line up at Boston College Sept. 1.

Anyway, no major changes following the spring game except that senior Vaughn Telemaque, the guy with the most starting experience on the team, is finally back with the first team.

As for the early arrivals -- junior college transfer Ladarius Gunter is slotted on the first team at cornerback with true freshman Larry Hope right behind him. Freshman Ereck Flowers is the backup at right tackle.

Here it is (first team is followed by the second team):

QB: Stephen Morris or Ryan Williams
RB: Mike James, Eduardo Clements
FB: Maurice Hagens, Sean Harvey
WR: Phillip Dorsett, Kendal Thompkins
WR: Rashawn Scott or Allen Hurns
TE: Asante Cleveland, Clive Walford, Daniel Perry
LT: Malcolm Bunche, Ben Jones
LG: Jonathan Feliciano or Jermaine Johnson
C: Shane McDermott or Jared Wheeler
RG: Brandon Linder, Jeremy Lewis
RT: Seantrel Henderosn, Ereck Flowers

DE: Anthony Chickillo, Ricardo Williams
DT: Darius Smith, Luther Robinson
DT: Curtis Porter, Olsen Pierre
DE: Shayon Green, Kelvin Cain
SLB: Jimmy Gaines, Eddie Johnson
MLB: Denzel Perryman, Raphael Kirby
WLB: Ramon Buchanan, Gionni Paul or Tyrone Cornelius
CB: Brandon McGee, Thomas Finnie
CB: Ladarius Gunter, Larry Hope
SS: Vaughn Telemaqu, Kacy Rodgers, Andrew Swasey
FS: Ray-Ray Armstrong, Ali Highmsith

Kickoffs: Jake Wieclaw, Matt Goudis
Punts: Dalton Botts, Jake Wieclaw
Field goals: Jake Wieclaw, Matt Goudis
Short snapper: Brandon Linder, Sean McNally
Long snapper: Sean McNally, Ali Highsmith
Holder: Dalton Botts, Ryan Williams
Kick returner: Phillip Dorsett, Dallas Crawford
Punt returner: Phillip Dorsett, Dallas Crawford

April 25, 2012

UM Canes coach Al Golden: "Just because your competition may not be in the room, just understand that he's coming.''

Coach Al Golden spoke today as part of the ACC spring football teleconference.

He was asked if there was any area he had concerns about during spring.

"No one would be satisfied with our wide receiver situation in the spring by numbers specifically,'' Golden replied. There have got to be some guys that come in and help us out there. You could say the same thing about corner. I’m not trying to diminish what the kids that were there did. It was just a huge task for minimal players, asking three or four wideouts to carry the load for a position group that should have 10 in it. The same thing at corner, asking three or four corners to really carry the weight of a positon that should have eight when you consider all the nickel we play these days. Those two positions are certainly positions there and the defensive end spot, where we’re going to have an infuse of talent and competition and hopefully it will improve our program."

I asked him about the next step for incoming recruits who haven't arrived.

"They’re allowed to have a conditioning book, a program to follow even though they’re not with us. some of them are working out with us already. we expect another probably six or so to be here for summer I [session] and then the remainder by June 27th. We’ll have everybody in place by July 1 and that will help us and help them with the transition. Clearly, we’re continuing to take to each and everyone of them and monitoring them and making sure they understand what they need to do and where their weight needs to be and those types of things so we’re in good shape when we begin."

Do you expect them to know stuff from the playbook? "We’re always trying to talk football with them,'' he replied, "but in terms of giving them playbooks and things it’s something we just don’t do. But certainly we talk football with them and make sure they understand the things they need to get done."

Aside: I'm pretty sure some of those guys (e.g. Tracy Howard) are already studying the playbook.

Golden was reminded that before spring practice he said certain players were going to get their big opportunities to get playing time before the talented freshman newcomers arrive. He was asked if some of the current players stepped up.

Golden:  "I think some guys did. I think the reality of it is at some positions we were so light because we lost 30 players it’s easy to get lulled to sleep or become complacent. But the reality is you’re competing against a standard, not just whether or not you’re the next in line. You’re competing against a standard that we need to operate on and that we’ve become accustomed to here at Miami. So, just because your competition may not be in the room, just understand that he’s coming. I believe we did recruit well. I’m very pleased with the 10 that are here now and I’m going to be anxious to see the next wave that comes in. We’re trying to play and perform and play at a standard, not so much, ‘there’s no one else at my position right now and I’m the starter by default.’ That’s not how it works. Our job as coaches it to keep maneuvering players so that we get the best players on the field and we have depth at every position.''

Golden's picks for the two or three players that "really helped themselves, no question'' on offense durting spring are receiver Rashawn Scott, tight end Asante Cleveland and center Shane McDermott."  He said on defense, the players who "jumped out" and "really helped themselves'' are defensive end Shayon Green, lineman/linebacker Kelvin Cain, linebacker Tyrone Cornileus and safeties Kacy Rodgers and A.J. Highsmith.

Golden didn't share any news about quarterback Stephen Morris, other than to say he was doing a lot of throwing. "I don't know exactly when he's going to get the absolute green light to do everything. But it's not going to be very long now because he's already pushing it.''



April 21, 2012

UM announces 3-game series with FAU in football

The University of Miami and Florida Atlantic University have scheduled a three-game football series that will begin in the fall of 2013.

Miami will host FAU at Sun Life Stadium on Aug. 31, 2013 to open the series. UM will travel to FAU Stadium in 2015 and host the Owls in 2016. Dates for the 2015 and 2016 games will be announced at a later date.

The Owls and Hurricanes have never met on the field, but share a lineage with former coach Howard Schnellenberger, who retired after the 2011 season with a 158-151-3 career record.

"I'm thrilled to death that FAU and UM are going to face-off on the gridiron," said Schnellenberger. "It is part of the big plan and may develop into a wonderful addition to South Florida football."

April 17, 2012

Todd McShay: Jacory Harris to be drafted? "Doubt it.'' Olivier Vernon "most intriguing'' after [Lamar] Miller. And Street? "Great athlete... [but] I would have hard time drafting him in the first four rounds.''

I spoke with ESPN draft analyst Todd McShay on an NFL Draft conference call today. I asked him whether he thought UM quarterback Jacory Harris would be drafted, and to talk about which of the underclassmen who declared early have the most potential, besides Lamar Miller. I said that some people believe as many as nine -- maybe even more -- Hurricanes will be drafted, and asked his opinion. Here's his reply:

"Jacory, I tend to doubt it.  He showed some flashes this past year.  I thought he played better this past year, but just — the inconsistency jumps out, and the turnovers and just not protecting and caring for the football.  He’s still kind of slight framed and there are durability concerns there.  But he has enough arm talent, so it’s not to say that he won’t one day land on a roster if he’s able to continue to develop somehow, but it’s just tough to develop as a quarterback because there’s nowhere to really go and get good developing, if you will, from this point on.        

Nine guys from Miami?  I have to sit here and count. Travis Benjamin I would say yes, so that’s one; Chase Ford has a chance late as kind of a sleeper; LaRon Byrd is kind of in that same category – there’s a chance, but I’m not saying that he really has a good chance or a great chance to get drafted.  I would take a chance on him in the last couple rounds.  Marcus Forston makes it two; Lamar Miller, three; (Adewale) Ojomo is kind of on the fringe; Regis is on the fringe, but I would say there’s a good likelihood he gets drafted five; Sean Spence is five; Streeter, six; Vernon, seven; Washington, eight.  So you could see as many as nine guys going.  It wouldn’t shock me.  But I would say probably a safe bet is seven.    

You know, Olivier Vernon of all those guys after Miller is the most intriguing to me, I guess.  Tommy Streeter there’s a lot of interest because of the height, weight and speed, and certainly he’s a great athlete and has more potential than we’ve seen him do at Miami, but the tape just doesn’t match up with what I see.  I would have a hard time drafting him in the first four rounds, even though there’s a strong chance he goes somewhere in that third-, fourth-round range.        

But Vernon to me, I think he’s a better player than maybe the perception, and at 6’3″, 262, I think he played defensive end, can play outside linebacker, can do a little bit of both.  Has some stiffness, there’s no question.  He’s not a great athlete, and his production didn’t always match up, and I’ve heard some things, is he mature enough, how does he work and all those things.  But if he is focused and doing the right things and working at it and 100 percent dedicated to football, he’s well built, solid, strong, shows some quickness off the line, and I think he has a chance to make an impact as a pass rusher at the next level."

In closing, this should be another interesting draft year for UM. Last year, eight guys went after another yuck season. This year? Who knows. But organizations sure do seem to like to take chances with the Hurricanes. So many of them are NFL gamers.


April 14, 2012

UM Hurricanes spring game ends. Orange wins 7-6 in ugly offensive performance.


This was not exactly the kind of scrimmage you'd want to end spring for the University of Miami. The offenses were weak, which paved the way for the defenses. But it wasn't like the second scrimmage in Fort Myers, where the defense was ruthless.

Quarterback Ryan Williams threw two picks, as did Gray Crow.

Cornerbacks Thomas Finnie and Brandon McGee, and safeties Ray-Ray Armstrong and Vaughn Telemaque had interceptions (as well as a a Ray-Ray fumble recovery).

First Quarter

Fourth-and-1 on the 0range 36 -- and Clive Walford (all alone, I mean ALL ALONE) drops a perfect, in-stride pass from Ryan Williams that was in his hands, about 25 yards downfield!! That's one sure touchdown ruined by sloppiness.

First quarter done -- and nothing to write about. Defenses have stopped offenses.

Another fourth down for Ryan Williams -- throws across body and it's incomplete.

Preston Dewey takes over for green team, completes a 14-yarder to Garrett Kidd

Second and 10 on the 43 for Preston Dewey, pass intended for David Perry, is broken up beautifully by defensive end Dwayne Hoilett.

 Kendal Thompkins has two consecutive catches from Dewey, including a 5-yarder for a first down. Green team nearing the goal line. Uh oh. Illegal snap by Jared Wheeler.

Jake Wieclaw kicks 35-yard field goal for green meanies -- 3-0 green. 

Ryan Williams completes nice 26-yarder to Rashawn Scott, then throws an interception (cornerback Thomas Finnie).

 CB Brandon McGee intercepts pass from Gray Crow and zig-zags down the field for a 39-yard return for the orange team.

27-yard field goal attempt by Orange-team kicker Matt Goudis with 22 seconds left in the half. He misses it!

Ugly first half of spring game, with Green leading 3-0. The half ended on a wide-left field-goal attempt by Wieclaw.

 SIDE NOTE: UM just handed out the coaches' spring awards. The "305 Walk-On Award" goes to WR Garrett Kidd. The "Defensive Most Improved Player Award" goes to DE Shayon Green, now injured and not playing in the spring game. The "Offensive Most Improved Player Award" goes to WR Rashawn Scott. And the "Special Teams Most Improved Player" award goes to CB Thomas Finnie.

 Third quarter: Ryan Williams throws pass into the arms of Rashawn Scott. Ball whizzes right through Scott's arms, and green team safety Ray-Ray Arms.

Crow fumbles a bad shotgun snap, then on same drive throws interception to Vaughn Telemaque, who returns it for 24 yards -- then gets penalized for excessive celebration!

QB Williams throws 36-yard completion to R. Scott, who fumbles it (forced by Ladarius Gunter). Recovered by Ray-Ray.

 Green team kicker Wieclaw kicks 29-yarder for 6-0 lead with 8:24 left in the final quarter.

 Orange comes back near the end and with the help of a 5-yard touchdown run by Mike James, with 4:19 left in scrimmage, takes the lead 7-6. The drive was highlighted by a 44-yard pass from Williams to Scott. James ran for 8- and 3 yards before he scored the touchdown.




April 13, 2012

Rosters out for UM Hurricanes spring game -- CanesFest -- Saturday at Sun Life Stadium. Who do you think has the edge?

The teams have been decided for Saturday's spring game -- CanesFest -- at Sun LIfe Stadium.

Will it be Orange or Green?

With Ryan Williams leading the orange team at quarterback, buoyed by the first-team offense, I've got to give the nod to the orange.

Then again, after the lickin' Anthony Chickillo and Denzel Perryman and company put on their competition during the last scrimmage in Fort Myers, it makes you wonder.

Still, I'm going with Williams, Scott and the rest of the orange gang.

Please let me know what you guys think.

Looking forward to the game.


(check the rosters below)

Here are the rosters:


No. Name   Pos. 

1 Allen Hurns  WR 

4 Phillip Dorsett  WR

5 Mike James  RB

7 Vaughn Telemaque DB

11 Larry Hope  DB  

11 Ryan Williams  QB

13 Thurston Armbrister LB

17 Stephen Morris QB

18 Chad Barnes  WR

21 Brandon McGee DB

25 Dallas Crawford RB

28 Andrew Swasey DB

30 A.J. Highsmith DB

31 Tyrone Cornileus LB

32 Erik Akre  LB

33 Maurice Hagens FB

43 Ken Jackson  DB

43 Sean Harvey  TE

46 Clive Walford  TE

47 Akil Craig  LB

50 Junior Alexis  DL

53 Josh Witt  LB

56 Raphael Kirby  LB

57 Chris Dunckel  D

L57 Nantambu Fentress LB

62 Shane McDermott OL

65 Brandon Linder OL

67 Corey King  DL

70 Jon Feliciano  OL

77 Seantrel Henderson OL

78 Jermaine Johnson OL

79 Malcolm Bunche OL

80 Rashawn Scott  WR

82 Asante Cleveland TE

90 Ricardo Williams DL

91 Olsen Pierre  DL

93 Luther Robinson DL

97 Dwayne Hoilett DL



No. Name  Pos. 

12 Preston Dewey QB 

13 Dalton Botts P

15 Cameron Dean P 

16 Gray Crow QB 

18 Matt Goudis K 

20 Thomas Finnie DB 

22 Kacy Rodgers DB 

23 Eduardo Clements RB 

24 Davon Johnson WR 

24 Joey McNeill  WR 

26 Ray-Ray Armstrong DB 

27 Jameson Labady FB 

28 Shawn O’Dare  WR 

34 C.J. Holton RB 

36 Gionni Paul LB 

37 Ladarius Gunter DB 

37 Alex Irastorza K/P 

38 Jordan Tolson DB 

40 Jake Wieclaw K 

44 Eddie Johnson LB 

45 Ramon Buchanan LB  

46 Hugo Delapenha Jr. DB 

47 Darris Hughes RB 

48 Jalen Grimble DL 

49 Dyron Dye TE 

51 Shayon Green DL 

52 Denzel Perryman LB 

55 Ben Jones OL  

59 James Gaines LB 

60 Sean McNally LS 

61 Paul Kelly LS 

64 Hunter Wells OL 

68 Jeremy Lewis OL 

69 Eduardo Lopez OL

71 Anthony Chickillo DL

74 Ereck Flowers OL 

75 Jared Wheeler OL 

76 Taylor Gadbois OL

83 Kendal Thompkins WR

84 Cory White TE 

85 David Perry TE 

87 Garrett Kidd WR 

88 Ryan McGuirt P 

88 Billy Sanders TE 

94 Kelvin Cain DL 

96 Curtis Porter DL 

98 Darius Smith DL


April 10, 2012

Golden, Fisch: Stephen Morris full go for fall -- expecting great quarterback competition

UM coach Al Golden said he believes rising junior quarterback Stephen Morris, who underwent back surgery before spring practice began, would be able to play today if there were a real game. Of course, Morris didn't partake in any of the 13 spring sessions -- other than his recent involvement in more individualized drills and some route-throwing.

However, the fact that coaches believe Morris is ahead of schedule and will be back full force in the fall, should be a huge sigh of relief to Hurricanes fans. One way or the other, there needs to be a strong competition this summer between Memphis transfer Ryan Williams and Morris, and hopefully one will materialize.

Fisch did say that none of the quarterbacks will be hit until the first game.

  “Our quarterbacks will not get hit until the first game of the season,’’ Fisch said. “They will not get touched. There will be nobody near them. Sometimes, there’s some accidental contact, which we’re trying to avoid right now. Come training camp we won’t be worrying about that. We feel really good about where he’s at and we feel like he’ll be 100-percent fine for the season.’’

    Morris agreed with Fisch about learning a lot from the sidelines of the past 13 practices.  "Seeing the game from the sidelines, I can see exactly what Coach Fisch is talking about. I see a lot of the reads that Coach Fisch points out on film. It makes you study harder and know the answer to every question they ask and know the offense inside and out.''

   Rashawn Scott told me Morris is back to throwing the ball at least 60 yards when he wants to.

    * Linebacker Jimmy Gaines was wearing a boot on his left foot Tuesday and is not expected to compete in Saturday's spring game (2-4 p.m.) at Sun Life Stadium. The game is free and open to the public.

    *...Scott said Williams will be the orange team quarterback for the spring game, and Gray Crow and Preston Dewey will lead the green. He said running backs Eduardo Clements and Mike James will compete for the orange, with Darris Hughes and Dallas Crawford on the green team.

     Scott said he and fellow receivers Phillip Dorsett and Kendal Thompkins will wear orange, with Shawn O’Dare, Garrett Kidd and Dallas Crawford (who will alternate between running back and slot receiver) on green. He said defensive end Anthony Chickillo will compete for the green team, and he thinks middle linebacker Denzel Perryman will wear green as well.

Golden on Ryan Williams: "I think he's really smart and I think he anticipates throws. He releases the ball before the receivers are open, which means it is slower in his mind. He doesn't have much panic in him...''

DC Mark D'Onofrio is looking forward to the return of linebacker Ramon Buchanan (torn ACL), and said Buchanan will be over 230 pounds at the start of the season.

When asked what safety Vaughn Telemaque must to do to win back his starting job, D'Onofrio said, "Work to be the same guy every day. You can't flash [only] one day.'' Telemaque will have that much more competition when Deon Bush and Tracy Howard arrive.

 Telemaque said Tuesday that he feels he is improving. "We have to catch the balls they throw to us, execute our defense, run our plays the way we need to run them.''




April 05, 2012

Yet another UM Canes football depth chart released after Fort Myers scrimmage

UM Coach Al Golden released yet another depth chart after last Friday night's Fort Myers scrimmage.

Again, you shouldn't be surprised at some of these changes, because Golden already has let his feelings be known about various positions.

Denzel Perryman has obviously secured that spot at middle linebacker, but Gionni Paul now has an "or'' between himself and Tyrone Cornelius on the outside.

Shayon Green is off the depth chart because of his injury, with Anthony Chickillo back where he belongs -- on top at defensive end.

Also, notice that at strong safety, there's an "or'' between A.J. Highsmith and Vaughn Telemaque now -- and an "or'' between Brandon McGee and Thomas Finnie at cornerback.

The offensive line and receivers are the same, as are the quarterbacks. But at fullback, because both C.J. Holton and Maurice Hagens are injured, 6-4, 275-pound redshirt-sophomore Sean Harvey -- formerly listed as a tight end -- is first-team fullback.

I'm figuring there will be at least one more depth chart released after the April 14 afternoon spring game, which is at Sun Life Stadium and free to the public.



First team: Ryan Williams

Second team: Gray Crow

Third team: Preston Dewey


First team: Mike James

Second team: Eduardo Clements

Third team: Dallas Crawford


First team: Sean Harvey

Second team: Mike James


First team: Rashawn Scott

Second team: Allen Hurns

Third team: Garrett Kidd


First team: Phillip Dorsett

Second team: Kendal Thompkins


First team: Asante Cleveland

Second team: Clive Walford


First team: Malcolm Bunche

Second team: Ereck Flowers


First team: Jermaine Johnson

Second team: Jeremy Lewis


First team: Shane McDermott

Second team: Jared Wheeler


First team: Brandon Linder

Second team: Ben Jones


First team: Seantrel Henderson

Second team: Taylor Gadbois



First team: Anthony Chickillo

Second team: Ricardo Williams


First team: Darius Smith

Second team: Luther Robinson


First team: Curtis Porter

Second team: Olsen Pierre


First team: Kelvin Cain

Second team: Dwayne Hoilett


First team: Jimmy Gaines

Second team: Eddie Johnson


First team: Denzel Perryman

Second team: Raphael Kirby


First team: Gionni Paul or Tyrone Cornileus


First team: Ladarius Gunter

Second team: Larry Hope


First team: Ray-Ray Armstrong

Second team: Kacy Rodgers


First team: A.J. Highsmith

Second team: Vaughn Telemaque

Third team: Andrew Swasey


First team: Brandon McGee

Second team: Thomas Finnie



First team: Jake Wieclaw

Second team: Matt Goudis


First team: Dalton Botts

Second team: Jake Wieclaw


First team: Phillip Dorsett

Second team: Dallas Crawford


First team: Phillip Dorsett

Second team: Dallas Crawford


First team: Dalton Botts

Second team: Ricardo Williams