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Rosters out for UM Hurricanes spring game -- CanesFest -- Saturday at Sun Life Stadium. Who do you think has the edge?

The teams have been decided for Saturday's spring game -- CanesFest -- at Sun LIfe Stadium.

Will it be Orange or Green?

With Ryan Williams leading the orange team at quarterback, buoyed by the first-team offense, I've got to give the nod to the orange.

Then again, after the lickin' Anthony Chickillo and Denzel Perryman and company put on their competition during the last scrimmage in Fort Myers, it makes you wonder.

Still, I'm going with Williams, Scott and the rest of the orange gang.

Please let me know what you guys think.

Looking forward to the game.


(check the rosters below)

Here are the rosters:


No. Name   Pos. 

1 Allen Hurns  WR 

4 Phillip Dorsett  WR

5 Mike James  RB

7 Vaughn Telemaque DB

11 Larry Hope  DB  

11 Ryan Williams  QB

13 Thurston Armbrister LB

17 Stephen Morris QB

18 Chad Barnes  WR

21 Brandon McGee DB

25 Dallas Crawford RB

28 Andrew Swasey DB

30 A.J. Highsmith DB

31 Tyrone Cornileus LB

32 Erik Akre  LB

33 Maurice Hagens FB

43 Ken Jackson  DB

43 Sean Harvey  TE

46 Clive Walford  TE

47 Akil Craig  LB

50 Junior Alexis  DL

53 Josh Witt  LB

56 Raphael Kirby  LB

57 Chris Dunckel  D

L57 Nantambu Fentress LB

62 Shane McDermott OL

65 Brandon Linder OL

67 Corey King  DL

70 Jon Feliciano  OL

77 Seantrel Henderson OL

78 Jermaine Johnson OL

79 Malcolm Bunche OL

80 Rashawn Scott  WR

82 Asante Cleveland TE

90 Ricardo Williams DL

91 Olsen Pierre  DL

93 Luther Robinson DL

97 Dwayne Hoilett DL



No. Name  Pos. 

12 Preston Dewey QB 

13 Dalton Botts P

15 Cameron Dean P 

16 Gray Crow QB 

18 Matt Goudis K 

20 Thomas Finnie DB 

22 Kacy Rodgers DB 

23 Eduardo Clements RB 

24 Davon Johnson WR 

24 Joey McNeill  WR 

26 Ray-Ray Armstrong DB 

27 Jameson Labady FB 

28 Shawn O’Dare  WR 

34 C.J. Holton RB 

36 Gionni Paul LB 

37 Ladarius Gunter DB 

37 Alex Irastorza K/P 

38 Jordan Tolson DB 

40 Jake Wieclaw K 

44 Eddie Johnson LB 

45 Ramon Buchanan LB  

46 Hugo Delapenha Jr. DB 

47 Darris Hughes RB 

48 Jalen Grimble DL 

49 Dyron Dye TE 

51 Shayon Green DL 

52 Denzel Perryman LB 

55 Ben Jones OL  

59 James Gaines LB 

60 Sean McNally LS 

61 Paul Kelly LS 

64 Hunter Wells OL 

68 Jeremy Lewis OL 

69 Eduardo Lopez OL

71 Anthony Chickillo DL

74 Ereck Flowers OL 

75 Jared Wheeler OL 

76 Taylor Gadbois OL

83 Kendal Thompkins WR

84 Cory White TE 

85 David Perry TE 

87 Garrett Kidd WR 

88 Ryan McGuirt P 

88 Billy Sanders TE 

94 Kelvin Cain DL 

96 Curtis Porter DL 

98 Darius Smith DL



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let's play some football...between the 70-80 names above we should be able to field a solid 22 to carry us 75-80% of the way through 2012. Then let the next 15-20 challenge those 22 for significant playing time! PLEASE, PLEASE CAN WE FIND SOME BIG UGLIES THAT WANT TO PLAY FOOTBALL!!! The OL and DL really need to step up. OL especially, 6'4+ and 325+ across the board...need to protect and make some holes and control the clock...3rd and 1 or 2 yds should be " WE GOT THIS"...not a punt because we handed the ball off 6yds deep and the RB got blown up because some 225lb DE ran right through our OL!!! THAT IS ALL I ASK. God Bless all my CANE brothers and siters.

I agree with Mark, we should be able to field a good team out of the 70 - 80 names above and the 700 or so new recruits our Great Golden is bringing in.
And for 3rd down and 1 or 2 yards a QB sneak should work fine, specially on goal line situations. Just ask Jacory.
ACC championship and BCS bowl here we come, we are back!
It's great to be a cane, specially in the spring!

delUsionalcane there we go again. Spring and the trash begins.
Your illusions of our Canes will come to a crashing halt when you realize that the young Class will blow your overated muschumpers in knowledge, contribution, and play...contributing now through motivated and intensive Coaching in which your deLusional mind could never comprehend.

Start crying; for the bottom of the SEC is not where the gators want to live. Buttttt that will be your reality.

Thanks for the Accolade of "Great Golden". NO ONE has ever said "Great Moosechump." That will never be uttered.

Good post Mark..let's play some football..
Go 'Canes

Williams, James, and Dorsett have the advantage.

If I'm evaluating who can do what, etc., I'm going with Orange, or the team that doesn't have Ray Ray. He's a liability going into the season and had his chance and then some. He puts pressure on the fellow defensive people to perform because he basically sucks. I like the WRs on the whole team.

We gotta keep some of this talent for 3/4 years. That's the only way U are going to build anything. People like Finnie, Cain, Walford, Hagens have to take it to a higher level this year. If you're going to switch somebody, think about switching Mike James. That or give him another "role" in the O.

Delusionalcane- you are delusional for sure. Dont forget the sanctions that are coming down on us. We wont be going to any BCS bowls this year and maybe next too. I wish this was all a bad nightmare and this hunk of garbage shapiro [notice the small case on his name] never existed , but i cant seem to wake up and shake this dream off, so it must be true.

Got to go with the Orange. They have got the
likely starting QB. The question will be whether
an O line shows up. Go Canes!

why 1 or 2 year ban we did that last year we cooperated showed and did everything they asked if i was the canes and that ruling came down 1 or 2 years i would trash them to no end after verdict coaches , staff, donna everybody and any school that helps ncaa to lessen penalty is crazy.

Cooperating with the NCAA only helps in the sense that things will be worse if you don't cooperate. Don't look for any favors from the NCAA when it comes to UM. Whether it turns out to be fair or not, I'm bracing for the worst case scenario. I just can't see the NCAA taking it easy on UM. Hopefully, like with Ohio state, they will focus more on the individual coaches.

we will see. but with deon and tracy coming i like our seconday. by by Ray Ray and tele

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