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Streeter's father on 1st round: "You never know what can happen"

Tonight is supposed to be a silent night for the Miami Hurricanes. Cell phones aren't supposed to ring for any of the seniors and underclassmen who put their names in for the NFL Draft. Not during the first round, anyway.

Tommy StreeterBut that doesn't mean they won't be sitting around with their families, hoping, praying and anxiously waiting for the phone to ring.

"Two years ago, where did they think [Tim] Tebow was going? Didn't they say he was going in the fourth or fifth round? He ended up in the first round. So, you never know," the father of receiver Tommy Streeter said Thursday.

"They can slot you here, they can slot you there and someone can surprise you and pick you up. Jimmy Graham was going in the fourth or fifth round. He went in the third. I look at it based on the need of the team. If you're there when that team is up and that team needs you and you're high on their board, they're going to snatch you. So, I really don't care what any experts say."

Draft experts -- guys like ESPN's Mel Kiper and Todd McShay -- believe no Canes will go in the first round tonight, making it four years in a row UM gets shut out of the first round (something that hasn't happened since 1968-1972).

In his seven-round mock draft released Wednesday night, McShay projected seven Hurricanes would be chosen -- the earliest being junior tailback Lamar Miller (2nd round, 59th overall to Green Bay) on Friday. After that McShay has defensive end Olivier Vernon going in the 3rd round, 80th overall to Arizona, linebacker Sean Spence going in the 4th round, 124th overall to Buffalo, Streeter going in the 5th round, 154th overall to the New York Jets, offensive lineman Brandon Washington going five picks later in the 5th round to Pittsburgh, defensive end Marcus Forston going in the 6th round,176th overall to Jacksonville and receiver Travis Benjamin going 15 picks later in the 6th round to Cincinnati.

Some Hurricanes fans believe if Streeter is taken that low that he'll have made a mistake leaving school early. But his father strongly disagrees and says wherever his son is taken "is a blessing."

"It was the right decision 100 percent," Streeter Sr. said. "There's really nothing he can look back on and say if I stayed I probably could have been a first rounder. That's not on his mind. I think he felt like it was just time. If you looked at it, if he would played with [quarterback] Jacory [Harris] from the get-go this would have been the year he came out anyway. A lot of people can say if he stayed one more year this might of happened, he could have gone higher. But you never know what could have happened. He could have gotten injured. You can't wait on that. You make a decision and you move on."

Miller, who celebrated his 21st birthday Wednesday, was asked on an ESPN chat last night if his decision not to return to Miami for his senior year was based on avoiding injury.

“Not really," Miller responded. "I know that running backs have a short lifespan. I think I put myself in a good position to get drafted. I just wanted to take my talents to the next level and live my dream.”

Miller said he plans to spend Thursday night at his South Florida home watching the draft on TV. “Some of my friends and family will be over," Miller said on the chat. “We’ll watch it, play dominoes and cards until I get that phone call.”

Streeter will also be surrounded by family. After working out privately for the Dolphins and Patriots (who have two first round picks) his father said he has no clue which team will snap him up. But staying home and playing for the Dolphins wouldn't be bad.

"If it works out like that, it would truly be a blessing," Streeter Sr. said. "But we're not going to put our hopes up high because we don't want to have a letdown. We're putting it in God's hands. Whoever picks him that's where we're going.

"But the anticipation. Man, that's something."


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Good for Streeter. Streter, Miller and vernon will be an asset to a team. Streeter with the Patriots? That is frickin' scary. Brady has the ability to put Tommy in a whole higher level.

Streeter might have the same success as graham and Brees did. Benjamin is a sleeper at WR position, he can be coached to not give up balls.

"Canes set to reload?"

how can you reload what has been empty for 10 years ?

Draft experts -- guys like ESPN's Mel Kiper and Todd McShay -- believe no Canes will go in the first round tonight, making it four years in a row UM gets shut out of the first round (something that hasn't happened since 1968-1972).

TY Hilton > Tommy Street

Nearly all of these Canes made a mistake in coming out early. I really think that Lamar Miller could have been a 1st round pick if he had stayed another year and gotten into better shape. Same to be said for Streeter and Vernon, their upside is BIG, but they each need more commitment to the game. Travis Benjamin is an interesting guy, I could see him on an NFL roster a a slot guy/punt returner for several years. Needs to work on his hands, but his speed is for real. Finally, I would LOVE to see th Dolphins take Sean Spence, here's the one guy that played with a lot of heart. He may be undersized and less gifted than some of the others but his output ON THE FIELD was consistently good. I like SPence and think he's a 3rd round guy for the right team.


Streeter should be a first rounder. Streeter would have been able to make jacory better had he been there the whole time. In my opinion that's was the fault of randy Shannon. How in the world do you bribing j12 to the U and not make sure streeter is on the field. He showed us what he was capable of the one time he played against Wisconsin. Streeter had a 50 yard bomb in that game and got us back in it. The following year whipple and randy decided they were not going to put him on the field. He had a broken wrist his first year and it seems like he was either forgotten about or someone didn't want him to play. That is RANDY SHANNON's fault. If you are lobbn and bobbn all game with the same play to Benjamin why not to streeter?

Streeter's dad supports his son, good or bad decision. What else can he say other than it was a good decision. We'll find out soon. If Streeter drops below the 4th round, it was a very bad decision. If he's taken in the 4th round, it wasn't necessarily a good decision. NFL scouts wanted to see him improve running routes. He didn't give them that chance to raise their evaluation of him.

click, click, click, click, click, click

The sound of a pathetic internet nerd trying to find another pathetic internet nerd to talk about their fake internet rivalry that has nothing to do with football.

If the Dolphins get the right infusion of a few players, they could do some damage. They need some draftees coming in with that U "swagger" and taking no BS attitude. Somebody like a Streeter has that attitude.

Spence: Has to wind up in the right situation. He can be an every down player, but in the right situation, etc. I'd play Spence in 3-4 easily.

Miller: A star and then some. Again, with the right team..look out. If he plays and whereever he plays, has the ability to be a 1,000 yard runner.

Can U imagine what UM would be had all that talent come back?

And with those last few comments that is the official and final end of Canespace.

It has been fun. It has been real.

But at this point it is no longer real or fun. Good bye and good luck Canespacers!

Happy blogging...

Posted by: SOUP | December 04, 2011 at 10:34 PM

I am officially upping my call to 10-2 in 2012 because I know something that U don't.

I can't tell U what it is but is is GOOD!

Posted by: SOUP | April 15, 2012 at 11:33 PM

0 = Gatrs drafted.

4 years of no first round picks and counting....
10 years of mediocrity and counting......
Must be Randy's fault, or Jacory's, or Whipple, maybe it was Nix, or Coker, maybe Shalala....
Good luck to Streeter, Miller, and all those who decided to leave the cesspool early.

Mr Streeter puff puff give, man.


Ok no first rounders. Butin 2010 we put 9 in the NFL, in 2011 another 8 and possibly another 10 this year.All those bad years and its still NFL-U. More NFLers than LSU or Alabama. Take that to the bank gator puke

Trash = any Gatr maggot drafted

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Damn man, I hope the Redskins don't draft a safety now. I should done take the damn cab.

Dont miss my special edition of the 2013 recruiting class by that fat slob that cant even stand up without gasping for air. He has informed me that the Canes have over 400 recruits ready to come play for the U. If that doesnt impress you and you have a free 4 days like all my Gator pals do then come on over and read a post by Calvie they dont mean anything but hes still my buddy. Oh my gosh guys my fat phone is ringing and you know what that means.......a fake client. Ill come back later on guys and update you on how many triple cheeseburgers I was able to consume today. Im at 8 right now. Wish me luck guys. One more and I should reach my goal of never seeing my corn nugget looking toes over my gut

Does anyone know of a Gator site that I can follow to chat about all the draft picks we will have this weekend
Chris Rainey is going to be a stud in the NFL! If he would just focus on football and not his texting skills

Can U imagine what UM would be had all that talent come back?

Posted by: 'Cool 'Cat | April 26, 2012 at 04:13 PM

6-6 and a December Bowl Game Loss

2 bit 4 bits!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sing along with me my fellow Gator fans
2012 coach of the year will be Will Puscramp
Another undefeated season for the mighty Gators this season!!!!!!

6-6 and a December Bowl Game Loss

Posted by: 10 years going on 15 | April 26, 2012 at 06:19 PM

I sure hope our mighty Gators have a season like that. We sure have paid alot of money to keep our 1% of 1% from doing jailtime so I hope it pays off on gameday buddy pal of mine

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When I get time away from my minimum wage job I run a fan site.

I told ya'll - the Browns just moved up to #3 in the first round to take Tommy. We going to Liv where Seantrel's dad is deejayin' pop dem bottles!!

I lie about being a lawyer I lie about working out. The truth is im just an everyday skank with a gut. I like having an obese pig post about all the recruits he says he knows and have committed to our Canes. FYI we are up to over 250 commits as of 7 pm today. Did you cool guys know that everyone who comes to my terrific blob...eeerrrr blog would of all been in the NFL if its wasnt for some darn injury during their jr years in high school. Their coaches never gave them the proper playing time and were jealous of their talents. The truth is that im an alcoholic with the beer gut to match who says perverted things just to get attention from my fat slobs I beg to come to my awesome site. The truth is that I love to post things like im actually doing it. He cool is that guys. You see when I think something is funny ill write that I fell off my couch with my bag of chips and wine cooler. See how I make it seem like you can actually see me doing that. I know I know im as original as it gets

And how many Gators went in the 1st round.........?

click, click, click. That must be the sound made when the trailer is moved in trailersville and it is re-secured in it's new spot.

Cane fan here....but....experts were right so far. My feeling is Lamar just got his answer. I truly feel...unless your a first round lock....you should NOT come out as a junior. Lamar just cost himself alot of money. So....now...he gets taken in the second....gets an "ok" contract....becomes a stud in the league and is complaining in two years that he is not getting paid what he is worth. Yeah...no sh*t.

I can get Tommy's Dad supporting his son's decision but the amount of money that these kids will be losing by coming out early is a shame. Some NFL Team is going to rack up with a cheap contract with Tommy. Just look at all the WR's that are listed ahead of Streeter. Had he came back he could have won the Bielentkoff Trophy, been one of the top WR picks next year with Morris throwing the ball deep to him and garnered a lot more money in his rookie season. I wish Tommy well but each and every one of these guys should have come back for another year.

I have watched about six minutes of Panther hockey this season. And I am paralyzed by fear...

I'm next before all U beeeetchihes

go Gatah

You mean to tell me that SOUPY SKREETZ is faker than a 4$ bill?

Janoris is not a gator- or is that what youpathetic gator fans have lowered yourselves to now? Cheering on former gators that actually went to another school? LOL.

Ganjanoris Jenkins blows anyway. Gatr Trash has nothing left but to cheer for North Alabama and Auburn players that punked the trailertrash skeeeewl.

Think your 6-6 is just an aberration, Gatr maggots? Think again. It is your past and your future.

No canes drafted in the first round is no news.
It is the normal course of events for 4 years running, why are you girls all up in a tizzy?
Poor cane clowns can't get the mighty Gators out of their heads. Copy cat cane has about 10 posts about the Gators so far, what a MORON!
All the cane juniors that left early were smart to do so, get out of the burning, sinking, rotten ship as fast as you can.

Breaking News..........

Coral Gables,
The University of Miami has just announced a 5 year series with Bethune Cookman.
This is another step in the UM strategy to go back to a more manageable schedule in order to assure a winning season.
UM is working on dropping Va Tech and replacing them with William and Mary, pointing out that William and Mary once defeated Va Tech. The canes are also interested in playing Duke twice a year.
If successful in implementing these changes, Shalala hopes to defer criticism that the football program has been in decline for over a decade.
She was quoted in the Herald: " These changes will allow the University to become competitive in football again as we once were long long ago."

Breaking news......

Top 5 signing classes year after year gets you a 6-6 record and fewer players drafted than the canes or semiholes.

Trailertrashtown: where dreams of playing in the NFL go to die

We know now, don't we?
Not a first-round pick.
Will be out of the league by 2014.
Screw him and the rest of the Miami NorthEntitlement Class of 2008.

Muscrap the clown. Sweating like a janitor working summer school.

Gatr Trash, last year wasn't an aberration. It is your destiny, Luke. Canes are your father.

Yo, where can I find some fine smoke?

5 top ten signing classes in a row


Who is my starting QB this year? You mean Timmy Gradeated?? Oh Muscrap!!

Ganjanoris Jenkins.

Trash. Typical Gatr.

Can we drop Furman and pick-up a school from France who just started a football program last month?

Course, most idiot Gatr students don't know where France is.

Soup and JSQ

Take your Internet rivalry somewhere else. Both of you have issues. Soup makes up stuff and pretends to have inside stuff and JSQ runs a Cane hate site with player name calling and hate.

I hate to admit this being a lifelong Cane, but I'm somewhat pleased none of the early departures didn't get drafted yet. It sends a message to the new comers that what gets you drafted is on the field production not combine results. If the ones who left early would have put 3 years of the same kind of dedication they did to combine workouts maybe one or some could have been a first or may I say tailend second rounder. High school results mean nothing after you step on a college field and that message has to be seen by these guys so they won't expect things to be given to them like this bunch. I just hope they got their degrees because they're gonna be sending out resumes this summer.

All the Florida schools suck right now so everyone shut it. All the current and former Florida schools have criminals so shut it times 2. No one is scarred of FSU, UM, or UF so shut it times 3. I am just pissed the Pro Bowl was cancelled cause I was finna wear pink board shorts in Waikiki.

Why is almost all the comments either some weirdo Gator Troll or a few people hating on people who run Blogs? Talk about the Canes. if you do not like the people who run blogs put your real name on Their blog and say what you will. Quit hiding behind a name. I met both those people who run blogs and they are not bad people. If you do not like them leave them alone. Personal attacks just cause you do not like thier blog? I wish someone would do a personal attack on me. I will put my skills to use

Jacorry- ok that's funny. I like that post, and you are right. But for "ACC..." to come here and whine why we are talking gator smack is ironic, given that he is on this blog to begin with.

I agree. Drew Rosenscum aka Nevin Shapiro's Bar Mitzvah cousin gave these players great advice eh?

All the dummies say, well " I could get hurt my senior year...that's why I applied for the draft". Well, son you could have gotten hurt your freshman year, does that mean youre declaring for the draft as a dfreshman? No. Players should know- with very very few exceptions, that unless you are a guaranteed first rounder, it is more beneficial to stay 4 yrs get a degree and build up your resume for the draft. Its a no brainer.

hypothetical 3rd rounder:500k a yr for 5 yrs= 2.5M

hypothetical 1st rounder: 1.2M a yr for 5 yrs= 6.0M

I know its not that simple, but negotiating and leverage is easier when you are 1st or 2nd round versius 3rd-5th rounders.

What were these kids thinking? My take other than with lamar Miller, is laziness and bad advice. These are kids who formed that 2008-2011 Um team. The results speak for themselves. Self-serving, entitled, unwilling to bust their butts and sacrifice for the U. Good riddance

Addition by subtraction I say

Hey Click Click check out rivals.coms Postion U series, then come back here and we'll.

i truly believe most of the canes in this draft who came out early would of been better with 1 more yr to up there stock. Miller would of been a top 20 pick next year with a great yr at miami, Streeter could of upped his stock to first round level with one more productive season at miami, Forsten if he had stayed healthy and gotten to where his talent should of gotten him could of been a first rounder , Vernon i dont think has the desire to get better so better off him leaving but the others all would of been better off staying, I think brandon washington with one more yr at tackle could of been a top 10 pick.

The truth is no one from UF, FSU or UM was picked in the 1st round this year- Boise State had 2 picks in the 1st round... lets not have anyone say whos better than who when not a single florida school, which would always dominate the first rounds of drafts, accomplished that this year. Truth is, we have all taken a step back.

Looking forward to Florida schools talking less and producing more.

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