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Streeter's father on 1st round: "You never know what can happen"

Tonight is supposed to be a silent night for the Miami Hurricanes. Cell phones aren't supposed to ring for any of the seniors and underclassmen who put their names in for the NFL Draft. Not during the first round, anyway.

Tommy StreeterBut that doesn't mean they won't be sitting around with their families, hoping, praying and anxiously waiting for the phone to ring.

"Two years ago, where did they think [Tim] Tebow was going? Didn't they say he was going in the fourth or fifth round? He ended up in the first round. So, you never know," the father of receiver Tommy Streeter said Thursday.

"They can slot you here, they can slot you there and someone can surprise you and pick you up. Jimmy Graham was going in the fourth or fifth round. He went in the third. I look at it based on the need of the team. If you're there when that team is up and that team needs you and you're high on their board, they're going to snatch you. So, I really don't care what any experts say."

Draft experts -- guys like ESPN's Mel Kiper and Todd McShay -- believe no Canes will go in the first round tonight, making it four years in a row UM gets shut out of the first round (something that hasn't happened since 1968-1972).

In his seven-round mock draft released Wednesday night, McShay projected seven Hurricanes would be chosen -- the earliest being junior tailback Lamar Miller (2nd round, 59th overall to Green Bay) on Friday. After that McShay has defensive end Olivier Vernon going in the 3rd round, 80th overall to Arizona, linebacker Sean Spence going in the 4th round, 124th overall to Buffalo, Streeter going in the 5th round, 154th overall to the New York Jets, offensive lineman Brandon Washington going five picks later in the 5th round to Pittsburgh, defensive end Marcus Forston going in the 6th round,176th overall to Jacksonville and receiver Travis Benjamin going 15 picks later in the 6th round to Cincinnati.

Some Hurricanes fans believe if Streeter is taken that low that he'll have made a mistake leaving school early. But his father strongly disagrees and says wherever his son is taken "is a blessing."

"It was the right decision 100 percent," Streeter Sr. said. "There's really nothing he can look back on and say if I stayed I probably could have been a first rounder. That's not on his mind. I think he felt like it was just time. If you looked at it, if he would played with [quarterback] Jacory [Harris] from the get-go this would have been the year he came out anyway. A lot of people can say if he stayed one more year this might of happened, he could have gone higher. But you never know what could have happened. He could have gotten injured. You can't wait on that. You make a decision and you move on."

Miller, who celebrated his 21st birthday Wednesday, was asked on an ESPN chat last night if his decision not to return to Miami for his senior year was based on avoiding injury.

“Not really," Miller responded. "I know that running backs have a short lifespan. I think I put myself in a good position to get drafted. I just wanted to take my talents to the next level and live my dream.”

Miller said he plans to spend Thursday night at his South Florida home watching the draft on TV. “Some of my friends and family will be over," Miller said on the chat. “We’ll watch it, play dominoes and cards until I get that phone call.”

Streeter will also be surrounded by family. After working out privately for the Dolphins and Patriots (who have two first round picks) his father said he has no clue which team will snap him up. But staying home and playing for the Dolphins wouldn't be bad.

"If it works out like that, it would truly be a blessing," Streeter Sr. said. "But we're not going to put our hopes up high because we don't want to have a letdown. We're putting it in God's hands. Whoever picks him that's where we're going.

"But the anticipation. Man, that's something."


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Janoris is not a gator

Posted by: 5>3>2 | April 27, 2012 at 06:56 AM

What chU talkin about ?

I got me a 2008 'Ship Ring Homie !

How many Canes in the last 10 years got one of them ?

Once a Gator always a Gator.

Hey, Hassan

I'm you're huckleberry

Hey Hassan
do us all a favor and shut your yap
You are not welcomed here
Every Canes fan no matter where the site is hates the thought of ever seeing your name next to a post
Even us Gator fans hate you

A guy calling out other guys to a cyber fight? Thats very mature of that guy. Its not like this blog doesnt have enough internet tough guys. You know your tough when you call other bloggers out for an internet tough guy fight. I sure hope the days of talking Hurricanes will return

This just in: No Canes picked in first round, including those who "came out" early. Looks like there may be 1 second rounder.

Take self-deluded players producing mediocrity and pair them with a grandiose agent, well you get the picture.

The Canes need team players who want to give their all for the U, respect the coaches and compete every down. This will bring us back into the discussion.

Four year players welcome to apply...

It ain't over yet homie.


Damn - how dey gunna pick a WR with a torn ACL and not Tommy? NFL is racist, me and Luke agree

DAMN Lavonte David part of the my recruiting class at Northwestern HS. He was the two-star guy. And first to be drafted...he can borrow my pink tux

UCF player goes before UM, UF, and FSU. Ya'll need to shut the f up.

Rollin rollin..

Brantley selected in first round of Fast Food Draft by Taco Bell. McDonald's is on the clock and they are looking hard at Jaye Howard considering his familiarity with the food.

Rainey is may drop to Wendy's selection in the 4th round. Man those alleged top Gatr trash recruits really suck.

Go Olivier! May there be less empty seats on Sundays!!

Posted by: SEC East sucks and the Gatr Trash can't compete

Who gives a f? UM, FSU, and UF all SUUUUUUCK!

Man man Alonso Highsmith called it out that some of the Cane players were going to be disappointed in the draft. they should have gotten more info before entering the draft. If they would have stayed one more year these underclassmen could have been 1st and 2nd rounders........... I believe in Al Golden!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, so Vernon goes at #72, and the Dolphins will see about his motivation and desire.

And Spence, a real football player and a senior, finds the right match with the Steelers. Hope you are a major success, Sean!

And, let's see, Miller, who compared himself to #3 pick Richardson (funny stuff!), not drafted in third round. And WORSE YET, a Temple RB was already drafted and Hilton from, you guessed it, FIU (!) was drafted as well. Temple, FIU!!! Oh the humiliation of it all.

Although I feel a certain loyalty to any Cane, it is obvious that those who left the program had an overinflated sense of their worth and skill set. These guys were deluded and won't be missed, nor will that BS attitude of me-first..

In the interim, let's get players in there who are winners and will do the work and want to be part of a TEAM. Go Canes!

Lamar, Tommy,Tommy's dad, Brandon, You are all 1st round picks.Sign here. Love Drew R.
Trust me

jah mon ...

st. LoUis has a baseball team right ?

2012 1983 ?

Danny or Tanny


it is obvious that those who left the program had an overinflated sense of their worth and skill set. These guys were deluded and won't be missed, nor will that BS attitude of me-first..

In the interim, let's get players in there who are winners and will do the work and want to be part of a TEAM. Go Canes!

Posted by: dbc | April 27, 2012 at 11:13 PM


what players ?

the one's that have gone 43-35 the last 8 years ?

Miami Hurricanes’ Olivier Vernon to Dolphins, Sean Spence to Steelers

Ganjanoris Jenkins? Once a dope smoking low-life always a Gatah?

All GATAH, right blog PIGGAH?

Visions of sugar plums danced in their heads


That is the point, 43 and 35 over the last 8 years. The culture of the program has featured me-firsters who underperform and, along with mediocre coaches, have failed to produce.

Many have been NFL level stars in their own heads from Day 1. They have not had the needed dedication at the college level. Their "dream" has been part delusion, and the NFL is giving some that feedback now.

It doesn't take a genius to see that Miller rarely breaks a first tackle, tends to go out of bounds, etc. Look at 3rd and 4th downs and 1 yard against BC, for example. The guy goes down with fairly soft hits and can't make a yard. No desire to win for too many players.

Or Harris throwing 4 Ints. and not having regrets at UM. You can't have that kind of attitude. You ought to be kicking yourself in the butt if you fail to that extent. You know, "I let down my team, the coaches, the fans, myself." And etc. Those are guys that care about being winners at the college level.

So, yah, I agree with your point about our record. Too many have been no shows. Take the same guys with good coaching like we have now and they might develop.

They are getting a dose of reality, and as one poster said, "Trust me. Signed Drew."

We want guys that will dedicate to the U, not worry about which strip club to attend or their draft position as underclassmen. You can have a 2 and 3 star team with heart and ferocity that makes all Canes proud! Add some fours and fives and you got a shot. It's coming...

Yo Cane trash

U maggots are funny indeed. So no canes were taken in the first 2 rounds? Same as last year, same as the past 3 years, so what?
Now the little cane pig is posting every hour about the Gators, obsessed little maggot.
Yo Vernon went to the Fins in the 3rd. Judging by past Fin lack of success in the draft it doesn't look good. For the Fins.
However, other NFL teams have been able to make good players out of underperforming, underachieving, former canes so who knows.
Check it out, I don't think I have insulted U maggots at all with this post. Enjoy.
Bunch of pathetic LOOSERS!!

You know what can happen on the 1st day of draft day, well the 2nd day of draft day? Ummm well the 3rd day of the draft? Well you don't get drafted yet. Who the hell advised these poor kids. They are getting ripped off for the amount of talent they possess. Had Lamar, Tommy, and Oliver stayed they woudl have easily been 1st rounders or at the very least early 2nd rounders. Does this answer your question about what can happen on draft day?

At this moment we are more than half way through the sixth round, 27 WRs have been drafted but not Streeter. Means he's a lot closer to not getting drafted than getting drafted. His father was right, anything can happen.

OK, Streeter got drafted by Baltimore, 28th pick in the 6th round.

The Eagles just took Brandon Washington. I hope they can man out of him, cause he's not there yet.


what team drafted him?
oh... yeah.

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