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Todd McShay: Jacory Harris to be drafted? "Doubt it.'' Olivier Vernon "most intriguing'' after [Lamar] Miller. And Street? "Great athlete... [but] I would have hard time drafting him in the first four rounds.''

I spoke with ESPN draft analyst Todd McShay on an NFL Draft conference call today. I asked him whether he thought UM quarterback Jacory Harris would be drafted, and to talk about which of the underclassmen who declared early have the most potential, besides Lamar Miller. I said that some people believe as many as nine -- maybe even more -- Hurricanes will be drafted, and asked his opinion. Here's his reply:

"Jacory, I tend to doubt it.  He showed some flashes this past year.  I thought he played better this past year, but just — the inconsistency jumps out, and the turnovers and just not protecting and caring for the football.  He’s still kind of slight framed and there are durability concerns there.  But he has enough arm talent, so it’s not to say that he won’t one day land on a roster if he’s able to continue to develop somehow, but it’s just tough to develop as a quarterback because there’s nowhere to really go and get good developing, if you will, from this point on.        

Nine guys from Miami?  I have to sit here and count. Travis Benjamin I would say yes, so that’s one; Chase Ford has a chance late as kind of a sleeper; LaRon Byrd is kind of in that same category – there’s a chance, but I’m not saying that he really has a good chance or a great chance to get drafted.  I would take a chance on him in the last couple rounds.  Marcus Forston makes it two; Lamar Miller, three; (Adewale) Ojomo is kind of on the fringe; Regis is on the fringe, but I would say there’s a good likelihood he gets drafted five; Sean Spence is five; Streeter, six; Vernon, seven; Washington, eight.  So you could see as many as nine guys going.  It wouldn’t shock me.  But I would say probably a safe bet is seven.    

You know, Olivier Vernon of all those guys after Miller is the most intriguing to me, I guess.  Tommy Streeter there’s a lot of interest because of the height, weight and speed, and certainly he’s a great athlete and has more potential than we’ve seen him do at Miami, but the tape just doesn’t match up with what I see.  I would have a hard time drafting him in the first four rounds, even though there’s a strong chance he goes somewhere in that third-, fourth-round range.        

But Vernon to me, I think he’s a better player than maybe the perception, and at 6’3″, 262, I think he played defensive end, can play outside linebacker, can do a little bit of both.  Has some stiffness, there’s no question.  He’s not a great athlete, and his production didn’t always match up, and I’ve heard some things, is he mature enough, how does he work and all those things.  But if he is focused and doing the right things and working at it and 100 percent dedicated to football, he’s well built, solid, strong, shows some quickness off the line, and I think he has a chance to make an impact as a pass rusher at the next level."

In closing, this should be another interesting draft year for UM. Last year, eight guys went after another yuck season. This year? Who knows. But organizations sure do seem to like to take chances with the Hurricanes. So many of them are NFL gamers.



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I'd love to see the Dolphins grab Streeter. I believe he
I'd be THE guy to replace Marshall.
Seriously, some of our guys had only 1 season of adequate coaching, due to the debacle that was the Shannon regime.

Should be "he'd (Streeter) be, not "I'd be."
LOL, just what the Fins need...a white, bald 170lb 5' 10" wideout.

WAIT...Wes Welker, anyone?


And the fact that jokecorey will not be drafted is news how?? The joke will be any nfl team that picks the looser. Wait a minute Jeff Ireland probably has his eye on him.

I can see Jacory Harris getting picked up by someone. I think a team like the Cardnals,San Diego,Bengals,Tittans,Dolphins would pick him up. Sam Shields, broke the ice on taking chances on a player with little skills. So Cane fans let's keep that in mind. I wouldn't be surprised if someone would take Sean Spence in the 1st rnd. Kid is a beast I'm not counting him out of the 1st rnd. I didn't expect Christian Ponder to go first rnd no one did. So that's why i'm saying all of this. I don't know about Fortson,Byrd,Ford those guys would choke pretty hard. But Benjamin & Streeter definitely going. T-Ben will need to stay in the weight room and get some size on him.

Vernon, Ojomo, and Vernon I think will not make the cut.
The others have potential and talent to give it a shot.

Harris did not show the finesse in the pocket that an NFL quarterback needs, and the decisions and reads I think will not be there.
Potenial that got ambushed and never got back to elite growth..Started but blew up in his 2nd year of forcing plays and interceptions.
Spence and Miller will progress depends on who drafts them for their growth contribution.
Streeter and Benjamin great speed but never utilized to their potential...Flashes no consistency. Need a lot of work.

Todd pretty close on his analysis.
Go 'Canes

Same crap as the past few years. No clear cut stud to go in the first 2 rounds, just a bunch of "intriguing" players. Meaning a bunch of kids that have potential but never lived up to it or never were coach up to it. Same crap as before a bunch of guys that never amounted to much in college ball so the NFL teams have to take a flyer just on potential. Says a lot about the coaching for the past few seasons.
I agree with dolphin, the joke would be on any team drafting Jacory, don't think it would happen.

Leave it to Drew Rosenscum to have the conversation of Jacory's draftability even be discussed, on any level! Seriously! He has as much chance landing on roster as I do, let alone get drafted.

IF Jacory had one more year, he'd Win the Heisman and go 1st. Rd ...

Wouldn't call Chase Ford a sleeper ... More like Comatose.

Jacory to the Dolphins with the 8th pick in the first round. Why not, dummy Ireland spent a 2nd rounder on Pat White. The decline lives on.

Honestly, it is like piling on to ask is Jacory Harris going to get drafted. ANYONE who watches enough football knows that the only way he makes an NFL roster is as an undrafted free agent.

As regards the guys who left early and could have stayed, the only one who should have left was Lamar Miller. Streeter is fast, but is horrible at route running. Forston is not tough enough. I could go on and on with the flaws of the other guys. Either way, Drew Rosenhaus and his crew are a bunch of chicken hawks and they feed these guys and their families a bunch of bull and they bought it hook, line and sinker.

Drew has used UM to build himself into arguably the top agent in the NFL. He gets enough clients on a yearly basis so I do not know why he would not be honest with some of these UM guys and tell them to go back to school and hone their talents for 1 more year and by doing that they then would be drafted higher. Some of the guys who left early may not even get drafted!! How dumb is that. Drew is not looking out for these kids, he is looking out for his pocket and being able to say "I represent the most clients". Not putting him even close to the level of Nevin Shapiro, but I truly hope that Coach Golden "monitors" Drew and his cronies. They are detrement to the football program, but most importantly to the kids.

Dolphins were working out TB3 the other day so it wouldn't surprise me that they pick him up late. Plus they should consider Olivier Vernon and hell grab Ojomo while we're at it. Personally I would pick up all the Canes minus Jokecory, and Ford. We are one of the teams in the NFL with the least Hurricanes on the squad. We only have Vernon Carey at OL. We need play makers, plain and simple. With DEVELOPMENT which these players didn't get for the beginning of their collegiate careers, they could become something. I definitely see Streeter, Vernon, Ojomo, Washington, Miller, TB3(needs added weight, PRAYER) really turning into real football players with the right development. I, personally, would love to see Spence become faster and maybe become a strong safety, IMO. Look at Sam Shields, when Green Bay got him, the coaches were dumbfounded to discover that he couldn't read a defense. They had to teach him with note cards. He turned into the superbowl MVP. Look at Jimmy Graham with only one season as a football player coming from a basketball background and he went to the pro bowl as a rookie. These are all players that came from candy randy's recruitment / no development program. They only had one season with Al Golden and there's only so much that can happen under one season. Hell look at Streeter's production after just one season with Golden. Good Lord look at Jokecory's development with Golden and Fisch. He cut down on the INTs in a major way in comparison to the prior season until the last game when he gave up 4picks (good'ol jokecory shows his true colors once again). But he still had a rag arm which is the real reason he won't be drafted, period. He's a great QB for the playground but not for the pros. Facts are facts.

The rest I would definitely scoop up quickly. Let the NFL pick up the leftovers.

I wish all the UM players all the best in the draft and the guys who do not get drafted, I wish them all the best as regards catching on with an NFL team. Even Jacory Harris and Chase Ford. Jacory never lived up to his hype, but he played hard here for 4 years. So just because he did not win anything of note does not mean that we as 'Canes fans need to look down upon him or any other guys who has worn the orange and green.

Lastly, we have moved on to Al Golden and he seems poised to bring the 'Canes back to where we all want to be, playing for championships. Randy Shannon, while coaching the 'Canes, left a lot to be desired. IMHO he did not develop the talent properly, but it is ironic that Sam Shields and Jimmy Graham are always brought up as to why Randy was a horrible coach.

The truth is though, that a lot can be stated about Randy's failures as a coach, but if you were to personally talk to Sam and Jimmy, they love coach Shannon, because he was the coach who discovered both of them. If it were not for Randy moving Sam to CB, he would have never had even had a shot to make an NFL roster as a WR. If Randy did not see potential in Jimmy Graham as being a TE, Jimmy would have never made an NBA roster. Did he and his staff develop them like he should have? I say no. Would they have been in the positions that they are in now, if he did not "discover" their hidden talents? I say no again. So while we all know Randy's downfalls as a coach (player development, relationship with some HS coaches, etc.), Sam Shields and Jimmy Graham are two of the bright spots in his tenure while coaching UM.

Certainly the first two Canes off the board will be Miller and Spence. But I've heard the reason that their stock may be dropping from sure 1st. rounders to mid-late 2nd. (Miller) or 3rd. (Spence) is that they both have major shoulder concerns. Miller's is described as chronic back to his Killian days and will eventually need reconstructive surgery to get it fixed. Spence's, who still can't bench press, is less severe, but a major concern nonetheless and likely would benefit from getiing it surgically repaired once and for all. That means both would probably be lost for their rookie years. Hopefully the teams that are interested in them will see their obvious upside and take them where they belong which is High 1st./early 2nd.

Streeter is just an enigma. Great talent, no resume. Love to see Denver grab him in the 3-4th. rd. and let Manning coach him like he did with that unknown Pierre Garcon in Indy.

It'll take just one G.M. to pull the trigger on Vernon in the 3-4th-5th. rd. He'll be a system guy that could pay off huge with the right team. Physical specimen that D-Coords love.

Washington, who I think could play in the League longer than any Cane here, will be a valuable asset being able to play some R.T. and both Gaurds. Could surprise in the 3rd. Much depends on his private workouts and interviews. But it just takes one team to be sold to pull the trigger in the early-mid 3rd.

Now the rest.

TB-3 cannot play the X-Y consistantly in the NFL. Corners will just manhandle him if he has to line up wide on scrimmage play after play. That hurts his stock from a possible 4-5th. reach to 6-7th. developemental player. He'll be valuable as a Z-slot motion man that will give him a running start in nickle n dime coverages. His greatest asset will certainly come in the return games, both K.O. n Punt. He has undiable speed that cannot be taught.

The rest ? Would ALL be better served to go as free agents to teams that they would have the best chance of making the Actice 52 man roster instead of lingering on a pracrice squad for a few years.

Fortson. 2-3 rd. talent, Free agent health and work ethic. Raiders in the 7th. ? Al Davis from the grave.

Regis/Ojomo maybe 7th.

Byrd/Ford/Harris, dime, a practice squad, dozen F/A's

There are just so many players out there from so many mid-level and small schools that are evaluated like science projects by NFL scouts and personal. Not many fall through the cracks anymore. I just wonder how much better ALL these underclassmen would have been had they stayed one more year. And the Canes in 2012 as well.


Graham went to the Pro Bowl last year not his rookie season.

Every year we send so many players to the NFL, yet the Hurricanes continue to stink. Other college teams will have two or three key players and play great because of their impact. If the Canes don't show significant improvement this year then I'd say we have another coaching problem. And I hate to say that because no one was happier then me when we hired Al Golden.

Golden will be fine, he will win Coach of the Decade next year. He has the right mentality to right the ship to the 'ship. All we need now is to have the troll talk to the other troll at the Marlins and see if can play some home games there.



Look at virginia tech. Perfect example. They put a fraction of players into the nfl versus miami yr in and out yet they have beaten us consistently over the last ten yrs. That is pure and simple two things: coaching, and the miami culture of " im gonna play 50% and conserve my energy till i turn pro attitude".

No way in a billion no a trillion tears that jcorry is drafted in the seventh or eight rounds. Heck he wont even be mr irrelevent. No way. What dumba arse gm or owner would take him? Seriously? What would you all go by if you were the gms? His arm strength? His physical presence and strength? His running ability? His ability to read defenss? His lack of interceptions? Please. He had 4 years and the intervening off seasons to prepare and read and study and learn and work out. He gained at most 20 lbs between his freshman and senior yrs. The last game of his career and all three of his bowl games said it all... He is not a winner.

But, but I thought they would
all be first rounders!

They'll all be first-rounders at their grandmother's dinner table - but that's it.

God, how sad is that UF Troll?

He remembers CANETILLIDIE saying that UM should play a game or two in the new Marlins park.

That was weeks ago.

F*cking pathetic.

Since he is getting ignored after a full destruction on the Post and a full banning on the Sentinel, he will be going through old comments on here obsessively.

Yes, you are right though, he is a loser.

Oliver will be drafted and will help a team tremendously. He can flat out rush the passer, and I would put him as an every down player and not situational. Chase Ford? Are U kidding me? I don't know what RS saw in this guy, but whatever it was he didn't bring to the U.

Look for Miller to have a breakout debut. Probably will return some kicks, etc. J12? I think he'll surprise some people, there are people who are cut out for the NFL and there are those who are not.

J12 deserves to be on a team.

I like Streeter and I like Spence, Spence will make a roster and contribute big time simply because of his football IQ. Half the receivers in the League can't run routes, Streeter is a "can't mss." Trust me. But thinking C. Ford is going to make a roster just cracks me up.

Benjamin might do something, too. Seriously people, I think we're looking at a sleeper pick in J12. If i'm a GM I take J12 and let him backup a star QB. Let him learn the ropes. J12 can throw and can run...What J12 needs is a real OC. Now folks, just trust me on this.

'Cool 'Cat, that's the nuttiest analysis I've ever read. Of course Harris won't be drafted and won't make a 52 man roster! He doesn't have any quality that an NFL team would look for.

He can't run. Can't throw. Can't do anything!

Some good analysis of the Canes in the upcoming draft here and I do wish them all, including JH the best. As far as the optimism on Golden and this team, I think he is the right guy if he sticks it out. But stop kidding yourselves, this is a 4 to 5 year project at best. 7 and 6 would be a stellar season for this team in 2012

Leave it to Drew Rosenscum to have the conversation of Jacory's draftability even be discussed, on any level! Seriously! He has as much chance landing on roster as I do, let alone get drafted.
Posted by: nomorekoolaidplease | April 18, 2012 at 10:27 AM

The rat face agent just gave bad advices to some Canes players. Some players just made the wrong decision to leave as underclassmen...It wil cost them $$$$$$$$$$$$$

Hey Cual: Wait a minute, just hold on....Remember the dual between Marve and J12? And remember that nutjob Nix and how he set, forget J12, the whole program back light years? That same dualing J12 will surface at some point.

Hey Cual: Just wait....Like I said, U gotta trust me on this. I think U'll admit that there are a lot of worse QB's in the draft.

Cane4Lfe: Remember that Shields was in RS's dog house for a long time. RS questioned his work ethic. And to tell U the truth, there were games where one wondered if Shields actually played. But RS, a former DC, foresaw the fact that the defensive secondary was weak and that's why Shields ended up on D. That and he's got talent, obviously. Shields was also on special teams for a minute. They were trying to send Shields a message and actually got "played" by Shields. U could actually argue that Shields pulled a Randy Moss to some degree.

Graham: Nobody at UM saw that coming. Basketball season was coming to a close and Graham just wanted to "test" his football skills so they said OK. U really think Graham would've prospered in an offense without Brees? Answer: No.

What still has not been discussed is why did so many still developing still only average Canes decide to leave early without even checking their draft status? Do they really think they're that good? They're not. Were they giving an eff you to the [[_[]? Were they just sick of school at the cost of their potential draft stock? Will there ever be a story to try to answer these questions?

There may be but if there are I don't know them.

The worst QB prospect I know of is Kellen Moore, slated for the 7th round or undrafted. I'd rather have him on an NFL team than Harris.

There's just no way Harris gets drafted, he only MIGHT get picked up for a team's training camp.

He's no Marcus Vick.

Golden will be fine, he will win Coach of the Decade next year. He has the right mentality to right the ship to the 'ship. All we need now is to have the troll talk to the other troll at the Marlins and see if can play some home games there.




Very sad but once again you fail at coming off as me. There's only one me yet there are soo much UF trolls in here.

Nice try though. Don't forget my fries.

The CFL holds a draft, right? The scouts were at pro day. Great fit for Jacory to get coached up some more and be in the league in a couple years. As for the rest as an alumni I wish them the best and hope they all get drafted. It's fun having the most players in the league!!

God, how sad is that UF Troll?

He remembers CANETILLIDIE saying that UM should play a game or two in the new Marlins park.

That was weeks ago.

F*cking pathetic.

Posted by: Get a life loser


Sorry man that wasn't me either. Must have been that troll using my handle again trying to be me. I'm a true diehard Canes fan and would never come up with anything remotely as stupid and wasteful as playing a game inside the new marlins park. That place is specifically built for baseball and I will say it's a really nice stadium. Yet I'm not opposed to the idea of finding open land somewhere in dade county and rebuild the OB to its original specs. At last, dade county didn't hold up it's end on maintaining the stadium as they allowed it to deteriorate over the years. Now we play at Joe Robbie which isn't a bad place yet not the OB. At least we're the better team that plays there.



The truth of the matter is that they listened to Drew Rosenhaus and his cronies (probably along with some family members and friends from the barber shop) , instead of listening to Coach Golden. Believe me, if Coach Golden thought that the majority of these guys were going to go in the 1st or 2nd round (no matter how much he knew it would deplete the team) he would have told the guys to hit the road and wished them the best.

Instead of taking (or seeking) good counsel, they believed their own hype, friends and family who thought that they were "all world" and that snake in the grass Rosenhaus. It irks me that guys like Matt Barkley, Landry Jones (top 10 picks this year), Andrew Luck (a top 5 pick last year), all decided to go back to school and finish their eligibility. Ed Reed came back for his senior season. Coach Golden needs to (and is) building back taking pride in being a Miami Hurricane. Did guys leave early from UM before? Of course they did. The only difference between these guys leaving early and former 'Canes leaving early is that the guys who left early accomplished something and you could see that they were ready for the NFL and they were 1st or at a minimum 2nd rounders. There is not one guy who left early who is lock to go in the 1st round (even Lamar Miller, as talented as he is, could work on things such as blitz pick up). These last couple of recruiting classes (excluding last years) really appear to be "me guys, instead of "we" guys. The only guy who showed any sense of wanting to "complete what he started" is Ray-Ray Armstrong.

Cool Cat

Well said about randy's dog house on shields. And about Graham testing the waters. Randy's dog house, literally housed a ton of players who had potential yet saw extremely limited playing time which only hurt us in the long run.

Candy randy might have been good at "spotting" talent but he showed that he didn't know how to develop it once he had it. That there sums up his head coaching career at The U. Plain and simple. Unfortunate but true.

GO U!!!!

Cool cat is smoking too much of that colombian gold


- cant run
- cant read defenses
- cant check down
- has a weak as noodle arm
- throws too many ints
- never won a bowl as a qb.

What again is his upside?

And what does marve ( another horrible qb) have anytthing to do with this conversation? Marve wil never play in the nfl so what is your point?

Iagree chase fird was terribke, but jimmy graham would have been a stud tight end with tom brady, philip rivers or aaron rogers.

Dude you are kooky

532. Marve may get on an nfl team before jokecorey.

Neither 1 of them,will get drafted. Lamar Sean Travis Tommy and Vernon will play at the next level no doubt. Let's be serious folks all but Sean bc he is a Sr should come back and get develop more but hey a lil money is better than no money RIGHT NOW. It is what it is. Also Randy is out so why are we bring his name up still, just a much of losers.

Ok let's go Tracy Deon and Duke need u thus year. Good to know defense is playing better and is ahead from last year. Pays a lot to hit the weight room and eat right and change your thinking. Second season under Golden will be better but not what are are accustomed too at TheU. 5-6 loses again but next year we will be the season we be waiting on. 2-3 loses next year

Go canes

The NFL is not known to spend a lot of money and WAIT for talent to develop..
Show me what you got, we will work with you or You are out of there.
Being realistic these guys are looking at the WIN not a training academy with meidocre athletes being trained up, so many early choices will be shattered.
The NFL is show your stuff, pay me now, and let's go WIN some games baby . Period.
This comine season with Defense and surprises Golden will show a taste our record..8-4.
Go 'Canes

Only reason candy randy gets brought up now is because we're talking about players "he" brought in specifically and what they didn't get while at The U during that time period. Lamar, Washington, Forston(if ever healthy), Streeter, Vernon would have all benefited tremendously under Golden with another year under their belts. Travis, Spence were already seniors so their time was done and it was time to dive into the NFL pool.

I truly do wish that Ojomo would have gotten his medical shirt because he really did want to play another year in orange and green. Another year of UTough and he would have been sick IMHO.

Very happy that Ray Ray wants to finish what he started plus it will only improve whatever draft status he'll be able to build up for himself. We need seniors and juniors like that who want to build here and dominate. The U didn't win championships with freshman and sophomores and just a couple of juniors. We had juniors and seniors that clawed their way to the top of the depth chart and even had 5th yr seniors who simply, to quote Ed Reed, "put my heart in this sheet man". That was the culture here and it hasn't been that for years but hopefully now, with this new crop and the ones we have already suited up, all of that will change. Golden stated he wants to be here long term. I'm all for that and I believe the players are believing and following in his footsteps.

2012 HERE WE COME!!!


Also, some here are complaining about the spring scrimmages and spring game but it's only that, scrimmages and a spring game. Anywhere else in the country it's always seen as the time to workout the bugs and see where everyone is at. Talk to those who need to be spoken to and get the face of those who need that as well. During the spring game was actually funny because the winds kicked up so much that it was reported to hit almost 30mph and made the ball wobble in the air. I'm amazed we didn't have more dropped passes.

Jacory will not be drafted. he will sign with the Dolphins as a free agent.

I agree the spring game was just a practice and we need to move on and get ready for the season.
CANETILLIDIE....DH is very astute in pointing out the problems the QBs and WRs had was due to the wind. So hopefully we will not have many Saturdays next year with wind, or rain. BTW, he has a great idea about playing in the Marlin's new park, we won't have to worry about the elements there. Good thing you abandommed the Tropical Park stadium idea, the Marlin's park is much better. can't wait for next year!

No matter what people, Miami will always get good athletes, plain and simple. Miami cant get all of them, but who can? Look at what Boston College do every year with 2 Star Offensive Linemans, by the time they graduate, they are usually 1st and 2nd rounders. What is the different between two teenagers who are 6/3 215, absolutely nothing. One may be a 4 Star and the other is a 3 Star, but once he step foot on campus,,its all about improvement, listening, lifting, and total dedication to your sport and if that 4 Star Recruit cant do any of the above,,that dedicated 3 Star player will get drafted come Draft Day. Jacory will get drafted and he will be given the opportunity to make a roster,like the man said, he arm is talented enough and he has plenty of production on tape, just fast forward those interceptions!

Hey...anyone notice the striking similarity between Manny and George Zimmerman? LOL!!

@ delUsionalcane

The only one who continues to bring up the new marlin stadium is you. You're absolutely pathetic in your attempts to bring down true hurricane fans. But by all means, continue with all of your pathetic might. It's a free country, go ahead and spew garbage all you like. You remind me a lot like Obumer. A lot of talk that is only backed up by failure. But it's a free country, you can fail if you like to. By all means continue to fail. I find it hilarious personally.

GO U!!!

@ delUsionalcane

The only one who continues to bring up the new marlin stadium is you. You're absolutely pathetic in your attempts to bring down true hurricane fans. But by all means, continue with all of your pathetic might. It's a free country, go ahead and spew garbage all you like. You remind me a lot like Obumer. A lot of talk that is only backed up by an equal amount of failure. But it's a free country, you can fail if you like to. By all means continue to fail. I find it hilarious personally.

GO U!!!

@ delUsionalcane

The only one who continues to bring up the new marlin stadium is you. You're absolutely pathetic in your attempts to bring down true hurricane fans. But by all means, continue with all of your pathetic might. It's a free country, go ahead and spew garbage all you like. You remind me a lot like Obummer. A lot of talk that is only backed up by an equal amount of failure. But it's a free country, you can fail if you like to. By all means continue to fail. I find it hilarious personally.

GO U!!!

Good lord why did that come out 3x. HA!

Maybe delucsional needs to read it three times to figure out what I meant and the herald new that better than me.

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