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UM announces 3-game series with FAU in football

The University of Miami and Florida Atlantic University have scheduled a three-game football series that will begin in the fall of 2013.

Miami will host FAU at Sun Life Stadium on Aug. 31, 2013 to open the series. UM will travel to FAU Stadium in 2015 and host the Owls in 2016. Dates for the 2015 and 2016 games will be announced at a later date.

The Owls and Hurricanes have never met on the field, but share a lineage with former coach Howard Schnellenberger, who retired after the 2011 season with a 158-151-3 career record.

"I'm thrilled to death that FAU and UM are going to face-off on the gridiron," said Schnellenberger. "It is part of the big plan and may develop into a wonderful addition to South Florida football."


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Great way to avoid FIU.

wU gives a Hoot ?

ZERO Walks and ZERO Errors as The Mighty GATORS Beat Georgia in 16 Innings last nite ...

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh 14 outta 15 2013 Gator Recruits are 4-Star Players ... And half of them will become 5-Star.


Look closely Cane Fools... See ALL those Teams to the right on ESPN's Top 150 ? It's why they are what they are, and why U are what U are not and have been for a Decade...


So how things going so far in TalliHicki Cane Fans ?

ERROR-ERROR-ERROR-ERROR ... L -- 0-2 -- outscored 17-3 with another game to go... OUT of the Top 25 . P-U

crickets ...


Posted by: 5>3>2 | April 21, 2012 at 11:09 AM

dUde, serioUsly, take a Hockey pUck sized valiUM ...

... that or watch a Cane Football game from the last 10 years.

U Kool-Aide, Blinder wearing, delUsional Cane fans starting to realize what Arty, myself and many others in the know have been telling U for years n years yet ?

UR Entire Athletic Program Department is Insignificant, Broken, Irrelevant, Average and on the verge dropping not just into, bUt below the likes of the USF's, UCF's, FIU's and FAU's of the States Athletic Landscape...

Nationally ? Completely off the Radar ... bUt U'll be back riiieet ?

bUt please do Enlighten Us as to Ur Academic Prowess again n again n again ...

ESPN's 30-30 dUh U is on somewhere I'm sUre ...

People have been executed for lesser crimes than Donna Shalala has committed while burning this university to the ground. FAU will win at least two of those games. Confirmed. Done deal. Players notified.
Great job, Donna. At best, we're barely the fifth-best team in the STATE in football, in basketball and in baseball. And an argument could be made that we're not even fifth-best in baseball.
Donna Shalala is a terrible person.

all u morons posting on here. although we haven't been winning much how many rings does the gayturds have in baseball. for football the turd can't even come close to competing with any team in the top 10 in their own division since tebo and urban flyer left. as for fiwho start by winning ur own division first. sunbelt. more like sunsmelt.

Yep, top recruits for the Gatr Trash........and a 6-6 record.

Ahhhhh, the stench of failure mixes well with the smell of a toxic waste dump.

Pre-season champs. Regular season chumps. Welcome to your destiny, Gatr maggots. Same as it always has been.

Fifth best team in the state in football?


College baseball?


Florida Gators?

Wait, why are you here?

How about that Florida State? lol. FIU all day anyway.

why did someone come on here and start going off about Florida Gator Baseball...oh wait, they are so smart they read the title of the article and figured a Miami and FAU 3 game series was baseball...figures, get a book and read the cover...typical...Kind of how the UF football fans read the schedule and say champs and then forget to read the schedule and see how many big wins they had this year!!!

Gatir trash and go Gaytrs:

Is it really great to be a flori-DUH gator?

How many rings does your baseball program have hanging? Please tell me.... I hear the rain drops... I hear crickets...

Which team has more football national championships? ...............Ok.

And F-U lost to Georgia yesterday. Yeah the mighty chokers lost... to an unranked team.

Figures. #1 on paper. GAGGERS in real life.

But you sure can steal a taco.

Having success on the field is just part of what winning is about, making the right moves administratively won't garner a whole lot of success, bad move, some other school would have done UM better justices.

What is DS going after here? Or is this a decision by the new AD? Come on, THIS IS THE U!!!

HS did OK at FAU. But he ain't there no more. Just a bad move. They don't even rival UM for recruits.

Tim Tebow kisses men!!!

Yo Cane trash

Big announcement that series with mighty FAU
Way to improve your strength of schedule chUmps
As is Ur crappy ACC schedule wasn't weak arse enough U make a big deal about playing FAU
Did someone say U girls are scared of playing FIU?
U should all form Ur own conference, FIU, FAU, FAMU, USF and the sorry canes, they are all about even. The Florida second rate conference. Maybe U maggots could muster a winning record in such a conference.

Some of U fools wanna talk baseball. Gators swept the canes and the Noles. Noles swept the canes. Canes? Not much more needs to be said.

Wanna talk basketball? .......didn't think so.

Embrace Ur reality, U are the worse of the big 3. Should really be the big 2 and the Florida second rate conference.
Enjoy Ur Spring game fools? What a debacle.

Bunch of pathetic LOOSERS!!

5>3>2 and Canetrash are the biggest toolbags on the planet.

Not to stir the pot, but really guys? Why play FAU when we are right down the street? It just kind of looks like a punk move when you schedule someone coming off of a 1-11 season instead of renewing with a team less than 10 miles from you coming off of an 8-5 season.

Because the last time we paid half a million dollars for an easy win against FIU some cowardly lion body slammed our backup quarterback and kicked him in the head in retribution for our tight end bowing to his home crowd after a touchdown.

And of course a brawl broke out that reflected poorly on the only team anyone had ever heard of.

F*ck off, we're never playing FIU again.


Do you remember the game the following year where nothing but a football game happened?

Does ANYONE outside of south Florida remember that game?


Oh, I'm sorry Remember?, did that blow a hole in your argument?

As I said, you could have renewed with a team coming off an 8-5 season that is in the same city, but instead you're choosing to play a team coming off of a 1-11 season in Boca.

No. It didn't.

Everyone remembers that Miami got in a brawl with some local community college.

No one remembers that they played them again the next season without fighting.

UM is choosing to beat a cupcake team that no one has heard of that WON'T start a brawl that will nationally embarrass them over a cupcake team that no one heard of that probably will.

How is there even a decision to be made there?

LIsten FIU fans. Miami can play their #3s and still humiloiate your wannabe high school team. Please. Come on. Be serious. Why would UM want to play FIU?

That brawl was clearly instigated and started by the morons that go to that technical school you call FIU. Our holder gets body slammed in a cowardly fashion, and your team disrespected UM at our house. In the words of Lamar Thomas, even I almost jumped on the field to get me some of that sheet. No matter, both teams then proceeded to make fools of themselves and BOTH teams were hurt in the PR department even though the ESPN minions looked at Miami as the "thug" with disingenuous indignation. So why would you want to play Miami to add another humiliating L to your seasonal record?

Cual- Tu madre es una herramienta como vos.

This is the same FAU team the gaytors played last year

Wow this should really draw a crowd at least the Owl fans will come. Playing at FAU,
Miami and the people running the program have no clue. What an embarrassment. Eichorst should be fired. Big schools don't play at small schools. You don't see Ohio State play at Toledo, Michigan go to Central Michigan or Oklahoma play at Tulsa. What a joke.

Yep, but UFailure dropped them citing a need to play a more "national" schedule so they are playing Daytona Beach CC and Duval County Tech.

90K 'necks await the season anxiously. 6-6 with a janitor for a head coach cam be exciting.

Here's what you morons don't get we can schedule 3 mid major conference opponents each year plus our 8 game SEC schedule and FSU and year in year out we play one of the toughest schedules in the country. Miami by playing in the ACC has to schedule an Ohio State or Oklahoma too compensate for the week conference they play in.

"mid-major?". Is that a euphemism for cupcake crap teams? What a dope apologist you are. The last time the Gatr Trash travelled out of the state for an OOC game, they got pasted by Syracuse. That was over 20 years ago. Cowards.

As for the SEC argument, yeah, usually 3 top teams. But don't forget Tennessee blows, Vandy is Vandy, Kentucky is awful, the two Missys are good once a decade and Georgia's was lost throughout the 90's.

Facts are difficult things, maggots. Plus, the country wants to see Miami play whether they are good or not. UFailure? Not so much.

whatg ever happened to Matt Patchan?

Any Gator fan who complains about any other teams SCHEDULING, is delusional and mentally disabled. Well, I am talking about Gator fans, so I guess thats par for the course.

You made my point as usual. Check the NCAA stats. UF finished with the 30th most difficult schedule in the country last year, Miami had the 75th. 5 SEC teams finished in the Top 25, 4 in the Top 10, only 3 ACC teams finished in the Top 25, with the highest rated 17.

Matt Patchan, Frankie Hammond and Andre DeBose are all wondering why it went so wrong.

Hint: going to school in a Trailerpark is never a good idea. Ask John Brantley and Jonathan Colon.

How desperate is Gatr Trash and Muscrap for help at The Sieve otherwise known as their O-line?

The got a Maryland reject transfer in Max Garcia. Maybe he can help lift Driskell after he gets drilled every play.

Lamar Miller will be drafted in the first round and he already said he would contribute part of his salary to building a stadium with a roof to deter weather condition as that affected us last year.

Brantley said he would contribute part of his first year salary as a Publix bag man to ridding Trailerville of the horrible smell.

Oh, and assuring every student has a year supply of tacos to cut down on the crime rate.

U have room Up Urs for 2 Brooms ?

Posted by: Gatr Trash till I die


see you early Fall Arty ...

I'm through with this subpar cane crew .

have a cool Summer bro

Ahhhh, we will miss you blog Pig. Your repetitive pseudo-ghetto garbage is great reading after the 200th identical post.

Guess you will will be working happy hour at Club Ramrod after your graveyard shift as Costco security.

Ta ta, blog punching bag.


gatordoosh I mean sam,

UF played Furman.

The only team they beat last year with a winning record? Furman.

They played FAU, UAB, Tennessee, Vandy, Ole Miss, Kentucky and beat them all. None of them had a winning record.

But they did beat Furman. In fact your gators mounted an incredible comeback afterbeing 18-3 down to... you guessed it. Furman.

Shut your trap hole. You must be the owrst lawyer in the world or true to your diploma, an arrogant but very low IQ rednk.

Jim Morris is a senile, drooling, inbred redneck and should be fired. He should've been fired years ago. He certainly should be fired now.

I agree. Fire Morris.com

Why is he getting a pass after all of these years of failure and mediocrity or at the very least non progres? Had he at least been showing signs of gradual return to a shadow of what Um once was about 8 years ago, then ok, buit what has he done but field teams that are error prone, lacking the basics, smallish physically and poor hitters?

Fire Morris. he is stale, unimaginative and a bad recruiter. He I am sorry to say has developed too cushy a feeling in his position and is complacent.

Haith=Shannon=Morris IMO. Time to pack your bags old man. The game has passed you buy.

Doesn't matter. As long as that transgendered hobbit is in control of the university, you can rest assured that every athletics hire will stink. And don't give me Golden and Larranaga. They're bums, too.

You guys can knock FIU all you want, I am sure those of you who denigrate the school itself never went to college, f.y.i. the real UM alumni never do that. However you simply cannot say a team that has gone to back-to-back bowls, is coming off an 8-5 season that includes a win over Louisville is a cupcake. We may not be Alabama, but guess what, neither are you. However, FAU, has been looking pretty bad as of late, which makes your picking of them rather suspect.

the "community college" will eventually make UM its "another word for a female dog". Go FIUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!

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