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UM announces 3-game series with FAU in football

The University of Miami and Florida Atlantic University have scheduled a three-game football series that will begin in the fall of 2013.

Miami will host FAU at Sun Life Stadium on Aug. 31, 2013 to open the series. UM will travel to FAU Stadium in 2015 and host the Owls in 2016. Dates for the 2015 and 2016 games will be announced at a later date.

The Owls and Hurricanes have never met on the field, but share a lineage with former coach Howard Schnellenberger, who retired after the 2011 season with a 158-151-3 career record.

"I'm thrilled to death that FAU and UM are going to face-off on the gridiron," said Schnellenberger. "It is part of the big plan and may develop into a wonderful addition to South Florida football."


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blame Sha-la-la not Morris or the football team; this Lib-loon thinks UM is the NYU of the south-NOT
most of the inner-city recruits cannot qualify with her increased admission standards
NOTE she was hired as Pres. June,2001, and football/baseball began a slow, yet sure decline ever since.

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2012/04/20/2757886/theres-a-lot-riding-on-miami-hurricanes.html#storylink=cpy

It's truly funny when the gayturds come here and get all "wild up". I guess I would to if my team NEVER went undefeated....anytime....anywhere....yes turds...you have NEVER experienced an undefeated season in football...EVER....Canes....multiple...with championships....trult sad....plus...6-6 last yaer after how many "top" recruiting classes....WOW....

FAU....FIU....Flies on the bottom of our shoe....both would get the crap kicked out of them if we played them.

TALLAHASSEE — Former Alonso High standout Sherman Johnson's single in the 10th inning scored Giovanny Alfonzo, giving Florida State an 8-7 come-from-behind victory over Miami on Sunday.

The Seminoles (33-7, 19-2 ACC), ranked No. 1 by Baseball America, trailed by as many as three but chipped away at the No. 18 Hurricanes (26-14, 12-9), scoring two in the sixth and one in the seventh to force extra innings.

Alfonzo led off the 10th with a single off E.J. Encinosa for his first collegiate hit. After the freshman stole second and Seth Miller was hit by a pitch, Johnson singled through the right side of the infield for the winner.

FSU swept the regular-season series from Miami for the first time since 2002 and for the first time in Tallahassee since 2000. "It's awesome," Johnson said. "Any time you can sweep Miami, which hasn't been done in a while, is awesome."

Robert Benincasa (Armwood) got the win with two innings of three-hit relief, striking out three to improve to 4-0.






serioUsly ... U fUUUUckin sUck

University of CORAL GABLES is afraid to play the REAL University in Miami!!!

Can't beat us in football, can't beat us in basketball, can't beat us in academic, can't beat us in law school!!!

I'm craving Tacos right now!!!

O.K. We play FAU and win. So what?

I thought the blog Pig was signing off till the fall to make sweet love to Arty?

Are you a liar and a pig, Pig?

I'd like to compliment all U Cane Fans on Ur outstanding PostUre...

Two Brooms, firmly placed, will do that to U ...

No one from UofFelons should be saying a word about us choosing to play a school like FAU. If FAU wants to get kicked into the dirt consistently then that's fine by me. Tune up games are always welcomed. But when you play a school like that or FURMAN and they're leading at any point of the game, then you have lost your turn to speak IMO.

I mean c'mon, FURMAN, really??? FURMAN....

Honestly I'm still laughing about that.


Again typical Miami fan. You missed the point of the whole discussion. All schools play multiple games like this every year. You play Bethune-Cookman. However, Alabama, Oklahoma, Florida, Texas, USC don't play those games on the road. You are going to FAU.

Again typical Miami fan. You missed the point of the whole discussion. All schools play multiple games like this every year. You play Bethune-Cookman. However, Alabama, Oklahoma, Florida, Texas, USC don't play those games on the road. You are going to FAU.
Posted by: gatorsam | April 23, 2012 at 09:44 AM

Again, typical Gator troll. You missed the point of the whole discussion. We would prefer to play the Gators, but they are such cowards that instead we face other Florida schools. When we say anyone, anytime, anywhere, we don't have to check with the trolls on here before getting your approval. We are facing KSU on the road, Notre Dame on the road, and now FAU on the road. You face NOBODY on the road unless the SEC or the state legistlature forces you.

You cowards have no room to talk about our schedule, and since you dropped us from your schedule, you have no reason to talk in our room, either.

1991, versus Syracuse. That was the last time you went on the road to face someone other than the SEC or FSU. Got blown out. When you chickened out of Miami you said you wanted a "more national" opponent. That was apparently Furman.

We chose to go on the road against FAU while you are AFRAID to face even FAU on the road. THAT is the point of this discussion, troll. Now go back to defending the comatose Gator Clause with your CaneTrash ID.

"University of CORAL GABLES is afraid to play the REAL University in Miami!!!"

LOL! Played you, beat you by over 40 points, and your response was to attack the HOLDER on an extra point. FIU's lack of class showed through, and we have no need to play a team that can't control their players on an extra point.

Posted by: Five Titles | April 23, 2012 at 10:02 AM

It's a good thing U are not the CEO of a Company. If U were, Bankruptcy would soon follow.

Second tier teams play 3rd. tier teams on the road and are compensated in 3rd. World Dollars.

10% of a 30k road crowd is right in line with Ur 30k home game gates.

no need to change names gatorsam. Florida is not the Third World, Moron. We still use US Dollars here, and those US Dollars will be more than the Gators have gooten since 1991 from road games outside of the SEC and FSU.

It's True.

Yo Cane trash

2 things stand out from this thread, #1: U are afraid to play FIU and #2: U are deLusional and have no arguments based in fact or reality
FIU fan why bother try to reason with a bunch of deLusional maggots.
Same goes for gatorsam
U bring up real points and arguments based on facts and get attacked and insulted. That's no way to argue with a Moron from Miami, they are not reasonable.
Instead U should follow my lead and call them out.
Cane maggots make big deal about playing FAU. Another team that is in their league. The Florida second rate conference, every Florida school outside the Big 2. Cane maggot may get a winning record finally.

Wanna talk baseball chUmps? Fire Morris I hear U maggots say. Just like with Randy and Haith.
But Haith won big at Mizzou.
It's not the coach dUmmies, it's the program. A pathetic cesspool of mediocrity.

Bunch of pathetic LOOSERS!!

Traylerville hicks are at it again. But they still are too afraid to play us year in year out in football.

Who will be the coach in 2013 you 'billies? The janitor youhave now? Who will be the QB? another gatorade player of the year 5 star? Or will Driskel be turned into a tight end?

Comeon, why are you talking? You all are afraid to play us. At least Oklahoma and Notre Dame arent afraid to play UM. Neither is Kansas State. Bythe way Umis goingto Manhattan Kansas toplay them andChicago (ND's backyard) to play ND. When was the last time the turd boys ever had any moxy to play a regular season game west of the Mississsipi? Oh right. Theyll have to now that Texas A&M is in the SEC. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH good luck with that. thats a far cry than playing teams that youre accustomed to playing year in year out. LOL> You all are a bunch of b88tches.

Posted by: corpus

Hope you feel better now that you let out that angry rant.
Now to address your lunatic ramblings.....
Muschamp is as much a janitor as is Golden. They are both entering their second season after a dissappointing first. the jury is still out on both.

The QB will be a strenght for the Gators with the competition between Driskell and Brissett. Two highly regarded players your coach would love to have The fist one, Golden never had a prayer the latter one Golden pursued with a vengance. Spurned at the end. it is safe to say that nationally the gator pair is much better regarded than the cane duo. Everywhere on the planet this is so, except in the minds of delusional cane "fans". Even Golden knows this.

Now the lunacy about being afraid to play the canes.
No one in the universe is afraid to play a very mediocre at best team. Understand you are not remotely good, haven't been so in about a decade. It is the same silly argument as saying the canes are afraid to play FIU. The canes don't need to play FIU, the canes are still a better program, although the gap is narrowing. The gators don't need to play the canes, the gators are still a better program.

Then there is the schedule. Yes you need to play OU, ND and KSU. You need to balance a very weak ACC schedule with some good OOC teams. It is a fact the gators played a better schedule last season than the canes, just look it up. A fact.
The Gators don't need a tough OCC schedule because they play in the best conference in the land. Another fact, SEC is the best.

Now you bring up texas A&M a recent addition to the SEC. The ACC is talking about adding the Cuse and Pitt. The SEC added TAM and Mizzou, much better programs than yours. Fact, not your opinion, look up their records. The tough SEC gets tougher, the weak ACC, remains so. It is what it is, if you don't like it leave the ACC and join a real conference.

Now I called you delusional and lunatic, hardly the type of insults that you and your brethen use on others.
Go ahead, knock yourself out.

Canrtrash/ACC sucks and the canes can't compete,

You f*cking loser, there are no 'arguments' no 'points', no 'facts'.

You're living in a fantasy internet world where the Florida Gators and Miami Hurricanes are rivals.

Nothing you say changes the fact that we're not. Nothing you say changes the fact that you're all a bunch of pathetic internet nerds arguing about a fake internet rivalry ALL DAY EVERY DAY.

Same goes for you corpus and 5>3>2. Just end it all already, y'all clearly have nothing to live for.

The difference is that corpus and 5>3>2 are here in a Canes blog discussiiong Canes sports even when the trolls are not around.

The Gator trolls as you say have NO REASON to be here trolling. So you advice is valid for the Gator trolls, but not for the Canes fans. BTW, how about you make a comment about the Canes instead of just about the trolling, just for fun. Tell us about the odds that we get Olsen at QB (very good, his brother was a success here), or how Duke and Horward are gonna do as true freshmen (very good, following in the footsteps of Chickillo as freshmen phenoms).

If we only talk about the trolls, then your blog is letting the trolls win. Talk about the Canes, and see what happens.

I guess every so often we have to go over this. UF requires 7 home games for economic reasons. With the traditional neutral site game against Georgia there is no room on the UF schedule for a home and home with a second school (other than FSU) that requires a return visit because UF will not sacrifice a home game and UF will not give up the tradition of Florida-Georgia. Also, UF does not need Miami to fill our stadium. No other school has 2 major in state rivals that are not in their conference. No school in their right mind would play a conference schedule plus 2 major in state rivals that are not in their conference. No other school in the country is challenged to do this and no school does this.

Additionally, if you are looking to assign blame for the discontinuation of the series you may want to do some research and point fingers at the Miami administration, because when negotiations first went south in the early 80’s it was due to disagreements over ticket distribution and the treatment of UF officials and dignitaries at games played in the OB. On a side note isn’t Miami dumping South Florida because they just don’t work for you anymore or is it because Miami is scared of USF.

Yo Cane trash

ACC, gatorsam and FIU fan, stop wasting Ur time trying to reason with Morons from Miami.

Yo No Mo Titles, U maggot should talk when U are a repeat poster @ gatorclause. Don't be a hypocrite, U already are a fool that is bad enough.

Gator fa^^ots: Go s--ew your sisters.

9>5. Enough said.

Go stare at your Tebow poster and sigh! dream of 4 years ago. Soon to be 5 soon to be 6 soon to be another f--9ing years of irrelevancy

the j-ks offs are you all coming on this blog.Why? Because Alachua county doesnt have a newspaper?

Open Letter to Jeremy Foley:

Why you so scared, redn-ck?

Play us.

Play us instead of Furman. Or Citadel. Or UAB.

Play us, hic-k.

Don't be so scared.

List of teams who will not play Miami or cancelled contracts with Miami: Florida, San Diego State, South Carolina, Notre Dame and Washington.

List of teams that have had brawls with Miami either during games or in tunnels leading to locker rooms: San Diego State, Notre Dame, LSU and Florida International.

No other school has such a record.

Five National titles in the past 30 years, "No other school has such a record."

Stupid troll, the Canes are back to playing Notre Dame, SD State is not a regular rival, South Carolina has that Gator Coward Spurrier at the helm, and Washington is not on our radar either. Washington won't play us because of that 65-7 beatdown last time, right after a 59-0 beatdown of Syracuse. Why don't you claim Syracuse is off the schedule, too? Oklahoma dropped us, too, I wonder why? Oh yeah, we cost them three national titles AND were their only loss when they did win one.

Finally, Florida does not NEED to play 7 games at home financially, they CHOOSE to. The SEC compensates them enough, and as we see from Alabama, LSU, UGA, and the rest of the SEC, they seem to be able to schedule real OOC opponents with no difficulty. ALL TEAMS could claim that "need" if they wanted to, only the Gators have turned it into an excuse to avoid competition.

How about you go back to Gator Clause where you belong, "gatorsam". This is a place to discuss the Canes without trolling, something you obviously cannot comprehend, troll.

Well look at the potty mouth and angry cane clown known as corpus, and five titles not far behind.
So scary these canes and their fans too. Every team is afraid to play a mediocre ACC middle of the pack team. Makes lots of sense.
News flash, we played you two years ago and we will play you next year. We don't need you. But we play you once in a while, same with FIU, FAMU and all the rest.
Stay angry little canes, can't blame you, there is nothing to feel good about your program.

FIU, FAMU, and all the rest aren't the Gators rivals.

FIU, FAMU, and all the rest aren't UM's rivals.

The Seminoles are the Gators rival. The Seminoles are UM's rival.

You don't spend ALL DAY EVERY DAY talking about the Seminoles.

You spend ALL DAY EVERY DAY talking about a fake internet rivalry between teams that don't even play each other EVERY YEAR.

FIU isn't the University of Coral Gables rival because you're too scared to play us after that smack down. Good luck against FAU, hope you don't have to drop them from your schedule too. And you make fun of gators for not playing you!!!

Look at that ignorant 'neck. Second largest athletic budget and a two year record of 12-12.

Damn, seems like a good investment if you are po' trailer maggots.

why?? FAU?? why not play the gators?

"Great way to avoid FIU. " -Jewbetterrespect

LOL! Please beat the likes of Duke, La Lafayette, and those other D2 teams you lost to before you come calling for the Canes, ok? Tool.

FIU Sunblazers have a football team?

You FIU folks are really funny....The U would mop your arse all over the field....even during a bad year. If we played your schedule last year we would have won 10 games....if you played ours you would have won 3. And for any gayturd here talking smack about our schedule....wow....YOU REALLY WANT TO PLAY US NEXT YEAR HUH? Doubt it.

What kind of thinking skills are they teaching at University of CORAL GABLES???

FIU wants to play! UCB is the one who keeps backing out!! Cowards!!

So the demise of the low-end U of Gainesville. Intones. Dismantling is computer science and research departments? Nice.

Just what we need in this day and age to assure our state and country move ahead. Less computer engineering and more god.

Ignorant 'necks.

Yep. Remember, though, that their "computer science" department had courses such as "Beginning Starcraft" and "Advanced Dungeons and Dragons". It isn't like someone with a computer science degree from UF is going to be the next Steve Jobs.


Stunning how Miami's funding increased when their football team improved, and our academics shot up 23 spots, while the Gators finally get a good team on the field and their academics sputter and flail as they dropped out of the Top 50 and they lose 30% of their funding from alumni, boosters, and a state tired of paying for a bunch of drunks to "earn" a worthless degree playing Starcraft.

Miami's funding and academics increased when Donna Shalala got here, and most people would agree that's precisely when our football team started falling off.

No Gatr maggots to be drafted this year. At all. Zero.

What was all this noise we heard the past few years about top recruiting classes/reloading/five-stars (allegedly)?

Hmmm. Seems like the blog Pig likes to blow Arty. Or really any mans he can find.

There is a new course in Traylerville:

" How to steal tacos without getting tased"

Nice post five titles gatorsam is a dumba55. His posts make no sense.

Listen gators- You all have no reason to be here, so if you get yelled at, insulted, demeaned (truth hurts-its on you. You have no business coming on this blog to talk trash. Typical coward gators. Meet one of us say, at the end of the Julia Tuttle causeway and talk to me to my face

11 Hurricanes may get drafted and yet what do you have to show for it the last 2 years? Miami was 13-12 with a bowl loss. Miami hasn't won a bowl game since 2006. So either Randy and Goldy obviously don't know how to coach all that NFL talent or these kids just don't care about gave no effort to play for Miami.

wow, Gatr Douche. So for all of the perceived advantages that UFailure has including "we have our own stadium/we sell-out/we get top recruits," you are marginally better than the Canes.

That is an epic failure. And either Urban Liar and Muscrap the janitor cannot coach a five-star into an NFL-caliber player, or the kids just don't care and give no effort. See Jaye Howard/Frankie Hammond/Ron Powell et al.

OF course, Randy and Goldy can coach 3 stars and put them in a position to get to the NFL.

You are a typical apologist forever in the shadow of the mighty Miami Hurricanes.

gatorsam, why don't you find someone that wants to talk to you over at Gator Clause. You twist everything into a negative, and then act all hurt when you get called out, troll.

Blaming Al Golden for our bowl record is stupid. How about you wait until he coaches in a bowl game for us first?

Stupid troll, the NFL is for Canes.

Blaming Al Golden for our bowl record is stupid. How about you wait until he coaches in a bowl game for us first?

Stupid troll, the NFL is for Canes.

Posted by: Five Titles


Ahh, so true.


Yo Cane trash

I see the little cane pig stole another name from a great gator poster. First he stole from 10 years and counting and now from ACC sucks. Typical cane pig cannot think for herself and has zero imagination.

Yo dUmb cane maggots, this is the first year in a very long time we don't have any first rounders. U are used to that chUmps, when was Ur last one? I thought so.

It is widely known that Ur pathetic program cannot coach up players. U have a long history of players being very mediocre in college and then go on to do well in the NFL.
Keep talking NFL fools what does it do for UM. Nothing. Years of mediocrity. Pathetic.

Tough internet maggots wanna meet at the causeway. Bunch of doUches. The NFL is for canes right? Except the canes play college ball dUmmy, and not very well. Pretty ugly indeed.
Get ready for a long losing season maggots. Not even Golden Retriever will be able to fetch more wins than last year.Bunch of pathetic LOOSERS!!

After the NCAA gets done with you Coral Gables will be in Goldy's rear view mirror before Goldy ever gets an opportunity to coach Miami in a bowl game.

Big canes fan in Atlanta....Whats wrong with UM baseball?????

Has always been A1...but swept by UF and FSU

Unacceptable !!!!!

Time for Morris to go

Heard that from you, stupid troll, before.

"Golden to PSU" - Didn't happen
"Golden to UCLA" - Didn't happen

He signed an extension because he knows the scope of the infractions was 3000 dollars and some free food. Your sick hopes for the death penalty are not gonna come through, stupid troll. Go peddle your lies on Gator Clause, where you belong. Although it seems like Gator Clause got the death penalty due to all your trolling.

Posted by: Canetrash | April 24, 2012 at 12:55 PM

Can someone translate this idiot trailer-speak into english?

And GatrTrashSam, your motto: when slammed by facts, go to the old "sanctions" wishful thinking. So boring but so predictable.

You ever get the feeling your education is a farce? A wasted of time? That UTrailer failed you and only keeps the football program around to distract the idiot 'necks how unprepared for life they are?

Thought so, maggots.

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