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UM announces 3-game series with FAU in football

The University of Miami and Florida Atlantic University have scheduled a three-game football series that will begin in the fall of 2013.

Miami will host FAU at Sun Life Stadium on Aug. 31, 2013 to open the series. UM will travel to FAU Stadium in 2015 and host the Owls in 2016. Dates for the 2015 and 2016 games will be announced at a later date.

The Owls and Hurricanes have never met on the field, but share a lineage with former coach Howard Schnellenberger, who retired after the 2011 season with a 158-151-3 career record.

"I'm thrilled to death that FAU and UM are going to face-off on the gridiron," said Schnellenberger. "It is part of the big plan and may develop into a wonderful addition to South Florida football."


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The FIU Sunblazers offer a 4-year program now? At least I can get a good run in at Parmed Arena.

Hopeless in Miami, just hopeless. It just gets worse and worse for us Cane fans. Can't even come in 5th in the ACC now we schedule FAU and that's news? No, it's pathetic is what it is.

congrats to Alabama- likely to have 5 first rounders.

Great quote from a University of Miami fan in the Herald story today on the Dolphins.

Lancaster stopped buying University of Miami season tickets two years ago. As with the Dolphins, he was tired of the losing, empty seats, sterile stadium, belligerent fans. Even tailgating was a drag.

“I’d rather use the money for road trips to Tallahassee, Gainesville, Clemson, where the energy is incredible and it feels like football should feel,” he said.

Geeee, GatrDoucheSam, tell us something new. We have heard that over an over but it did not stop the Cames from pounding the Gatr Trash.

Did your campus stadium help you go 6-6?

Epic Fail. Gainesville is a running joke of a hick-town.

Did it ever occur we will replace Florida A&M or Bethune with FAU....I think thats obviously a step up if you ask me.

Hey, JulesFIwho07!
Are you referring to the same FAU who has beaten you 8 of the last 10 times?
And yes, a "team coming off an 8-5 season that includes a win over Louisville" is a cup cake, considering the other 7 wins were against the biggest collection of pansies in college football!
Not to mention a pathetic Louisville team who also lost to Marshall!
Fiwho will never be anything special on the grid iron, get use to it.

just so U know

holla late AuGUST Arty

FAU will beat FIU this upcoming season. Guaranteed.

UM still will put at least 7 players in the NFL. Its still NFL U. We just needed some coaching in the last 6 years. We have it now.

As good as Alabama has been. 2 nat ch in the last 5 years, etc etc, UM still has more players in the NFL, and UM still holds the record for # of first rounders in one year. That shows how amazing that 2001 team was. We need to get back to that. But it all depends on what product is put on the field.

Gatortrash I mean sam: Who the () cares about having 80-90,000 people in that dump you all call the swamp. You still s==k a55. What's the point?

Soldy, hopefully you die a horrific painful death between now and then.

Or, you finally meet the right guy and marry him so you aren't so bitter, sick Pig.

Great interview with Carolina Panther Jon Beason on ESPNU. He played from 2004 - 2007 for the Canes (a 4 year guy who is a winner in the NFL). A bright, well-spoken and good humored guy who was assessing LB prospects. A real credit to the UM.

Lancaster's comment, (mentioned by the aptly named Gatortrash), to the Herald about the incredible energy and atmosphere at other college football stadiums is on the mark. That was the Orange Bowl of yesteryear, as we all can recall...

We either need a team that is a big winner and fills Sun Life with rabid Canes' fans, turning a sterile pro environment into a charged one, or our OWN stadium on campus somewhere. The latter is the best alternative for creating the kind of emotional energy that should be present when the Canes play. There are countless college programs with that advantage, and Miami NEEDS to join their ranks. So, UM alums, whose got the dough?

dbc, at the risk of beating a dead horse. On campus cannot and will not happen. No room and the City of Coral Gables will never, repeat, never, allow it.

So direct your energy for a stadium, which I agree would do wonders, to areas where it is plausible, i.e. South Miami, etc.

Check that. Twas Gatorsam who mentioned Lancaster's correct comment to the Herald. Thought Gatortrash having a rational and articulate moment was wishful thinking. But, there's always hope. Or not.

SEC East Sucks,

Appreciate your comment and the arguments of No Room and a No from Coral Gables. Is there a way to expand into the Gables or South Miami in proximity to campus?
Is there a way to build a stadium within walking distance of the campus?

If there is a contiguous area to the campus, why can't it be purchased and transformed into a stadium?

Are there areas on campus that could be redone for a stadium? How about across the highway?

What kind of taxes does UM pay to the City of Coral Gables? There's got to be a solution and I hope we find it soon. It needs to be a more intimate environment for football, no?

Yo Cane Trash

Keep talking NFL and pro bowl dUmmy, lots good that has done for Ur sorry program fool.
Keep living in the past, "how amazing that 2001 team was. We need to get back to that". Yep maggot, 2001 was the last time U had something good happen to Ur sorry school. More than a decade ago. U sure need to get back to that, except U can't. Even years of cheating couldn't get U back.
Who cares about fans showing up to the stadium on Saturdays asks the clUeless cane clown. The players and recruits care, that is another reason U will remain mired in mediocrity.
Maybe U can listen to LOSERTILUDIE and move to the Marlin's park to stay away form the rain and wind. Bunch of sissies. Putting down a team like FIU when U lose to pansies like Maryland and BC, hypocrites.
Make a big deal about playing FAU for next 3 years, only the Morons from Miami would make a big deal out of that. Shows how low U have sunk.

Yo cane pig, U steal good gator handles cause U got no imagination. U need me to translate that maggot?
Who's the fool that wants to meet at the causeway? Grade school behavior, grow up maggot.

Who's Ur QB? The one that couldn't beat out Joke-ory?
Who's Ur top WR, an incoming freshman?
Who's Ur top corner and safety? Incoming freshmen?
Who's Ur top RB? Another freshmen?
Golden Retriever is in for a long losing season, how's he supposed to fetch any more wins? Maybe U should give him another extension after the 6th loss in case Western Michigan comes calling.
Bunch of pathetic LOOSERS!!

Yo Cane trash

dcb, let's see if this is articulate enough for U maggot: U will get no stadium on campus which relegates Ur sorry program to second rate. Even FIU is better in that respect.
U are stuck @ NO Life stadium. Everyone who calls that cesspool home is in decline. Just ask the Fins.
U got no stadium and no "rabid" fans
The only time that sinkhole gets sold out is when a real team comes to play U. Think FSU or UF.
U got bandwagon "fans" who won't show cause U suck.

Yo cane pig, get Ur own name maggot. Ur so dUmb to know that when U change it, it doesn't work cause it aint true. What a doUche.
Bunch of pathetic LOOSERS!!

Holy christ you children are pathetic.

And you honestly think you're making "points" to each other.


Posted by: dbc | April 25, 2012 at 09:12 AM

Fill in Lake Osceola and build a 45k stadium there.


We could transport every trailer from Trailerville, pile them on top of each other, sprinkle in some of the toxic waste from Trailerville as well, and build a stadium a mile high. With all the garbage from that hicktown, there would be more than enough material.

Donna Shalala's backyard would be the best site for a cane "stadium", it would be walking distance from the school and would fit a max of 800 or so. That would make every game a sellout. You could put a tarp over it to protect the fragile cane players from the rain, bring in some space heaters in case it drops below 60 degrees, plant some large trees around it to protect the QBs from the wind. There you go cane clowns all your problems solved.

I think we should move back to the OB, that is the best answer so far. After all it was during our OB days that we ruled college football. Jacory would look good in dolphin teal, any chance they take him?

or we could build a stadium using the computers from UFailure. They won't be needing them.

SEC East Sucks and the Gatr Trash can't compete

They say that imitation is the highest form of flattery, but in this case it's just plain stupid.
The ACC does suck, it is a fact. One of the worst of the major conferences.
The SEC East has currently two teams better than any ACC teams in So Carolina and UGA. It is only a matter of time before the Gators rejoin the elite teams. It is only in the past 2 seasons that the Gators have been mediocre.
The canes have been mediocre in a terrible conference for well over a decade.
Don't let the facts get in the way.

"its only a matter of time before the gators join the elite SEC east teams" h ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

Let's see. You HAD the gatorade player of the year in "5 star" QB Brantley for 2 years since the annointed one left. As back up you had 2 other highly touted recruits, one anointed as the next anointed one. For 2 years you had the purported 2 fastest players in college. For two yrs youhad a former NFL OC. And guess what, for two years, you su---ked. a55.

Florida s-cks and florida willnever be better than Miami. Face it. Despite the 90,000 seat stadium, despite our meager crowds, despite the zillions you throw at youor assistants, despite your janitor tutned coach, despite the billions of alumni, and you can sit there and gator chu(o)mp till you are blue in the face... YOU WILL NEVER BE BETTER THAN MIAMI> ACCEPT IT!

Miami fans: No Miami will never build a stadium in the gables. We just have to get back to the thug years, punching opponents in the mouth, whatever. Sure I've opened the door for more gator trash tak by saying that, but the type of smash mouth football the the U played for 40 yrs doesnt have to be dirty or illegal. Just passionate.

it is you who needs to face reality, the Gators are already better than Miami. They have been so for well over a decade, so have 50% of ACC teams. Sorry to burst your delUsional bubble, you haven't been good for a long, long time. Forget the past, come to the 21st century, Miami is a very mediocre team, everyone knows that. Time that you accepted reality, you'll be better for it.

STFU you f***king computer nerds.

Miami and Florida aren't rivals.

RIGHT. It has only been in the last two years. What about the 5 years pre-Teblow?

Or how about pre-Weurffel? Hmmm. Seems that Gatr Trash idiots, as usual, have a skewed view of history. Of course, when your history is one of cowardice and failure, you tend try and skew it.

Remember the Zooker years, dope? You are a Gatr maggot apologist.

And are you speaking of the same Georgia Bulldog team that lost to Boise and a crappy Michigan State team?

Or are you speaking of the same Georgia Bulldog team that plays FAU this year? And that is in addition to playing powerhouses Buffalo and GA Southern.

Seems Gomer may have to go back to logic class to squirm out of the trailer-hole he built for himself.


"articulate"? not really. but, i can't disagree with your points of not having a rabid enough fan base unless the team is winning big time. and Sun Life is not attractive, with the exception of a big time opponent. true enough.

so, dude, what's with all the anger? i mean "maggot?"
for what, supporting my team? surely an articulate person like you can do better, no? that level of anger is bad for your health. CALM DOWN, preserve your blood pressure, etc...

no matter how we fans battle it out, any rivalry will be decided on the field. don't you agree?

Breaking News..........

Coral Gables,
The University of Miami has just announced a 5 year series with Bethune Cookman.
This is another step in the UM strategy to go back to a more manageable schedule in order to assure a winning season.
UM is working on dropping Va Tech and replacing them with William and Mary, pointing out that William and Mary once defeated Va Tech. The canes are also interested in playing Duke twice a year.
If successful in implementing these changes, Shalala hopes to defer criticism that the football program has been in decline for over a decade.
She was quoted in the Herald: " These changes will allow the University to become competitive in football again as we once were long long ago."

On the field?

Are you f***king kidding me?

Your f***gy internet rivalry has nothing to do with football, y'all are going to be here ALL DAY EVERY DAY for an ENTIRE year until they actually play against each other.

Then the trolls who claim to like the team that loses will be quiet for a week and then you losers are going to go right back to your internet rivalry.

Cane Fans, Me and Warren Sapp is making a tv show on the WB called, "Broke and Underaged...Nope?!" It's kind of like "Punked" We will use the proceeds for my defense, Sapps babys mommas, and a stadium at Tropical Park. Yous heard it first hear, cane fans.

Got some Canes over hurrrr shoop shoop.

Gatr Trash dropped Furman because they were too tough going into the 3rd Q.

And Foley is trying to figure out how to drop the whole SEC West and Georgia and South Carolina and play only SEC LEast teams so that the inbreds can still yell,

"SEC," "Tacos for Free," "SEC," "Tacos for Free."

Dumb ignorant 'necks pumped out 17K/year.

Yo Cane trash

dcd, I'm not agry dude, don't take it personal.
U proved Ur not Ur typical delUsional cane clown. Listen, "maggot" is a word I stole from the little cane pig who posts over @ gatorclause 24/7. The same one who changes his handle as often as he should change his underwear, daily.
I'm glad U support Ur team, too bad for U not many of Ur fellow maggots, I mean "fans", don't follow Ur lead.
U r correct we will soon meet where it counts in 2013. I bet No Life Stadium will at the very least be 50% for the Oranje and Blue on that day.
Either way I got no beef with U or the few true cane fans out there.
But I will stay here as long as the cane pig is around.
Bunch of PATHETIC loosers!!

PS Nothing personal but that is my sign off

Yo Cane trash

dcd, I'm not agry dude, don't take it personal.
U proved Ur not Ur typical delUsional cane clown. Listen, "maggot" is a word I stole from the little cane pig who posts over @ gatorclause 24/7. The same one who changes his handle as often as he should change his underwear, daily.
I'm glad U support Ur team, too bad for U not many of Ur fellow maggots, I mean "fans", don't follow Ur lead.
U r correct we will soon meet where it counts in 2013. I bet No Life Stadium will at the very least be 50% for the Oranje and Blue on that day.
Either way I got no beef with U or the few true cane fans out there.
But I will stay here as long as the cane pig is around.
Bunch of PATHETIC loosers!!

PS Nothing personal but that is my sign off


I appreciate it. You got a lot of fire, man!
It is tough for true Canes to not recall the glory years at UM. It has been downhill since then, and that is hard to take. Many of us are hopeful now.

I personally feel that UM and UF have good young coaches who will turn out tough teams.

We shall see in 2013...

Listen, "maggot" is a word I stole from the little cane pig who posts over @ gatorclause 24/7. The same one who changes his handle as often as he should change his underwear, daily.

Posted by: Canetrash | April 25, 2012 at 03:58 PM


You are in an internet war against someone that hasn't posted on Gator Clause for a week. In fact, NOBODY has posted there in a week. See the timestamp below. So claiming you are here because he is there 24/7 is such an obvious lie that it deserves getting destroyed. the guy telling you both to quit has been asking politely and then vehemently for two weeks now, and your excuse for staying has been mythbusted.

Posted by: Gatr Trash | April 18, 2012 at 07:51 PM

So, if he has left you alone for a week, WHY are you still doing personal attacks on here?

Go back to Gator Clause, in your gatorsam ID or this one, it doesn't matter. Just leave.

Yo Cane trash

Listen No Mo Titles, I haven't checked gatorclause in about a month since lazy arse Matt Watts hasn't posted anything new. Last time I checked the cane pig was posting. U post there as well, stop being a hypocrite, maggot.
Thanks for the comparison but gatorsam is a better man than me, he is much nicer.
Bunch of pathetic LOOSERS!!

Hah ha ha. "UF has been better than Miami for over a decade" Hmmmm, lets see,


2002- Miami played for the NC. Finished #2
2003- Miami finished #5
2004- Miami b--ch slaps the gators in the Peach Bowl
2005- Miami loses to LSU...where was UF? Now we are at t-7/

You got your math wrong gator boy. Then again, Math is probably not taught very well in Alachua county. Here's an equation for you:

9>5. Get it?

Don't be suprized if FAU comes up big against the canes next season. If you thing Carl Pellini came to south Fl. to be 1-11 think again/ there is some big time talent at FAU and it's payback time for the Owls whatch # 15 R. Johnson all-American outside linebacker next season D. Nexon big time reciever great hands and big RAC man.


As soon as the 4th INT was thrown and the clock hit all zeores, I started laughing and clappingWhy? B/c it's finally over. Finally. I thought my own graduation day from college was a huge weight off my back it pales completely in comparison to finally a bunch of these players, esp. one that went out the player he truly is (don't even try to make excuses about play calling or that he was forced to throw to a certain WR like with the last OC) and his local babysitters not only one here, but out in the real world as well, have absolutely nothing to say about it that makes an ounce of senseThe kid played like he should've for a big part of the season, but also would resort back to full retard ways by throwing into double coverage (Ohio State game, KState game, etc.) but since he didn't come near his INT rate that he laid upon us the past 2 years, he was praised. WowPlease cue Chris Rock again when he said that (blank) always wantin credit for sh*t they supposed to do But, I'm still waiting to hear that he's just as good as Luck or Jones or Barkley I won't even mention Robert the 3rd b/c if anyone says that, they're just impossibly idiotic to the point that it's scary .. truly scaryOne good thing I did see yesterday was Golden taking off his headsets and giving Kehoe the stink face a couple of times while basically asking him what in the f*ck are you doing please make that mean it's his parting shots to Kehoe before letting him goAnd yes, Gray Crow is that bad. He's not even that close to being as good as JacoryLemme repeat that. He's not even that close to being as good as Jacory. When I say that, I don't mean he's not even that close to being as good as Jacory in throwing INTs I mean, the kid isn't that good. Gray Crow being QB at Miami would make Canez1 go buy a Jacory jersey and wear it everydayON another note, I was at the Admiral Farragut vs. Canterbury playoff game last night to cover it. Rayshawn Jenkins and his family were well represented in that game hard to tell exactly just how good he is overall b/c he has the Nelson Agholor thing going on, he's a big fish in a small pond by being in that 2A Class but, his brother who is on the team was wearing a Canes hat .. lots of family & friends in the stands wearing Canes gear and to top it off, on one of his couple of TDs, he ran for 75 yards, shoving defensive players to the side and taking off then when getting to the endzone, he put the U up with his hands to all the other people standing in the endzone that were putting up the U Kid is rangy, about 6'1 or 6'2 and you can tell he's going to fill out nicely. Can't wait to see him fighting for the Safety spotTime to cheer up Canes fans the natural Roto-Rooter-ing of over hyped players has finally happened can't wait to see the young Canes come in and get it done

You know, Virginia came in right quick and smacked the U in the mouth and kept skicmang.Yet, the boys balled to the best of their ability. They roared back, made plays on both sides of the ball.So many plays could have made a different outcome!Streeter with his ALL-WORLD game could have caught that TD is the most glaring missed opportunity; ball hit him ON the money. Freaking Jacory put it ALL in that throw, threw his shoulder OUT!There are so many other plays that could have made the difference, but at the end of it all, these boys PLAY to the end! They put it all out there on the field they are what they are. They played their hearts OUT!But, but I wonder with every single game fighting to the bitter end, can't we ever play a little rugby, a la FIU in its bowl win, or even the last team we beat when they started tossing the rock to each other when it appeared one player would get stopped. We got genius Jedd, I beleive in him, but you've got to see some trick-O-noMus play at 4th and 1 or something other than Hail Mary if that is not open, like that rugby oh hell, I mean Hail to the Canes!Canechic, you've got to love this never quit games the Canes are playing every single game It's EXCITING! even with the outcomes not always in Canes favor.Just cause they got stopped doesn't mean we've got to talk about our Canes like dogs I love the Canes, and they will be better days ahead!GO CANES!

Canez1 says:October 27, 2011 at 3:24 PMCal LMFAO!!!They are hiding for cover adaerly. They know what time it is!Mofo’s have gone through 12 seasons of my nonsense. They have been Hurricane fans longer than some freaks on this board HAHAHouse is gonna be empty and that is how I like it when game time rolls around.Gotta figure out my game meal and cocktails and it’s on.Feels like a 3:30 game with this wait. Hate those!! Just get it on and over with at noon.The noon games always blow.Tailgating eases the waiting pain. Just couldn’t fit this game in the schedule.GO CANEZ!!!!!!//////////////////////////////lol, dawg, it's hard for me to watch us play and people are around, that's the quickest way for me to get irritated. All it takes is for someone to walk up to me and say Who's Playing i'm looking like mofo, just look at the got damyum screen and STFU, it'll tell you everything you need to know. And the bean prodigy gone make you proud just from an attitude standpoint alone, he getting ready to go at these boys tonight, they gone have to calm him down or else it's going to be bombs over Carol City tonight, less than 2 hours!

A lot of these kids have been celebrating Halloween for a cpolue of months now their costumes are DBs, Safeties, DL, etc. That one kid who's dressed up as a TE, #9 he has a great costume onDid anyone tell Ray Ray that the student section behind him in the endzone can't help him to make a tackle on an opposing player streaking right past him? They're not the Safety he is the Safety? I dunno. I don't know a lot about football as I've been told, I played baseball outfield. So, I'm going to try and make an analogy out of it when I was playing either LF or CF and I saw a ball hit pretty well, I'd track it and run back, rounding it out to catch it I wouldn't just let it go by me while I ran forward a few steps after seeing the batter finish his swing, not even turning my headThat UVA player that ran right past Ray Ray for the TD is the ball that he didn't track while playing CF

(bold mine):There are hundreds of great crcuhh blogs and ministry blogs to read, but do you ever wonder which crcuhh blogs everyone else is reading?I do, which is why I have compiled a list of the world’s top crcuhh blogs.Some focus exclusively on ministry, while others are more like theology blogs. Regardless of how you label them, these are the world’s most popular crcuhh blogs written by many of today’s most influential crcuhh leaders, theologians, and Christ followers.Ok, so this is supposed to be the very best of the crcuhh in the entire world. So there are almost no women writing the top blogs in the crcuhh? Really?And I'm assuming you don't have to be a professional clergy in order to qualify because it says it includes Christ followers . I admit to not being up on all the cool lingo, but I'm pretty sure that that term is not limited to clergy.Without even breaking a sweat I could think of two blogs written by women and one blog written by a man that HAD to have numbers comparable to some of those blogs. I could think of another one that I was pretty sure would make the top 60. I thought of another one that probably would have if she hadn't stopped blogging for a bit and came back. (Oh and while proofreading this comment I just thought of another one that would probably make the list, but I'm not going to look up the numbers.)So I took time out of my life to satisfy my curiosity and as far as I could tell with the information made public, I was pretty much right on. One of them I couldn't find numbers for because his blog is not set up to qualify (as far as I could tell). Sorry, NormalMiddle, but Doug Phillips at Vision Forum would have to have comparable numbers. You know I'm not a VF supporter, but still. If we're going to talk about people impacting the crcuhh through blogs, you have to include him whether you agree with him or not.You'll have to open up another window to compare codes if you are really interested. I am assuming I found the numbers they were using for their rankings. If I got the wrong ones, someone can point this out to me . And I did not find numbers for Google Readers because it was confusing to find and I have a life.Two women that should definitely be on there. Woman 1AR: 456,600BS: 344GP: NATA: 1053TIL: 4,459Woman 2AR: 250,051BS: 212, 37 or 56 or the sum totalGP: 6TA: 402TIL: 1901There is no way those two wouldn't end up on there in the top 60.Another one that I'm pretty sure would make the cut:Woman 3AR: 945,107BS: 104, 123 or 275 or the sum totalGP: 5TA: 288TIL: 818Another woman who might make the cut and definitely would have if she hadn't quit blogging and started again:Woman 4AR: 495,344BS: 44GP: 4TA: 95TIL: 401I even looked up my numbers just to see how they compared. They have definitely taken a hit since I quit blogging and changed my blog name last year. But I would bet they would be well within the top 110 if those numbers were made available. Many of my individual numbers were ahead of many of the top 60 although I don't think the combination would put me high enough on the list. But I had to satisfy my curiosity! I'd love to have someone come here and explain this to us.Ok, can you guess who Women 1, 2, 3 and 4 are? I would guess you have definitely been exposed to three of them. One of them might be a little more difficult to guess.

Lamar Miller handicaps hilemsf by running small. And I said this last year, though I've held off on the statement since he's been explosive, at times ..Miller is one of the slowest Fast Guys out there. Right there with Ted Ginn Jr. Understand ..He IS very fast. But not as fast as he or we might think he is. Remember that he sprung on us behind JJames, DBerry, and quicker-than-fast Coop Not exactly Carl Lewis, Mo Green, and Usain Bolt. Looks a little faster now, right?Every time Millz gets tracked from behind, I find myself saying, CJ Spiller would've scored Make no mistake about it though .Whether or not he's 4.3 or 4.4 doesn't concern me nearly as much as him being slow off the hand-off, then pitter-patting for q second too long.THAT stuff could stand to stop.

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