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UM Hurricanes spring game ends. Orange wins 7-6 in ugly offensive performance.


This was not exactly the kind of scrimmage you'd want to end spring for the University of Miami. The offenses were weak, which paved the way for the defenses. But it wasn't like the second scrimmage in Fort Myers, where the defense was ruthless.

Quarterback Ryan Williams threw two picks, as did Gray Crow.

Cornerbacks Thomas Finnie and Brandon McGee, and safeties Ray-Ray Armstrong and Vaughn Telemaque had interceptions (as well as a a Ray-Ray fumble recovery).

First Quarter

Fourth-and-1 on the 0range 36 -- and Clive Walford (all alone, I mean ALL ALONE) drops a perfect, in-stride pass from Ryan Williams that was in his hands, about 25 yards downfield!! That's one sure touchdown ruined by sloppiness.

First quarter done -- and nothing to write about. Defenses have stopped offenses.

Another fourth down for Ryan Williams -- throws across body and it's incomplete.

Preston Dewey takes over for green team, completes a 14-yarder to Garrett Kidd

Second and 10 on the 43 for Preston Dewey, pass intended for David Perry, is broken up beautifully by defensive end Dwayne Hoilett.

 Kendal Thompkins has two consecutive catches from Dewey, including a 5-yarder for a first down. Green team nearing the goal line. Uh oh. Illegal snap by Jared Wheeler.

Jake Wieclaw kicks 35-yard field goal for green meanies -- 3-0 green. 

Ryan Williams completes nice 26-yarder to Rashawn Scott, then throws an interception (cornerback Thomas Finnie).

 CB Brandon McGee intercepts pass from Gray Crow and zig-zags down the field for a 39-yard return for the orange team.

27-yard field goal attempt by Orange-team kicker Matt Goudis with 22 seconds left in the half. He misses it!

Ugly first half of spring game, with Green leading 3-0. The half ended on a wide-left field-goal attempt by Wieclaw.

 SIDE NOTE: UM just handed out the coaches' spring awards. The "305 Walk-On Award" goes to WR Garrett Kidd. The "Defensive Most Improved Player Award" goes to DE Shayon Green, now injured and not playing in the spring game. The "Offensive Most Improved Player Award" goes to WR Rashawn Scott. And the "Special Teams Most Improved Player" award goes to CB Thomas Finnie.

 Third quarter: Ryan Williams throws pass into the arms of Rashawn Scott. Ball whizzes right through Scott's arms, and green team safety Ray-Ray Arms.

Crow fumbles a bad shotgun snap, then on same drive throws interception to Vaughn Telemaque, who returns it for 24 yards -- then gets penalized for excessive celebration!

QB Williams throws 36-yard completion to R. Scott, who fumbles it (forced by Ladarius Gunter). Recovered by Ray-Ray.

 Green team kicker Wieclaw kicks 29-yarder for 6-0 lead with 8:24 left in the final quarter.

 Orange comes back near the end and with the help of a 5-yard touchdown run by Mike James, with 4:19 left in scrimmage, takes the lead 7-6. The drive was highlighted by a 44-yard pass from Williams to Scott. James ran for 8- and 3 yards before he scored the touchdown.





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Sloppy. Nobody seems focused. Silly mistakes. Time to get these overrated annabees and put someone else in. Put that kid garret perry in and lets see the incoming freshmen in the fall.im tired of all of this sloppy bs.

well cant blame jacory harris anymore

This team is a work in progress. Fans talking about a big year next season are not being realistic. Golden is building the team from the ground up, the right way. A 7-5 record next year would be progress, and I'm not expecting anything better. NCAA penalties will slow UM's return to prominence the next few years. I don't like it any better than any other UM fan, but I'm trying to be realistic.

The defense on both sides looked great, the hell with the offense, offense never won college championships

LMAO @canesfan

LMAO @ WOW for being such a d bag

Jedd Fisch? What are you doing? You have no ideaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!! This team will never win under you...on the other hand our defense is dominant. We need work at DL but there's promise. But offense sucks.

fyi due to the game being aired nationallyand not closed, golden said the play calling and formations would be vanilla with out the bean.

First it was blame Nix, he had no clue
Then it was blame Whipple, he sucked
Now it's blame Fisch
Different coaches, same crap
We got some canes ova here!

Realistic S.Morris,has to start if Miami has any change of winning point blank.The D will be GREAT!

These kids aren't concentrating on what needs to be done to do good. Much more work to be done discipline wise. More guys are reporting in the fall, come'on lets get these issues fixed.

Looks like another painful year of losses. Since there's no Change yet Al, I'm starting to lose Hope.

Was at the scrimmage. Plain and simple, we just do not have a Q.B. on the roster that makes you go Wow. Unless Morris is the answer, which I think not, it will be a position of great struggle the next few years. I know Fisch will help make them all better than they are, but could only dream what he'd be able to develope with a Q.B. that actually had NFL potential. These kids just do not and won't after their Senior years. I hope and pray like all true Cane fans that I'm wrong.

Bright side, the Defense looks much improved than last year, but that's against our Offense. As we go this next year, it will because the D. steps it up to another level. Takeaways and ball control will be our M.O.

God I miss the Quarterback U and the over abundance of skill position player days.

i think well be just fine we just had a bad day today as far as offense goes its a process golden says if he can fix the problem at temple im sure he can here an so far so good i thk but i do thk guys can and eventually will wake up and realize that were the UNIVERSITY Of MIAMI and comne out an play hard i believe thisa will happen soonER than later. schedule strength is fairly well i thk we can go undefeated myself but if not defenitley 10-2 defense will have to lead the way for the offense to come out an produce but i think we can definitley win are first of many acc titles this year#H4L-HURRICANE 4 LIFE

as always in spring games defenses always shine more than the offenses. but it does bode well for the regular season for the defense as the second tier looks sharp and can make a contribution if needed. as for the offense it takes time for sharpness and will be dealt with during the summer and fall practices. loved the defensive showing better coverage and harassing of the qb.

good game. we are going all the way! bet that

For all here who saw the spring game (I will tomorrow on CSS here in TN) I'd say watch Alabama's spring game. That will give us a true picture of where we are.
It's not just the QB. It's the quality of the athletes. Saban an Co. just get the best of the best, while teams like UM get the rest.
It's the chicken or the egg thing. Until we're 11-1 and playing in a BCS bowl game...and whipping up on the teams like Alabama, we won't get the players, but we can't get the players cause we can't beat Kansas State...or Maryland...yet.
However, "I believe in the tie", and that in OUR case, an NFL caliber QB would do great things for the entire offense. Receivers focus a LOT better when they know the ball is going to hit them in the hands CONSISTENTLY.

Go Canes..

Troubling Offensive performance again. Is the Defense
that good? Some bright spots.

I believe Stephen Morris will be a diffrence maker and might be the spark the O needs.

Agree with Rboud. This will be a slow process and an 8 win season would be a major breakthrough.

Keep the faith fellow Canes. It takes time and personnel.

sounds like the same crap every year.. lets get some real players...

It is what it is. Golden inherited an entitled lazy mess, most of which is gone, thank God! He turned 3 commits into 16 last year on NSD and this year we got an amazing incoming class. We'll be just fine in time. Complaining fans just need to shut up and show up.

I watched the first 2 quarters, that's about all I could handle. Being a huge canes fan that was just ugly to watch. I really hope this class brings in as much talent as its hyped up to be. Because Miami has zero... playmakers on the offensive side of the ball, like a Lamar Miller, or a Streeter or Hankerson. I am not saying Dorrset isn't good, nor is james but they aren't big time playmakers. I also understand that Miami only really has 2 or 3 scholly wideouts, so hopefully these guys coming in can make a huge impact. Defensively though, man I was really pleased on the depth and that defensive line looks really stout. Looks like Miami is going with the SEC/ Harbraugh style of defensive line which is big and stout and plug holes.Just overall though liked what I saw on defense with guys flying around even when the play was over. The question I guess overall is can Miami be like a Virginia Tech and hold teams defensively and hope there offense and special teams just scores enough points to win.

Its amazing the expectations we have of our team,& we dont do the 1st thing to show them how much we care, which is SHOW UP! We always scream "fire the coach", but dont realize how hard it is to recruit impressionable kids of Today to come play in a half empty stadium each week. When other schools recuit against us, they quickly cite the support of their fan base and lack thereof of our fans. Thats not Golden's fault,& it wasnt Randy's fault. We continue to blame coaches for losing kids from the state of Miami to more dedicated fan bases across the country. NOT to other coaches, But Fan Bases! This matters to the kid of this New millenium. We have great coaches! Its Been time for OUR fan base to do its part and stop waiting for a championship team to root for. Our participation becomes a difference maker in recruiting. All this blogging and no action on Saturdays from us as fans, just rhetoric on the blogs the next day! We gotta support this program my friends if we want it to return to prominence. Its time to change with the times!! Go Canes!!

U define Average Cane fan ...

5 outta 10 would be a great o.b.p. if it were Baseball

well she will

LMAO @ WOW for being such a d bag

Posted by: Move Along


gotta agree with cawst about the lazy/entitlement culture that existed under Randy Shannon. Doesn't matter how good you are if your head & heart isn't right you will fail. I can see this team winning 8 or 9 games next year if the defense is for real. Remember how bad the D was? Everybody calling for Coach D to be fired? I see 2012 as the year the culture changes. Then success will follow. As for NFL caliber QB's....name all the NFL quarterbacks from Alabama or LSU. They won championships with decent QB's, not NFL caliber. I like what I see in Williams and Morris. They should be good enough to win championships if the rest of the team is like the Canes of old. What is up with Shayon Green? I hear he is a physical monster but cannot stay healthy, any news on him?

Hola, Arty. Did you like my dress and bejeweled thing last night?

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The Kendall Federation of Homeowner Associations will have as featured guest, head football coach Al Golden, on April 23rd, at 7:00.

This will be an opportunity for the residents of Kendall to ask questions directly to the one of the top coaches in the country. The meeting will also offer a great chance for parents who have children that play high school sports to learn what it takes to reach the college level and to listen to the truly inspirational leader of the University Of Miami Hurricanes football team.

Coach Golden will make some general comments, and then it will be an open forum for public discussion. Bring your questions.

The program will begin at 7pm at the Kendall Village Center Civic Pavilion, 8625 SW 124th Avenue, in front of the Regal Theater.

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True, U can't blame J12, but the OC has been revealed just like he was revealed at the FSU game last year. The O lost the "buzz" when Miller left. Can U imagine the thread he'd be in the ACC?

Sadly, I see medicroty down the road.

Williams doesn't look like a winning quarterback at a BCS-caliber school. The guy was 1-11 at Memphis. Morris better be good or it's going to be a tough year. Reading what the coaches are saying today on the Herald's sports buzz blog, it's clear a good number of the freshmen are going to play. They're badly need at S, DE, etc.

I have not seen our spring game yeat but I went to see the criminoles yesterday and they are gonna be good. I did see some places we will be able to attack. Their two ot looked weak and I think our dlinemen should be able to win the line of scrimmage. Yeah I don't think miamimwill win a lot of games this year but we play a very tough schedule which should favor us going in to the next year. It's really stupid for fans to keep saying golden start all over and build the team from the ground up. What new coach doesnt have to bring in his guys. How did we loose so many close games last year if the players were so lazy? It can't be all on the players. Craig 1906 made the most important point.

Yo Cane Trash
So U got no offense.
Whatcha gonna do maggot?
Wait for the 300 recruits to save ya, this aint no movie fool. That aint gonna work.
Some of U dopes still blame Shannon, some call for the OC's head. It's only Spring clUcks. Chill out. Enjoy the ride, this is Ur best time of the year don't get negative so soon. Save it for the fall when the losing starts for real.
Morris or Williams, same crap. Some of U already said it, U got no QB.
Bur the girls on D looked good right?
How they gonna do against a real offense with a real QB. Tune in in the fall maggots. It won't be pretty.
Bunch of pathetic LOOSERS!!

Yo quiero TACO BELL.

It amazes me every year how many suppozid cane fans bash blog the U and their coaches. It was said the offense would be vanilla without the bean, so be glad the defense pounded them. Still had good runs from the rbs. Dont expect lots of receptions with that kind of game plan. All the past players that were there said how far this team has come in interviews so shut up about the coaches I think Irvin, Blades and hall of famers know more than we do. How long has it been since we had a season without getting blown out by 4 teams. Bet the U wins 8 or 9 this season. Support the team or shut up. GO CANES !!!!!!

I heard the recruits on offense are overrated.we won't win, not with that nerdy guy calling plays. What's his name? Where did we get that bozzo from? He never played football, what a scrub

I think the vanilla offense did as well as it could given it was going against our top rated D. When the season starts and the Great Golden adds the bean, then we will surprise everyone and easily win the ACC.
It is great to be a cane, at least in the Spring!

The offense needs to out-scheme and out-smart their opponents to score points this year. Last year the offense was great, but Lamar Miller, Tommy Streeter, Travis Benjamin and LaRon Byrd are gone.

The defense looks more dependable this year, although it was questionable last year.

I guess I am the the only one that thinks that Williams will be the starter this season. Morris has been a huge disappointment, he has been given many chances to shine and has done very little, couldn't even beat out a very average Cane QB in Jacory Harris.

Williams has come to a new program and after sitting on the bench for a year is just getting his chance to show what he can do at the U. Morris has done nothing since his freshman year and he still was not impressive enough to beat out Harris.

I am not saying to just hand the position to Williams, there will be a competition. I just think in the long run Williams will come out on top.

Williams has not proved he can beat out morris and with the way the offense played this spring its highly unlikely he will.

When does Lady Cane Basketball start ?

Hurricanes Baseball ‏ @CanesBaseball

Hokies walk off with 3-2 win on a gamewinning single by Zagunis. Take Series 2-1

Back to Back walk off Loooses for the Blowing Canes @ Va. Tech.

These mistakes are ridiculous. Everyone needs to tighted up. On the other hand how much of a true spring game can you have without our probable starting QB, Morris.

Windy as hell inside the stadium. Honestly I'm not going to judge the QB play because I saw them throw the ball one way and the wind take it another. Only a scrimmage but can't wait to see what the incoming freshmen will offer. I hear that AJL is off to prep school, not what I had expected but sometimes necessary. Ivey and Briscoe might be off as well but not confirmed. We'll see.



Gatr Trash new mascot: Taco Bell chihuahua.

people its the spring game. it's not like its an actual game. it's supposed to give guys time to see where they need work and where they need to improve at in order to get them work on it in the summer. watch any of the other spring game in the country and see how well the entire team plays. look at the turds or fsu or any other spring game. the d is always ahead at this time of the year.

Ryan Williams is the right QB, just a bad day, he tore it up as a freshmen at Memphis, dude is a gamer. Calm down with that Morris as the starter talk, remember he couldn't even beat out Jacory.

Williams is not the QB yet Morris has been injured so we have not seen whether he progressed or not and just because he tore it up at memphis doesnt mean he will do it at miami.

Fair points. Many of us hardcores will show up and support the team. But, the truth is that Miami is a winner's town.

When the Canes start to win and beat the teams they are favored over, people will come. When they become contenders, people will come.

In the meantime, it's just us and, if it's a big name (FSU, OSU, etc.) fans will show. Wish it was different, but that is the nature of most places, but in particular, Miami.

To see a team that is consistently competitive and that plays with an attitude on every down will give us all heart. I hope they have a surprise season and are competitive in every game. And, wouldn't it be sweet if the Canes put it on Notre Dame, and if we have a dependable QB who keeps us in the game? That could bring out the fans the rest of the season...

Canetillidie. Can you expand on the three to prep school?? Full names and positions and what you think the results will be.
Heck 10k for a scrimmage was good. There was a day that it was in CG and maybe 100 of us there.

I think if you are counting on incoming freshmen to step up and be the main playmakers for your offense then you are in trouble and in for a long season.
Regarding fans showing up for so called big games like FUS, the problem is those are not your fans, they come in to root for the visiting team.
Apart from all the hype, this team looks a lot weaker than the one from last year coming in, the loss of Streeter and Miller on the offense cannot be understated.

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