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UM Hurricanes spring game ends. Orange wins 7-6 in ugly offensive performance.


This was not exactly the kind of scrimmage you'd want to end spring for the University of Miami. The offenses were weak, which paved the way for the defenses. But it wasn't like the second scrimmage in Fort Myers, where the defense was ruthless.

Quarterback Ryan Williams threw two picks, as did Gray Crow.

Cornerbacks Thomas Finnie and Brandon McGee, and safeties Ray-Ray Armstrong and Vaughn Telemaque had interceptions (as well as a a Ray-Ray fumble recovery).

First Quarter

Fourth-and-1 on the 0range 36 -- and Clive Walford (all alone, I mean ALL ALONE) drops a perfect, in-stride pass from Ryan Williams that was in his hands, about 25 yards downfield!! That's one sure touchdown ruined by sloppiness.

First quarter done -- and nothing to write about. Defenses have stopped offenses.

Another fourth down for Ryan Williams -- throws across body and it's incomplete.

Preston Dewey takes over for green team, completes a 14-yarder to Garrett Kidd

Second and 10 on the 43 for Preston Dewey, pass intended for David Perry, is broken up beautifully by defensive end Dwayne Hoilett.

 Kendal Thompkins has two consecutive catches from Dewey, including a 5-yarder for a first down. Green team nearing the goal line. Uh oh. Illegal snap by Jared Wheeler.

Jake Wieclaw kicks 35-yard field goal for green meanies -- 3-0 green. 

Ryan Williams completes nice 26-yarder to Rashawn Scott, then throws an interception (cornerback Thomas Finnie).

 CB Brandon McGee intercepts pass from Gray Crow and zig-zags down the field for a 39-yard return for the orange team.

27-yard field goal attempt by Orange-team kicker Matt Goudis with 22 seconds left in the half. He misses it!

Ugly first half of spring game, with Green leading 3-0. The half ended on a wide-left field-goal attempt by Wieclaw.

 SIDE NOTE: UM just handed out the coaches' spring awards. The "305 Walk-On Award" goes to WR Garrett Kidd. The "Defensive Most Improved Player Award" goes to DE Shayon Green, now injured and not playing in the spring game. The "Offensive Most Improved Player Award" goes to WR Rashawn Scott. And the "Special Teams Most Improved Player" award goes to CB Thomas Finnie.

 Third quarter: Ryan Williams throws pass into the arms of Rashawn Scott. Ball whizzes right through Scott's arms, and green team safety Ray-Ray Arms.

Crow fumbles a bad shotgun snap, then on same drive throws interception to Vaughn Telemaque, who returns it for 24 yards -- then gets penalized for excessive celebration!

QB Williams throws 36-yard completion to R. Scott, who fumbles it (forced by Ladarius Gunter). Recovered by Ray-Ray.

 Green team kicker Wieclaw kicks 29-yarder for 6-0 lead with 8:24 left in the final quarter.

 Orange comes back near the end and with the help of a 5-yard touchdown run by Mike James, with 4:19 left in scrimmage, takes the lead 7-6. The drive was highlighted by a 44-yard pass from Williams to Scott. James ran for 8- and 3 yards before he scored the touchdown.





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Disagree with streeter. Did he get 1000 yds receiving? I dont think so.
Only lamar miller will be a huge loss. Because he was a home run hitter. Tb was sputtering towards the end. How many did tb take to the house? Sure he wa good fornone orntwo good games a yr butvbenjamin was incredibly inconsistent. His freshm or soph yrs were the best then he sputtered. He wqs taking kick offs back scared. Like all he wqs thinking about wqs the nfl combine. Devin hester played hard for the u till his very last game!

To replace miller we get duke johnson. You watch. Hell be retruning kos or punts as a freshman.

Summer and fall will be big because the depth charts will be 100 pct differerpnt. Imo, goldie should do away with spring depth charts till fall. That way, every one, incl walkons know they have a shot and ultimately you get whoever does their job best with the most passion.


Briscoe is that Big DT that we were hoping for but it looks like (from other sites)that he might be headed to prep school. Ivey (DT) was another recruit that looks like he's going in as well. I don't have confirmation on either, just going by what I've read from other sites. Angelo-Jean Louis is the one that really disappoints me. He seems to definitely be going to prep school as per insidetheu.com posts. This was an "athlete" that I really wanted to see play his first year. He can play WR/DB easily but wants to be a WR. Those are the ones that I have heard of, nothing more.

But this gets me and I have gathered this on my own from the spring game from this guy's sister. Cetera Bunche, sister to Malcolm Bunche, was literally right next to me when she told another person that this season will be Bunche's last season. With Ereck Flowers and Taylor Gadbois (both 300lbs and stand 6'7" and 6'8") I can see that he's getting some pressure. But I think Bunche is a decent lineman who is only a RS Sophomore and it was hard for me to hear that his sister would say that. She was once or maybe still is a trainer at 24hour fitness down by southland mall. She's also a fitness competitor. They both look alike. Completely blows my mind that she would say that. I mean this is the guys' sister, why would she say that if it's not true. If this is true then Malcolm Bunche is making the same mistake that Brandon Washington did as well as the other ship jumpers. I'm terribly disappointed if this is the route that Bunche wants to take.

All in all I'm not going to judge the QB play due to the high winds inside the stadium. Clive Walford still has work to do since he dropped an easy pass with a wide open section of field to gain another 35yds or even a TD. Rashawn Scott looked good and Phillip Dorsett made Ray Ray look like a punk again. Brandon McGee actually looked like a football player with a nice pick and at least 30yd return moving through traffic. I still say he should have been a receiver I don't care what anyone thinks. There's a walk-on receiver named Garrett Kidd that is fast as hell and has no problem catching the ball in traffic at all. Can't wait to see what the incoming freshmen have to offer. Tracy Howard was sitting close to me. He had Duke Johnson and Malcolm Lewis with them and some others that I didn't recognize. Hope this helped. Take care man.


Yeah i wouldnt be too crazy about spring games. Its like nfl preseasons. I recall when year in year out the phins would go undefetaed in preseason with marino, all expectations would shoot up sky high, and theyd miss the playoffs. With college ball, first they dont put all in all the plays that they can. Theyre not that stupid you know. Second, would cane fans like williams converting on 30, 40, 50 yd bombs ? What would that say about the defense? Seriously. Our biggest problem last year was the defense. now they are much more aggressive. Id say awesome! Lets get jacked about the d, which waa always miamis strongpoint, with aggressive d linemen always in qbs faces. Get the ball back, and well be alright on offense. Comparing with last year, with the interception machine gone (he who should remain nameless), i see the qb position an upgrade. Running backs slightly down by lamars bolting. Tight ends better by a better cleveland and walford and not having ford, o line should be better, so i say, offense will be beter. Eduardo clements has been a bit dissapointing this spring. He doesnt seem to be running with the anger he was last year.

With AJL we all heard stories that he was going to have academic problems so this was coming. With the other two DT's it's not so bad because they would have most likely redshirted anyways. Taylor Gadbois had to go to prep school and kept his commitment to us through all of that time and even convinced Rashawn Scott to come on board while at prep school. I even think that they were roommates. With Curtis Porter, Luther Robinson, Shayon Green, Corey King, and Darius Smith we will be fine as long as they are healthy. Plus we have Jalen Grimble, Earl Moore(2012recruit), Junior Alexis, Chris Dunckel to fill the voids in case of injuries. Even Dwayne Hoilett has been playing DL/DE.. Linebackers are set IMO and Ralphael Kirby will most probably leave here a monster into the pros if he keeps doing exactly what he's doing now. He's been lighting people up since he got here and he's a true freshman. Larry Hope at DB is making a name for himself. Saw him break up a couple of plays and had a nice hit that caused a fumble. Ladarius Gunther got burned by Scott down the sideline but made up for it by catching up and knocking the ball out of Scott's hands recovered by the defense. Defense was stingy as hell. Didn't let much get through at all. Eduardo Clements had some decent runs taking big hits and getting up every time. Mike James didn't do as much except for a 5yd TD but did catch some nice screen passes for plus yardage. Oline jumped off sides at least 4x. Weiclaw was on point as usual. Even with heavy wind he put it through the uprights.

Well I got my answers from the spring game, now it's time to wait and see what the fall brings us. Damn, I'm still disappointed on the situation with Malcolm Bunche and what his sister said.


I agree completely with what you guys said. Those high winds really messed up the passing game. As long as it doesn't rain, snow, it's cold outside, or the wind is blowing then our offense will be unstoppable. And once all of The Great Golden recruits come in we will head back to glory. Again assuming the weather cooperates. If only we could play all our games in a domed stadium. Maybe we can start talking with the Marlins, I hear their new ballpark is very nice. And closer to campus too. I vote we move our games to the new Marlins stadium.

Ur MISSING IT Cane Fans ...

The most anticipated day in Cane Sports is upon U ...

The WNBA Draft Live on ESPN2 !!!

And yet you are watching it. Hey, since you follow women's basketball so closely, give us an update when the first Cane and the first Gator are drafted.

Then do the same for the NFL draft. Both will have more Canes chosen, and Canes chosen higher, than the Gators.

Windy as hell inside the stadium. Honestly I'm not going to judge the QB play because I saw them throw the ball one way and the wind take it another. Only a scrimmage but can't wait to see what the incoming freshmen will offer.



Posted by: CANETILLIDIE....DH | April 15, 2012 at 09:04 PM


Well at least it wasn't Hot ... Raining ... Snowing ... Foggy ... Hailing ... Tornados ... 30 Degreess ... And they didn't have to walk a half mile to the field...

Windy ? Jesus H. Christ... ExcUse U Lives On !

Only a scrimmage huh ? It was the THIRD LIve Scrimmage with the cUrrent Cane pussbags under fire with the bullets flying ... And Ur going to say, "can't wait to see what the incoming freshmen will offer." ???

That says it all aboUt where Cane Football is at... Reread Posted by: miramarcane | April 16, 2012 at 09:20 AM and learn ... At least he's coming out of his 10 year DelUsional Cane IndUced StUper...

Thats one blogger saying that, loser. Not all cane fans feel that way. Go steal a taco. And shove it up your...

Posted by: Five Titles | April 16, 2012 at 03:28 PM

Yet Ur Football ... Baseball ... Basketball ... and all other sports teams other than WOMEN'S Split-Tailed Ballahs WERE and ARE ranked below the Overall Greatest Athletic Program in the Country ... The Mighty Florida Gators.

Ummmm, has the Greatest Athletic Program in the country actually, you know, won anything in the last few years? Anyone? Bueler? Bueler?

Thought not. Get off women's ping pong. Your Gatr Trash football team suuuuuuuuuucks.

Gaytards don't even have enough to put a team on the field with everyone robbing taco bells and getting caught 2 blocks away on foot by a fat redneck cop. Honestly how slow do you have to be to get caught, on foot, by a fat cop??? Somebody answer me this and I know the answer won't come from a gaytard because you're simply to stupid to even read this.


It was 40 degress ... Windy ... Cold ... and Raining...

sUrely U Understand that riiieeet ?

Yo Cane Trash

Hey LOSERTILLUDIE....DH, not "simply to stupid to even read this" but, problem is, U need to work on Ur syntax maggot. If U post something legible, maybe in the King's language, then people would understand U better, U dUmmy.

Hows Ur collection drive going fool, I read somewhere a suggestion to play @ the Marlin's place. U girls won't have to fret about the elements there. No more shivering in 50 degree weather, no more excUses about rain, snow or wind. What a bunch of girlie men.

So once the froshs come in U will have a real team. DelUsional and moronic as that sounds U clUcks believe it.

Golden Retriever won't be fetching no more wins than last season. Get ready for another failure on the field.
Bunch of pathetic LOOSERS!

Nuh huh!

Yuh huh!

Nuh huh!

Yuh huh!

Go back to your caves, there are real sports fans talking.

Morris is the qb for the next two years that is if williams doesnt beat him out. Gray crow and preston deqey will then follow for two or three more years. Somewhere along the line we need a real qb.

Damn so much crap on those other blogs that they end up spilling over here. What is there even to talk about those other schools other than arrests records and failing to meet the overrated hype? Nothing so you end up coming here to talk garbage because if you were back on your team's blog you would be crying. Enjoy.


Morris is the qb for the next two years that is if williams doesnt beat him out. Gray crow and preston deqey will then follow for two or three more years. Somewhere along the line we need a real qb.

Posted by: 5>3>2 | April 16, 2012 at 05:24 PM


Don't forget David Thompson from Westminister Christian... Dewey is going to need all the work possible. Gray is more game ready than Dewey. We'll wait and see in the fall how Morris looks in comparison to Williams. Right now, it's William's spot to lose. Rashawn Scott said that Morris hasn't lost his arm so that will bode well for him going into the fall.

Go U!!!!

This Gatr maggot looks just like Corinne Brown. Only fatter. And, didn't think it was possible, but more stupid.
The pride of the men of old FloriDUHHHHHHH.

Go water the tires of your trailer, maggot. Get Jethro to rob another taco bell.

Try don't speak any King's English in Trailervile unless redneck 'billies consider themselves royalty.


Yo Cane Trash

U said: "Somewhere along the line we need a real qb."

No shirt Sherlock, U need a real QB, like, NOW.
Problem is maggot, U aint got none. Let me break it down for U simple minded clUcks. Used to be the Spring was Ur best time of the year and all U girls were wet in anticipation of how good Ur team looked in the Spring. Only to cry and fret when the real games began and the losing piled up.

Now Ur football girls look terrible in the Spring. So whatcha gonna do maggots when the real games begin and they play worse than they practice. It aint gonna be pretty. Poor Golden Retriever will have to earn his extension money the hard way. Can U say LOOSERS?
Yep it's what U are.
Bunch of pathetic LOOSERS!!

Heck yeah we're counting on them have you seen us these past years yikes new blood new toughness and for peak sake some hitting please.IF a man is knocked down leave him their the old cane way have respect but tell him it's going to be along day for you and mean it.I don't know maybe it's me no emotion no passion al golden has these guys attention now it's time to put the plan in motion nomore excuses iam not hearing it put up or shut up just win baby they will come canes fan care about winning on or off santions.

Delusional jls1234. LOSER

Tennessee legislature passes law allowing for intelligent design to be taught in high school science classes.

Considering a bill giving immunity to certain criminal actions if they can be shown to have been "faith-based.".

Is there a scarier more ignorant piece of redneck trash than what you find in the SEC? Gatr maggots, you are SEC academic dregs. This country advances in spite of the anchor around its neck (no pun intended) known as the Deep South.

"Git 'er done you ignorant Gatr 'neck."

I cant believe some of the comments regarding Williams, if recievers dont drop the ball or fumble after the catch he throws for almost 300 yards and at least 2 touchdowns with 1 pick and 66% completion. Not too bad in gale force wind.Go to Canes site and look at some of those throws!!

Future Miami Hurricane Gabe Terry of Palm Beach Central uses troubled past to map optimistic road for future…

WELLINGTON — The way Palm Beach Central’s Gabe Terry sees it, finding success at the University of Miami won’t be that complicated.

“I’m a football player. I already know what I want to do,” he said, before adding, “I know where I came from.”

Terry is 18 years old, but the place he came from includes more struggle than many people see in a lifetime.

His father? He’s in prison serving a life sentence for murder. His mother? She’s trying to clean up her life after doing time for her role in a bank robbery.

Terry seemed to be heading down that same road when, at 14, he caught a break. After being arrested on burglary and larceny charges, the Palm Beach County juvenile court made him an offer – go to a center for wayward youth near Omaha, Neb. and charges would be dropped, or go to juvenile detention.

His football highlight film attracted the interest of Miami coach Al Golden, who asked Terry to meet him in Coral Gables in late November. When Terry arrived, Golden offered him a scholarship.

Now Golden sees “the perfect example” of what he wants in a recruit.


ALL RIGHT AL GOLDEN !!! Finally we gettn The U THUGS Back !!! Daddy be a mUrderer, Moma be a Bank robber and he be convicted of burglary and larceny !!! Dats de peddygree !!! And he gotz a fresh new baby Momma tU !!!

We jus needs a teem of 2-Deeps likes him and we be backs an wining ships wit swagga again like 30 years ago !!!

Go getz dat Q,B. Gee Tee and U feed dat momma’s baby boooyyyeee !!!


Who's my new inexperienced QB this year?

You mean Timmy gradeated???

Duh... You are a po.s and you know it. Get off this blog.


it's not my fault

I'm very disappointed in the Spring Game. I almost wasted my money and time to see this B.S I'm glad that I didn't make it to the game. From what I seen on T.V this past weekend it was very disappointing. It was very ugly. Shameful we need the Offense to step up. Clive Walford u just earned yourself a trip to the pine this year. Ashante Cleveland will be the starting tight end for the Canes this yr. Offense of line didn't open up any holes for James or Clements. Poor Dallas Crawford lil fella was getting killed.

All I can say is that the canes need to do a better job on the offense when the season starts. Jedd Fisc better run through that playbook of his again. Because it's not looking good for him @ all. We should of jumped on Brent Peas when he was available. If we want greatness we will have to spend some money to get to that level. We will be a mediocre team until we get a good OC.

Posted by: Five Titles | April 16, 2012 at 03:28 PM
Yet Ur Football ... Baseball ... Basketball ... and all other sports teams other than WOMEN'S Split-Tailed Ballahs WERE and ARE ranked below the Overall Greatest Athletic Program in the Country ... The Mighty Florida Gators.
Posted by: P.U. Cellar Dwellers | April 16, 2012 at 04:13 PM

Where's that update on the WNBA Draft? Did a Gator get drafted over a Cane? Since you were stuck in your trailer with your ear to your hamburger am radio catching the latest, we know you have the answer to that.

Guys you all need to settle down, remember the spring game is only a scrimmage. Not only that but the offense was very vanilla and without the bean. Once all the new recruits show up we will be much better. Can't wait to see this new guy Bean play. Never heard of him before but Golden made a point to say he was missing from the offense. Hope he is a 5 star QB. We should still be on track for an ACC ship.


A shout out for your informative and optimistic posts regarding the UM program. You never waver in your commitment, and it is much appreciated.

True Canes never give up, and it will pay off! One step at a time, starting with personnel, culture and strong coaching...

850 cane. True to only a certain extent bro.
But simmerdown. Had williams completed all of his passes with little to no problem (aka a pass rush or good d back coverage) then we would all be saying how ourdefense s...ks
Same thing if the rbs ran ragged on the. Defense. That sort of happened the last fewspring games when coop was around and hewas having monster spring games and the defensewas exposed badly.

Id rather know that in the spring game there were mistakes of execution like drops, but the passes were there. Rather than williams just not making the throws. I agree in that the new philosophy with cane football should be, like in years past... If you dont perform or put the work in... NEXT!


A shout out for your redUndant and delUsional posts regarding the UM program. You never waver in your stupidity, and it is much appreciated.
DUmb Canes never know when to stop, and it doesn't pay off! One step at a time, starting with personnel, culture and strong coaching...none of which we have. Maybe in 10 or 20 more years we will be a respectable program once again, maybe not. But morons like you are always appreciated if anything for the comedic value.

Study finds Penn State beats UF in reputation, despite scandal
Thursday, April 5, 2012 at 2:47 by Nathan Crabbe
One might expect that Penn State University’s popularity would take a hit from last year’s child sex-abuse scandal, but one research firm found that Penn State’s reputation still surpasses that of a number of major schools including the University of Florida.

A new survey from the Global Language Monitor, a research company that measures Internet buzz by tracking the frequency of words appearing in print and electronic media, ranked Penn State 50th in reputation among 210 universities and master’s degree-granting colleges. That beat a number of major schools such as UF, which ranked 61st.

The company measures reputation through mentions of institutions in blog posts, stories, tweets and other media. Its latest study was the first conducted since accusations of child sexual abuse were made against former Penn State football coach Jerry Sandusky.

The survey found that the number of Penn State mentions fell during the nine-month period that was tracked and only about 3 percent of those mentions were considered negative.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology topped the rankings, a distinction linked with the buzz surrounding the announcement of its OpenCourseWare program. Other schools making the top 50 including the universities of Georgia and Miami. The full list can be found here.

I'm shocked. Floored. More proof of the uselessness of a UFailure diploma. Dem dar Gatr maggots seem to have an elevated opinion of themselves. But then they get smacked back to reality by, you know, facts and those sorts of things.

UTennessee and UFailure, dregs of the slimy SEC.

F-u is good for putting out #arrests, taco stealers, tased students, and jump pass originators. A major study in esophageal spasms is underway at shands. Dont forget gq mags ranking of the dooshiest universities and uf was voted 1.

Yuh huh!

Posted by: UF Troll | April 16, 2012 at 04:57 PM

Nuh huh!

Posted by: UM Troll | April 16, 2012 at 04:57 PM

Yuh huh!

Posted by: UF Troll | April 16, 2012 at 04:57 PM

You children are pathetic.

Posted by: Five Titles | April 17, 2012 at 08:45 AM

Ur THIRD Team in State to Florida and FSU in ALL Major Sports ...

Why ?

Hmmm, 'billy. Athletics are cyclical. Look at your crappy Gatr maggot football team for proof.

Why are UFailure's academics going down faster than Timmy Teblow at an ecumenical council?

Posted by: Five Titles | April 17, 2012 at 08:45 AM
Ur THIRD Team in State to Florida and FSU in ALL Major Sports ...
Why ?
Posted by: 3rd. World Canes ... | April 17, 2012 at 05:31 PM


Five National Titles in Football. #1 in the State.
Four National Titles in Baseball. #1 in the State.

Of course, you don't consider those major sports because you had one two year streak in basketball. Good luck convincing the rest of the world that football and baseball are not major sports, stupid troll.

@ dbc

Thanks man. Very much looking forward to the up and coming 2012 season and many more under the new Golden Regime. Cuidate hermano.


I'm sorry TRASHBAG, did you say something??? Something about a community drive collection to support your 10 kids with 8 women. What's wrong the dollar menu isn't cutting it anymore?? Damn I guess you shouldn't have voted for Obumer then huh?

Mitt Romney for President

Al Golden, Coach for life.

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