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UM Hurricanes spring game ends. Orange wins 7-6 in ugly offensive performance.


This was not exactly the kind of scrimmage you'd want to end spring for the University of Miami. The offenses were weak, which paved the way for the defenses. But it wasn't like the second scrimmage in Fort Myers, where the defense was ruthless.

Quarterback Ryan Williams threw two picks, as did Gray Crow.

Cornerbacks Thomas Finnie and Brandon McGee, and safeties Ray-Ray Armstrong and Vaughn Telemaque had interceptions (as well as a a Ray-Ray fumble recovery).

First Quarter

Fourth-and-1 on the 0range 36 -- and Clive Walford (all alone, I mean ALL ALONE) drops a perfect, in-stride pass from Ryan Williams that was in his hands, about 25 yards downfield!! That's one sure touchdown ruined by sloppiness.

First quarter done -- and nothing to write about. Defenses have stopped offenses.

Another fourth down for Ryan Williams -- throws across body and it's incomplete.

Preston Dewey takes over for green team, completes a 14-yarder to Garrett Kidd

Second and 10 on the 43 for Preston Dewey, pass intended for David Perry, is broken up beautifully by defensive end Dwayne Hoilett.

 Kendal Thompkins has two consecutive catches from Dewey, including a 5-yarder for a first down. Green team nearing the goal line. Uh oh. Illegal snap by Jared Wheeler.

Jake Wieclaw kicks 35-yard field goal for green meanies -- 3-0 green. 

Ryan Williams completes nice 26-yarder to Rashawn Scott, then throws an interception (cornerback Thomas Finnie).

 CB Brandon McGee intercepts pass from Gray Crow and zig-zags down the field for a 39-yard return for the orange team.

27-yard field goal attempt by Orange-team kicker Matt Goudis with 22 seconds left in the half. He misses it!

Ugly first half of spring game, with Green leading 3-0. The half ended on a wide-left field-goal attempt by Wieclaw.

 SIDE NOTE: UM just handed out the coaches' spring awards. The "305 Walk-On Award" goes to WR Garrett Kidd. The "Defensive Most Improved Player Award" goes to DE Shayon Green, now injured and not playing in the spring game. The "Offensive Most Improved Player Award" goes to WR Rashawn Scott. And the "Special Teams Most Improved Player" award goes to CB Thomas Finnie.

 Third quarter: Ryan Williams throws pass into the arms of Rashawn Scott. Ball whizzes right through Scott's arms, and green team safety Ray-Ray Arms.

Crow fumbles a bad shotgun snap, then on same drive throws interception to Vaughn Telemaque, who returns it for 24 yards -- then gets penalized for excessive celebration!

QB Williams throws 36-yard completion to R. Scott, who fumbles it (forced by Ladarius Gunter). Recovered by Ray-Ray.

 Green team kicker Wieclaw kicks 29-yarder for 6-0 lead with 8:24 left in the final quarter.

 Orange comes back near the end and with the help of a 5-yard touchdown run by Mike James, with 4:19 left in scrimmage, takes the lead 7-6. The drive was highlighted by a 44-yard pass from Williams to Scott. James ran for 8- and 3 yards before he scored the touchdown.





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Posted by: Five Titles | April 18, 2012 at 08:39 AM

Notice the YEAR in Ur DelUded post above ... 2 0 1 2

dUmb cane,

Bitter, bitter, bitter there buddy. Calm down, all that rage is bad for your health.

On to your content: Yes, personnel is not where it needs to be yet. Strengths here and there, but weak on offense. The culture is slowly changing and will take time. It is about team players, not NFL wannabes as freshmen. We do have good coaching and it is an upgrade compared to the last few years.

It won't take 10 - 20 years to turn it around. But it is not an overnight thing either.

So what? Why not be hopeful? You got to start somewhere...

Cindy, You really have a way of maknig what looks impossible, POSSIBLE! Thanks! It never fails every time I see something new on your site, I get all excited, my heart starts beating fast, and I just have to start working right away to try my hand at what I just saw here!To put the cane slices on the bead, do you first make and bake a plain bead, and then cover it with the cane slices?I will have to try the Makins extruder. I got the cheaper brand, tried it once, and decided that that was enough of that! I would have to be a body builder to get the clay to come out with it, but it looks like the Makins brand probably gives a lot more leverage. I actually saw a woman on a craft show using her feet to get the cheaper brand extruder to work! I don't know if I am athletic enough for that!:) Hugs to you,Cindy Erickson

cc, no need in wasting your time with gone with the wind, the walffe house has been open for a long time. thee excuse he should be dissappointed in himself for not having real answers just want to point out mistakes and nit-pick. Just like with kehoe, he lost all credibilty with me when he said what he had to say about kehoe, lol, you got to be delusional as hell if he's criticizing kehoe he'll criticize shannon, no difference. Of all the coaches that have been thru UM, and the only one to have a real problem with kehoe is the sorriest one of all time at UM and than the excuse sides with em, that right their is pathetic. They speaking of shannon as if he's a total failure, the man has lost 3 games against good teams and played one toe to toe with a true freshman at qb, but he gets no credit for that. What other school in college football has a true freshman starting and went 2 & 1 and is still expected to go to the division championship game, you can't find 1. Sure their are things shannon can do better, should jimmy johnson had benched testaverde against penn st. should dennis erickson benched frank costsa, how come irvin wasn't benched against penn st. It's the headcoaches job to make that call, if it was up to alot of yall, hankerson would've never gotten this far, now all of a sudden, look at all the hankerson jock ridah's. Than when he gets drafted high, those same people will try and stick their chest out. Same thing with brandon harris his freshman year, go read the archives and see all those people on had something negative to say about him, now they're part of the sack ridin crew on him too.Of course players on this team feel like they underacheived, what team with 4 losses wouldn't, that's obvious, but when we blaming shannon, and i'm hard on whipple because his offense has held this team back, but even whipple put the players in position to succeed a few times in that v-tech game, but it took him until desparation time to do it. If a team is playing you in man coverage for basically the whole game and you as an oc don't exploit that, somethings wrong with your play-calling.

CanesStooge reported eliarer that Tom O'Brien in his fourth year is one win over Maryland this Saturday from winning the division and playing for the ACC title .IN His Fourth Year. I know some of you don't like facts but a fact is a fact!Do you think NC State has the talent the U has and look at what they are about to achieve. Don't want to hear the RS is a first time hc, he had enough coaching experience that he got hired to do a job and cannot put a division winning team on the field, even with as others say the most talent in the ACC on his team.In light of NC State's success and Wake Forest's success and Boston College's success since the U has been in the ACC has he had time, Nashville? Yes he has had the opportunity to get the U to the top of a weak ACC and can't do that with what he said was his most talented and deepest team.I'm tired of losing, tired of excuses and tired of being told to accept the mediocrity coming out of Greentree. This season's team slogan was, No Excuses. lolNC State, Wake Forest and Boston College have gotten to the title game and one of the weakest programs in the ACC on average has won it and played in the Orange Bowl game since the U joined the ACC. That being Wake.The light at the end of the tunnel, is a freight train.LOLJust the fact that the fan base, the board of trustees, alumni, donors and boosters, current players, former players and media are divided over his value going forward as the hc is proof enough that change has to be made.That being said, I will pull for this team to win out and finish 9-4 again, and finish as a disappointment to the seniors and current players(their own words, not mine)

Oct. 27, 2010I hope this is front page (sports) of The Herald tomorrow. This avcheiement is certainly not the only thing our players, coaches and fans want, but it is impressive, if you understand the academic load that our kids carry. I wish they would print all Florida schools (UF, FSU, UCF, SFlorida, FAU, FIU and throw in some current Top 10 teams) so recruits and parents can validate what our staffs are telling them. If the other schools are doing just as well or better, good for them, publicize that too, but, clearly, if we're getting criticised for passing over some athletes because they are academic liabilities, let's at least get credit on the other end for that decision .CORAL GABLES In what is becoming an annual upward trend, student-athletes at the University of Miami continue to excel in the classroom at a record pace.The NCAA announced the Graduation Success Rates (GSR) for all member institutions on Wednesday and Miami established a new athletics department-wide record with a GSR of 86 percent. Last year, the athletics department-wide GSR was 82 percent and the previous high was set at 83 percent in 2007.NCAA.org: Defining Graduate Success RateNCAA.org: Explaining the GSRNCAA.org: Grad Rates Hit High Marks We are extremely proud of our student-athletes and their record-producing commitment to academic success, commented UM Director of Athletics Kirby Hocutt. The praise must be spread out to every team within our athletics department. This is a joint effort to achieve at the highest level and leave this University with a degree. Our Academic staff of tutors, advisors, mentors and leaders has laid the foundation for success. The young adults in this department have truly seized the opportunity and created a first-class success story. The Athletics Department has exceeded the NCAA average for GSR in each of the last six years. Miami Compared to the NCAA 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010Miami 77% 78% 83% 81% 82% 86%NCAA 76% 77% 77% 78% 79% 79% Below is an infograph that illustrates UM's percentage compared to the NCAA average:Below are highlights from the latest round of GSR scores, as well as accompanying graphics to the right:Overall, Miami athletic teams have improved from 77 percent to 86 percent over the last six years.Football is now at a record GSR of 81 percent. This comes on the heels of `The U' receiving a national award from the American Football Coaches for its 2009 annual GSR.Women's Basketball has six consecutive perfect marks of 100 percent.Golf has six consecutive perfect marks of 100 percent.Men's Diving has six consecutive perfect marks of 100 percent.Men's Track has three consecutive perfect marks of 100 percent.Women's Tennis has three consecutive perfect marks of 100 percent.Additional record highs in 2010:* Rowing earned 93 percent. * Women's Swimming and Diving earned 93 percent.* Volleyball earned 93 percent.The most improved teams over the last six years are: * Football started at 67 percent and currently at 81 percent.* Women's Swimming and Diving started at 82 percent and currently at 93 percent.* Women's Tennis started at 71 percent and currently at 100 percent.Men's Basketball held steady at 73 percent.Women's Track & Field/Cross Country is also steady at 89 percent.Women's Soccer held steady at 91 percent.Stay tuned to HurricaneSports.com for a comparison of UM teams to their ACC and national counterparts.

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