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Yet another UM Canes football depth chart released after Fort Myers scrimmage

UM Coach Al Golden released yet another depth chart after last Friday night's Fort Myers scrimmage.

Again, you shouldn't be surprised at some of these changes, because Golden already has let his feelings be known about various positions.

Denzel Perryman has obviously secured that spot at middle linebacker, but Gionni Paul now has an "or'' between himself and Tyrone Cornelius on the outside.

Shayon Green is off the depth chart because of his injury, with Anthony Chickillo back where he belongs -- on top at defensive end.

Also, notice that at strong safety, there's an "or'' between A.J. Highsmith and Vaughn Telemaque now -- and an "or'' between Brandon McGee and Thomas Finnie at cornerback.

The offensive line and receivers are the same, as are the quarterbacks. But at fullback, because both C.J. Holton and Maurice Hagens are injured, 6-4, 275-pound redshirt-sophomore Sean Harvey -- formerly listed as a tight end -- is first-team fullback.

I'm figuring there will be at least one more depth chart released after the April 14 afternoon spring game, which is at Sun Life Stadium and free to the public.



First team: Ryan Williams

Second team: Gray Crow

Third team: Preston Dewey


First team: Mike James

Second team: Eduardo Clements

Third team: Dallas Crawford


First team: Sean Harvey

Second team: Mike James


First team: Rashawn Scott

Second team: Allen Hurns

Third team: Garrett Kidd


First team: Phillip Dorsett

Second team: Kendal Thompkins


First team: Asante Cleveland

Second team: Clive Walford


First team: Malcolm Bunche

Second team: Ereck Flowers


First team: Jermaine Johnson

Second team: Jeremy Lewis


First team: Shane McDermott

Second team: Jared Wheeler


First team: Brandon Linder

Second team: Ben Jones


First team: Seantrel Henderson

Second team: Taylor Gadbois



First team: Anthony Chickillo

Second team: Ricardo Williams


First team: Darius Smith

Second team: Luther Robinson


First team: Curtis Porter

Second team: Olsen Pierre


First team: Kelvin Cain

Second team: Dwayne Hoilett


First team: Jimmy Gaines

Second team: Eddie Johnson


First team: Denzel Perryman

Second team: Raphael Kirby


First team: Gionni Paul or Tyrone Cornileus


First team: Ladarius Gunter

Second team: Larry Hope


First team: Ray-Ray Armstrong

Second team: Kacy Rodgers


First team: A.J. Highsmith

Second team: Vaughn Telemaque

Third team: Andrew Swasey


First team: Brandon McGee

Second team: Thomas Finnie



First team: Jake Wieclaw

Second team: Matt Goudis


First team: Dalton Botts

Second team: Jake Wieclaw


First team: Phillip Dorsett

Second team: Dallas Crawford


First team: Phillip Dorsett

Second team: Dallas Crawford


First team: Dalton Botts

Second team: Ricardo Williams





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not that anybody but me gives a rats a## but depth chart under special teams is 2 deep at holder, and no mention of long snapper. Susan Miller,,, well change that Manny could probably hold with a few months of practice. Sean McNally is an excellent snapper that needs to be recognized, who is following Chris Ivory a 4 yr starter who was a large contributor to the only punter being drafted last year, and he him self has as good a shot in the league as some of the coming draft eligible former canes. Small potatoes to some but ask the giants what 4 or 5 years back. Long snapper is a POSITION now in the league.

#1 in Football ... Basketball ... Baseball

7-6 in football.
7th seed in basketball.
and no longer ranked #1 in baseball, either. #7 on the USA Today rankings, what a fall from grace!

Zero for 3, loser.

Yes, it’s a mess.

Nine players have left MSU over the last 16 months, which could endanger MSU’s good standing with the NCAA’s Academic Progress Rate in the coming years. The APR is a year-to-year measure of an individual’s eligibility and retention. MSU’s four-year rolling score, ending in 2009-10, was a 948. That number is 18 points above the NCAA’s new 930 benchmark.

Teams are subject to penalties, including loss of scholarships, for falling bellow the benchmark.

I am shocked. Shocked I tell you. Shocked that in a conference known as an academic backwater, the only school more of an academic joke than UFailure even has an APR standing. That is surely something to yell:


Dumb Gomers. Ignorance truly resides in trailerparks and towns with a "-ville" in them.

A couple of points. Urban aka the Liar Meyer was is and always be a dirty low down recruiter. A scummy skanky slime ball. When Randy Shannon first arrived at UM, I know for a fact the liar was bad mouthing the U, and bad mouthing Randy and all while recruiting in the state of florida, using cell phones illegally etc etc. THAT IS A FACT, JACK. The coaches including Shannon knew all aboutit, but the the NCAA chose to close their eyes ears and mouth like the monkeys thatthey are.

The whole issue of the players running the locker room and becoming out of control reminds me of the U under Erickson. Erickson ran a dynasty. National Championship 1989, 1991, played for NC 1988 (robbed), 1992, 1994. I mean who has done that since? No one. But he let the players and uncle Luke rule the roost, and the result was... NCAA sanctions. Furthermore, he left just like the liar, knowing full well the team was out of control.

Give me 100000 Dennis Ericksons for one Urban the liar though.

The NCAA should investigate florida. That is as dirty, as shady a program as they come. Problem is Urban the liar is connected and has done things very smart...including his fake heart attack (esophageal spasms aka heart burn or reflux aka is "health issues")to claim he was leaving for health reasons. No. Urban aka the liar- you left a sinking ship!

Correction My bad. Jimmy Johnson coached 1988

Urban left because he had become the town drunk and Ms. Liar told him it was time to go.

Pretty accurate reporting from aolsports. Impressive. Now back to Canes football!!!



when is miami going to stop wearing those ugly orange & white cleats. they need to burn those things.

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