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Baseball tournament time at UM: Canes vs. Seawolves at 7 p.m. Friday and UCF vs, Missouri State at 2 p.m. Will Peter O'Brien be healthy enough to play?

I just did the math. The Hurricanes have indeed been an amazing baseball program. They have won 23 consecutive regionals and five consecutive super regionals at Mark Light Field in Coral Gables.

Simply incredible.

Will the streak continue?

It for sure will become a lot harder if usual catcher Peter O'Brien does not play this weekend. Hard for me to believe that will happen, but UM coach Jim Morris told us at a press conference today that O'Brien (.338 batting average, 10 home runs, 39 RBI, .633 slugging percentage in 39 games) is questionable for the regional because of wrist pain.

O'Brien missed the last 17 regular-season games and the first game of the Atlantic Coast Conference tournament with a broken left wrist.

Here's what Morris told us Thursday:

"First of all he’s done everything he possibly can do to get ready to play. He wasn’t able to [hit] yesterday so that’s not a good thing. We didn’t practice Monday. Tuesday we didn’t hit because we got rained out before we started our bp. Wednesday -- yesterday -- he couldn’t hit , so that’s not a good sign. I don’t know where he’s at."

Morris told us just before noon Thursday that O'Brien had texted him Wednesday night to say he felt better, and that he would try to take some swings Thursday. The team had gone out to local batting cages because tarp covered Mark Light Field and no team could practice there. O'Brien was scheduled to see the team doctor Thursday afternoon.

 "There's nothing that he can’t do that will hurt him physically other than being able to deal with the pain. He’s having trouble rotating his wrist when he follows through, so it’s creating pain -- and he’s having to let go of the bat.

 "It’s just a question of how much pain he can tolerate and how he feels. Hitting is a thing where you need to feel good, because it’s the hardest thing to do in any sport. I don’t know. I’m hoping when I wake up and come to the ballpark tomorrow he can play.

 "He swung the bat better last week in the ACC tournnaent on the first day than he did the second and third days."

Morris was asked: "Is this a situation where if it was midseason he might not play?" He answered, "For sure. Of course, he may not. But it’s do or die now. If he can play we want him in the lineup. He’s a force when he’s healthy. We all know that.

He’ll either be at first base or DH, one of the two. It actually bothered him a little bit catching ground balls yesterday, which I was very surprised when he told me that. If that bothers him then he will not play first base I assure you. Because the No. 1 thing we need is his bat in the lineup.''

As for the pitching situation, Morris made an unusual move by announcing he'll start Friday-night lefty Eric Erickson (8-5, 2.84), instead of expected starter Steven Ewing, who has pitched Sunday games until his recent switch to Saturday nights. No one can recall Morris throwing a Friday-night guy against a No. 4 regional seed. He basically said the matchup with Erickson was better, without elaborating. He didn't specify who will pitch Saturday.

You might know by now that America East team Stony Brook of New York has the top winning percentage (.807) in Division I. You also might not know that as of Thursday at noon, UM still had not gotten any tape on the Seawolves. Morris said he had hoped to at least watch them in batting practice, but tarp on the field prevented that, and all four teams had to take bp at local batting cages.

Stony Brook doesn't play competition near the caliber of the teams in the ACC, but they have some fine players nonetheless, and I'd say they'll have that much more of a chance if Peter O'Brien isn't in the lineup.

Some facts about Stony Brook: they've won their last 22 of 23 games. They've been to four regionals since 2004. Their center fielder, Travis Jankowski, is excellent. He's hitting .411, eighth best in the nation, and was the Cape Cod summer league's most valuable player last summer. He hit .600 during the recent America East conference tourney. He's also super fast.

Right-handed senior ace Tyler Johnson (9-1, 1.78) will start Friday for the Seawolves.

Third baseman Willie Carmona is batting .380 with a conference-leading 10 home runs and 60 RBI; and Maxx Tissenbaum is batting .400 and leads the nation in fewest strikeouts, with four Ks in 200 at-bats.

P.S. The forecast calls for rain Friday and Saturday, and possibly Sunday. Hope for sunshine!

A Missouri State note: Sophomore Nick Petree (RHP, Clinton, Mo.) has been named the The Louisville Slugger NCAA Division I National Player of The Year, released Thursday as part of Collegiate Baseball newspaper's annual All-America Team announcement. Petree has the lowest ERA of starting pitchers in the nation at 0.92 over 15 appearances (107 1/3 innings) with 109 strikeouts and 34 walks.





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"What the U has done in the past doesn't matter and where they want to go has to be ignored."

A quote that Canes fans have had no concept of the last 10 years... Living in the here and now.

All U've spewed about is Ur Ancient past Championship glory days and how 10+ Win Seasons and BCS games are on the immediate horizon since 2003. Never do U act rationally and face the present state of the mediocrity that Ur mired in. And it's that fact that when U puff up Ur collective bird chests, boast of 5 'Ships a Century ago as if it has any relevancy and how Ur "back" is why real College Football in the know fans look at U band-wagoners in bewilderment, shake their heads and just laugh at U... All 15,000 of U.

Cane Fan, the 21st. Century Notre Dame fans of College Sports. All moUf, no brains and NO 'Ships.

You're right, Miami's past is nothing compared to Uif's titles in baseball, Oh wait, that's right you've never won a title in baseball. LOL silly gators.

Who's afraid of the silly sea wolfs. What's a sea wolf anyway? They play high school teams not ACC baseball can't compare. Just like you can't compare ACC football to the other major conferences. Our past history will lead us to victory over silly wolves and country bumpkins from Missouri. This regional is in the books for the canes!

GO CANES AND of course, go georgia tech.

@ # Gator baseball, first we'll address that. The only thing the Gators are #1 at is not being able to win the CWS. Second why are U even here, why do U care about our U news. Could it be because U weren't good enoUgh to go to the U, that is why U are here everyday spewing yoU're garbage and hatred. BecaUse of the envy that U have for oUr beloved University. U can't even get yoU're facts right, last National title was only 11 years ago, that would be a decade not century, but that is yoU're qualtiy edUcation shining throUgh. We all from the U laUgh at U, U silly, silly troll. Now be gone with U little man.

Can't be #1, silly Gatr maggot, until you have won the championship. Or a championship. No matter. Gatr trash will choke and gag again. As predictable as afternoon storms in the summer.

Right now, not yesterday or tomorrow, TODAY ... The GATORS are #1 !

Don't expect U to Understand that concept because right now, U time travelers sUck in ALL Sports...

But U'll chime back with how U won this or that in the past and U will again in the fUtUre.

Carpe Diem Cane ClUck.

Funny, I must have missed their confereence championship game.

The Gators were not even #1 in their conference, this year OR last year.

However, i am sure the fans over at Gator Clause would hove to hear your delusions of grandeur, since that is where you belong, troll.

Great. LSU was #1 for awhile last year.

Guess Bama should not claim #1.

You are as dumb as your worthless diploma says you are, Gatr maggot.

Is it possible the baseball tournament will move to Marlin Stadium in case of rain?

# 1 GATOR BASEBALL ... STILL - and where are you in the 'present'?

Pretending to care about college baseball so you can engage in a fake internet nerd rivalry that has nothing to do with football in the first place.

U like to spend Ur days, weeks, and years writing cUtesy poetry on the University of Miami blog in the Miami Herald.

That is for all the reasons in the world besides a rivalry between UF and UM in football.

Example of why we will consider moving conferences:

The SEC made $116.6 million from football television last year. Total revenue was $241.5 million ($20.1 mil per school).

^^^ Example of a pathetic Gators fan wasting his time talking about a fake internet rivalry on a University of Miami blog.

Yet another example of the fine education Gator athletes and trolls get by attending the Alachua Detention Center Learning Center, for those uninitiated that class is right before attending the Alachua County Sheriff's office meeting for felons looking for work and right after the AA and NA meetings and then it is off to eat, more Peanut Butter and Jelly for lunch and baloney for dinner.

Silly gator troll, everyone knows the U is #1. We don't need to change conferences, we don't need good attendance numbers. Don't you know we have 5 titles in football and many more in baseball. So who cares if they are decades old, we still have them. We also have a bunch of pro bowlers. So we remain #1in the nation.
We don't even need O'Brian to play in the regional, we never lose a regional at the light. All we need do is show up and we will be on our way to Omaha again. We are the U.

We are laying off people at the medical center so that kind of free money wouldn't help.


You spend so much time thinking about and writing about the Miami Hurricanes that the 'we' just flows naturally from your fingertips.


gatorsam/jls124/delUsional you are just pathetic and more to the point your are projecting. Funny.

Can this idiots maggot Gatr Pig be any more of a low-life?

That is a rhetorical question, Pig. No need to answer.

U nimrods even practice bunt D ?

Wow. What kind of loser follows a baseball game of a team he allegedly hates?

I know. The blog Pig. You suck Pig. What's wrong? Your yacht is being fixed and your women won't be ready till midnight?


U Back yet ?

Sweet Caroline ...

Pray for rain Cane

At this point, firing is too good for Jim Morris. That would let him off the hook far too easily. What an absolute disgrace this program has become. Nero Morris, fiddling away while the program Ron Fraser built burns to the ground. Thanks, Shalala!

jUst part of the losing process ...

U loose yet again.

ola Arty

aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh ...

wadaya think Canefools ?

10 wins ?

We stink and are irrelevant in every sport. Nationally, in-conference and in-state. Not only are we worse than UF and FSU in all three major sports -- by a country mile, mind you -- but we're not better than UCF and USF in basketball, we're not better than UCF in baseball, and we're basically even with both of them in football. And FAU and FIU are catching up. We may as well just drop the hell out of Division I. Just drop down to NAIA. That's how that hobbit troll who runs the university wants it, anyway. This is misery. Sheer misery.

U have a good time last night?

Watching a college baseball game and writing cUtesy poetry on the University of Miami blog in the Miami Herald?

All Ur friends were 'bUsy'? Girlfriend oUt of town?

I guess past history doesn't help win ball games. I guess it doesn't matter what you've done in the past, it doesn't help today. The pro bowlers couldn't help. The 5 rings or 4 CWS didn't help. Just showing up and saying you got swag doesn't help. Saying you are back doesn't help. You do all that and still lose. What's a poor cane clown to do?

Follow our team and ignore the internet losers who are obsessed with us?

Never fear Cane brothers I am back soon enough. Any of you guys with a valid drivers license interested in making a few bucks. I need a ride back and forth to work while I make bets and drink with my main man Chuck Todd.

7-0 down. These players have quit on Morris. He can't lead, he can't coach. He is possibly senile. He has gotten an 8 year pass. Maybe 10. Why.

This is the same team that beat UNC. I can't believe how bad and unmotivated they are. And with only a couple of exceptions, they are physically immature to be able to compete at the highest level. They are like boys against men. They act like it with all of the errors and bad pitching

I am sick of this If Eichorst doesnt do something at the end of this seasonn I am withdrawing all an any pledge to the athletic dept.


A cUltUre of qUitters ...

It's A Cane Thang !

Now shUt Up til aUgUst when the whole cycle begins again.

Wash...Rinse... Repeat

Being humiliated at home by teams nobody has ever heard of.

This is the last straw.

It's a 'Canes thing.
You don't want to understand.

Until Shalala, Eichorst, Golden, Larranaga and Morris are gone, I will not give another penny to the University of Miami. In fact, I will start donating to FIU, FAU, USF, UCF, UF and FSU instead.

Once again lets review the following:

Hurricanes several National Championships while undefeated....Turds 0....yes thats a Zero...
Tebow Tears on TV (Way to go out dude!!)
60 Turd arrests in last two years
Multiple top 5 recruiting classes all for diminished seasons last three years....
Hey...."Timmy is so famous in the NFL"....Barf....
Turds 7 trips to CWS....nothing to show for it....
Oh but you all are #1
Last time I checked you were 6-6
Canes going up
Turds down the porcelin....


Just gotta say, 5>3>2 is as big a loser and as obsessed with the fake internet rivalry as the Gators Troll.

But he's also a terrible UM fan. Anyone who says they will or will not give to UM based on the baseball team has never given a penny to UM in the first place.

Go follow another school, we don't want you.

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