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Canes are seeing results in the weight room, closing in on 40/10 goal

CORAL GABLES -- The last thing Al Golden said at the end of the 2011 season was that he wanted his team to get stronger. 

Seantrel_Henderson"There are too many times when you look on the field, we're getting pushed around," Golden said in November. "... we have to get that fixed."

Looks like that's really starting to happen for the Hurricanes.

Strength and conditioning coach Andreu Swasey, whose had the team since spring football ended April 14th, said Monday the Hurricanes have made drastic improvements in his weight room -- and credits Golden for a lot of it.

According to Swasey, UM currently has 36 players who are bench pressing 225 pounds (the NFL combine testing standard) 20 times and seven more who are doing it 30 times. A year ago, Swasey said, he only had 11 players on the entire roster who could produce 20 reps of 225 pounds. The goal, Swasey said, is for the team to eventually have 40 players who can do 20 reps of 225 and 10 who can achieve 30 reps by the time fall practice begins.

Andreu SwaseyThat's why players were wearing new U Tough t-shirts Monday with the numbers 40/10 across the front of it.

"All of us are shocked how strong we've gotten," said senior Ben Jones, one of the seven to achieve 30 reps. "Everybody is buying into the program now and believing in what coach is saying and are ready to just go for it. I wouldn't say it wasn't happening before. But it's just a new energy around here."

That new energy, Swasey said, has to do with the level of competition Golden has created with the off-season programs. Swasey the combination of the Fifth Quarter program (extra workouts), the competition to wear black jerseys (starters) and now having players get tested in what they would do at the NFL combine has created a year-round competition for starting jobs and kept the team hungry.

"I think everybody needs rewards and challenges," Swasey said. "I've been with four different head coaches... this reminds me more of how Butch [Davis] did it. With Butch we had the morning runs. Here, it's U tough... Competition and development -- that helps guys strive for things and challenges them."

Jones agreed. "Everybody cares a lot because they know all this means something," he said. "You have a chance to compete for a starting job. Everybody wants to go hard to reach the black shirt, go for the most on 225 [pounds], U tough and everything they can so they can stand out and say 'Coach I'm ready for this opportunity.'"


> So who are the seven players with more than 30 reps? Jones couldn't remember them all, but mentioned defensive tackles Darius Smith and Corey King as well as left tackle Malcolm Bunche and starting right guard Brandon Linder. Swasey said Smith leads the team with 36 reps. For the record, Memphis defensive lineman Dontari Poe had the most reps at the NFL combine in April with 44.

Sophomore middle linebacker Denzel Perryman had 23 reps according to Jones. Boston College's Luke Kuechly, the ACC Defensive Player of the Year, put up 27 reps at the combine. Jones said a couple of defensive backs have broken the 20-rep mark -- safeties Andrew Swasey and Kacy Rodgers.

> Asked to pick his weight room freaks, Swasey mentioned Bunche and receiver Phillip Dorsett.

The sophomore out of St. Thomas Aquinas has gained 20 pounds since arriving at UM and is now 185 pounds. Perhaps more impressive is that he's taken the title of fastest man away from cornerback Brandon McGee. According to Swasey, Dorsett ran a 4.36 recently. McGee, who is up to 190 pounds, ran a 4.55. UM, though, won't officially test the 40 until later.

"Dorsett is kind of the freak," Swasey said. "He'll be a guy who will really surprise."

> Maybe it's just surprising to me, but right tackle Seantrel Henderson isn't among the big freaks in the Canes weight room. In fact, the 6-8, 332-pound junior is barely scraping by at 20 reps of 225 pounds. Henderson admits he's never been a big weight room guy. His long arms are partly responsible for his light lifting numbers. Last year Henderson said he lifted 225 pounds between 12 and 15 times.

"In high school I wasn't a big weight room guy," Henderson said. "But I feel like I've improved a lot."

As for why Henderson remains at right tackle and isn't competing for the left tackle job, well, we now have some clarity. "My left hip is kind of weaker than my right so I feel more comfortable kicking with my right [leg]," Henderson said. "So, I feel like when I get my strength back in my left hip I'll be versatile again. But until then, I feel comfortable at right [tackle]."



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UM is being coached the way top flight college programs are coached. Some NFL scouts mentioned that under Shannon, the practices were not high caliber enough. They said Golden's practices ranked up there with the top flight programs. UM has a long way to go, and progress will be delayed by sanctions, but this Program is heading in the right direction.

Good to see you back on the scene homie! Ha!

Tebow performs fellatio on his teammates..

The level of delusion in the Gables is amazing! So it took Golden one full season to realize his players were weak? But now he gave them a T shirt and came up with U tough psychobabble and now his players are as good as Dontari Poe and Luke Kuechly? Really?
We will soon see, but a poor cane clown can dream now right?

ACC sucks
No one said they were as good as Poe or Kuechly. Manny was comparing the number of reps.
Utough has been around for 2 yrs now. It is not something new.
Keep hating. You just keep proving how much the U matters.

ACC sucks.......hold up a minute you are totally delusional...read the article AGAIN..the comparison was made to give a target for the guys to strive toward. Many who want to step up to the next level are preparing from NOW... so that the NFL standards are routine when they work out.

You are such an I***. Coach Swasey has Coached more NFL players who keep coming back to work out with him than your crummy Gators could ever dream about. Incventives and reward for achievement is something you would never know...you will be the clown down the line.
You could never imagine lifting with a Ray Lewis working out across the room...Delsuional NOOOOOOOOOOOO.
REALITY YESSSSSSSSSSSSS..that's what we as 'Canes can offer....where is Tebow hanging out in N.Y.

Coach G is molding those guys perfectly and you are scared to death at what the new Golden team will be doing come this August...Go worry about Moosechump and Taco runners in Gaytorville.
The 'Canes are getting stronger ....Yep. Eat your heart out.

OK fellas, so you will have such a strong team this year everyone will be afraid of you. great. Where have I heard that one before? And if Utough has been around for two years now how come your players have been so Usoft? Even with Ray Lewis lifting next to them, so far Usoft.
Tebow is doing great in NYC and has had more success than any cane in the past decade so far.
So now you say you are Utough and have the T shirt to prove it. That and the swag. Too bad it doesn't translate to the field.

really, tebow has made how many pro bowls. teboe isnt even listed as a starter. NY booed the guy at a baseball game. reality will set in in 2013. miami will again rule the state. mischamp won't last 3 years.

Tebow's won how many superbowl rings? Gone to how many probowls? Guy is not even slated to start this year...Not hating Tebow but you're post above proves u have no perspective whatsoever. You're nuts if you think Tebow has enjoyed more success than any Cane has in the past decade. Give your posts some substance and bring the facts. FACT, No one cares about UF, FACT UF won't schedule Miami, why? I dont know write your dean and local congressman

Can the gator fans get off this site already? Canes, stop the Tebow bashing too. As a Cane fan I respect other programs. Yes, the gators have had more success lately than the Canes. Kudos to them. But you know what? gator fan is getting mighty nervous watching what is brewing in south florida. Two programs headed in the opposite direction. One on the way up and the other on the way down. We will not win the NC this year nor will we come close, but we will definitely see a team that is bigger, stronger, meaner, smarter, and executes better. Cane fans, I pray this is the beginning of a new era in Cane football.

"Tebow is doing great in NYC and has had more success than any cane in the past decade so far" DO YOU KNOW HOW STUPPPPPPID THAT COMMENT IS?

In the past decade (2002-2012) alone, we have Willis McGahee, whom without Tebow would be an after thought last year,

Frank Gore
Antrel Rolle
Kenny Phillips
Jimmy Graham
Andre Johnson
Greg Olsen
Colin McCarthy
Sam Shields

would you like me to continue?

I'm all for hitting the weight room. But UM"s dominance of the past was SPEED. This is where the 'ole,"Miami doesn't recruit, they reload" adage came from.

Fortson could have stood some more time in the weight room. U got to get back to basics. I mean this is a team that last year featured Benjamin and Miller, but underachieved.

rbaud: RS's practices weren't "high caliber enough?" Where'd U get that? RS was definitely a teacher, even as a coach the DC in RS was always on display.

RS was definitely aware of who was a good practice player and who wasn't. I'm sorry: I can't buy the not high caliber enough comment with respect to RS.

Pseudologic: I like Teblow. But not at QB. Wild cat or some variation of it suits Teblow. If U think Teblow will be the best thing since sliced bread in NYC, then that is, well, "pseudologic."

### Philadelphia cut former UM quarterback Jacory Harris less than two weeks after signing him. # # #

How did this guy even play Division 1 College Football ?

-Andy Reid

UM is being coached the way top flight college programs are coached. Some NFL scouts mentioned that under Shannon, the practices were not high caliber enough. They said Golden's practices ranked up there with the top flight programs. UM has a long way to go, and progress will be delayed by sanctions, but this Program is heading in the right direction.

Posted by: rboud | May 21, 2012 at 03:10 PM


Welcome to the World of D-1 College Football pal...

The NCAA will slap U back to Ur Decade long D-2 statUs soon enoUgh thoUgh.

Nice post manny

We saw what OSU got for much more serious offenses. Take your stuff Miami haters and put it where the sun don't shine. Gators got nothin but criminals.

Miami will have the best S and C program in the Sun Belt Conference. They will will dominate and win many Sun Belt Titles and play in many Motor City Bowl Games for years to come.

The Gaytor trolls are sooooooooo hungover still....I get it though. The Miami Dolphin fans are STILL hungover from the Dan Marino years....we still don't know what to do with ourselves. Timmy was more then your entire team....or QB of the decade....or....whatever you want to call him. To replicate that again will be quite diificult....and I'm sorry he has left you for a mediocre career in the NFL....but people move on. There is a direct correlation to him being your QB and the succes you all had because as a Cane fan I think he was one of the greatest college QBS of all time....not because of statistics but because of him as a person and team player. But guys....seriously...you all have had numerous top 5 recruiting classes....and what to show for it since Timmy left.....nothing......except continuos arrest reports....you all were 6-6 last year and have the gall to come here and talk as if you were 12-0 last year....WOW THAT IS HILARIOUS. But in the end....the truth will remain the truth:

Gators never an undefeated season winning BCS Championship with other teams finishing in top ten undefeated...hmmmmmm....
Tebow tears on National TV (BARF)
60 plus arrests....and counting
Meyer lies and bolts....hmmmmm....

Canes going up
Gaytors going down....

Please keep our date for next year ladies....

God we hope to see U

get on the bUs gUs

Good to hear the Canes are getting much stronger. Before Golden there were only 11 Canes that could get 20 reps? That is truly pathetic. It goes to show that Randy Shannon ran a soft program. Practices were easy and very little emphasis on conditioning. Canes were constantly getting shoved around in the 4th quarter.

Please gator fan, don't brag about Tim Tebow in the NFL. He's a great kid but there is nothing to brag about statistically. In case you don't remember, the Canes set a record for consecutive weeks by a Cane scoring a touchdown in the NFL. Wasn't it fifty something weeks in a row? Gators have had more success in college lately but the Canes have dominated them in the NFL.

God we hope to see U.

yeah because if you see someone else you will choke, gag, have an esophageal spasm. Im telling you. They will be at the CWS and gaaaaaag

The linda lovelaces of college sports as someone said here

Miami will have the best S and C program in the Sun Belt Conference. They will will dominate and win many Sun Belt Titles and play in many Motor City Bowl Games for years to come.
Posted by: gatorsam | May 21, 2012 at 10:25 PM

10:25 at night and he is STILL reading about the Canes.

Yet doesn't know what conference they are in.

Quick, you sick name-changing Gator troll, name the UM Strength and Conditioning coach!

Now, without using wikipedia, name the Gator Strength and Conditioning coach!

Name the UM Offensive Line coach!

Now, without using wikipedia, name the Gator Offensive Line coach!

You have just proven that you know more about the Canes than you do about the Gators, stupid troll.

How's Gator Clause doing? Still dead thanks to your trolls? Yep.

I know you are trying to do the same to us here, but you will fail, just like you always do. We re too smart, too strong, and too loyal, unlike your stupid, weak, and bandwagon fanbase over at Gator Clause.

You earned your fate, obsessed troll, so don't whine when you get destroyed on here for your sick lies.

PRESS RELEASE: University of Miami Athletic Director Shawn Eichorst is pleased announced the Miami 2014 Sun Belt Conference Football Schedule: Head Coach Warren Sapp called the schedule very challenging especially noting the road game at Boca against FAU and called out FIU for bolting the conference for Conference USA and not agreeing to play Miami.

Arkansas State
Middle Tennessee
North Texas
Louisiana Monroe
Arkansas State
Western Kentucky
Louisiana Lafayette
Florida A&M

To all Gator Trolls isn't about time to go pull your shift in the Alachua County Detention Center kitchen?

You know... you need to keep up the Gator athletes strength at the Detention Centers new UofF training table reserved for those special Gator athletes that frequent the facility!

Enjoy the Mushchamp sub combo today....baloney, stale white bread and water! Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I guess on the plus side the troll gatorspammer is no longer pretending that he has a point being here other than disgusting comments and trolling lies.

Folks, you can just skip past gatorspammer's comments like it was an ad in the middle of an article.

Last year, the weight room improved and the most points we lost by last year was 8. Compare that to the year before.

We all knew it wasn't going to happen overnight, right? The cycle just might be coming back around...

Yo Cane trash

No Mo Titles
Talk about looking in the mirror and projecting U maggot, with the bandwagon reference. Everyone knows that describes Miami sports "fans", along with fair weather and front runner.
Yo fool no one is more bandwagon than U.
Too strong, loyal and smart????????
Lay off the meds clUck. Weak arse sissies is what U have been and still are.
Like my man ACC sucks said, Usoft.
Usoft clUcks.
Yo Golden Retriever spent a full year with Ur Usoft girls and now he realizes they got to hit the weights?
Little slow don't ya think?
A decade of struggling in the weak arse ACC, but now U are strong and ready. What a bunch of Golden Manure.
Yo Golden Retriever won't be able to fetch any more wins this year than last fools.
But U are loyal fanbase right?
Fanbase? What is that? The 2000 clUcks who shoe up to the average game?
Guess in Miami that is a loyal fanbase. Only Morons in Miami.

Bunch of pathetic LOOSERS!

Was that the one and only fat slob bg1906 name I saw on the list making a comment
Is the Herald giving away a lifetime supply of jelly filled donuts to go along with passes to all you can eat fried food buffets?
Please oh please come back to this site so you can tell us all about those 500 recruits that are all but signed for the 2013 class
As fat of a slob you are I cant believe youre still alive pig
Invite the disease filled online lawyer over so it can brag about those $1 kegs of perfume she buys along with the clown makeup
I would beg for the 3rd and last blogger to come join us its just that the racist Canez1 is here 24 7 365 posting as the Gator troll
When the only 3 bloggers that site has is over a total of 1,000 lbs its at that point where you krusty smelling pigs need to mix in a salad every once in awhile
When you sweat just trying to type then you also know its time to lose weight pigman

Canetrailertrash...didnt a weak a55 acc team beat down the gators last year? Didnt clemson beat auburn? Heck, the tarheels almost beat lsu with third stringers starting. Your garbage u spew stinks and u cant even smell it. Put your helmet back on before u go out to play.

And i heard they used some of the scout team and still almost beat lsu...that would have been a blowout if NC would of had all their starters.acc is tougher than u think and the gators cant compete!

Look, I'm probably Gator Hater #1, but I'd be the first to admit their athletic programs are superior at this point, but since we are really talking football I have to be honest. UF football is about equal to UM at this point considering records. Urban left the ship sinking and the last 3 years haven't been anything to brag about. So in your lust to rag on UM you have to be honest in return, UM is definitely improving in all aspects if its football program, can you say the same for UF. Before you do remember the on the field results not your mythical recruiting victories.

Canetrash your post is so Funny I am laughing uncontrollably.
Only a Moron like yourself would refer to fans SHOEING up for a game, and LOOSERS instead of LOSERS. You are what we would call "someone heavily delUsional, and in denial at the same time". Face it the stronger 'Canes really do scare you.

Your one mantra when you post are "Miami has no fans"...Countrywide we have more fans than the trailer crowd in Gayturdsville..also for a private school we have restaurants on Campus, not Taco stands that athletes get food, eat, and run without paying.

Start worying because if Moosechump doesn't do better than a 6-6 year he is out of there...start worrying about your own backyard.
The 'Canes will be fine with Coach G...
We just keep LIFTING>>>>>>>>

gators are soft. miami is back. ben ch squat deadliffting. touchdown time:)

Hmm, let's see which team is bandwagon:

Miami Hurricanes, with no titles in the past 10 years, have a healthy blog full of comments about the team and an obsessed namechanging troll following each word. The comments are about the same in number as they were in 2001. Not very bandwagon there.

Florida Gators, with no titles in the past 4 years, have a formerly healthy blog empty of comments about the team and even their obsessed namechanging troll would rather follow every move of our strength and conditioning offseason program than to be in his bandwagon-jumped blog. The comments are nowhere near the same in number as they were in 2008. VERY bandwagon over there.

The blogs are a reflection of their fans. Cane fans discuss facts, disagree with each other with respect, and share information. Gator fans take cheap shots in threads about a dead AD, troll here constantly without respect, and spread misinformation and lies.

Bandwagon Gators versus Loyal Canes, case closed.

Hey five titles, sid and 532 thought you would be happy to know that the Lady Gator Tennis Team just won the NCAA National Championship for the second year in a row. Yes I know tennis you don't care but if Miami had won you would be proud. Anyway why don't you petition the Herald to maybe write a story about this fantastic accomplishment. The last story on the Gator site was April 29th almost a month ago. You guys are always complaining about why Gator fans don't post on our site. The last story was on the NFL draft.

whatever, gatorspammer, whatever.

It's strange to think that Randy Shannon, former player and DC instilled this sort of lazy enviroment in the weight room. It all starts in the weight room. Hell, what separates high school to College to NFL is that the guys are you go up are much stronger, faster, etc. Why wouldn't you put more emphasis on the weight room?

Face it, we Canes fans know we have some improvement room!
Most of the other schools can't even throw a good scandel, let alone a football. We absolutely understand their jealousy!
No matter how bad our Canes are,in any given year, the swamp dwellers and others will always be worse. On the worst of days I still would rather be a Cane than anything else.

One moron at the begining of last season tried to get at me by asking what I would do if Miami gets "The Death Penalty". I calmly replied that I would happily spend the next five years WATCHING THE LAST FORTY!!
Fascinating how yahoo sports has their own Nevin Shapiro,(Ya know, the CEO who LIED about his own educational degrees!)and NOT ONE Genius reporter or blogger picked up on the irony of the situation!
I say audit the NCAA!

Gatorchumps are soooooooooo funny...

I still dont get why someone is so worried about the reasons some bloggers hate other bloggers. Just look at me I have most everyone on here hating me and im not worried about it. Go play with your Ken and Barbie dolls where you belong

That's because you are a douchebag Sam. There's no honor in that despite what they may have learned you at UTrailer.

Are u male freindly gatorsammy? U seem to watch a lot of tennis. U kind of guys are usually easygoing.

Ladies tennis? Whats next sammie? Ladies chess? Hows that title IX working for you?

29 National Championships for the Mighty Florida Gators !

Lmao! You people are hilarious! Florida sucked FOREVER! Get good and they are now all over my city of Savannah which is clearly Bulldogs territory, bandwagon riding at it's finest. Miami fans aren't fair-weather they are demanding, and quite frankly it's Miami. In the metropolis of Miami you either be great or we got other things to do. Gainesville is...yeah that's all I have to say. A standard of excellence has been set in Miami and until that returns the fans will watch from home or take in another event in the South's capital city.

Gator fans... shouldn't you all be focused on the fact you don't have a QB that could pass his way out of a wet paper bag? I mean seriously you have more issues at QB than even Miami does. The rest of your offense isn't looking impressive either, and the arrest count keeps growing for your squad.

2013 will get here soon enough, and we'll see if the Gators can back-up all this trash talk.

BTW Tebow has most certainly NOT been more impressive than guys like Jimmy Graham, Greg Olsen, Calais Campbell, Jon Beason, or Sam Shields. Those are players just from the last 5 years. If you want to go further back there's Devin Hester, Andre Johnson, Frank Gore, and MANY others. I'm not a Tebow hater, but let's get real here.

Let me see if I can cover most of the manure posted here so far.
First, Tebow is more well known nationally than all the "guys like Jimmy Graham, Greg Olsen, Calais Campbell, Jon Beason, or Sam Shields", combined. And more impressive too.
Our 2 top QBs are light years better than the cane pair and the 2013 savior just signed, combined.

Second the tired story about "A standard of excellence has been set in Miami and until that returns the fans will watch from home or take in another event " is just a lame excUse for the bandwagon nature of the "fans" in this city and for the canes in particular.
Speaking of fan support, to equate that with the number of posts in this blog is moronic to say the least and shows the lack of fan support and lack of sophistication.
Third to imply that your team is now very "strong" and others are "afraid" is DELUSIONAL. Why now? Why couldn't they hit the weights last year? The same coach and staff were here then.
NO ONE is afraid of a mediocre ACC team who struggles mightily in a weak arse conference.

Now that FSU is going to the Big 12, THE U should dominate the ACC for years to come

Accsucks , u are a moron. The "U Tough program started last year. It says that in the print above. Have someone read it to u before u post. Gators couldnt win against the acc last year so u could say the acc sucks and gators cant compete.

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