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Canes are seeing results in the weight room, closing in on 40/10 goal

CORAL GABLES -- The last thing Al Golden said at the end of the 2011 season was that he wanted his team to get stronger. 

Seantrel_Henderson"There are too many times when you look on the field, we're getting pushed around," Golden said in November. "... we have to get that fixed."

Looks like that's really starting to happen for the Hurricanes.

Strength and conditioning coach Andreu Swasey, whose had the team since spring football ended April 14th, said Monday the Hurricanes have made drastic improvements in his weight room -- and credits Golden for a lot of it.

According to Swasey, UM currently has 36 players who are bench pressing 225 pounds (the NFL combine testing standard) 20 times and seven more who are doing it 30 times. A year ago, Swasey said, he only had 11 players on the entire roster who could produce 20 reps of 225 pounds. The goal, Swasey said, is for the team to eventually have 40 players who can do 20 reps of 225 and 10 who can achieve 30 reps by the time fall practice begins.

Andreu SwaseyThat's why players were wearing new U Tough t-shirts Monday with the numbers 40/10 across the front of it.

"All of us are shocked how strong we've gotten," said senior Ben Jones, one of the seven to achieve 30 reps. "Everybody is buying into the program now and believing in what coach is saying and are ready to just go for it. I wouldn't say it wasn't happening before. But it's just a new energy around here."

That new energy, Swasey said, has to do with the level of competition Golden has created with the off-season programs. Swasey the combination of the Fifth Quarter program (extra workouts), the competition to wear black jerseys (starters) and now having players get tested in what they would do at the NFL combine has created a year-round competition for starting jobs and kept the team hungry.

"I think everybody needs rewards and challenges," Swasey said. "I've been with four different head coaches... this reminds me more of how Butch [Davis] did it. With Butch we had the morning runs. Here, it's U tough... Competition and development -- that helps guys strive for things and challenges them."

Jones agreed. "Everybody cares a lot because they know all this means something," he said. "You have a chance to compete for a starting job. Everybody wants to go hard to reach the black shirt, go for the most on 225 [pounds], U tough and everything they can so they can stand out and say 'Coach I'm ready for this opportunity.'"


> So who are the seven players with more than 30 reps? Jones couldn't remember them all, but mentioned defensive tackles Darius Smith and Corey King as well as left tackle Malcolm Bunche and starting right guard Brandon Linder. Swasey said Smith leads the team with 36 reps. For the record, Memphis defensive lineman Dontari Poe had the most reps at the NFL combine in April with 44.

Sophomore middle linebacker Denzel Perryman had 23 reps according to Jones. Boston College's Luke Kuechly, the ACC Defensive Player of the Year, put up 27 reps at the combine. Jones said a couple of defensive backs have broken the 20-rep mark -- safeties Andrew Swasey and Kacy Rodgers.

> Asked to pick his weight room freaks, Swasey mentioned Bunche and receiver Phillip Dorsett.

The sophomore out of St. Thomas Aquinas has gained 20 pounds since arriving at UM and is now 185 pounds. Perhaps more impressive is that he's taken the title of fastest man away from cornerback Brandon McGee. According to Swasey, Dorsett ran a 4.36 recently. McGee, who is up to 190 pounds, ran a 4.55. UM, though, won't officially test the 40 until later.

"Dorsett is kind of the freak," Swasey said. "He'll be a guy who will really surprise."

> Maybe it's just surprising to me, but right tackle Seantrel Henderson isn't among the big freaks in the Canes weight room. In fact, the 6-8, 332-pound junior is barely scraping by at 20 reps of 225 pounds. Henderson admits he's never been a big weight room guy. His long arms are partly responsible for his light lifting numbers. Last year Henderson said he lifted 225 pounds between 12 and 15 times.

"In high school I wasn't a big weight room guy," Henderson said. "But I feel like I've improved a lot."

As for why Henderson remains at right tackle and isn't competing for the left tackle job, well, we now have some clarity. "My left hip is kind of weaker than my right so I feel more comfortable kicking with my right [leg]," Henderson said. "So, I feel like when I get my strength back in my left hip I'll be versatile again. But until then, I feel comfortable at right [tackle]."



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Is it correct that Jacorry Harris got cut from the Eagles?

If true, THAT is the main legacy that Shannon left behind. The lack of talent appreciation that he and his "coaches" suffered from is astounding. THAT is the reason UM has s-ked for the last 5 yrs. Under Coker there was some talent. Brock Berlin held his own. Kyle Wright was horrible as well, but 10000000X better than Jacorry Harris. Ok maybe 10X better. But on D there wasmore talent.
Buh Bye JAcorry... cool cat any comment??

Now that FSU is going to the Big 12, THE U should dominate the ACC for years to come


All I remember about strength last year was against KSU on that 4 and goal with two yards to get in the end zone and we came up short. I don't know who that guy was for K-State playing defensive tackle, but I just knew we were not going to get it; that guy was big and strong. Probably stronger than any guy on our team.

What I do know is you can't coach speed cause it is something you have or don't have, but you can coach strength. If we don't do well on the field then anyone could blame the personnel because we lost 30 players and obviously you have to put some blame on the coaches for not utilizing our players strengths. So far the coaches are pushing all the right buttons cause our players are thinking football all year long and that has to pay off on the field one way or another. By far I expect the defense to play better because they really only lost on playmaker in Sean Spence & I refuse to consider Forston a playmaker because he was rarely on the field.

I don't want to knock Coach Shannon as so many other people are because He had the heart of a Hurricane; he just didn't have a plan to put it all together and not to mention a good coaching staff. At times, watching coach Shannon's teams made me think of firing Swassey because how weak we were on the field. This year the defensive line has no excuse for not getting in the backfield more often than last year.

For about the past 10 years, like Charlie Brown I start getting excited each fall that this is the year Lucy finally isn't going to pull the football away and every year I'm disappointed. That's how it is with the Canes. Each fall I buy into the hype and am then forced to settle for a mediocre 6 and 6. However, not only is it my team but also my alma mater, who I've also been with through the great times, so I'll stick with them until the ref blows that final whistle. Go Canes.

Strength is important for the linemen. We need to win the line of scrimmage to win the close games that we lost last year. Long runs up the middle, and not being able to get a yard when we need it cost us 4 games last year.
I am looking forward to seeing how the players respond to having the same coaching staff in place for two yrs in a row. We have not had that in a long time.
If we win the Coastal division this year I will be happy.
I see no reason we can't as long as the team keeps improving.

According to Chris Level, who is the publisher of RedRaiderSports.com and a co-host of a radio show on 104.3 FM in Lubbock; he Tweeted that Del Conte said that the once dead Big 12 “now has schools like Florida State, Clemson and Miami trying to get in.”

I have no problems with the whole weightroom concept, but I dont want the team to look like Penn State. Good but slow! I agree that this team needs speed. McGee is at a 4.5 now. His skills might be a bit more polished at corner but there is a huge difference from 4.5 to 4.3. and don't even try to say his strength at the line will jam the receiver. If that receiver gets off the line its a quick 6. Is it me or is the old concept of linemen in the weigthroom and skilled players on the track.....gone. I love the U, I like what Golden is doing but you need more than two or three players with speed. Try 8 or 9.

"First, Tebow is more well known nationally"

NOT BECAUSE HE IS AN INCREDIBLE NFL QB YOU DUMBA**. Or because he is actually successful at the posistion he plays.....unlike....Grahm, Beason, Shilds, ETC....HERE IS A HEADLINE FOR YOU


Are you aware that more people are concerned about his prayer habits (God bless him....I'm a Christian)then him playing fottball. They talk about him like he is an ODDITY (UNFORTUNATLY).

You have one player "well known" in the NFL....THE CANES HAVE A PLETHERA....

Cool you can have all the speed in the world but without finesse and football i.q. you are on a running track.
Football is position play, strength, scheming, quickness, up down, movement, and a "no fear" mentality, and analyzing an opponent the WHOLE game.
If you are outweighed you figure out a way to have the opponent use his weight to HIS disadvantage by speed and skill. If speedy you use that to your advantage.

A good Coach can make enough plays adapt to any given situation, and that is why there is really no advantage to being fast but unskilled, or strong and slow...
That is why Miami will surprise a lot of people.. More strength and CONDITIONING in finishing games last year, and we would be looking at at least a 9-3 season..

Games are won in the last 5 minutes of the 4 th quarter.That time should be our time to finish and win.
Coach G says just give me the last 5 and Miami will be in the mix..
We are working and I am confident the new attitude will achieve good results..
Go 'Canes

Hey Joe. Way to curse, insult someone, then ask for your fake god's blessing all in the same post. You're a christian? Really? So what. Does that give you any added insight other than the inability to spell?

Spend more time learning and less time with your sky fairy.

Never was. Never will be.

Does anyone know if the UM baseball team won their ACC tournament game today. I was watching the game,and UM was up 2-1 in the top of the 6th inning (I had to go see my Mother-In-Law in the hospital). I would think that someone who covers the 'Canes for the Miami Herald would have at least written an article on it or at minimum, tweeted the score. I guess I am asking/expecting too much.

Relax Cane4Life and fellow Cane ClUcks ... U STILL sUck .

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Ryan Mathews walked with the bases loaded in the ninth inning to force in the winning run and lift North Carolina State past Miami 3-2 on Wednesday in the first round of the Atlantic Coast Conference baseball championship.

The third-seeded Wolfpack (39-15) trailed 2-1 when they loaded the bases with one out in the ninth. Brett Austin scored the tying run on Chris Diaz's chopper to third, and Diaz was safe when first baseman Esteban Tresgallo dropped the throw.

Reliever E.J. Encinosa then walked Mathews on five pitches to score Logan Ratledge from third.

Jake Fincher had a run-scoring groundout in the sixth for the Wolfpack.

That came after Chantz Mack hit a two-run home run in the sixth to provide all the offense for the sixth-seeded Hurricanes (34-20).


safe when first baseman Esteban Tresgallo dropped the throw.

Reliever E.J. Encinosa then walked Mathews on five pitches


And to think, No Errors and No Walks the entire game til 1 out in the 9th.

Awwwwwwwwwwww...U dUmb clUless clUcks do save the worst for last...

Gotta give U that.

Oh, yeah! Golden is changing the culture. Our teams have been pushed around. No more.

Watch Phillip Dorsett as an emerging star. Great talent and work ethic.

ESPNU was talking today about UM as a possible Big 12 team. Anyone hear anything?

No ACC, either you or some other stupid a55 (gatorsam) said that Tebow has done better than any cane in the last ten years. Thats why the response came regarding Shields Calais campbell, etc etc..

Next title up for that diploma mill in turdville: ladies Noodling. I heard its a new title IX approved sport. But only in select schools: Florida, Miss, Arkansas, and oh yeah, west virginia

Does it bother anyone else the statements seantrel made? Every year I keep hoping with this kid and every year it gets worse. He sounds like he just thought (and for some reason, still thinks) that college and the nfl would be as easy for him as high school was...
And there lies the problem with all these 'superstars'....the Bryce browns, seantrel hendersons, Arthur brown, jacory Harris, and that's just the Miami ones....they are surrounded by people kissing their ass and telling them how great they are, when the simple fact is that for 95 percent of all division one players, high school was a breeze to them too! It's in a different class altogether, college, and now in his third year he is saying he is a weakling in the gym (in comparison) because he 'didn't really lift in high school'?
It must be infuriating to golden, that he gets a tenth of what he should from seantrel, yet he can't just drop him because he's a former 1 rival rank overall. But I'm sick of it.

Yo Cane trash

I detect some frustration and despair in Ur posts.
Seantrel is just mad that he transferred from USC and now he is facing worse sanctions and he is on a much worse team now. Gotta feel bad for the kid he made a wrong decision and is now full of regret.
Poor clUck asking for updates on the sorry ACC baseball tourney. Why bother? Just know Ur Usoft team will find a way to lose. U still think U can host a regional fools?
Just like U thought U were gonna dance in basketball. Just like Joke-ory thought he was gonna go to the Heisman ceremony. Bunch of bUffoons.
Gotta love the title of this thread, too bad canes can't see results on the field.
But Golden Retriever gonna fetch U some more wins. Just like he fetched the 2013 savior QB. Shades of Teddy in 2012. What's a dejected cane maggot gonna do? Wait til 2013.

Bunch of pathetic LOOSERS!

10 internet points to Canetrash.

I agree with the fact that Seantrel has poor work ethic, but at least the light has gone off. Now that these players have to work for it rather than it be given, it is a taste of the real world. I am certainly not surprised that many of these players were drafted as low as they were and some not at all, but I must say this, once they learn how to watch film, be consistent, get stronger, increase their football I.Q ......watch out. Many of them should have stayed another year. Those that will be productive towards the end of the season are Miller, Benjamin, Vernon, and Spence and are already part of their teams game plans. Just read NFL.com as to what their new coaches are saying! The rest of them ....well only time will tell


The annual post-season collapse of the Gatr Trash has commenced. Pounded by the baseball Commodes.

Regular season champs; post-season chumps.


Wake up all alone again and head straight to the 'puter Cane ClUck ?

Remember, don't take advice from the guy above, since he is also the guy below:

Posted by: Pray U Don't Come To Titletown Again | May 23, 2012 at 11:20 PM

9AM, 11PM, he is on here obsessing about the canes, their blogs, and the fake title Capitol One Cup.

to get to the next level called the nfl. you must prepare from day one and that means the weight room. if recruits see that the u is back to that philosophy of day one for the dream. we may get better and better recruits like johnson and davis got to sign. but even with the signing it takes coaches like those two to coach them and the men behind them coaching making them better than when they signed taht gets them that dream. while i like what golden has done so far. i just cannot stand the joe paterno sideline outfits. thats what i loved about johnson. he related to his players and a shirt and tie attitude just looks old and tired.

one more thought. manny i saw in one of the photos thge man was doing incline dumbells with about 80 -90 pound dumbell and the other arm about 30-40lb dumbell. does he have a bad right shoulder? i power lift and have never seen that.

soma Therefore, in the event the medical staff usually are misinformed, some might pass that untrue stories on the people, which falsehoods could possibly develop more anxiety as well as frustration to a already hard problem

soma Therefore, in the event the medical staff usually are misinformed, some might pass that untrue stories on the people, which falsehoods could possibly develop more anxiety as well as frustration to a already hard problem

soma Therefore, in the event the medical staff usually are misinformed, some might pass that untrue stories on the people, which falsehoods could possibly develop more anxiety as well as frustration to a already hard problem

soma Therefore, in the event the medical staff usually are misinformed, some might pass that untrue stories on the people, which falsehoods could possibly develop more anxiety as well as frustration to a already hard problem

Posted by: U SerioUsly Need To Get FU@KED

C'mon, Pig. I have ravaged your stank old lady enough times for both of us. Seems I hit a nerve.

Are you old? Smelly? Both? Considering you were talking about KB summer of '69, I bet you are an old bitter cracker angry that the world he knew is gone.

Ehhh, Pig? You are a little puppet, Pig. All day.

Nice statement our AD today. We don't need the Big 12 and if FSU & Clemson leave, we will run roughshod through the ACC for years to come lead by the best coach in the NCAA, Coach Golden.

Go 'Canes!

Wow Miami fans are truely absurd. Gators got pounded? They lost 2-1, as did 4 other Top 10 teams yesterday. By the way what’s with the ACC Baseball Tourney? Pool play, really? What is this some sort of communist soccer competition? You lose twice and you still get to compete? No wonder everyone thinks the ACC is a joke. Tourney competition is 2 and out. Even little leaguers know this. Does Miami get a trophy just for competing just like in T-Ball? And by the way speaking about the ACC and future conference expansion, any school with a hill inside their football stadium where people sit on blankets, eat crackers and cheese and have their children run around blowing bubbles should not be allowed to play with the big schools in the future. Who can blame FSU, Clemson, and Virginia Tech for wanting out of that conference?

whatever, obsessed sick troll gatorspammer, whatever.

Can't wait for your next racist comment followed by a joke about the recently deceased. Actually, we can all wait. Make us suffer, make us wait a whole year, that will teach us a lesson.

Take your wit and wisdom to Gator Clause where it belongs, troll.

Club Play tonight homies. Bottles service $1000 Henny all night.

whatever, gatorspammer, whatever.

Five Titles: Would love to post on the Gator Site, however, the wonderful Herald has not put up a story in almost a month. Don't you have any pull? It seems like National Championships (Tennis) and winning the SEC All Sports Trophy again are not worthy stories. I guess the GPD hasn't busted a Gator athlete for drinking a beer in public in the last 30 days. Now that would be posted within minutes.

And whoever posted the Bryan Pata comment be you Gator, Hurricane, Semi, FIU, or nothing you are an ignorant piece of trash.

Gatorsammy is a UM fan in the closet.... come on out. We will accept U.

gatorspam: you are stoopid

I can't go to Club Play. My colostomy bag is leaking. I get up 12 times a night to go to the bathroom. That's why I post at 4 am.

I am the old crusty bitter Pig.

"Bunch of pathetic LOOSERS!

Posted by: Canetrash | May 22, 2012 at 12:23 PM
Posted by an imbecile with the IQ of a guava.

Love the gator spammer throwing out a bogus UM "schedule", when every year the gators play 4-5 "sisters of the poor" before getting into real games.

well acc sucks how come the gaturds have dropped us off there schedule because they are scared little ******* atleast fsu has kept us on their schedule gainsville are a bunch of punks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why did the Herald put a picture of the Sherminator over Eichorst's name on the UM page? And if that really is Eichorst doesn't he know he works for Suntan U? Perhaps he's been inside working on the Nevin scandal since he's been in Miami, but hey get outside once in a while. I'm sure even though Miami paid off the lawsuit Trustees so that all the former player's don't have to testify about what they got from Nevin, they can still afford a bottle of sun screen.

ok that was funny, spammy

Im so glad you Cane clUcks are my puppets
I have also posted on this site over 5,000 times but I knew if I stayed at it 24/7/365 I would finnally control every last one of you clUcks
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To the idiot above who stole my identity, screw yourself. No one hates Miami more than me, but I don't write or speak like a moron.

I'm a sweaty douchebag and you know it. No life Gatr Grash grad. Middle management dead- end job. That's what a graduate of the useless diploma mill gets.

Oh, we'll. I still luv the mans.

gatorsam is jls124 loverboy

Dead-end job?

how long will U ACC it ?

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