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Canes projected to go back to UF for baseball regional

There was probably no one as disappointed as Miami Hurricanes’ third baseman Brad Fieger when Tuesday night’s game against Florida Gulf Coast was cancelled due to lightning and rain.

Fieger hit a two-run homer to left field in the first inning. It would have been his fourth homer of the season and his second in consecutive at-bats, counting the grand slam he hit in Sunday’s win over Wake Forest.

But because the game was cancelled – Miami led 3-2 in the fourth when it was called – none of the statistics count.

The Canes (32-18), though, could sure use Fieger’s suddenly hot bat. They will play the rest of their season on the road, starting with a trip to Atlanta Thursday through Saturday for an ACC series against Georgia Tech.

After that, the Canes will play in the ACC Tournament, which is set for May 23-27 at Greensboro, N.C.

Judging by projections, the Canes would then play an NCAA regional on the road. ESPN, for example, projects the Canes as a No. 2 seed at Gainesville, behind Florida and together with Washington and Florida Atlantic.

In other Canes news, since Tuesday was the last scheduled home game for Miami, the team announced its year-end awards, and there were at least a couple of surprises.

It’s not often an MVP award goes to a middle reliever, but that’s what happened with A.J. Salcines, who had a team-best 1.39 ERA along with four saves.

The MVP award almost surely would have gone to catcher Peter O’Brien had he not broken a bone in his left wrist, missing 13 games. O’Brien, who hopes to return for the Georgia Tech series, still hit .354 and won awards for fan favorite and top home run hitter (10).

Eric Erickson was named top pitcher and was also given an award for exemplifying what it means to be a winner.

Garrett Kennedy, who stepped in for the injured O’Brien at catcher, was named the top freshman. He hit just .150 with four RBI in 23 starts but was praised for his defense.

Other freshmen who saw significant time this season were infielders Esteban Tresgallo (.246 in 39 starts) and Jarred Mederos (.231 in 36 starts).

-- These notes were sent in by Miami Herald writer Walter Villa, who covers the baseball team frequently.


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U might wanna plan a bUs stop to Disney after getting boUnced yet again in Titletown.

Old cracker fake Gator fan. Sad old fart.

Hey loser--- titletown?

9 titles....... U have 5.
No, women's field hockey or gymnastics dont count, but good on ya for using title ix well.

9>5. Remember that.

And no, your chokes in last years CWS counts as much as Miamis dismal 2010 season. It was NADA.

Titletown is in Coral Gables. Not in trashville- By the way, how did that loss against Samford taste?

9 in a row and 11 oUtta 12 slUnkmeat ... U better pray U go to a Western Regional or better yet, just oUtright decline an invite to save Urselves the embarrassment of suffering another Titletown beatdown and sent home on Ur yellow bUs again and again and again and again...

2 for 1 Disney Special Needs Tix for Ur bUmbling beisbolers are available...

Posted by: 5>3>2

A loss in the CWS title game counts the same as losing in the first round of a regional? You poor cane clowns have to come up with the lamest excuses and justifications for the sorry play of your baseball team. Everyone knows that having to play a regional on the road is bad news for the canes. Having to go to Gainesville is terrible news. This is not hype, this is fact. It is based on current events and results, like 9 losses in a row to the Gators, and being bounced in the Gainesville regional as early as last year. If you end up in a Tally regional, it would be the same bad news for you. Admit your reality so you don't look and sound so ignorant.

Hahaha, wow, you 'baseball fans' sure are passionate.

In all seriousness, 'ACC sucks' - do everything you can to avoid your own personal reality. It's not pretty.

The trailertrashtown beisballers might yet make the CWS.

Yet we all know how this story ends. They will lose, yet again, like the choking 'billies that they are. Different year, same result.

100 years of tragic failure, losing, choking, and incompetence. Don't you inbred 'billies wish you even had one of our 4 CWS tiles? instead of continuing to fail, year after year.

Great, so the Gators can bend us over again. Fantastic. We stink in every sport. Thanks, Donna. Forget being irrelevant nationally -- we are irrelevant in our own state. Again, thanks Donna.
And the rumblings inside Hecht are that the NCAA Ban Hammer is going to hit harder than it did for Southern Cal. Football, basketball and baseball are going to get hit. Not that it should change the on-field/on-court results all that much.
It's over and we're never coming back.
Thanks, Donna.

Posted by: ZeroZipNada

Your question is as stupid as you are. How would you like to have one of our 2 NCAA basketball titles?
Your program is the one who is the poster boy for failure, incompetence and irrelevance.

Sure it would be nice to have a CWS title, the next best thing is playing for one in the CWS, being in the mix year after year. Much better than having 4 ancient titles and nothing to show for in a decade or more, being an after thought with only the distant past to be proud of.

What else can be said about Hurricane baseball and Coach Morris this season that has not already been said???????????????Miami s AD is an enabler to Coach Morris and the overall baseball program.Enabling THAT Coach and school to play abysmal play.They can only beat average to bad teams the past few years and the AD and Miami s current administration seem quite content with THAT.Hurricanes have succumbed to becoming an average baseball program now.Sad.

Are we talking beisbol?

Nothing has changed. Zero titles for the ignorant nex. Not one. Not even close. Wordsmith all you want. Zero is still zero. Facts don't lie.

Nice try, but almost doesn't count. I LMFAO at you stupid nex. 4 "ancient" titles is better than none, you dumb 'billy.

You have sucked, suck now, and will continue to suck. They don't give CWS trophies for "almost".

Morris simply MUST go. He was great years ago, but the game has passed him by. At least we won't have to lose to FSU much longer as they're leaving the ACC.

Posted by: ZeroZipNada

Your question is as stupid as you are.

Posted by: ACC sucks and the canes can't compete | May 16, 2012 at 11:12 AM

Yeah, you never insult people on here. Liar. Take your trolling, lies, hatred, obsession, and insanity over to Gator Clause where it belongs.

The gaytrs are the title holders (see titletown I will give you that)-- for almosts. The ugly bridesmaids who "hardly" ever got to walk down the isle

The champions of near misses, and close calls, and of winning the 4th place trophy.

ACC--- You must have been that fat little chubb-o who played in your YMCA league and got a trophy for being the 8th place finisher in dodge ball.

Duuuuuuuhhhhhhh, license? Whad dat be?

Duuuuuhhhhhhh, marijuana? I 'no what dat be.

Das all you needs to get into duh U of duh Floriduh.

It's official, the last standing pillar of the athletic department, Baseball is starting to suck. When I went there we ALWAYS hosted the regional, and not making it to the CWS was a bad year. Maybe Morris's time has come?

Gator fans are gay for sure, but they're right. They own us in baseball recently. We've got no leg to stand on. In 2001/02 Miami did something that will never be done ever, and that is win 33 straight games in baseball (mid season run to CWS title), football (undefeated season), and basketball (last team in the country to be undefeated until loss to UConn in January). A lot of people forget about that streak. It seems so long ago.

"eah, you never insult people on here. Liar. Take your trolling, lies, hatred, obsession, and insanity over to Gator Clause where it belongs."

Calling you stupid is as soft an insult as there is, don't be so sensitive.
Telling you the truth is hardly hatred and obsession, again don't be so sensitive.
You don't have anything to refute my facts, just name calling. Typical.

"4 "ancient" titles is better than none, you dumb 'billy.

No , you are the dumbarse. I said being in the mix year after year is better than resting on your ancient titles AND doing nothing for the next decade. Not much reading comprehension for you fools.

"The champions of near misses, and close calls, and of winning the 4th place troph"

That is exactly what your football team was last year and most of you idiots were proud of it. Remember, one play here one there and you would have been 10 - 1.

Name calling won't change your reality.

"You don't have anything to refute my facts, just name calling. Typical."

So lets summarize. You brought ZERO facts (you know, the same number as your CWS titles), to a discussion that you were NOT involved in, so that you could throw out some insults at people just because they are Canes fans.

FACT: 4 > 0.
INSULT: Calling someone stupid for pointing out that fact.

You were politely asked to stop, which you considered an insult, and then you claim that nobody refuted your facts and resorted to namecalling.

Look up projection, as a psychological term. You fit the bill completely.

Gator Clause needs your "wit" and "facts". Take it over there. Hurry. i think someone actually posted a comment on there this week, and you can go tell THEM how witty and factfilled you are.

You guys crack me up with the back and forth calling each other out but failing to make a point.
Truth is, we know we are down in baseball this year, heck a lot of us have asked for Morris to be fired. I'll even admit the obvious that we haven't fared well in out of town regionals. However a team can get hot and go on a run at any time and this is the time to do it. At this stage anything is possible. So what's your point?

Pretty much the same point as yours.

Add to that point that we will have O'Brien back, the Gators have not been unbeatable despite their troll's press, and that the Gators run will have an end just like ours did before their current streak.

Point #1 - I'm a UF Troll. UM sucks.

Point #2 - I'm a UM Troll. UF sucks.

Now repeat daily for the next year.

We understand gaytor fans would consider 2001, 2002, 2003 "ancient" history. Many of them went to college at that diploma mill so "history" or plain math is not really taught very well.

Leon Orr has just been cited again. thats 11 arrests under Muschump. There you go lizards. Muschump is continuing the great tradition of "titletown" But he ha a ways to go to catch up to the liar.

ACC- No son, the one that s-ks is you. You have no clue what its like to go undefeated, play tough OOCteams away, and have 9 titles. You rednks only know about your SEC kin folk. To you the world falls into an abyss south of gainesville, west of gainesville, north of kentucky, and west of Mississipy

"Many of them went to college at that diploma mill so "history" or plain math is not really taught very well."

So says the spelling - challenged cane clown who probably never went to any school of higher learning. Talk about PROJECTING, is that "psychological" enough for you. Oh my bad that was your dummy buddy Five. Either way you two fit the same mold. You can also look up DELUSIONAL in your psych lingo, describes you clowns to a T.
Keep living in the past fools, it's all you got. In the here and now, in the 21st century, the Gators are the best program in the state by far.
So miramar the point is that if your sorry canes have to play their regional in Gainesville, that is where your season will end. Just like last year, and the one before, and the other one too...........

May God have mercy on the canes and don't send them to a Gainesville regional.

The sky fairy doesn't exist and I'm soooo clever for pointing that out.

"Keep living in the past fools, it's all you got. In the here and now, in the 21st century, the Gators are the best program in the state by far."

Yet you are ranked behind FSU in every poll....

Gator Clause NEEDS you, your ineffective use of CAPS, and your weak LIES. Go, now, before it is too LATE!

Great if they send Miami to Gainesville, we can expect another story in the Herald with Morris crying about how unfair it is. Miami fans are always good for a laugh. Now that times are horrible for their big 3 sports they love to talk about their past titles (as well they should) however, they never want to acknowledge other sports because most of Miami’s men’s and women’s teams are not competitive on the national level. Or maybe they don't want to discuss other sports because the Gators won the Capital One Cup last year and every year finish in the Top 10 for the all sports team trophy. But watch what happens if the Miami women’s tennis team should make a deep run at the NCAA’s. Then we will hear all about it. It is interesting that most of Miami’s national titles were won as an independent or as a member of the Big East, however, nothing since they joined the weak ACC in any of the big 3 sports. Here’s a stat to chew on regarding football though:
Winning Percentage Since 1960 National Ranking
1960-2011 UF #10 FSU #11 Miami #17


The canes don't even participate in many of the sports (girls softball, gymnastics, etc) that your publicly funded diploma mill does. Give it a rest.

Think about it, all those funds and not much return. It is a fact that your school is the most underachieving large publicly funded state school in U.S. history. Compare yourself to the Michigans, OSU's, Texas, etc in all sports. Totally sad and pathetic.

You don't win many championships, comparatively speaking, unless they start giving them out for felony arrests.

truth is the ncaa has no imagination with these regionals. miami deserves to travel, but always in the same place. its time to change things around. playing other teams that are not scheduled evry year would be good for everyone. s. carolina is a perfect example. anywhere for a change.

Another year, another early exit. Morris must go.

Zero do you read or comprehend much? Florida and Stanford are the only 2 schools to finish in the Top 10 for the ALL Sports Trophy every year since these these records have been kept and Florida was the Capital One Cup Champs last year. Not Michigan, not Texas, not Ohio State.

You are an idiot GatrDouche. UTrailer fields teams in every single sport possible for both men and women. Chances are in those Tier 3 sports they will win.

It's the product of a 60K public diploma mill.

Back at ya, gatorsap.

Capital One Cup is an artificial ranking that gives points for almost, and includes sports like Hilbilly Handfishin'.

Check it out yourself.

Also, you lying lizard, this artificial award has only been around for count it, ONE YEAR. What's all this talk about ever year?

Now you reread my comment. It's about WINNING championships, not about choking them away, for which you get points in the Capital One fake made-up trophy.

So gatorsam switched back to his other ID, and comes up with an artifical measure of 1960 as the range to look at? What a shock.

Shift the obsessed troll's numbers to 1980, and you get

3 Miami-Florida
4 Florida State
6 Florida

So, by adding in 1960 to 1980, a troll that whines about living in the past is bringing up the Kennedy to Carter years in some sick hope that he can claim superiority on another team's blog. Remember, this is the same guy that came on here to taunt on the day Paul Dee was announced as dead.

Take your obsessed rivalry to Gator Clause, where it belongs. Your trolling here is unwanted and undeserved.

Folks, don't fall for this ACC/gatorsam troll, who just changes IDs when he wants to change his point.

Losing the argument over the present (as he did as ACC), jump to trolling about the past.

Take both your IDs and go talk to yourself on Gator Clause.

I haven't lost any argument with you losers since you have none. And I'm not gatorsam. I don't change ID like ZeroZip aka This clown again, aka Pot meet kettle, aka Pig is old loser, and many more.
Capital One Cup is legit as much as you clowns want to put it down since you don't make it in any of their rankings.
The present and the recent past as well as the future belongs to the Gators. All you have is the distant past which you keep bringing up sinc eyou have nothing else. Even your stupid names are a reflection of the distant past with no relevance today, Five Titles, when was the last one?
This story talks about the sorry cane baseball playing in Gainesville, so it is appropiate for me to comment.

Yes because we all know that college football started in 1983 and nothing before that mattered. You conveniently forget The University of Miami Board of Trustees voted to disband the basketball program and in the 70's when the Trustees was within a couple of votes short of dispanding the football program. Maybe you should go back to playing home games on Friday night so you could get a crowd before the sidewalk alumni go out to South Beach. Ha Ha.

'Argument' #1: You're a Florida Gators 'fan' who is an internet Troll and spends literally every day checking the University of Miami blog on the Miami Herald to see if there are any UM internet Trolls he can talk to.

'Argument #2': Nothing you say about the University of Miami changes 'argument' #1.

GatrTrash Sam seems to have forgotten how the mythical Gatr Trash nation abandoned the Ben Hillbilly Griffin stadium while missy State was pounding them. Plenty of empty seats in a campus with 60k drones.

Stick to playing Furman. It's easier.

However a team can get hot and go on a run at any time and this is the time to do it. At this stage anything is possible. So what's your point?

Posted by: miramarcane | May 16, 2012 at 12:57 PM

Very true. But it's hard to do that with no hitting for average or power (anyone remember Phil Lane and his 20 plus dingers?), speed on the basepaths, suspect starting pitching combined with below average middle and closer relief. But the thing that really gets me is that there are high school teams that field and play better fundamental defense than the Canes do. That is one area combined with a streak of very good pitching, lucky breaks and calls that allow a good team to look great. It's just beyond me how we botch rundowns, miss cutoffs, throw to the wrong bases, can't execute pickoffs and kick n boot the ball around the field over n over again. Maybe the NCAA will allow us to use a fork or stick with our gloves in the field for the Post-Season Who knows. Then again we'll probably pitch n field like All-Stars and hit below the .200 Mendoza line as a club.

Simply put, compared to the 80's-90's and early 2000's teams, our overall baseball talent now is night n day.

There is a projection that we could travel to the Stanford Regional. Honestly. that might be best. Maybe we'll get lucky, Win it and raise some awareness to high school Stud kids out West to come to Miami like the old days. We have some good local talent, but they are mostly small punch hitters with no power or speed and anything but golden gloves. Not a knock, we just have a roster full of them.

As for the Gaturds, who cares. I'm more interested in righting our house than worrying about them.

Getting O'Brien back would be nice, but a wrist fracture is a tricky thing after being out 6 weeks and expect anything more than some quality at bats as a D.H.

The ACC Tourney will tell alot. I just hope they play fundamental baseball, compete and "have fun".

Gatorsam i mean gatordoosh

It dont matter if its past or present. Because since 1980 miiami has as many ships as alabama or for that matter any program. You gator peeseants are like little jealous shoolgirls

Youll never be miami. Get over it. Ok baseball is better than miami this year. You were better last year. You played in the cws, and choked choked choked choked like linda lovelace

The gators are the linda lovelace of college sports. Id rather not even compete than to know i will gag

The lady ga gas of colege sports

BIG-3 National Champions Since the turn of the Century...

---------S.E.C. ------------------A.C.C. -------------

Football- 7 - Ships --------------- 0 ----------------

Baseball- 4 - Ships -------------- 1 ----------------

Bsktball- 3 - Ships ---------------- 5 ----------------

---------- 14 - Ships --------------- 6 ----------------


Good for U that U have the State of N. Carolina in Ur Roundball A.thletically C.hallenged C.onference.

To bad Ur Basketball team s.U.c.k.s in the only sport that Ur Conference is even remotely relevant and competitive in ... Well ... the ones that wear jockstraps anyways.

Miami Hurricane Atheletics - "Gateway to the W.N.B.A."

Maybe U'll have the first College teamates that are married ? Donna's greatest Cane sports accomplishment...


You are right 532 the University of Florida will never be Miami. We will never play in front of an empty football stadium, an empty basketball arena, and we will never surpass USC and SMU for the all time lead in NCAA sanctions and years on probation.

Who cares about the sec and acc. Conference allegiances mean NOTHING. In case you stepped out of your trailer recently there have been plenty of changes like Texas a&m going to the sec. Mizzou going to the sec, fsu possibly oing to the big 12, etc

Turn of the century? Miami won the national ch in 2001 you idi..ot. Oh yeah they were in the big east... My point exactly mowron

Acc?... I cant spell? No stupod, i cant type. I learned calculus instead of typing like they taught you at alachua community colleg

the title of this article is "canes projected to play at UF for regional"???? yet the article talks about something totally different


yup ... it speaks to how irrelevant all things Cane Sports has become...


U loose ...

too has or have not ?

U Failure fans can bask in the one title that has not eluded them in the last couple of years:

#1 in arrested student athletes. Congrats. IS that an SEC thing? Not talking about the past. Florida DT Orr just got arrested... again. Thats 11 for Muschy. But seriously what parent would want their kid going up to that dump? Its out of control up there.

yup ... it speaks to how irrelevant all things Cane Sports has become...
Posted by: Deja vU U ... | May 16, 2012 at 11:51 PM

Gator troll is on here changing IDs and obsessing about the Canes, making rude comments about what happened in the 1970s while whining about living in the past? Meanwhile their blog is dead, dead, dead, thanks to their FEAR of going on there to actually talk about their team's decline since Meyer left.

yup ... it speaks to how irrelevant all things Gator Sports has become...

Morris does need to be fired. None of the smack on this blog by gatr trolls changes the fact that UM baseball is horrible (compared to what we all are usd to and expect). Im not saying win the CWS every other year but at least effin compete. Morris hasnt fielded a competitive team in 6 years and that is squarely on him 100%.

Miami football, despite the looming sanctions (which wont surprise anyone) is on the rise. Golden et al, as well as the serendipity of having about 11 seniors finishing and several underclassmen leaving was able to recruit heir a55es off in preparation for scholie reductions. Between the 2011 class, the incoming 2012 class and whatever they can recruit to come in for the 2013 class, we should be all right. If I was Miami BOT or president I'd be ready to give Goldie (and staff) hefty bonuses and extensions next year if they go at least 8-5.

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