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Canes projected to go back to UF for baseball regional

There was probably no one as disappointed as Miami Hurricanes’ third baseman Brad Fieger when Tuesday night’s game against Florida Gulf Coast was cancelled due to lightning and rain.

Fieger hit a two-run homer to left field in the first inning. It would have been his fourth homer of the season and his second in consecutive at-bats, counting the grand slam he hit in Sunday’s win over Wake Forest.

But because the game was cancelled – Miami led 3-2 in the fourth when it was called – none of the statistics count.

The Canes (32-18), though, could sure use Fieger’s suddenly hot bat. They will play the rest of their season on the road, starting with a trip to Atlanta Thursday through Saturday for an ACC series against Georgia Tech.

After that, the Canes will play in the ACC Tournament, which is set for May 23-27 at Greensboro, N.C.

Judging by projections, the Canes would then play an NCAA regional on the road. ESPN, for example, projects the Canes as a No. 2 seed at Gainesville, behind Florida and together with Washington and Florida Atlantic.

In other Canes news, since Tuesday was the last scheduled home game for Miami, the team announced its year-end awards, and there were at least a couple of surprises.

It’s not often an MVP award goes to a middle reliever, but that’s what happened with A.J. Salcines, who had a team-best 1.39 ERA along with four saves.

The MVP award almost surely would have gone to catcher Peter O’Brien had he not broken a bone in his left wrist, missing 13 games. O’Brien, who hopes to return for the Georgia Tech series, still hit .354 and won awards for fan favorite and top home run hitter (10).

Eric Erickson was named top pitcher and was also given an award for exemplifying what it means to be a winner.

Garrett Kennedy, who stepped in for the injured O’Brien at catcher, was named the top freshman. He hit just .150 with four RBI in 23 starts but was praised for his defense.

Other freshmen who saw significant time this season were infielders Esteban Tresgallo (.246 in 39 starts) and Jarred Mederos (.231 in 36 starts).

-- These notes were sent in by Miami Herald writer Walter Villa, who covers the baseball team frequently.


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duuuuuh, I's be edumucated.

When I gets out uh duh skeeeewl, I's be ready fuh life.

I agree 100% with pseudologic that cane football is on the rise coming off our first of many great seasons under The Great Golden One. He should get a bonus every year after his first victory of the season. Baseball is a different story but who cares about anything besides football.

YES!! 11 arrests now I only need 19 more to tie Urban!!

Will Muscrat

Man...just worry about your own teams.

Both teams have a way to go to get back to championship caliber in football.

Canes got nothin' in basketball. The Gator had a nice run with 2 wins vs lower seeded teams in the tourney.

We'll see what happens in baseball.



The World is a much better place when Cane ClUcks are quiet ...

The world is a much better place when gator losers that are used to losing go back to what they know best--- stay in their trailers with their sisters.

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How was Key Biscayne in the summer of '69?

Why shhhh? Your sister still sleeping? Don't worry, she doesn't read anyway, so we won't wake her before her Waffle House shift.

When you troll another team's blog, you lose your right to tell others to shhhh.

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"A University of Alabama fan was indicted on sexual battery and obscenity charges by a Louisiana state grand jury on Thursday for allegedly assaulting a passed-out LSU fan after the BCS national championship football game in January, the New Orleans Times Picayune reported Thursday.

A $50,000 bond was set for Brian Downing, 32, who was arrested in January after a video showed a man rubbing his genitals on the LSU fan on Bourbon Street turned up on the Internet.

No one tried to stop the action as the LSU fan sat in a chair with his head on the counter of a hamburger restaurant."

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Maybe he and Johnny Travolta should get together.

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Ryan Williams on canesport: " I have a leg up in the QB competition"

There you go, boi. Start talking smak. that's what this team needs. Some competition in EVERY SINGLE position. Like in the old days, where if you weren't on your game/// Next!

I have seen glimpses of a lot of good in Williams. he has a very accurate arm, and if he limits mistakes, he can ebe very very good. Morris is ok. He's had his chances. He has thrown tons of bad passes and has had horrendous ints. I dont care so much about how strong his arm is. We need a QB with brains. Ken Dorsey did not have a strong arm but was very accurate and smart. let the playmakers and the speed make the plays. The Qb just has to manage the offense and drive the ball down field.

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