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Canes taking on Georgia Tech at noon for ACC title -- but even with win hosting regional is unlikely

With North Carolina's 4-0, 12-inning win over North Carolina State late Saturday night, your 21st-ranked Miami Hurricanes earned a spot in today's ACC Championship game against eighth-seeded Georgia Tech -- and potentially a shot at hosting a regional.

But that shot at hosting a regional -- Baseball America college baseball expert Aaron Fitt says -- really isn't that good.

Even if they win today, most expect Florida State, North Carolina and North Carolina State to be the only ACC teams to earn host sites. UM's ranking in the RPI is 10th.

The NCAA will announce its 16 host sites at around 3:30 p.m. today, Fitt said.

"In my opinion what happened this week really didn't matter in terms of hosts," said Fitt. "It's nice they got some momentum back here. But they're probably behind some other teams in the pecking order in this conference. Miami got swept by [fourth seeded] Virginia, and Clemson also won two of three against them in the regular season -- in addition to N.C. State beating them at the tournament. Those teams just have more quality wins, a better body of work. It's nice Miami got hot a little bit here so maybe it will carry over with them next week. But the hosts are probably set right now."

First pitch for the ACC title game is at noon on ESPN2. The game can also be heard on 560 WQAM and WVUM 90.5 FM.

UM will start sophomore right-hander Javi Salas, while Georgia Tech will counter with freshman right-hander Josh Heddinger. UM took two of three from the Yellow Jackets last week in Atlanta.

UM is making its return to the championship game after a three-year hiatus. The last time the Hurricanes made it to the tournament's finale was in 2008, when they beat Virginia 8-4.

UM finished Pool B round-robin play tied with the Tar Heels at 2-1 and advanced to the championship via head-to-head tiebreaker.

Georgia Tech won Pool A by finishing a perfect 3-0 in round-robin play. After opening their tournament with an upset of No. 1 Florida State, the Yellow Jackets reeled off a 17-5 win against Virginia and a 5-1 win over Clemson on Saturday afternoon to earn their spot in the championship.

The complete NCAA Tournament brackets are scheduled to be revealed at noon Monday on ESPNU. The Hurricanes, who entered the ACC Tournament seeded sixth, have been projected for weeks to be the No. 2 seed in Gainesville.

But Fitt said he doesn't think the NCAA selection committee will send UM to face the Gators yet again.

"I hope they get sent somewhere else this year. They need some variety," Fitt said. "I have a feeling they will get sent somewhere else. There are a few other two seeds you can send to Gainesville that are close by. Miami can go out West or go to a place like LSU. But I see them traveling this year."


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NC State did not even play Miami in the regular season this year, so I don't know where he got that from. I don't think we'll host, but I hope we're not sent to Gainesville.

Blows my mind that you can post this drivel without fact-checking. Aaron Fitt an expert? Why, because he writes for Baseball America? Miami didn't play N.C. State in the regular season. Was he mistaking them for UNC? Because the Canes swept all three games at home. Stupid.

Go team. Keep it up

Great comments above by all. This guy from BA is a clown. BA has always ranked the canes lowest of all the major publications, even in our championship years. They rank teams based on their propects, not on the quality of the TEAM. If we win today our RPI should climb and we should be considered to host.

Host or not, with a win we have decent mo' heading into the tourney.
Let's face it, the Gators have our number, especially in Gainesville.
So, the one thing i hope this dude has right is that we'll 2-seed elsewhere.


duuuuuuuhhh, uuuuuuuhhhhh, go Gatuh.

Does ANYONE know where Fitt attended college?
My guess is somewhere our Canes feasted, either in football or (a while back, BASEBALL)
It's almost flattering the Canes hate that permeates across this wonderful country of ours. It just means we continue to be relevant.
It's also relevant that, unlike UF's ballers, OURS CAN READ AND WRITE.

Thanks to our living servicemen and women today, and always, and blessings and prayers to those who gave all for the USA.

Fitt did not say UM lost to NC State in the regular season. He said they lost to them in the Tournament. Read the story again. He may not like UM, but he was accurate in the story.

Nic Fairly. Last month marijuana charge. This month DUI.


Redneck trailertrash.


Fitt has been down on Miami all year. I follow BA and he has not liked miami to do anything. He has his faviorites and miami is not one of them. Take his comments w/ a grain of salt.

Rboud is right

Unfortunate loss. The Canes need some
power hitters and clutch pitchers. G.Tech
clearly had major mojo going on, having been
seeded #8 and winning.

Glad the Canes made it to the final. Hope they
pick it up in the NCAAs...

Glad the NCAA selection committee got my check in time.

congrats to the yellow jackets. theyve been down in all 3 major sports like miami. They got their act straight. something miami (aka Morris) hasnt been able to do. Morris needs to get fired. Miami should have some positive vibes despite losing.

ga tech beat #1 FSU, #15 UVa, and #21 Miami. Anyone says the ACC is down needs their brain examined.

Miami needs more than clutch hitting. they need clutch pitching. I agree with dbc. 6-5 bases loaded and they give up 2 hits. seriously boys. In the MLB, they will eat you up and spit you out and chew on your face and then stomp on you and send you back to opa locka

Miami lost the Final today 8-5 to Georgia Tech.Is anyone in Miami really surprised?I know Jim Morris wasn t.

Canes CHOKE....again

See just because he hurt thousands of people everything he did wasn't all bad for the University of Miami, apparently Nevin took real good care of the NCAA Baseball Selection Committee.

ACC Website is reporting that 5 ACC Teams will host a regional and Miami is one.

Leon Orr smokes weed with Bernie Machem.

Just wait till the Board of Regemts finishes gutting the public university budget. Flagler Technical College will look like Harvard compared to UTrailer.

I hate my alma mater as bad as Emmitt does.

Actually rbound isn't right - the editor fixed the quote from Fitt and took the "regular season" part down because it was just 100% factually incorrect. Expert, though, right? Right.

A huge round of applause, keep it up.

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