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Canes to open ACC Tourney play vs. NC State Wednesday

If the Miami Hurricanes are going to serve as a host for an NCAA regional and avoid hitting the road yet again, they're going to have to perform really well -- and probably win it all -- at this week's ACC Tournament in Greensboro, N.C.

UM (34-19) is seeded sixth out of eight teams at the tournament and will open play Wednesday in Pool B against third-seeded N.C. State at 3 p.m. Thursday at 3, they'll take on No. 2 seeded North Carolina, whom the swept earlier this season. They'll then close out pool play Friday night against 7th-seeded Wake Forest.

The championship game is Sunday at noon.

Pool A consists of top-seeded Florida State, Virginia, Clemson and Georgia Tech.


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good chance of 0-3 the way this team can't hit. wake always seem to do well in these tournaments. hosting a regional is becoming s much a DREAM as omaha. once the goal of hurricanes baseball, has become a very DISTANT DREAM. morris is delusional to think this team even should be considered as a host. actually lucky to make the regionals at all. i hope there is alot of new players next year, experience has not helped this group much at all. the pitching has been decent, otherwise another disappointing season. go canes anyway

Nothing will change until the hobbit in charge of the university is gone.

Canes actually caught a break in their pool...
Pitching becomes big in these post season events...unfortunately so does solid, consistent defense, which the Canes seem to lack at times.
Rain between games would help, allowing our best pitchers a 2nd crack.

I agree with ima writer but also with Mike. This was a break. Much rather be in the pool with the 2 Carolinas rather than FSU and Wake. An UVa. FSU nad UVA may eliminate each other. I dont know. Morris has got to go after this season.period.

This season it looks as if Miami will make the playoffs once again, if they do, they will be in the tournament for the 40th straight year. Morris has never failed to reach the tournament and if you follow college baseball at all there are many very good teams with a high number of losses. Parity in the college game is here to stay.

This team finished 10th in runs scored, 11th in team batting average and 12th in team defense. They still made the ACC tourney, will most likely make the NCAA tourney and won 34 games and had a chance with the stellar pitching to win 40 games and are still ranked in some polls. This may be the best coaching job Morris and his staff have done considering those ACC rankings.

Perez, Broad and Rodriguez must step up at the plate in order for the Canes to win against NC State, UNC and Wake.

If Morris's recruiting class actually signs with the Canes instead of the pros, they will have some excellent help on the way!

Also Peter O'Brien getting hurt changed the season's outlook drastically. Losing that consistency at the plate and at the catching position really hurt. Remember he got hit by a pitch on the wrist late in the third game of the series against Va. Tech.

If he comes back for the tournament this team will have a different look and get a real boost heading into tournament play.

Yo Cane trash

Let me break it down for U maggots.
Mike is right this is all a dream for U girls.
See not so long ago U all were projecting Ur basketball team had to go deep in the crappy ACC tourney or win it all in order to make it to the dance. Now we all know how that turned out, not good news for U.
Yo, now U clUcks are saying the same thing for Ur baseball girls. Realize U are #6 out of 8 teams for a reason. U aint that good fools.
So dreaming of winning the tourney and hosting a regional is just a very bad wet dream.
IF U make it to a regional U WILL have to travel and U WILL be promtly sent home from such an event.
Someone said a few weeks ago U might as well get some Disney tix to have some fun on Ur way down from getting pasted either in Tally or G ville. Good idea clUcks.
The bad news is that in baseball, just like in basketball, U clUcks don't have a prayer.
The good news is that Golden Retriever just landed Ur next savior QB due to arrive in 2013 and U can start booking that trip to the ACC ship and beyond. Only Morons from Miami will believe that.
Bunch of pathetic LOOSERS!

This is a Miami Hurricanes blog, and there is a perfectly working Gator blog lacking in these intellectual comments from gatorspammer and his alterego canetrash. How many comments does he have in Gator Clause this week, you reasonably ask? None. The canes live in his brain, 9am, 9pm, even on weekends. Yet ZERO comments in the same newspaper over where Gator comments are expected. Sick monster is obsessed with all things Canes, comes over to insult Paul Dee on the day his death was announced, and then whines if anyone proves his comments to be lies.

Posted by: gatorsam | May 18, 2012 at 01:58 PM
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61 posts in the previous thread, 11 of them from the obsessed troll gatorspammer.
His lies got exposed, and his claim that he was here because we were in gator clause got disproven, again.

he even makes some disgusting comment about his own mother that we didn't need to read here. Truly deserves to be banned for such garbage.

So, to summarize:

61 total posts in a thread about Olsen.
11 from gatorspammer under his main ID.
14 responses catching him in his lies, asking why is he spamming us with lies about pickup trucks and gator tennis and FSU and some fake SEC title, begging him to show some class and leave his trolling to Gator Clause where it belongs.
7 from gatorspammer under a different ID.
14 congratulating Olsen with no mention of the Gators.
7 followup comments to those.
Over 40% of the comments are Gatorsam and responses to his sick trolling. Add in his other comments using other IDs, and it gets to over 50%. Far too much for one troll to deserve.

Read slowly, gatorsam.
You do not belong here.
We are not your rivals.
We are not in your conference.
You have a blog just for your own self.
Your lies and haterd are not appreciated.
Your trolling is unwanted.
Don't go away mad, troll, just... GO AWAY.

Stupid troll, who owns the NCAA record for consecutive playoff APPEARANCES IN BASEBALL?

1. Miami
2. Florida
2. Cal St. Fullerton
3. Long Beach State
4. Texas

The answer is 1. And it will remain 1. And nothing you do here will change that. Florida is nowhere NEAR reaching that record, so just give up your trolling now and save your hand from carpal tunnel.

Yo cane pig, aka, zerozip, aka this clown again

Where were the cane softball girls? Not in the tourney? Not in the mix?
By Ur definition it's better that way, none of Ur teams are competitive, none make the postseason, that way U don't lose or choke. Darn it Einstein Ur so smart. It's better to sUck real bad so U won't lose in the postseason, lest some loser form an inferior team calls U a choker. Only form the pea sized brain from a Moron in Miami.
Just like Gator baseball last year, beat the sorry canes in the Regional and lost game 7 in the CWS, however cane baseball was spared of choking, right?
Makes tons of sense. Just like Gator tennis just eliminated the cane team, spared them canes from choking in the finals. WOW what logic! Dumb cane logic that is.
Ur only competitive team is girls basketball, and I believe they did choke in their tourney.
Yo cane pig, U are so smart. Stick to the God discussion it is the less stupid of Ur two arguments.

Bunch of pathetic LOOSERS!

what??????? the gator girls choked again?

UF chokes again? Is that news?

USF beats mighty UF in softball?

According to gatorsam, they owned the capital one cup. What? Not this year?

Why? cause they choked? hey the baseball team will choke again. Mark my words. they have been ranked 31-3 all year long. They lost to Samford last week. Mississipi State twice .

mark my words. Another GAAAAAG in the horizon for the mughty gators.
The Linda Lovelace trophy is yours

Yo No Mo Titles

Seems to me Ur the one obsessed with gatorsam, why is he inside Ur little head maggot? U keep saying he lies and is hateful, Ur the one lying dUmmy.
Pointing out how delUsional and obsessed U maggots are is not hate.
And U keep bringing up stats form ancient times, Yo go look in the mirror fool, Ur teams sUck, all of them not just football.
Yo doUchebag go pop on that DVD, go find Ur time machine to go back to a time when U were any good.
Yo dUmmy it's 2012 not the 90s. U haven't won squat in a decade.
Yo fool be happy Ur Golden Retriver went out and fetch U a QB for 2013. Maybe he can do something for ya.
"Wait til 2013, we will be back then, thatOlson kid is sooo good, U will see"

Bunch of pathetic LOOSERS!

Remember when the Capitol One Cup was considered better than the Heisman?

No? Neither does the rest of the world outside of an obsessed troll in his multiple IDs.

I had three posts in the previous thread, one commenting to gatorsam. You might want to look in the mirror, torll. Better yet, go to Gator Clause where the morons will agree with you no matter what you write.

Don't leave mad, just leave.

Yo cane pig zerobrains

If U aint got girls softball thats Ur problem not mine, but the point is the same. Ur just too dUmb to know any better.

Yo check it out, my original post was about sorry cane baseball, U know, what this thread is about.
Gave U the facts and pointed out Ur folly. Yet U came up with girls softball to try and make a stupid point, which U aint got.
So U cna't refute my facts, change the subject and can't even come up with an intelligent point. U be a total loser son, a real scUmbag!

Yo No Mo Titles
Only the Morons in Coral Gables don't know about the Capital One Cup. Just like U don't know about the ACC championship game, or the BCS, or the big dance( and that's not the Senior Prom U couln't get a date for dUmmy). CaneclUck don't know what they can't achieve.

Bunch of pathetic LOOSERS!

Whatever, gatorsam, whatever.

the last word in your comment explains alot trash. only it should be trailer trash, or traylore so you will recognize the word. waste of a skolership i gess. GO CANES

ha!...good to see he's STILL obsessed with EVERY SINGLE thing that's 'Canes!

Yo Cane trash

Yo mikey chill out, just having fun with ya. Don't be a sore LOOSER. U little loser.
Yo jerseyshorelowlife, not obsessed just pointing out Ur folly and laughing at ya.
Wanna talk baseball clUcks, don't blame ya. Not much to talk about. Tell me how U gonna win the ACC tourney and host a regional.
Get Ur Disney tix ready.

Bunch of pathetic LOOSERS!

CANES are having a down year, again. You know things are not going well when your "catcher" (Kennedy and otehrs) is hitting .184 with 5 extra-base hits and 4 RBI's for a season. I find this unacceptable.

what's up trashman. i am yaking your advice, and chillin'. one thing though, i really don't like the tragic kingdom much. so enjoy minnie alone. or do you prefer mickey? i guess when the banjo plays, either will do. it's vacation time for me, off to somewhere north and cooler. maybe a ride in my stratos and a little fishin while i'm chillin'. SEE YA GO CANES

Yo Cane trash

Glad to know U enjoy some down time Mikey. The reference to Disney is for Ur enjoyment on the long bus ride down from N Florida. U know the one right after Ur baseball team gets dumped AGAIN from the regionals up north.
I don't care much for M. Mouse myself, Ur name sake Mikey.
So enjoy Ur vacation up north, when U get back U will find Ur baseball team still stinks, probably will get bounced off the ACC tourney very early, and if lucky to make a regional it will be either Tally or G-ville, where the real teams reside.
U will also find Ur football clUcks making noise about being so "U tough", and how this time it's different and they are "back". Just get ready for the losing come the fall.
Bunch of pathetic LOOSERS!

Canes JIM MORRIS REALLY REALLY NEEDS to go!! I've seen the WORSE Coaching (if you really want to call this crap "Coaching") this year!! They GAVE the game away to NC state earlier. They sure don't teach mental to their players. TERRIBLE COACHING!! GET RID OF HIM, NOW!!!!!

chuck is right, encinosa has given at least 4-5 games away in the 9th this year WHY is he in there when it counts. morris showed pure ignorance to the using of what talent is on the team. FIRE MORRIS NOW

You last two posters: championship game

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