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Former athletic director Paul Dee passed away Saturday night

Sad news regarding former Canes athletic director Paul Dee, who passed away Saturday night at age 65.

Dee was UM's AD for 15 years before stepping down in 2008. Dee, who was about as passionate about the Hurricanes' athletic program as anybody who held the post, recently had been hospitalized for cancer treatment. He also had open-heart surgery in 2008.

When he became athletic director in 1993, he inherited a program facing NCAA violations and succeeded in cleaning it up with coach Butch Davis. Dee then oversaw UM's move from the Big East Conference to the Atlantic Coast Conference and helped the school build an on-campus basketball arena as well as new practice facilities and Cobb Stadium.

Dee was also in charge, though, when Ponzi schemer and rogue booster Nevin Shapiro got involved with players and gave them illegal benefits. The program is still awaiting word from the NCAA on future penalties it may face because of it.


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Condolences to the Dee family and may he RIP!

condolences to his family. RIP a true cane that bled green and orange through and through. Though he graduated from florida, when he moved to Miami he realizd where it was at. He became a cane and never looked back.

'cause its a canes thang. None of you all haters will ever understand. RIP Paul Dee

Yea, where would Miami be without it's 'haters'?

"Jacorry had 4. Count them 4 years to prove himself. 3 bowls. several big games. He had a stage last year to show NFL coaches what he could do. He failed miserably. He has a weak arm. He cant read off defenses. He telegraphs and lockls on his passing targets. He cannot check down on his progeressions. No cool cat he cant run. He can slide though. He cant take a hit. He is no leader either. He always has excuses. He brought out the race card and was tweeting and texting to the opposing QB the day before a big game."

Dee was a Cane all the way.

This blog should be dedicated solely to the passing of a man that was part of the Hurricane Family. Some of you just don't get it.

My condolences to the Dee family.

RIP Paul Dee!

First class individual...if it was not for Paul's perseverance, the BankUnited Center would not have been built

Fans like these, wrong place for this.
Paul Dee thanks for all you did.

Thanks Paul for just being.

RIP Paul Dee. Condolences to the whole family

RIP Mr. Dee.

RIP Paul Dee.

Condolences to the family, and thank you, Paul, for all the good things you made happen at UM...

Mr. Dee was a true GATOR through n through. U were nothing before he babysat Ur Athletics at duh U and Ur back to being nada after he left.

Now U won't have him to help soften the sanctions when the NCAA hammers U in a few months... sUcks for U.

R.I.P. GATOR Dee and all Canes present pathetic athletic teams.

Fans like these, and what can you do moron.

RIP Paul Dee. Condolences to your family.

RIP Paul Dee,

Great job building up the teams, winning titles in multiple sports, and doing it with class.

As for the weirdo that tries to take the death of a human being and use it for their fake internet rivalry (like he has done in the past) if he is such a Gator then go mourn his passing on Gator Clause where you belong.

RIP Paul Dee
Thanks for all you did at the U and in the Miami community.
As for the haters. To bring your hate to this story is sad. Push away from the computer, and find your life again. Your hate is consuming you.


ZERO TITLES.... nothing

21 ain't goin' b no diffrunt

What a hot mess u are

He's lucky to have made it to 50 with them jowls.

On behalf of real University of Florida Alumni, supporters and students our heartfelt sympathies to Mr. Dee's family and friends.

gatorsame, we have already seen what "University of Florida Alumni, supporters and students" have to say about the death of Paul Dee. Jokes about his death, about how many pallbearers he will need, and how stock in Burger King is dropping, THAT is your school's legacy when it comes to comments on here, not your lame attempt to patch it up after the fact from a different ID. AllTimeLow is right, yet wrong. It is a low for some, but from you it is the same old stuff, no different from the comments about Pata and Brown.

Take your trolling back to Gator Clause where it belongs. Today is a day of mourning, not a day for your fake internet rivalry.

"Fans like these" you are a douche. what does jacory have to do with this post?

The quote about Jacory is from 5>3>2 from the last post.

The point is that he's one of the 'haters' that he thinks will never understand. He doesn't understand.

Dee had an opportunity to re-hire Butch Davis after Coker was fired, but Dee had a personal vendetta gainst Davis and hired Shannon. Thank you Dee for hiring Shannon which set the U back for years. You and your boss "THE TROLL" Shalaya have suceeded in ruining the U's football program. I shed no tears for either of them!

I think Paul Dee would be amused by the banter here...it is what makes rivalries so much fun!

Stay classy Five Titles. We will hold this off for another day. Inappropriate for today.

Exactly. In fact, you can hold off your trolling for all days.

Paul Dee was not perfect. But he was one of ours, and deserves our respect.

Basketball team has their own stadium thanks to him, football team recovered from sanctions to become the best team this state has EVER seen thanks to him.

Yes, he hired Coker and Shannon, but both were our own coordinators and looked like good hires at the time.


"Fans like these" You are a doosh. You are mad because someone spoke of the many truths about jacorry Harris. What- just because we are canes fans we cant criticize players who s-kked a55??

But This blog is about Mr Dee- and no he wasnt a true gator. he was a true cane. he got two degrees from the U- you never heard of him going back to trashville did you? There are many reasons why he didnt. He did more good than bad here. Not all good things last forever. And yeah maybe he made some mistakes but who can cricitize the dynasty that Miami built from 2000- 2005?

Jacory Harriswas not perfect. But he was one of ours, and deserves our respect.

Fans like these and golden era are one in the same
What should we respect about jokecorey

should we respect that he was texting Terrel Pryor the day of teh Ohio State game in Columbus? You think he wanted in on the tatoo parlor deal?

Should we respect the interception he thre against USF on that disgusting ill advised pass?

Should we respect the 3 ints he threw against OSU? Or the 4 he threw against ND?

Should we respect his whining about racist comments that were thrown his way?

His wayyy too premature talkj about showong up inNY to the Heisman ceremony wearing a pimp suit?

His sideline demeanor when he was down-You remeber- when he would go in a corner by himself and sulk after he threw a pick six?

Should we respect the Kansas State game when he could have taken the game into his own hands and gotten that 1.5yards come hel--l or high water?

I'm sorry. I was a huge Jacorry fan after the Duke game when he was a true freshman and he bailed Marve out, and won the game. I 100% suppoorted him initially but he was arrogant, refused to learn, refused to progress and it was sadly obvious that he put 0% work in the summer showing up at 190 lbs his sophomore year 195 his junior year and 197 his senior year. SOAKING WET.


532. All excellent points. Jokecorey was a bust


Thanks for your passion and the memories. Cane Nation appreciates you. Rest.

GO DEE!!!!


Thanks for your passion and the memories. Cane Nation appreciates you. Rest.

GO DEE!!!!


Nice try, not my words people. Today is the first time I have looked at this blog in awhile. Been under the weather for a couple of weeks. I have nothing positive to say about Paul Dee. I pity the schools that hired him. Good bye Paul Dee, hello to the ADs that want to work. LETS DO THIS!!!!


U Canes starting to realize what it was like back in 1976-82 ?

Thank you Paul Dee ... U saw "it"

Key Biscayne summer back in '69

Yaaaaaaaah, KB in '69. What is a 50 something loser doing posting on here, Pig? Go take your mess and wipe the crust out of your ears you dumb cracker.

Part of why this Pig is so bitter is because the world he knew changed and he can't handle it.

Ain't that right, Pig?

FSU (for regular readers of this blog, FSU is UM's rival on the football field)'s president released a list of pros and cons to leaving the ACC for the Big 12.

Wound up with 4 pros, 7 longer cons, among them that they would 'lose our rivalry with the University of Miami'.

Real recognize real.

Y'all should be ashamed you pay so much attention to the Florida freakin' Gators and this stupid internet rivalry.

Golden era- youo mustve been born 12 years ago. UM and UF have always been frea-kin rivals. Since 1935. the Indian Canoe trophy went to the winner of this hated yearly rivalry. That is... Till The weenie gatrs backed out. we know Jeremy aka Bubba Foley is scrred to play the U year in year out. Instaed they scheduled Furman. No. FAU. No UAB. But the rivalry here is due to trolls posting smak that many of us unfortunately cant help but respond to. mea culpa. the 2 are rivals. Only a moron would not know that. The U hates UF and UF hates the U. period. Thats the way of nature. Like lions and hyenas. Cobras and mongooses.

Miami is the Lion and the Mongoose.

The Gators are the whiny hyenas and the slimy snakes.

Just in case anyone was confused on that.

Born 26 years ago but close enough - I've only seen 5 UM-UF games in my lifetime to 30 odd UM-FSU games.

Don't kid yourselves though, if there was a FSU blog and not a UF blog on this website there would be UM and FSU Trolls instead of UM and UF Trolls talking to each other all day.

Has nothing to do with football. Nothing.

There is a UF blog on this website, but their people haven't used it in a month. They prefer to come over here to the fun side of the island and try to ruin it for us.

I had to bury my grandmother saturday also. So R.I.P. Grandma and Paul Dee... THE []_[]!!!

Dee was great for the U.Very enthusiastic and loved being a Cane.Represented Miami well.Very involved and capable and did much for the U.Condolences to his family.

I'm glad your dead Paul Dee. Karma is awesome, you screwed USC and now you got screwed yourself. This is awesome, I don't believe you should RIP, I hope you suffer in the after life.

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