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Happy 22nd birthday, Jacory. UM Canes former QB signs rookie free agent contract with Eagles; and congrats to the new UM grads

I'm happy for Jacory Harris, who signed a rookie free agent contract with the Philadelphia Eagles, as announced by the Eagles on Friday.

With Harris' signing, the Eagles reached their 90-man limit.

It's Jacory's 22nd birthday today as he starts rookie mini-camp, and I hope he does well.

Harris went undrafted recently, but at least he can now say he had a shot, no mater how daunting it seems it will be for him to turn heads among a crowded Eagles quarterback group that includes Michael Vick, Mike Kafka, Trent Edwards and third-round draft pick Nick Foles from the University of Arizona.

Harris, 6-4 and 195 pounds, passed for 8,826 yards, completed 60 percent of his passes and threw 70 touchdowns passes in his UM career. Unfortunately, as we all know too well, he also threw 48 interceptions.

Last season, Harris threw for 2,486 yards with 20 touchdowns and nine picks.

He finished his career ranked second in school history in both yards and touchdowns, behind Ken Dorsey (9,486 yards; 86 touchdowns).

I just got off the phone with Rodney Harris, Jacory's dad.

"He's real good. Cory doesn't get down about a whole lot of things,'' Rodney said. "He stays positive and upbeat.

"He's really excited. He has to be. All he ever wanted was an opportunity. If we feel he could get into a good system, he'll have a good shot of making someone's team.''

Joining Harris at camp will be Eagles draft pick Brandon Washington, a former teammate of his at Miami Northwestern High, as well as Canes tight end Chase Ford. Former Canes running back Graig Cooper will also be on the minicamp roster as a free agent.

Harris graduated in December in sports administration. He's not even talking about what happens if he doesn't make an NFL roster.

"That'll be Plan B,'' Rodney Harris said. "Cory said take care of Plan A first and then we won't have to rely on Plan B. Plan A is focusing on making that football team with Philadelphia."

So, in closing, Happy Birthday Jacory, and good luck to all the Canes out there trying to make teams.

"He's probably going to be busy all day today so we'll send him a little text or note saying that we miss him,'' Harris' dad said. "We're very proud of him."

2012 UM Hurricanes graduates

Also, congratulations to the 44 student-athletes who received their degrees Friday at UM! They include 13 football players -- newly drafted receiver Tommy Streeter among them.

Women's Basketball

Sylvia Bullock
Shenise Johnson

Men's Basketball
Reggie Johnson
DeQuan Jones
Trey McKinney Jones
Ryan Quigtar

Travis Benjamin
Ramon Buchanan
Cameron Dean
Chase Ford
Sean Goldstein
Jeremy Lewis
Andrew Smith
Tommy Streeter
Andrew Swasey
Vaughn Telemaque
Kendal Thompkins
David Thompson
Jake Wieclaw

Women's Golf
Patty De Arana
Jennifer Hirano




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Why should anone congratulate any of the CANE football graduates. Congratulate them for what? For embarrasing losses against FSU, USF, Fl. How about congratulating them for never finishing the season in the top 5, never even playing in the Acc Championship game. They should be ashamed of themselves for embarrasing the U and us great fans. No EXCUSES, JUST CHAMPIONSHIPS!!!

As much as Miami's spoiled brat local fan base likes to dump on Miami's players, Jacory Harris gave everything he had for UM. Real UM fans and alumni will always be grateful for his four years here - best of luck Jacory!

markdrebin - kindly stop following my team.

Jacory thanks you for your efforts and good luck in your future endeavors.


markdrebin getting a new car:


Good luck Jacory.

they beat FSU with jacory at qb 1 or 2 times. cant remember. Beat USF I think 3 of 4 times also. Only lost 1 time to FLA when thy were all freshman. and we have had a coaching change. ala was losers for a long time until a good coach came. give it a rest. U is on the way back

Jacory - Hold your head high. You are talented and no one can take that away from you! We watched you being sabotaged with coaching changes, as they constantly shifted the foundation under you and expected you to perform as if nothing was happening! We actually saw that! So go forth now with God's blessings and do what God placed in your heart for you to do! Remember, with God, ALL things are possible! Thank you for all you've given to The U and suffered at the hands of others. God Bless you and your family!

dom- ok. Fair enough.

The Jacorry era is now officially over at the U. He has a shot. He doesnt make the eagles roster, there will be no more excuses, like racist tweets etc. Jacorry is second to Ken Dorsey, ok. Butr he is first in ints. First in almost has beens, near misses, and one should only look at the one stat that gator fans, the media and ESPN all quote about Tim Tebow- THAT he is a "winner" since Tebow lacks all of the fundamentals to be agood NFL QB. Jacorry cant even say that. He was 0-3 in bowls as a starter, and regardless of the fact that he had 2 head coaches and 3 OCs, he was 29-22 at Miami or 22-16 if you only include his last 3 years.That and his # of ints says it all. Plus, he threw critical ints at the worst possible moments against hated rivals. Most of is best games were against the likes of Duke or UVa.I can only think of 3 games out of all of his UM games when he actually made me cheer for him and those were the games that kept me believing in him:

vs UVa as a freshman when he brought us back from certain defeat with about 2 min left in the game

vs Duke as a freshman when he did the same. Miami was a bout to lose to Duke but he brought us back

vs FSU in 2009 when he mounted an excellent come back anbd drive at the end

vs Oklahoma in 2010 when despite throwing to ridiculously bad ints to begin the game, he composed himself and won the game.

Other than that he was an expert at ripping our cane hearts out; Ohio state, FSU, UVs, Clemson, UNC, va Tech, The 3 bowls, USF, Notre Dame...

Good luck Jacory

Something tells me that J-55 will be working with the Eagle's Defensive-Backs ...

2012 UM Hurricanes graduates

Congratulations to the 44 student-athletes who received their degrees Friday at UM!


And not a single Conference Championship among them ...

Calling it as It Is: Thank you. But U left out that stupid QB shuffle against FSU. And J12 came from a spread O at NW. And then there was Nix! Yikes!!!

J12 can make it and last for a few years in the NFL if he plays like he did when winning the QB job against Rob "I am entitled and RS should know it" Marve. J12 can throw and he ain't a bad runner. Some coach, somewhere will show and tell him when to throw and when to not throw, something that was rarely done at UM.

Benjamin, Streeter and Miller will be just fine, too.

Hey 5-3-2: I don't want to get ahead of matters, so can U please explain the Dorsey mention in your above post? U are putting Ken "the 7th round (49ers) and already from CA" Dorsey in the same sentence as J12.

Why, Sir?

Easy cool cat, Dorsey was twice the qb jokecorey could ever dream to be.
Unfortunately jokecorey is near where I live, can't wait for him to choke in philly

ltcdolphin - kindly stop following my school. Thanks.

Ken Dorsey and Jacory Harris were both tremendous college quarterbacks. Had Harris been in Dorsey's situation and vice versa I think they could have reversed each other's successes.

Neither one had the arm strength for the pro game but that's no reason we can't appreciate what they did in college.

Cool Cat - if you're trying to say Ken Dorsey wasn't a great college quarterback then frankly you're nuts.

'can't wait for him to choke in philly'

ltcdolphin gets his new car:


Best of luck JH and to all the grads! Go 'Canes!

Maybe the Eagles can bring out the real Jackory that we couldn't. Remember what Green Bay did with Shields.

The fake online lawyer website is still crawling with viruses. If your smart don't go on her hacked and virus infected web site. Your hard drive will be wiped clean and infected.

I guess that's what happens to skanky gross fake online lawyers.

WARNING: stay away from the infected and perverted blog

J12....Happy Birthday....I don't think last year was a fluke (except for last game). You did play better under more "stable" circumstances and better coaching. Statistically....second best ever at UM....that says it all. Good luck in PHILLY...if now was ever the time to eat a gallon of your favorite ice cream per day....now is the time. All you need is weight....plain and simple. Weight....plus a strong back and lats = more stability and stronger arm. Please get in the gym and squat, squat, squat.....strenthen your base (legs) as well. Godspeed.

cool cat- You say Jacorry can run? Where? To the kitchen at popeyes?

I recall he had 1.5 yds to go against KSU. Game on the line. Game on his shoulders. Ol' skinny legs takes the hand off. runs to his elft. keeps running. Former cane ArthurBrown chases him. Jacoory stretche, but in his choking pathetic Miami NW way (you know the spread offense and all)- he touches his knee instead of diving head first. No TD.

Give me 1 Billion Ken Dorseys in the 7th round to 1 dumb a55 no can read a defense interception machine no drafted charity free agent jacorry Harris.

cool cat- you are a racist pig and I dont care what anyone says about my prevo=ious comments toward you because you are the racist. Jacorry had Travis Benjamin, Leonard Hankerson, Tommy Streeter, Lamar Milelr, Javarris James, all played in the NFL- and he still went 9-4, 7-6, 6-6 as a starter, and he took money from Nevin Shapiro- was that also Nix's fault?

Just stfu you dumb a55

from where U used to be ...

where Ur @

might as well be 1976

any of U dUmb ClUcks remember Carney @ Q.B. ?

thought naUght

First of all golden it's not your school. Secondly jokecorey is a joke as his name suggests. And finally he has two chances of even making the beagles, and half of that combo did not show up. Others get it about jokecorey, like all nfl teams on draft day, wake up

No, no, no my friend, it's not YOUR school.

No one's saying Harris is an NFL quarterback besides crazy old cool cat. All I'm saying is that fans like you and markdrebin are entitled, spoiled little brats who scream at the top of their lungs and dump on UM's players when they don't get what they want.

ltcdolphin explains what he and markdrebin were trying to say:


Hope you get a good shot with the Eagles, Jacory. You deserve it.

Good luck Jacorry. I thought you were awesome. Pull a Sam Shields and show these haters wrong at the next level.

What Golden era Cane said 10x. Congatulations to all Cane student athletes for graduating from the number one rated University in our State. Good luck in the future. Jacory had an excellent year. Hope he makes it in Philly.

ha ha ha ha ha ha. Sam Shields was an athlete. 4-2, 4-3 speed. Comparing what he did withJacorry is funny. Jacorry had 4. Count them 4 years to prove himself. 3 bowls. several big games. He had a stage last year to show NFL coaches what he could do. He failed miserably. He has a weak arm. He cant read off defenses. He telegraphs and lockls on his passing targets. He cannot check down on his progeressions. No cool cat he cant run. He can slide though. He cant take a hit. He is no leader either. He always has excuses. He brought out the race card and was tweeting and texting to the opposing QB the day before a big game. What else should I mention?

I think cool cat is still stuck on Jacorrys Miami NW days. Sorrty to dissapoint you cool cat. D-1 and NFL players are just as fast and big.

And by the way cool cat. Dorsey maybe from California, but he is right here in florida right now. Coaching high school in Sarasota. UM should hire him as QB coach. UM has never had a smarter QB than Dorsey. Sure he had oodles of weapons. But how many mistakes did he make that lsot games? How many pick sixes did he have? He lost 2. Thats right 2 games a a starter. Inmy book won 2 national championships. There is no comparison. So stop with that nonsense

Oh poor golden I did not say it was my school but thanks for your imput. But I dare say since 1955 I've been part of that school more than you have been alive.

Well, on the positive, Jacory finished his degree, completed his eligibility (a mixed blessing) and gave us some great moments. His inconsistency was unacceptable and hurt the team. Losing has to become more painful for him, in spite of his great overall attitude, if he is to grow as a player.

He will have a tough time with veteran Trent Edwards,
Northwestern rookie Mike Kafka (a real hard-nosed gamer) and Arizona rookie Nick Foles, a big kid with a strong arm who is a definite NFL style prospect.

That said, Michael Vick could well "go to the dogs" (pun intended) after being disappointing last year.

So, who knows? If Jacory can make the practice squad, he might get the chance to develop strengh and consistency. He will have to run the ball when opportunity presents itself, and be resilient enough to take hits from NFL LBs and DBs.

So, I wish his well in what will be a tough struggle.

I was a 5-Star QB in HS and I sucked for the Turds!
Did I get drafted or sign as a free agent anywhere?


Furman you are such a freaking idiot, go post your dribble elsewhere.
I agree with dbc, the Eagles have a few QBs who seem to be much better than Jacory. Franlky I'm surprised Jacory was signed at all. He failed miserably in college as has been already documented here. Besides he is very frail and would not survive a few good NFL licks. I don't care how much ice cream he eats or how many squats he does, he doesn't have the NFL build.
5>3>2 said it, this dude had a bunch of weapons during his 4 year career and still could not get it going. Good thing he's not @ The U anymore.

Furman is that same Gators Troll trying to get someone to agree with him so he can point out Brantley signed with the Ravens

GOOD RIDDENTS!!! Besides losing the orange bowl jacory was THE worst thing that has happened to THE U!! Add him to the list of guys that were overrated and never panned out; i.e. Brock Berlin, Frank Costas, Kyle Wright, Jarrett Payton, etc... I thank jacory for one thing only ..."Leaving"!! Goodbye jacory and never come back please, i dont even see you making the team in Philly!!!

in response to 5>3>2....U are so correct! Right on the money! I totally agree!!!

ltcdolphin - michael said it perfectly for you, 'good riddents' to Jacory.

You all may have been spoiled little brat bandwagoners that dump on Miami's players before I was born but you're no college football fans. You could never understand what it means to have pride in your alma mater and to respect the players who dedicate their college experience to playing for your school. Or maybe you can - does Miami Dade Community College have an athletic program?

Go follow the Globetrotters if you hate Miami's players so much, you all are the reason Miami is the worst fan base in the country.

Golden grow up, spell check got him. But maybe he was right because jokecorey and some of his compatriots were rats, like forston and AJ.
If you can take pride in jokecorey then so be it. He did get a degree but he was an awful leader and football player.
I like many can discern good football players from goof players like jokecorey. Where do you fit??

congratulations to all the 44 student athletes who received their degrees. Great job even though there was no championships. We are all proud of you for the good work.

I recognize players limitations but RESPECT every single player that dedicates themselves to my school's football team regardless of how they perform.

It's called being a fan.

And spell check doesn't turn words that are spelled correctly into nonsense.

Respect is an earned commodity of which jokecorey gave the U none. His final game was an exclamation of the sustain he had for coaches, fellow players, and fans.
Looking at your comments and spell check is doing exactly what you say.

See there's spell check distain to what came out.

Your spell checker changed one word to another word, 'riddents' is an embarrassing pneumonic attempt to spell 'riddance' by someone with no higher than a grade school education, like yourself.

Every player who wears the U on the side of his head deserves your respect you entitled little brat. Crying that he didn't win you a championship when he was up at 4:30 AM every weekday for practice - you're probably one of those welfare handout losers, have nothing to be proud of in your life but UM football and you're just bitter that you haven't even had that for the past couple years.

F*ck off. Go follow the Harlem Globetrotters. Or better yet go belittle the Washington Generals for never winning.

Oh what a silver tongued devil you are. Your childish insults show why you think jokecorey was worthy of respect. He was worthy of our distain at the most anything else is a waste of time.
Speaking of a waste of time, you really need to get a life besides worshipping people with a U on a helmet.
Just curious was aj worthy of our respect, he had a U on his helmet?? .

Everyone is worthy of respect you entitled spoiled little brat.

That has got to be the most ignorant comment in awhile on this site. Osama Bin Laden deserved respect according to you. Oh and so does Jeffrey Dalmer in Chicago.

I think the future is bright for Jacory despite the ups and downs at UM. Life is more than just wins and losses. He has his degree in Sports Management and has been signed by the eagles. Who cares if he never plays a single down in the NFL. It's the experience that he gets that will carry him to other jobs such as a coach, a GM, or even a sports agent.

Jacory thanks you for your efforts and good luck in your future endeavors.



Nice try, not my words people. Today is the first time I have looked at this blog in awhile. Been under the weather for a couple of weeks. I have nothing positive to say about jokecory. I pity the team that signed him. Good bye 2008 class, hello to the players that want to work. LETS DO THIS!!!!


Congrats to all the Canes that received their degree. My feelings on Shannon's tenure at the U are known, but he did get the kids to perform in the classroom, unfortunately just not on the field. Wish the best to all the former Canes in their future endeavors!!

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