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Jimmy Johnson joins rare Canes company in College Football Hall of Fame

Former University of Miami head coach Jimmy Johnson was named Tuesday as one of the 17 former players and coaches that will be inducted in the 2012 class of the College Football Hall of Fame.

Jimmy JohnsonJohnson, who compiled a 52-9 record and guided the Canes to the 1987 National Championship, becomes the third coach from UM to earn such an honor, joining Jack Harding (1980) and Andy Gustafson (1985).

Amazing at it sounds, Johnson becomes just the ninth man with ties to UM to be selected into the College Football Hall of Fame joining players Don Bosseler (1990), Ted Hendricks (1987), Gino Torretta (2009), Arnold Tucker (2008), and Bennie Blades (2006) and Russell Maryland (2011) – who both were coached by Johnson.

The program has won five national titles and has produced countless Pro Bowlers and first found picks.

Johnson left UM after the 1988 season to replace Tom Landry as coach of the Dallas Cowboys. His five-year stay in Dallas culminated with back-to-back Super Bowl wins in 1992 and 1993. Johnson is one of just six men to coach consecutive Super Bowl champions.

In 1987 under Johnson, UM went a perfect 12-0 and defeated six nationally ranked teams, including a 20-14 victory over then-No. 1 Oklahoma in the Orange Bowl.

After his team’s win over the Sooners, Johnson said: “We played our way to this championship. We have the best record versus anybody in the country ... We beat Oklahoma three in a row, Florida State and Notre Dame three in a row, Florida a couple.. What is sweetest is that we did it as a team. We lost starters and had other guys come in and played magnificently.”

Including his five seasons as the head coach of Oklahoma State, Johnson’s career collegiate record stands at 81-34-3.


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i don't see the misspelling, so it must have been fixed, or RW is hallucinating.

Conratulations to Jimmy Johnson, who is enjoying the offseason in South Florida with the rest of us, choosing not to go back to Arkansas or Irving.

Might only be nine now, but that number will continue to increase.

Yea, Manny fixed the mistake and deleted the comments about it.

Rightly so, a writer who doesn't know the difference between 'won' and 'one'.


JJ is a true cane. He still bleeds green and orange.

What about Schnellie? Why isnt schnellie in the HOF?

He only retired this year, so he wasn't eligible. At leasst that is how it works in the pros.
Is Paterno in the CFHOF? I dunno, but since he was active, he likely wasn't.

The fake online lawyer with the pot belly needs to moderate a liitle more.

They're making fun of Paul Dee, a true cane, and saying F*** him. The lawyer skank keeps it classy. The guy is not even in the ground and she is giggling along with insults thrown at him by supposedly cane fans. I hope nobody in Dee's family reads her disgusting comment section.

That site is a hot mess anyway since it is infected with viruses that get on your computer.

JJ deserves everything that's he's getting. He had the respect of players and everybody else, minus Tad Foote, the moment he got to campus.

If U could only find somebody like JJ again. Funny thing back then was Foote liked to say that he wanted UM to be the Harvard of the South. The joke was U pay Harvard money, but don't come anywhere near a Harvard education. Is it still that way with DS?

Under JJ UM was feared by E-V-E-R-Y-B-O-D-Y. The first, second,third, fourth, fifth, string was better than good. Cortez Kennedy didn't even play his first year and JJ had the foresight to know that Kennedy was better than good. Pee Wee Smith was an underachiever, but excelled in the CFL. Russ Maryland was undersized at DL, but excelled and the list goes on.

U got to wonder what JJ would've done with Fortson, J12, Ray Ray, Streeter, Miller. Had JJ had those players, just forget it U would just roll over people. Hurley Brown did not play a lot his first year, but was good, too.

And let's not forget Gary Stevens. One of the most underrated college assistant coach in football. He had a try at the pros, but Stevens IS NOT a pro coach.

the Man!

Anytime J.J. began a sentence with, "Well, to be honest with you..."

The next words outta his mouth were sure to be a lie.

I am sure Jimmy has the same opinion of the present lib-loon Sha-la-la as he did of Tad Foote.

Congrats Coach Johnson! Come back to the U and they will build the 'new' Orange Bowl at Tropical Park. You could help raise money along with all our Pro Bowlers.



Anytime Muschump begins a sentence with "duuuuuuuh...."

The next words outta his mouth are sure to be ignorant and incoherent hillbilly babbling.

They have to have the racist Canes1 still posting over there
That guy or girl makes the Gator racist seem almost human
I agree that she is a total skank thats on her back more then shes faking being a lawyer
Lest we forget the other famous blogger who said Oregon was going to win it all this year because they will have a white QB starting for them. It could be Canes1 using his female side for that
She or he also claims that Miami will never win another game as long as they have a black QB on the roster
Dare I say that the Gator troll would be just perfect for that place. Or could it be that one of the three bloggers she has is actually the fake Gator fan posing as the Curse
The dollar store has run out of kegs of clown makeup and perfume. Be extra careful when reading over there. Between the virus and spam she sends anyone thats ever been there you will puke at the sighte of her picture
Make sure to ask that human donut eater bg to tell you about the 500 recruits Miami will be getting this year. I dont know whether to laugh at a 450 lb slob for just being so fat or the fact that fatboy says every recruit is a Miami lock

hey Reality-Check : are you taking any prescription medication?

Reality check is right. Canez1 is a hater and a racist. He is also different. He doesn't have a girlfriend and doesn't date girls. He's obsessed with Jacory Harris. The clues are all there. I also know a guy that lives in his town and swears he's into the men only bar scene.

ongratulations, Jimmy. Wish you were still actively in the mix! Great teams and memories...

Congradulation to the King of Miami

Congrats Coach Johnson! Come back to the U and they will build the 'new' Orange Bowl at Tropical Park. You could help raise money along with all our Pro Bowlers.





Sorry man, the only inbred troll here using my handle is you. You're the only one that continues to bring up the tropical park "idea". Get over it, the hippies will never let it happen. Take down one tree in that park and there will be outrage. Honestly you don't upset me at all. I think it's funny and I'm honored that you want to run around using my handle. I mean why wouldn't it be? You can ask anyone in this blog about me and they'll tell you that I've stuck to my opinions and never faltered in my fanship in anyway whatsoever. I've had my spats with some here only to come to some reasoning so that we can all be on the same page. I've never tried to "change" someone's opinion on a subject, but simply show them another way to look at it and let that person see for themselves. But you are so mesmerized with my fanship that you can't even conjure up anything based on your own opinions. Once again, I'm honored that you want to use my handle. By all means continue since it is very difficult to come up with one of your own. I don't mind sharing. I'm used to being the leader and being followed.

On to something genuinely positive...

Jimmy Johnson entering the College Hall of Fame is well deserved and overdue. Congrats Jimmy to all of your accomplishments and I would like to thank you personally for all of the great memories that you gave everyone in Miami and myself growing up in this great city. Thank you from the bottom of every true Canes fans heart. Cane For Life.

"Someone once asked me about my identification with the University of Miami and I want to make this very clear..."

"My home is South Florida."
"My school is the University of Miami."

Thank you Jimmy for everything. Happy fishing.


Now it's about time to bring Howard in. This should have already have happened. He deserves it as well. I know I'm a homer but I'm being completely realistic right now. His track record speaks volumes. This is something that shouldn't be ignored.


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