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Randy Shannon back in news - he sues University of Miami for money he says it owes him. Oh yes, he wants Sun Bowl bonus! (If only the Canes weren't thumped by Irish)

Former UM football coach Randy Shannon has sued the University of Miami, asking for the money that he claims UM still owes him, relating to his employment.

Shannon, hired by the Hurricanes as head coach in December 2006, was given an extension in May 2010 through Jan. 31, 2014.

But he was fired Nov. 27, 2010.

Shannon's salary was paid to him in four equal installments yearly. His last payment, on Nov. 1, 2010, came before he was fired. According to the lawsuit, UM believes he is not entitled to those last two months for which he was paid (Nov. 28, 2010, until Jan. 31, 2011). So, what UM did to offset the extra two months the school thinks was not rightly his (because he already had been fired), was to reduce his buyout ("fixed sum'') that is given for being fired without cause.

The lawsuit, filed April 27 in the Dade County Circuit Court, contends "there is nothing in the Employment Agreement or Guaranty Agreement that authorizes UM to prorate the guarantee or reduce the amount of Shannon's fixed payment.'' Shannon wants UM to pay "in a lump sum, all past shortages'' in the monthly buyout payments -- with interest -- as well as the approximately two months salary he feels he got shorted.

He also wants the Sun Bowl bonus he earned. After all, it was his coaching that got UM into that bowl. Never mind that UM (especially poor Jacory Harris) was humiliated by the Fighting Irish and that it was Jeff Stoutland who coached them in that bowl, because it was, indeed, Coach Shannon who coached them to that point. I have no idea if Shannon is owed that money, because I'm not a lawyer, and I haven't seen his contract (no salary has been disclosed).

I did reach Randy by phone earlier tonight, but he told me he was "in a conference'' and couldn't talk.

UM won't discuss the case.

All I know is that this stirred up some bad memories from 2010. Some of those losses were maddening (FSU, VA, VT, USF to name some really ugly ones).

The more I think of those days, the more I think Al Golden and his coordinators are integral in bringing this program back. I also wonder how long they'll stay, depending on future circumstances we all are awaiting. Still don't know when the NCAA will decide UM's fate.

UM needs some happy news. How about at least a couple wins against Bethune-Cookman University. At this point even two sounds decent.


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I don't know about the contract and what it says that both parties agreed to and I am by no means a Randy Shannon supporter as our former head coach but Randy is a Cane. Does that mean that I am not going to call it like it is? Hell no. He sucked as a Head Coach and 5>3>2 has some valid points about him. But Shannon was not the worse coach and didn't destroy us. He didn't help all that much but that distinguishing title as worse coach belongs to LARRY COKER. Shannon was not shackled as someone pointed out either. He hired his own coaches and because of his stupid insistance that Jacory Harris be his QB led to his downfall along with his lazyness as a coach. If the school owes the man then pay the man if the contract states that. If not F-off Shannon. And please get off your sensitive ARSE rockers with this whole Roots reference. Who cares. Some people act like somebody committed a crime. Get over yourselves. Oh and the difference between Golden's record and Shannon's record is that you can see the player improvement on the field that will lead to winning season's year after year. Shannon's squads were weak and fragile compared to the squads Golden put out last year and the one we will see this year.

Posted by: championships is all that matters

"the difference between Golden's record and Shannon's record is that you can see the player improvement on the field that will lead to winning season's year after year. Shannon's squads were weak and fragile compared to the squads Golden put out last year and the one we will see this year."

Do you have a crystal ball that tells you the outcome of the coming season?

If you can see the player improvement on the field, how come those players played their worst the last game of the season. If they were improving they should have played a lot better against BC. In reality they looked as bad as Shannon's teams who were famous for getting destroyed in their bowl games.
Golden may or may not work out, so far he hasn't done squat. Stop drinking the kool aid and open your eyes.

Yes, agree cane4life

reality bites- By looking at the final scores against everyone Um played against despite the losses, there was a 4th quarter effort every game, and we were in every single game till the very end. Even in the Maryland game when we were missing 8 starters. But then because we have ZERO quarterbacks we lost. Nonetheless, players never quit on Golden last year like they did on Shannon. Look at the final FSU score 2010 vs 2011. We go to play them at FSU last year and had a chance to win. We coulda shoulda beaten VTech as well. The only head scratcher last year to me was BC. But overaall they imporved dramatically. I'll venture to say that even jacorry improved.

BC was a group of seniors that got screwed out of a bowl game. They lost their motivation for that last game like if a player had died.

But all losses were within one score, and the team beat teams they lost to the year before, so yes, they improved.

KSU was better than expected when they were scheduled, Maryland took advantage of a decimated defense on the road in the coaches' first game, and the suspensions killed us for Maryland.

Better overall performances statwise from the team under Golden, too. Just looking at 6-6 and saying they didn't improve is foolish.

Susan has this right.

LOL @ the excuses for Al. I thought the W/L column is all that mattered? Will he end up being a better coach? Maybe, but we finished 6-6, which is worse than Shannon's last season. Folks come down on RS for playing favorites yet they excuse the fact that Al is doing the same thing. Why post if you are going to be a hypocrite?

miramarcane, great point. there ae no winners. and that includes the university. this is over relatively small money - how and why is it in the news? who is running the show down there at the hecht? the AD...Who??? leadership void..big time.

We were ranked in football in 2009 idiot, 6 years right? wrong.

Leadership void in Athletics! Just needed to re-post as my spelling was poor in my last post---maybe there needs to be some adjustments at The U? What is going on over there??? Where is the administration? where is the leadership? .....maybe they are trying to figure it out or maybe there is a hefty dose of indiffence. Or arrogance? or all of the above.

I'm hungry for tacos and I need another brewski!

Lets out a bounty on the AD!!!

Or steal his ID

or tase him. Or steal his lap top.

Thank you reality bites.

Reality Bites and Tally, there is no crystal ball. I am just intelligent enough to know what a great coach's foundation looks like. Look closer at players body language, do they give up and less at a record and then maybe just maybe U 2 can see what I see. Remember Shannon's famous quote, Duke is a tough place to play and thats all that needs to be said about his head coaching credentials. If that doesn't jog your brain cells then try 45-17 beatdown we got at the hands of FSU two years ago at home. I didn't see any crap like that this past year.

The man gave 15 years of his life to UM football. Just pay the man and lets get on with the new program.

Champ, I mean chump is a clown. Are folks really mad that RS said Duke is a tough place to play? How many coaches do you ever hear dump on their opponent? They are always cordial. What a dumb a&&!

202-no you are the dumba55. What Miami coach would ever say Duke is a tough place to play? There was a time when the question if UM played someone like Duke was how many points above 30 Miami would score and when the 3rd team would be going in! That showed the arrogance, stupidity, poor communication skills (and unwillingness to change) that RS brought to the table.

The body langauage exhibited by the players under RS. The lack of swag (remember even when Coker was around Miami had swag). That ridiculous switching of Marve and Harris. The fact that directly because of him UM lost 3 or 4 QBs that could have been developed. Instead we were left with Harris, True Freshman Morris, and Spence Whipple..Don't you recall that UVa game when Whipple went in and between and Morris they threw like 4 ints?

But the worse thing was game time coaching. RS had abloutely no clue how to manage the time outs, the clock, the team. It all began when UM l;ost to Virginia and THE lost to Virginia on the last game at the OB. Just for that, RS should actually PAY the U. That was an embarassment beyond words. It insulted every single Miami player and fan going back to 1935. Really? UVA? How many did they paste on us 45? And it was ALL on Shannon. Period. The other was the 45-17 destruction by FSU at home with like 200 recruits preent in the stadium. Miami and the interception machine came out like they had all been up at Club Liv till 4am the night before. Maybe they were. And finally, the USF game that he lost. Whipple also gets blame, but the coach is the first one to be assigned blame. Miami had the game won. All we needed was a a field goal, or at the very least punt and you make USF go the full field to tie. But he allowed. Yes allowed Jacorry to throw a pick that was almost a pick six, and allowed a walk on freshman to drive the whole field. AS HEAD COACH HOW DO YOU NOT TAKE THE REIGNS AWAY FROM A COORDINATOR WHO ISNT DOING THE JOB?

Shannon was a UM playere during the days of swag. Look at film and he did dances after an int, etc. Then he turns around and becomes an ogre, a militaristic dictator with no personality as a head coach. He caused division s in the team, he played preferentiual treeatments, and alienated area high school coaches by playing paddy cakes with his chosen ones at Miami NW. Yopu all say he was a cane and this and that that he gave 15 years to the U- Yeah but he took it all away in the 5 years he was here, and he sh*t all over the program in the process, thereby forfeiting his classification as a lifelong cane. I say all of this based on interviews with former players, and area high school coaches after Shannon was fired. It is all a FACT.
Top it off- he is now suing his alma mater. Hey- that dont mean sh*t- if you recall, Sh*tiro's attorney, that Maria Perez or whatever is a UM alumn.


UM has got to be one of the worst schools in handling the hiring, retaining and firing of coaches..Pay RS, you facking idiots!!! BTW, Tebow plays with webos..

Damn, you typed a lot just to say nothing.. Be gone, you maggot..

Brevard County Libraries pull popular book 'Fifty Shades Of Grey'

Religious nutjobs hard at work. Don't read or think about anything unless it comports with my moral views based on my interpretation of what my fake god wants based on a 1 st century text written by the ignorant.

Bravo, religios pea brains. Typical.

202cane fan- Big man you are when someone disagrees with you. Sure you arent a pu55ie gator fan disguised as a cane fan?

Randy Shannon also wants the Sun Bowl bonus. Many of you say, pay the man. Are you all smoking crack?

Let's see, he does get Miami to a bowl by losing the last game against USF. Miami, under RS wins at least 7 games so they do go to a bowl. In effing El Paso by the way.

Yes Shannon gets fired, but the kids he supposedly recruited and "coached" (that term loosley used) went on to lay a major egg against hated rival Notre Dame, who picked our defense apart with a freshman QB in Tommy Reese. And one of the Northwestern boys, Brandon Harris got schooled and played with by Michael Floyd. Furthermore, Jacoory Harris looked like he got paid to lose the game and Tommy Streeter showed the woulda coulda shouldas had he been used properly the previous 3 years.

No. Randy Shannon doesnt deserve the Sun Bowl money. Be gone.

What is "deserved" and what is contractually required are two different concepts and not always compatible. Your argument is a lot of window dressing that does nothing to argue one way or the other over what the school and RS agreed to in writing.

Gotta pay the man. Honor the contract and move on.

Who among you have seen the contract? I agree Shannon doesn't deserve squat and that he was a terrible coach. I know all those losses championships mentions were terrible and gut wrenching. Now IF he is owned money per the contract, he needs to be paid. The fact that we are all arguing this here goes to show the administration has dropped the ball and has no clue Someone said UM has done a terrible job in hiring and retaining coaches lately and i would have to agree. I am not in love with Golden, like many of you seem to be. I don't think his first season was anything to get exited about. I hear a lot of excuses for his losses and that he showed lots of improvement. I don't see it and again I go back to his last game when his team collapsed just like Shannon's. If we would have won his last game and still finished 6 - 6, then there would be concrete proof that his team had improved. I believe the last game of the year is that important in setting the tone for the upcoming season specially with a team such as ours, that has struggled for the past few seasons.
Either way I prefer not to be in the news when it reflects poorly on the program. Pay Shannon and move on.

Miranare cane. Have the faith in Shannon as a man that he would not have resorted to the law if he had not been forced to. We shall see.
Your vision in Golden I believe is wrong. That last game can and should be laid directly at jokecoreys feet. He reverted to his awful style of him first and doing what he wants and not what he should have done. What a sorry excuse for a senior leader. And the fact that no team is willing to sign him speaks volumes.

You all think the UM powers that be aren't smart enough to know that there is no way they could get away with NOT paying the man if the contract so stipulated? You all think that they wanted a legal fight on their hands after all of the negative publicity? If you answer yes, then, you, especially 202cane are not very smart.

Anyone can sue anyone for anything- look at the Mcdonalds coffee thing. please. Shannon is probably broke a55 now because no one will hire him, his money is running out, and he'd rather pay a lawyer 10-20% (remember Randy-you'll owe the lawyers) thenm stay out of the spot light-- WHAT SCHOOL WILL HIRE HIM NOW???? LOL.

Please- 532's rhetoric and points are well taken and should be understood- that Shannon literally destroyed this program, and for that, if there is a legal way out, he gets NADA.

Fire shalalalala now

Posted by: 5>3>2

Even when you serve your burgers you get paid. Randy deserves his money.

Jigga what>

What's all this talk about paying for something. Totally foreign concept.

maybe susan can PAY for a face job...sheesh!

Maybe wow you can pay to have some class. What an uncalled for asinine post.

I guess coach Shannon forgot to bleed orange and green and only bleeds green.

Now the University is under investigation for a coaching staff member you hired and you still want to get paid for not finishing the job.

Funny how people talk about Randy being broke, but the only reason he has not taken a DC job is because it would interfere with payment that UM owes him (besides the 15K he is suing them for). Also, ESPNU likes Randy and would/has hired him to be on their network. So the hypothesis that RS is broke does not float.


i suggest she trade with halle berry.

Funny how Cane4Life insinuated Shannon got a raw deal by the school because he was black. I seem to remember him talking about how he wasn't allowed to hire the coaches he wanted etc....so those in glass houses don't throw stones...Shannon should get paid up till the day he was fired, and any lump sum his contract states when fired...Why should he get a bonus for the Sun Bowl when he didn't coach it? Or any additional salary for coaching after he was fired?? Sounds like he is just looking for a hand out, as no one is knocking on his door with a job anytime soon. Shannon was the worst coach we have had since the 70's bar none. I am so glad that he is gone!!

agree with rune. Again. None of the geniuses here know what the contract says. The UM lawyers and administrators I believe knew what they were doing, otherwise, then yes they would have a) a lawsuit (which now they do) or b) a public fight (which they have as well). Do you all believe that they wanted this? Come on man! I dont believe UM isinto punishing RS for being the worse caoch Miami has had in 50 years, but certainly they dont want to give him any more than they have to. Shannon doesnt deserve SQUAT. Nothing. He tore this program down. He recruited lazy entitled players, he failed to coach players. He failed to recruite after 2008. He failed to win. I personally DO NOT KNOW why Kirby Hocutt gave him an extension through 2014 (do anyone of you know?). It was in May of 2010, BEFORE that infamous season when he got fired. Its like Shannon sat back in his chair and went to sleep. I know assistants who say that he would be gone for days and nobody knew where he was.

Its like that Rick Ross song "I WANT MY MONEY". And to he-l-l with the football team. Shannon failed to build a sense of pride in the players. SOme say he didnt allow Shapiro on campus- CORRECTION IT HAPPENED RIGHT UNDER HIS NOSE AND HE DIDNT DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT!!!!!!!!
In summary he was a terrible horrendous hire, and UM will be paying for this for years.

Posted by: 5>3>2

Holy sh*t, you are a moron.

A contract is a contract and RS needs to get paid.

Kid you not, if you owed UM a penny, they will come at you with everything they got.

I know, I am an Alum and has seen it first hand.

Ahhh, yes. Any semi-intelligent author will use cite Rick Ross. Forget about other leaders. You believe Rick Ross is a worthwhile authority.

I don't even quote me son.

Any coincidence the dumbest person on this blog, 5>3>2, is a believer?

Any coincidence the dumbest person on this blog, 5>3>2, is a believer?

Who makes you qualified to judge a person's intelligence?
Judging by your posts you don't seem very bright yourself.
You are the same loser who always posting either anti religion crapola or egging on the gator trolls.
On top of that you keep changing your handle, you really have no life outside these blogs, truly pathetic.

Everyone is missing the point.. the deal is that WHATEVER is written on the contract could easily have been negotiated with BOTH RS's attorneys and the 'U''s attorney..Quietly an agreement could have been reached.

The fact that RS decided to pursue a public scenario makes me think that he has "burnt the bridges" and really doesn't care about the 'U', his legacy, our team, or anyone to do with our program.

Why drag everything through the mud...

I can hear people now " there goes the University of Miami with another problem"..We don't need this and it was totally uncalled for.

Any good will that Randy had as a die hard Cane in my book is totally gone, and he is now reaching for the green irregardless of the consequences. Believe me now it is open war and the 'U' is not going to roll over and play dead. They are going to play hardball with Shannon.
Go 'Canes

Ugo- and -miramar-. Thank you. Finally some common sense rather than the dribble coming out of canseco, anticane, anti-God and all of the troll pukes that post here. You can't express an opinion here without these blabbering inbreds jumping in with hatred.

hey, you disagree, express your POV, but do it without insults. You pathetic pieces of ----it.

Shannon is stupid. Who is going to hire him now- that he has sued his former alma mater? He is now kryptonite in the college football coaching world. Man will have to coach pop warner in opa locka. thats probably his best chance and even there I bet he wont know how to manage the time outs! Maybe jacorry can be his assistant.

Well, miramarcane, I at least have a grasp of the english language. And what 5>3>2 posts makes no sense. And he chooses to quote Rick Ross. Not, for example, Churchill or Hemingway or Webster or anyone like that. Instead, Rick Ross. That is what passes for intelligence in his world. And as for corpus, saying there is no god is hardly hateful.

Now, your religious crew's replies are full of hate and rage. Funny how that works.

Wow, U Canes fans have turned on "one of Ur own, bleedin Green n Orange" Captain ClUeless ... Can't say that we didn't try to warn U.

Funny thing is, now all of U are slobbering over 6-6 Goldy exactly like U did 4 years ago over Randy after pulling a Top Class in 2008.

Those Whom Do Not Learn From Past History Are Condemned To Repeat It ...

Hola Arty

Nice grammar there ignorant Pig. I am sure Santayana would approve of your butchered translation.

What a dumb Pig. As usual.

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