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Randy Shannon back in news - he sues University of Miami for money he says it owes him. Oh yes, he wants Sun Bowl bonus! (If only the Canes weren't thumped by Irish)

Former UM football coach Randy Shannon has sued the University of Miami, asking for the money that he claims UM still owes him, relating to his employment.

Shannon, hired by the Hurricanes as head coach in December 2006, was given an extension in May 2010 through Jan. 31, 2014.

But he was fired Nov. 27, 2010.

Shannon's salary was paid to him in four equal installments yearly. His last payment, on Nov. 1, 2010, came before he was fired. According to the lawsuit, UM believes he is not entitled to those last two months for which he was paid (Nov. 28, 2010, until Jan. 31, 2011). So, what UM did to offset the extra two months the school thinks was not rightly his (because he already had been fired), was to reduce his buyout ("fixed sum'') that is given for being fired without cause.

The lawsuit, filed April 27 in the Dade County Circuit Court, contends "there is nothing in the Employment Agreement or Guaranty Agreement that authorizes UM to prorate the guarantee or reduce the amount of Shannon's fixed payment.'' Shannon wants UM to pay "in a lump sum, all past shortages'' in the monthly buyout payments -- with interest -- as well as the approximately two months salary he feels he got shorted.

He also wants the Sun Bowl bonus he earned. After all, it was his coaching that got UM into that bowl. Never mind that UM (especially poor Jacory Harris) was humiliated by the Fighting Irish and that it was Jeff Stoutland who coached them in that bowl, because it was, indeed, Coach Shannon who coached them to that point. I have no idea if Shannon is owed that money, because I'm not a lawyer, and I haven't seen his contract (no salary has been disclosed).

I did reach Randy by phone earlier tonight, but he told me he was "in a conference'' and couldn't talk.

UM won't discuss the case.

All I know is that this stirred up some bad memories from 2010. Some of those losses were maddening (FSU, VA, VT, USF to name some really ugly ones).

The more I think of those days, the more I think Al Golden and his coordinators are integral in bringing this program back. I also wonder how long they'll stay, depending on future circumstances we all are awaiting. Still don't know when the NCAA will decide UM's fate.

UM needs some happy news. How about at least a couple wins against Bethune-Cookman University. At this point even two sounds decent.


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clown: How about this quote:

Go eff yourself you sorry excuse for a carbon unit. I was quoting a song by Rick Ross entitled I want my money. What does Shannon want? He wants his money. You want Churchill? Hemingway? Why? How does that relate to Miami? Or Shannon? In fact, the only thing Shannon fears is that he wont get a job past the head coach position as a popwarner coach in Perrine.

Problem is pseudointellectuals like you always want to quote passages from books youve never read.

Pu55y liberal trash that you are

Well , clown, I believe you are getting the reaction you wanted. I'm unto your silly game, your gig is up. You are a troublemaker. You come here looking to stir things up to give you something to do.
You are also arrogant and an elitist. You act as if you are superior to others, putting down 5>3>2 because he mentions Rick Ross. You come to a football blog to talk about Webster and Churchill? Come to think of it, that makes you a pathetic loser. I tried to keep this insult free, but it is what it is. If you are so intelligent, what are you doing on a Herald football blog? Go post on a religion story or try politics. Heck why post on the Herald, go post on Scientific American. You are just a lonely, insecure pretender, looking to pick a fight.
Even the gator troll who posted right after you talked about football. You never post about football on the Cane football blog. Go away somewhere you can fool people into thinking you are an intelligent person. We know better.
Rick Ross goes with football better than Webster, and I don't even know any Rick Ross songs.

... and Ur worried about de no speaky de Englis grammer ?

holla Arthur

Who is the dumb arse that said Golden has a losing record? He took over Temple which hadn't won a game since 1902! Look what he did with that program and imagine what he can do at Miami. Randy Shannon was not a good defensive coordinator. True, his defenses were good. But he always sat back in his trusty 4-3 and rarely blitzed or did anything outside the box. He was a great recruiter. But his philisophy of small and fast hurt the U. Teams would run the ball down our throat.

Let's stop with the racial crap and name calling directed at Susan. Great coaches have come to Miami but they all have one thing in common-they leave. She merely mentioned what is in the back of all our minds. I hope Al Golden stays. He is the real deal.

I think the U should honor whatever the contract language says. That being said, if there is nothing specific to the points of post-firng compensation (and it appears that he was paid in full..getting his last payment for the year PRIOR to his firing)..I suggest that any money owed back to the U after the date of RS's firing be deducted from his payment for the bowl game. You can even prorate his number of days working the last year and pay him a portion of the bowl game based on that. There are alot of ways to skin this cat. Bottom line is I do believe the U has an obligation to compensate RS for at least something on the bowl game, but at the same time understand RS is NOT owed the entire amount he was paid for the regular season. He didn't work the entire season. Specific language in the contract trumps everything.

Yo Cane trash

troUble in "paradise"? brother against brother? cane cLuck insulting another clUck.
U girls bitter about Randy, now U say he sUcks. 2 years ago U said he just needed more time. 1 year ago Ur smart administration gave him an extension, then fired him a few short months later. Who's in charge, a bunch of dimwit dUmb arses. That is why Ur program is such a cesspool. Might as well brag about the draft and the NFL U maggots. Ahh the NFL, bountygate, Vilma suspended. The cheating dirty legacy lives on. Bravo Uncle Luke and Lil Luke, U did the U proud.
Shannon suing Ur arse, Vilma reminding everyone where the dirty pay for hits began. U clUcks are on a roll. Next up, NCAA sanctions. Recruits already talking about transferring. How long U gonna give Golden Retriever a pass. Will another 6 - 6 season do it? Heck U already gave him an extension after a mediocre season, some things never change. Such is Ur destiny, to remain mired in mediocrity for another decade. In the meantime keep up the fight among Ur selves maggots.
Yo cane pig, people starting to call U out, no where to hide fool.
Bunch of pathetic LOOSERS!

Nuh huh!

Yuh huh!

Nuh huh!

Yuh huh!

Oh my god, will you two just f*ck already???

WGCane and 5>3>2,

Agree with your recent posts. Well said.

AND, sure, if Shannon's contract authorizes further payment, he ought to receive it. If not, UM should litigate it. Or both parties ought to settle it.

In any event, Shannon will not be a head coach at a major university. He does not have the communication skills, is a paranoid personality and does not develop talent. He will get a job at a lesser school, a Bethune-Cookman, Jacksonville State, etc, I do believe. As a former Cane, I wish him success. Somewhere else.

The faster his "legacy" is dispatched from UM, the brighter our future because Coach Golden is the real deal. He is a keeper and I hope he makes UM his career. We have longed for a coach to stay at the U over the long term. We all know what Schnellenberger or Butch Davis could have been, had they stayed.

It is a great school in a great and unique city. Go Canes! Move along, Coach Shannon!

"Pu55y liberal trash that you are"

Just like the angry god lover I expected. Is that what Jesus would say? Or do?

The issue is, you couldn't quote any of those other individuals because your point of reference ends with popular culture. Rick Ross. You have no doubt spend countless hours listening to that tripe compared to any of the works of those other individuals. That is the point.

That, and that you are the stereotypical but hypocritical god-lover who only spews anger and hate when his beliefs are challenged. WWJD? Isn't that what your resident pedophile-in-a-black-dress preaches every Sunday?

5>3>2: about as ignorant as they come.

the clown is asserting that all preachers are pedophiles. Thats very smart. he knows everything. he knows god doesnt exist and he knows so much literature and history that he wishes we all would talk about Churchill.

Funny how wikipedia makes geniuses of us all. Its actually very funny. pseudointellectualism at its best. I mean worst.

Notice another post by the loser clown with nothing about football. Now he is back with the anti God spill.
The University messed up with this Shannon affair, their respective lawyers should have worked something out before this mess became public. The administration dropped the ball again, just like they did when they gave him an extension.
Jacory as Shannon's assistant was a really funny post.

Does the Univ. of Miami still carry football?

SUSAN: I think people are sick of the "paranoid state of mind" which exists in Miami when it comes to UM.

Almost everyone is happy that Coach Golden is staying...so when people print things about "not sure how long he will stay....will he bail...etc." - people feel like..."hey, we have a good thing started here...stop trying to rain on the parade" - and, I have to say, I'm one of them.
I read more negativity from some sports writers than positive articles...if Coach Golden says he's here for the long haul, then, why not just leave it at that UNTIL he gives us a reason to think otherwise. After all, he was just given a contract extension...that in itself says that he certainly loves it here and apparently plans on staying.

You wrote about "how long he would stay" depending on the upcoming sanctions, then you went on to say that "UM needs some happy news" - so basically, you contradicted yourself.

There's no immediate reason to even think that Coach Golden will bolt from UM RIGHT NOW...so, let's think positively...thinking positive brings positive...thinking negative brings negative, in my humble opinion.


Amen brother UMike. Amen. I said that in an ealrier post as well. Negative ninny back at it.

UMike I said the same thing in my Post.

We have to get ready and get behind our new Class of athletes entering the 'U' and position to have Coach Golden go out and recruit another top 10 Class.

If you were a 4 or 5 star reading this opinion (re Susan's paragraph) the thought would enter as to why would she bring this up, if there was nothing to it..is there something that she knows that needs an answer. Now Coach G will then have to waste valuable time stating the obvious that he has repeated ad infinitum.

We all know that some sanctions are coming but right now it does NOT matter what it is because we are looking on the Long term for our program. 'Canes are building right now..chances for playing are here..

The Class of 2012 and the options and excitement of the 2013 Class will set the tone for our program and laser in on our Legacy which no other school in Florida
can touch. Eat your heart our Canetrash.
Go 'Canes


Amen, brother!

"the clown is asserting that all preachers are pedophiles."

Kind of like asserting that all atheists are liberals or immoral, no? Pot meet kettle. Only no one has ever killed for the cause of "absence of god."

Let's assume the source is Wikipedia. Then I choose to read about certain leaders. 5>3>2 reads about Rick Ross. Relatively speaking, it is the same difference. Pseudologic is not a pseudoclown. You are the real thing.

Who do you think has better attorneys the u or Shannon?

Al Golden stays. He is the real deal.

Posted by: WG Cane | May 08, 2012 at 07:47 AM


He was barely .500% in Conference, never won a game in Conference to an above .500% record team, never sniffed a Conference title and NEVER beat a team out of Conference with an above .500% record.

Congrats on being the Temple of the South.

U Thang, are you describing Golden or Muscrap?

Good news fellow cane fans. Rumor has it that the troll is cutting 800 jobs to finance the stadium near Tropical Park. Our dream of our own home field advantage again is coming true! Look out for THE U in 2016


U Canes have a Spring team that's ranked in anything ?

Track ?
Lacrosse ?
Baseball ?
MnW Tennis ?
Softball ?
MnW Golf ?


Off Season Womens Basketball ?

Yo Cane trash

U girls r funny indeed. It goes something like this: "Susan why do you mention Golden Retriever may leave if we are hit with sanctions, let's all think happy thoughts and everything will be great" LMFAO
And then, "why will Golden Retriever leave if he just got an extension"
Yo, why don't all U clUcks get together and think Ur sorry team to a winning season.
Let's all think a happy thought of Morris not throwing as many picks as Joke-ory did. Lets all think happy thoughts about our O line not giving up sacks. How about thinking happy thoughts about winning the ACC and making it to a BCS bowl.
Congrats maggots U just found the winning strategy.
What a bunch of delUsional dimwits U all are.
Yo UgoNowhereCanes is the most delusional of the sorry bunch, the class of 2013 is the best and will assure the sorry canes of being the best team in Florida. U know that already dimwit, just like the NW class of 2008 was gonna show how good Randy was and that the sorry U was back.
Amen dUmmy brother Mike U know Golden Retriever is the real deal. Yep, mighty impressive first season, .500 against so tough ACC competition. Wow, what a bunch of Morons.
Those 300 incoming freshmen better be ready to step up right away. No problem clUcks.
Bunch of pathetic LOOSERS!

Has anyone heard of Eudo lately? I really miss him and would like to read a Hemmingway novel to him at bedtime.

Religiosity recedes as knowledge advances.

I bet that there are hundreds of Ph.D candidates quoting Rick Ross. Next time you need surgery, hopefully your doctor will have spent more time studying Rick Ross lyrics or the bible than, you know, medical texts. Call me an arrogant elitist.

Hey susan what do you think of mr pseudointellectual?
Imo, he has the iq of a goldfish

Likely iq:tooth ratio <1

Hey everyone, this guy doesnt believe in god, lets all buy him a cookie

Canetrash - just wanted to point out how perfect your sign off is.

'Bunch of pathetic LOOSERS!'

A call for someone, anyone to correct your spelling so you can talk to them.

10 internet points to the UF Troll. Only 400 more days until UM actually plays UF at football, let's see if you can get to 3,000 before you crank up the oven and fumigate your one bed one bath.


I hope you are right about the stadium. We need it, and the closer to campus, the better, no?

This clown again? I am going to guess that Eudo, who I enjoyed, got tired of the adolescent acting out on this blog and moved on. He had some good info on football, and I hope he returns. He is a smart guy, and as I recall, a PHD in Microbiology, no easy achievement.

And, finally, as one with experience in the medical field, there are doctors who pray AND are technically superb. The two aren't mutually exclusive. For me, I'll take a surgeon who is techically competent first, and a related human being second, a rare combination. And if they have a faith that illuminates them, all the better.

There was an interesting study that randomly assigned surgery patients to two groups. One received normal recovery protocols and prayer from a group of strangers. The other, the normal recovery protocols.
Patients did not know what group they were in. The patients "receiving" prayer recovered faster and with fewer complications.

Go figure.

Much we don't understand yet, even in a few well-controlled studies that seem to defy logic. That said, science is verifiable and is thus a more direct truth for most of us. But there are physicists who write of bumping into God at the ultimate extension of their theories. Gets my attention.

I hope any higher power AND science get behind the Canes this season. Pray for good QB and RB output, and may the safeties hold their positions! Amen.

Oh my god, will you two just f*ck already???
Posted by: Actual college football fan | May 08, 2012 at 09:06 AM


Gotta admit, that one made me laugh out loud. Not just LOL but for real. gatorsam/Canetrash, he is talking about you. Why don't you go back to Gator Clause where you BELONG, troll?

"here was an interesting study that randomly assigned surgery patients to two groups. One received normal recovery protocols and prayer from a group of strangers. The other, the normal recovery protocols.
Patients did not know what group they were in. The patients "receiving" prayer recovered faster and with fewer complications.

Go figure."

I can figure. That study was conducted by the Templeton Foundation, a thinly disguised religious organization. No surprise as to their results. No surprise, either, that in similar studies conducted by organizations with no church or religious affiliation, the benefits to the "prayer" group of patients was statistically insignificant. Go figure.

More importantly, whatever the results of that study, they does not make the existence of a god any more likely. It does not add one iota of evidence for the existence of the theistic god.

As for the "physicists who write of bumping into God at the ultimate extension of their theories," almost certainly they are using god (little "g") as a euphemism for the wonders of the cosmos and the laws of nature, not for the god who condemns homosexuals and appears in toast and burning bushes. Einstein made a similar distinction.

In the knowledge based world in which we live, scientific and technical know-how is ever more important. We need more knowledge in these areas, not less as the army of god would have us believe. Knowledge is important not only for the economic well-being of this country, but also for the very health of the democracy. Interjecting into religious beliefs where science should prevail is a recipe for disaster. Is there any wonder that US high schoolers rank 34th in the world in math and sciences.

And Santorum and his ilk don't think we need more knowledge. In their view, we need more god. Scary.

This clown again?

Can't say that I disagree.

However, you have to find methodological errors in the Templeton Study, or interpretation of the data, to dismiss it. A scientific result should be replicated by other investigators using the same methods. I wasn't arguing for a god, as I am not sure about that issue in my personal life. The point was that many things are not explained by logic, and so represent frontiers in the pursuit of new knowledge and understanding.

I don't think god has anything to do with punishment of gays, "infidels" or others. That is man's delusion. Yes, Einstein famously said "God does not play dice with the universe," partly in tribute to the wonder and structure of it. That was my point, and I am not dumb enough to think that abuse of one's fellow man in the "name of god" has anything to do with universal wonder or spirtual consciousness.

Our kids are ranked low in the world on science and math because of inferiour instruction, pathetic "families" in too many instances and culturally induced passivity and laziness. But, as you may know, they are ranked #1 in "self esteem." It is the "dumb and proud of it" phenomenon and it is harming our culture for sure. Critical thuinking, scientific method and a restructuring of values toward real accompliahsment and less narcissism will be a better path for our kids.

So, you don't need to argue with me, as I am not selling god and dismissing science. I am trained as a scientist and do get it.

But it is good to hear your thoughts and I appreciate it!


Thanks for the reference. However, it was clearly agenda driven but did allow or a link to better information. The original article criticizing the Templeton finding s in the American Heart Journal. This is interesting, as this 10 year study is often cited in various health care circles

I am not clear as to whether the
3 groups had true statistical differences, and not simply % divergence between 2 of the groups. Not sure what complications were being measured in these cardiac patients.

A better study, and maybe it has been done, is random assignment of the patients to prayer received and prayer not received groups, using a double blind design. No one knows
what group they are in. They are simply told they are in a study involving prayer. The third group is business as usual patients. A fourth and fifth might
be active prayers postsurgically who received or did not receive prayers from others.

A further blocking of the patients could be believers and non-believers within each group. With heart patients, we know that emotional factors can influence
the development of heart disease, as well as response to surgical procedures. I worked in a transplant team and we screened for these factors presurgically.

So, if there is any possible effect of prayer alone, is it a function of a believer versus non-believer? Or is it simply a matter of positive expectancy regarding outcome, given consistent medical skill levels of the surgeon and the team?

Anyway, one always learns something new on this blog. Sometimes it is football, sometimes it is other topics.

dbc, your points are understood. To borrow an idea from Dawkins regarding the benefits of prayer for patients, get every single person in the whole world to directly their prayers to just one paralyzed person so that he/she will rise out of their wheelchair and walk normally again. Have that happen once and the point will be proven and religion will prevail.

Until that happens, the religious will lurk in the spaces where science cannot fully explain things; the old "your science cannot explain it therefore god." There has been a steady retreat by religion in the face of scientific advancement over the centuries which will no doubt continue. I would, however, go so far as to grant the religious that territory if this is where it ended. But it does not. Proselytizing, discrimination, racism, and other societal crises derive from the religious.

It is a vestige of the infancy of our civilization.

Canetrash is delUsional what a Clown.

He is a "LOOSERS".

Ah yes...

Drama anyone?..

Go 'Canes

that was the first thing that google came up with, the Templeton study has been widely disproven. prayer can help individuals through positive thinking but praying for someone else is a waste of time. unless they know you're thinking of them.


do the religious while praying think god is not powerful enough to prevent a disease but is powerful enough to cure it?

Or do they think that god is not paying attention and that only by praying will you capture his/her/its attention to focus on curing someone?

A variation on a theme:

Yo Cane trash

First it was loser Ugonowherecanes thinking happy thoughts to propel the sorry canes to more victories.
Now comes dbc urging cane clUcks to pray for better QB play
Then the cane pig is back to his usual anti God rants with all his wikipedia "research" trying to show off as an intellectual.
U girls are too much. Think happy thoughts, then pray, then fight off little pig, then pray some more
All for what, to have Ur little hearts broken again.
Yo then LOSERTILUDIE keeps begging on the street corner to collect money for a Tropical Park stadium. And some poor fool believes that is true.
Then U start asking to bring Eudo back, after all he is a molecular biologist, what a bunch of sorry clUcks.
Bottom line is Golden Retriever doesn't have a PRAYER with this years team. After the first few games there won't be any HAPPY THOUGHTS around.
Go ahead and keep blaming Randy while Ur clUeless administration fights a public relations nightmare. All the while waiting for the big bad NCAA to drop the hammer on Ur tiny heads.
But Golden Retriever is the real deal, can U say delUsional.
Bunch of pathetic LOOSERS!

10 more internet points for 'Canetrash'. That's 20 - you've got some work to do if you want to get to 2,000 in the next 399 days.

I really miss you. I'm over the Hemmingway thing, now I'm researching the Templeton Study and pondering how I can convince others that God doesn't exist.
I could use your help with that. How about getting together for a latte and intimate brainstorming. Did I tell you molecular biology turns me on?

It's true. The money we save from all the layoffs at hospital is going to be used for our own stadium.


This clown again? = Canetrash

ummmm, Gomer, saying god does not exist or that there is an absence of any proof is not "anti." If I were to say that the theistic god is like the totalitarian thought police and a cruel, insecure warlord who engenders hate among people, then that could possibly be construed as "anti" even if it were true.

I have kept my statements at a very basic level. If you choose to think it "intellectual" that says more about you, Gomer, than about me or anyone who makes these statements.

The armies of god don't like to think. Anytime you make a statement beyond, "I don't know. God works in mysterious way," it is considered intellectual and elitist.

What's the matter, Gomer, god doesn't want you to exercise your brain and reasoning skills? He gave them to you, didn't he/she/it? Just like he gave the world HIV, cancer, birth defects and natural disasters. Or am I going to far and giving god too much glory and credit?

A lot of work for something that does not exist.

blah blah blah. Likes to hear himself speak. Likes to read his own dribble. Blah blah loser pseudointellectual with a lot to say but really, NOTHING to say. What a tool. Tool of giant proprotions.

Will Rick Ross, Richard Dawkins or the Templeton study help dUh U be ranked for the first time in 8 years next year?

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