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Randy Shannon back in news - he sues University of Miami for money he says it owes him. Oh yes, he wants Sun Bowl bonus! (If only the Canes weren't thumped by Irish)

Former UM football coach Randy Shannon has sued the University of Miami, asking for the money that he claims UM still owes him, relating to his employment.

Shannon, hired by the Hurricanes as head coach in December 2006, was given an extension in May 2010 through Jan. 31, 2014.

But he was fired Nov. 27, 2010.

Shannon's salary was paid to him in four equal installments yearly. His last payment, on Nov. 1, 2010, came before he was fired. According to the lawsuit, UM believes he is not entitled to those last two months for which he was paid (Nov. 28, 2010, until Jan. 31, 2011). So, what UM did to offset the extra two months the school thinks was not rightly his (because he already had been fired), was to reduce his buyout ("fixed sum'') that is given for being fired without cause.

The lawsuit, filed April 27 in the Dade County Circuit Court, contends "there is nothing in the Employment Agreement or Guaranty Agreement that authorizes UM to prorate the guarantee or reduce the amount of Shannon's fixed payment.'' Shannon wants UM to pay "in a lump sum, all past shortages'' in the monthly buyout payments -- with interest -- as well as the approximately two months salary he feels he got shorted.

He also wants the Sun Bowl bonus he earned. After all, it was his coaching that got UM into that bowl. Never mind that UM (especially poor Jacory Harris) was humiliated by the Fighting Irish and that it was Jeff Stoutland who coached them in that bowl, because it was, indeed, Coach Shannon who coached them to that point. I have no idea if Shannon is owed that money, because I'm not a lawyer, and I haven't seen his contract (no salary has been disclosed).

I did reach Randy by phone earlier tonight, but he told me he was "in a conference'' and couldn't talk.

UM won't discuss the case.

All I know is that this stirred up some bad memories from 2010. Some of those losses were maddening (FSU, VA, VT, USF to name some really ugly ones).

The more I think of those days, the more I think Al Golden and his coordinators are integral in bringing this program back. I also wonder how long they'll stay, depending on future circumstances we all are awaiting. Still don't know when the NCAA will decide UM's fate.

UM needs some happy news. How about at least a couple wins against Bethune-Cookman University. At this point even two sounds decent.


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This clown again = 5>3>2
Canetrash = CANETILLIDIE....DH
UGoCanes2 = Randy Shannon
dbc = Eudo
gatorsam = Susan Miller Degnan
UMike = Jacory Harris
ACC sucks = Matt Watts
Five titles = delUsionalcane
Cool Cat = Donna Shalala

I was told to think happy thoughts and I would go in the first round.

I prayed a lot to be drafted in the first, what gives?

If you chumps buy my music you will win more games.

After an extensive scientific double blind study we have come to the conclusion that winning the ACC and the canes are mutually exclusive. In this case not even prayer worked

50 internet points!!! That's 70, keep it up, only 399 days left until you have to suspend your internet rivalry for a week or so!

Cane till I die or whomever wrote that post about the new stadium at Tropical park-

Don't believe a dang thing that anyone writes on thsiblog. believe it when its announced "officially".

It is true that UM is laying off 800 people form its med school though

I wondered if those 800 people will vote for Obama

I am voting for Coach Golden. The White House is a destination job and he has a 300 page manual on how to the run the country. It's called the Templeton Manifesto.

10 more internet points! That's 80 - are you as disturbed as I am that you're going to pass 2,000 points in a week with 391 days left until your fake internet rivalry is interrupted by an actual football game?

The fake online lawyer talking about more perversions on her hacked and virus infected web site.

Karma is a ****

Posted by: corpus

Thanks for the heads up hermano. But the Tropical Park stadium project is for real. It has been my dream ever since they tore down the Orange Bowl with all those sweet memories now gone. I have dedicated myself to do what I can so we can have something similar. For the past 6 months I've spent every weekend on the corner of Bird and 87th collecting money for the project. I have about 65.37 so far, must admit I bought a few burgers along the way with some of the proceeds.
Either way the stadium drive is real, I urge all my cane brothers to support my efforts.

Go Canes All Day, Every Day!

corpus can't follow simplistic arguments. More drivel? You mean like the kind you and the walking brainiac 5>3>2 engage in during the dead part of the season?

Simple arguments about the absence of any proof of the theistic god are not intellectual. They are fairly basic. So simplistic, in fact, that any brain dead religious nut could follow whether or not they agree.

Which are you?

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Internet nerds who pretend to follow Miami football must be dying over your supremacy in today's fake internet rivalry that has nothing to do with football!

Keep 'em coming - only 399 days left!!

So clown what is your point? You come here and pick a fight with 5>3>2 and now with corpus. You still haven't said a word about football. Why are you here?
You are not going to change anyone to your point of view, why bother? Are you so lonely you have to pick fights to get attention.
Do you realize you are posting on a football blog?
Do you realize no one cares what you say and no one is impressed by your ability to use wikipedia and Google search?
I've given you more time than you deserve.

Go Canes!

Pick fights? Hardly. The one doing the attacking and hurling insults is corpus. Recall that 5>3>2 called me a "Pu55y liberal elitist," or some nonsense like that. Guess no one messes with his god.

Fake god may like football. Check.

Is this a football blog? Or a Hurricanes blog?

What are wikipedia and google search? Does god know those exist?

This is a Cane blog and this is a football story you dumbarse. You don't talk Canes and you don't talk football. You only talk bullsheet. You are a complete loser who thinks he is smart. Talk about the Canes or go f yourself.

Wassup UMike

Go Canes!

Fellow UM Fans,
Thanks for your patience on some of these philosophical ideas. To which I say Amen. Back to ball. Go Canes!

dbc agreed. This is the best post in weeks:

his clown again = 5>3>2
Canetrash = CANETILLIDIE....DH
UGoCanes2 = Randy Shannon
dbc = Eudo
gatorsam = Susan Miller Degnan
UMike = Jacory Harris
ACC sucks = Matt Watts
Five titles = delUsionalcane
Cool Cat = Donna Shalala

Posted by: Who's on first? | May 09, 2012 at 12:38 PM

Posted by: This is a Cane blog you fool | May 09, 2012 at 02:05 PM

U spelled LOOSER wrong U dUmmy

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Do you ever see what you write? Do you ever listen to yourself?

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Anyway you say it, this clown is a pathetic piece of sheet.

This clown again = 5>3>2
Canetrash = CANETILLIDIE....DH
UGoCanes2 = Randy Shannon
dbc = Eudo
gatorsam = Susan Miller Degnan
UMike = Jacory Harris
ACC sucks = Matt Watts
Five titles = delUsionalcane
Cool Cat = Donna Shalala

corpus = Nevin Shapiro
ltcdolphin = Jeff Ireland
miramarcane = 10 years of mediocrity
Canes4Life = The Real Soldy
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Who's on first? = obsessed loser who worries about someone like Matt Watts.

Wow, 30 more points to the Gator Troll!

That's 115 in just one day!!! And a weekday at that - imagine how many points you can rack up over the weekend with no work or pesky social life to distract you!!!

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I don't like 5>3>2. 5>3>2 is a UM Troll invested in a fake internet rivalry that has nothing to do with football.

'5>3>2 is barely smarter than a rock' is invested in trolling the readers of a college football blog into arguing about religion.

I don't have the proper adjective for my opinion of '5>3>2 is barely smarter than a rock'.

I award you zero internet points, and may God have mercy on your soul.


Not our rival, funny post. I would only point out that there is no god nor soul. Other than that 142 point for you.

Clown is now changing his name. Stupid move.
Clown is the only idiot hee talking bout religion. I only responded to his personal attacks.

Clown is a gator tool coming he to stir trouble.

Go canes. And again, i will point out... I have followed the u and ben a cane since before most of you were but a drop at the tip of daddies wee wees

But then again blogs didnt exist back in the 80s.idiots like clown did exist... But they all lived in boca and delray and coildnt decide between the u and uf

U should awake on Boca Beach somedzy

You may be a long time Cane fan but with the poor writing skills and logic, you are clearly a UFailure grad.

Posted by: 5>3>2

I take exception to your claim that clown is a Gator. You are correct in that he has changed his name multiple times, but his B. S. is always the same. Sad for you he is all cane. Yes sir the loser clown is a cane, he is all yours. He has also posted his crap on the Gator blog many times but since that blog was destroyed by Mr Watts, he has no one to talk to there. Now he is here for your enjoyment, one of your own. A complete obsessed, no life idiot. You got some cane losers ova here!

FSU is leaving the ACC?

"A complete obsessed, no life idiot."

Talk about projecting.

clown may not be a gator. Whatever his allegiance is, he is an internet troll. This is a football blog. Specifically Miami blog. this moron comes on here and pontificates about religion and attacks those who disagree with him. yes clown you are a pathetic loser, I dont care if you are Sebastian the Ibis. You are still a tool.

Sorry to agree with ACC sucks (aka translaton: I will get on my knees for anyone from the SEC)

The fake online lawyer is still talking about more perversions on her hacked and virus infected web site.

Karma is a b****

That website is dirty with malicios viruses and perverted talk. It is a great place to catch a virus

You would think an online laywer skank would fix that.
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Clown aint no Cane and clown aint no gator.
Clown is the dullest tool in the shed. She thinks she is smart and superior when everyone else knows she is an idiot.
Who said FSU is leaving the ACC?

Im a clown

Headed to the Big 12 with our own network...so long suckers..................

Shut up!

They would win big time because in addition to Florida they would gain a new way to recruit in Texas.

Oh poor UMike is as clueless as the rest of the dumb bloggers here
Only UF bloggers make sense

"attacks those who disagree with him."

Show me one personal attack from me to someone who has not attacked first. You will not find it. Your resident Einstein, 5>3>2, was the first to hurl an insult. I believe he put it, as eloquently as Rick Ross might, something like "pu55y liberal" or something like that.

This clown again is the racist scumbag still blabbing on and on

FSU along with Va Tech are the two best teams in an otherwise dismal conference. If FSU bolts for the Big12 then the worst conference in the land will become............... even worse. Is that possible? Say it isn't so! What's a poor cane clown to do? Remain mired in mediocrity for the next decade at least.

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