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Randy Shannon back in news - he sues University of Miami for money he says it owes him. Oh yes, he wants Sun Bowl bonus! (If only the Canes weren't thumped by Irish)

Former UM football coach Randy Shannon has sued the University of Miami, asking for the money that he claims UM still owes him, relating to his employment.

Shannon, hired by the Hurricanes as head coach in December 2006, was given an extension in May 2010 through Jan. 31, 2014.

But he was fired Nov. 27, 2010.

Shannon's salary was paid to him in four equal installments yearly. His last payment, on Nov. 1, 2010, came before he was fired. According to the lawsuit, UM believes he is not entitled to those last two months for which he was paid (Nov. 28, 2010, until Jan. 31, 2011). So, what UM did to offset the extra two months the school thinks was not rightly his (because he already had been fired), was to reduce his buyout ("fixed sum'') that is given for being fired without cause.

The lawsuit, filed April 27 in the Dade County Circuit Court, contends "there is nothing in the Employment Agreement or Guaranty Agreement that authorizes UM to prorate the guarantee or reduce the amount of Shannon's fixed payment.'' Shannon wants UM to pay "in a lump sum, all past shortages'' in the monthly buyout payments -- with interest -- as well as the approximately two months salary he feels he got shorted.

He also wants the Sun Bowl bonus he earned. After all, it was his coaching that got UM into that bowl. Never mind that UM (especially poor Jacory Harris) was humiliated by the Fighting Irish and that it was Jeff Stoutland who coached them in that bowl, because it was, indeed, Coach Shannon who coached them to that point. I have no idea if Shannon is owed that money, because I'm not a lawyer, and I haven't seen his contract (no salary has been disclosed).

I did reach Randy by phone earlier tonight, but he told me he was "in a conference'' and couldn't talk.

UM won't discuss the case.

All I know is that this stirred up some bad memories from 2010. Some of those losses were maddening (FSU, VA, VT, USF to name some really ugly ones).

The more I think of those days, the more I think Al Golden and his coordinators are integral in bringing this program back. I also wonder how long they'll stay, depending on future circumstances we all are awaiting. Still don't know when the NCAA will decide UM's fate.

UM needs some happy news. How about at least a couple wins against Bethune-Cookman University. At this point even two sounds decent.


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ACC it doesnt matter. Miami was independent for many years- and wiped their a55 with the nation- in 1987 they beat 4 SEC teams, Oklahoma, FSU and Notre Dame. In 2989 another multi OOC schedule. In the Big east, they played with FSU yearly, which in the 90s was hardly off the top 3, they playe West va and Syracuse which in the 90s was always a top 15 team. In 1998 the played #3 UCLA, something foreign to UF, and beat them. In 2000 theyplayed ranked Penn State at Happy valley in front of 103,000 people and busted them. In 2000 or 2001 they played at Tennessee and thumped them in front of 103000

Anytime anywhere Any muthe-f one. who cares about the ACC

Posted by: pseudologic

I hear you pseudo and you are right. Problem is that was in the past, 2001 was the last year the canes were relevant. FYI it's 2012, my oh my how things have changed in a mere 11 years for your team. A decade and a year of futility and mediocrity.
Be a realist, if FSU leaves the ACC will take a hit. It may prompt others to exit as well. The UM of today is not the same as the one of a decade ago. The record does not lie, the results on the field speak for themselves.
Pray that FSU stays or your conference and your program is in trouble.

Oh poor UMike is as clueless as the rest of the dumb bloggers here
Only UF bloggers make sense
Posted by: UMikes son | May 10, 2012 at 02:03 PM

"attacks those who disagree with him."
Show me one personal attack from me to someone who has not attacked first. You will not find it.
Posted by: This clown again? | May 10, 2012 at 02:33 PM

You might want to leave a few posts between one of your attacks and your claim that you don't do unprovoked attacks.

We know you change IDs so that you can deny yor previous comments. That doesn't mean we have to fall for your claim that you didn't attack, personally, visciously, daily, 24-7, over the past five years.

You attack UMike for making a general comment, making a comment about his son in the process. Then try to blame it all on 5>3>2. Go back to your blog, Gator Clause, where you can discuss religion, the gators, and other dead topics to your heart's content.

And don't try to act innocent of personal attacks in the future, people here know better.

ACC: RAAAAAANG!!!!! That for your information is a buzzer sound.
"Miami was last relevant in 2001"

2002- played in the NC- was robbed as everyone knows
2003- Beat FSU in the OB. finished #5 in the country
2004- Destroyed UF in the Peach Bowl. Finished #13-Only reason UM didnt finish higher was because the gators were so pathetic
2005- Finished 9-3, #17

I say that is when UM was last relevant, although in case you didnt know, or wish not to know, or wish to forget, or wish to not listen, UM was ranked #2 by the BCS during the 2006 season. For 1 game. Of course, they stunk, but being #2 in the BCS is not being irrelevant.

In addition, UM's bowl game against Cal in 2008 was rated higher than several BCS bowls. How is that irrelevant?


FSU, like the gators are the darling of ESPN and the voters. They were ranked what #5 last year? and what happened? they lost to Wake? Please. But yeah Ok I'll give you that the ACC will go down if FSU leaves. BUt it dont matter. Miami will still play FSU if FSU is in the SEC, Big 10 or whatever.


And by the way to my first point, please do your research before posting something so blatantly wrong. Miami was relevant after 2001. Ask Chris Leak- No. Ask Chris Rix and Marcus Vick.

One last thing, ACC-

Anyone who follows college football talks about past seasons. Please. Alabama fans always like to talk about their 15 national championships (or whatever), Notre Dame fans always talk about the days of the gipper of the galloping ghost or the four horsemen, gator fans talk about Tebow, FSU fans loove to talk about Chris Weinke, and Deion Sanders, and Snoop Minnis, and whatever. Come on. Lay off that. UM will always be the team everyone including you hates. the team that places the most players in the NFL. The team that has the most inner city swag. And win or lose, love or hate the U, The TV networks love us.

Yeah - what she said!

Racist? Hmmmm. Are you projecting or just angry? Nothing I have written can be construed as racist. I guess when you can't speak intelligently that is what you resort to.

Welp, 5:09. No family or friends, might as well click on to page 5 and talk about a fake internet rivalry that has nothing to do with sports!

Duuuuuh, 7:05, no friends, family or girlfriend. Time to chime in on a topic I claim to have no interest in or that doesn't exist. Oh, wait. That is the god topic. I meant the Gatr topic.

The TV networks love us.

Posted by: pseudologic

Too bad the local fan base doesnt

Who cares. But let me refresh your memory and fill your empty FACT bank.

The average attendance for miami games arent much lower than back in the day. Look for yourself. Sure it ws much higher when um was winning. But attendance in the 90s was not much higher than now. Miami would play temple or rutgers back in the day... Same attend than now vs say duke.

Randy needs crack money so he and jacory can smoke rocks while watching DVDs of Miami beating a depleted Oklahoma at the new OB.

Inbred gville 'tard needs meth money so he and his dad can be tweaking while they smoke each others poles, while watching a VHS in their trailer of the gayturd football team running a train on their mom and sisters.

It's what passes for entertainment in trailertrashtown

Posted by: Orange Seat

Good one! Except, what local fan base are you referring to? The 2000 or so true fans do show to the games, everyone else is just a bandwagon "fan" in a front runner town.

Posted by: pseudologic

Was that the Emerald bowl in 2008 you referring to? The first in a long streak of embarrassing bowl losses that lives on to this day?
I get your point, but really it goes like this:
When you make it to an ACC championship game you will start to matter. Win one and you will matter more. Win a bowl game and you will get a little recognition. Win one in January or better, a BCS one, and you will matter. Until then you don't.
At least you can brag about the draft and the NFL, although I wouldn't if I were you. It only underscores how poorly run and coached your program has been lately.



This insane a**hole even used caps to show how serious he was about it!

Nevermind the fact that he's here on the University of Miami blog in the Miami Herald all day every day talking about a fake internet rivalry that has nothing to do with football.

Canes don't matter.


ACC- Be a man (or a woman) and stand for something rather than critcizing everyone else in the hollow infantile fashion that you do. Stand for something. So- who do you support?
Let me guess. The SEC. Ohhh That's brave. A whole conference. That oughta cover it! Win or lose, I support the SEC. funny. The problem is- that way, you have it both ways. LOL.

Its easy to kick people when they are down, when they used to be up. But you come here spewing false dribble, like "Miami hasnt been relevant in 11 years" which is patently false, and blatantly erroneous.

But have some character and tell us who you support, that way, we can see where you are coming from. Unless you are that atheist clown who professes to not believe in a God, and comes on here babbling nonsense about religion. Are you that guy/girl?

On to another topic for U fans- Morris says UM's baseball decline is unacceptable/ No sh*t Sherlock. What is more unacceptable is the lack of coaching. I still feel Morris should be fired.

If FSU gets their own network - are we next to get one? It seems we always had ratings back in the day. If people aren't going to the game they will surely watch on tv.

Hurricanes can easily get back to the top of college football. All they need to do is recruit & develop an elite QB, & own line of scrimmage & bring the SWAG

"Unless you are that atheist clown who professes to not believe in a God, and comes on here babbling nonsense about religion."

Profess? I don't. It's not a ruse. And the criticism of religion is hardly nonsense. That you do not want or cannot understand it is another matter. All you want is for idiots like 5>3>2 to agree with your every post.

Not only should we get our own network but we should leave the ACC and get our own conference. A virtual conference where we play virtual games that way it doesn't matter that no one goes to the games. To expand that we can get virtual players and that way it doesn't matter that our players coast through college and always under perform. In fact we can be assured of winning seasons and sold out virtual games.

Sorry I haven't had time to tally the scores in your fake internet rivalry gents - I'll get back to you next week with an update.

It's looking like the UF Trolls are dominating in fake internet points over the UM Trolls, UM Trolls need to get back into it!!

In the meantime - enjoy your weekend talking to other internet nerds about your fake internet rivalry that has nothing to do with football!!

Hurricanes can easily get back to the top of college football. All they need to do is recruit & develop an elite QB, a RB, some WR, A TE or two, a few OL that can block on the QB sneak so we can get 1 yard and protect the passer once in a while, some LBs that can tackle, a few DL men that can stop the run and rush the passer, some DBs that can stop the passing game.
If we can get that then we will own line of scrimmage & bring the SWAG.
We also need a coaching staff that can coach up and develop the players. An administration that's on the ball and supports the football program. An on campus stadium would be nice. Finally, a dedicated fan base that would go to the games.
Not much to ask, we are almost there.

-5 internet points for posting twice in the same half hour.

coward gators seminoles or "golden kitties" who come here slamming the U. You, like ACC and the other pi55ants come here to rip the canes, and cane fans with silly comments. Yes,they are silly.

But you all do not have the manhood to step up and claim your allegiance. rather than just sit here like little petty jealous girls in the playground.

ACC: One other thing- We know Miami currently sucks. Does that make you feel better, that we acknowldege that? Was that your purpose? To point out that Miami stinks in football and baseball? Does it bother you that we remind the world that we have more NCs than Florida and FSU? That FSU shoulnt even be mentioned in the same sentence as Miami? That Florida is always overrated?

Listen weenies. I like living in the past. You forget the past, as you do, you will condemned to repeat it. And the only thing the U fears is fear itself. Hey--- Who said that? Clown? pagliacci/ Who said that?

The fake online lawyer website is still crawling with viruses. If your smart don't go on her hacked and virus infected web site. Your hard drive will be wiped clean and infected.

I guess that's what happens to skanky gross fake online lawyers.

Who is the kid from Plant high in Tampa that Canesport says has cane DNA, and is reportedly about to commit?

Take a chill pill dude. No need to get so worked up it's only football we're talking about. And baseball. And basketball. OK, so it's all sports in general. Look on the bright side, your canes are good at women's basketball, hope that makes your weekend.
This is my hometown newspaper, so like it or not I'm here with you.
Don't confuse me with the clown character, we have nothing in common.
I think most of the comments here are pretty funny, don't take it so seriously.

Take a chill pill dude. No need to get so worked up it's only football we're talking about. And baseball. And basketball. OK, so it's all sports in general.


You are delusional bro, you're not talking about football or baseball or basketball or SPORTS AT ALL!!

If you were you might mention UM and UF's actual rival once in a while.

You're talking about a fake internet rivalry that has nothing to do with football.

Accept it.

This is my hometown newspaper, so like it or not I'm here with you.
Posted by: ACC sucks and the canes can't compete | May 11, 2012 at 01:03 PM
That is a stupid excuse, the latest in your fake excuses for your obsessive trolling.
First you claimed it was because Canes were posted on Gator Clause, but that turned out to be a lie. no canes have posted there in ages.
Now you say that you are posting on the Canes board because it is the hometown paper.
Hmm, Gator Clause is the hometown paper, no posts by you there.
Heat, Panthers, Dolphins, Marlins, High schools, you aren't there, either. So much for that "hometown paper" excuse.
Stop denying you are a stupid troll, who comes on here to annoy and harrass good folks like corpus, and just go back to Gator Clause where you belong.
What is your next lie going to be? I will give you a tip, it will fail just like all your others.

and the battles continue!

Oye, I brought my newborn to the Marlin game last night and we both felt the presence of the old girl, the Orange Bowl, at the site. I could feel the swag and after measuring the field dimensions - I truly believe we could play some games there. THINK ABOUT THE FUN AND I GUARANTEE A WIN ON THAT DAY.



Is this your post? If so, congratulations, man!
If not, still an idea worth considering, no?
You know, the lingering spirit of the OB and all.

So who is that kid from Plant high that has cane DNA in him?

And ... Jacorry signs a free agent contract with the eagles? Are you serious? Someone picked him up? Ok. We'll see.

IF J12 makes a final NFL roster. I will eat my words and I swear I willpersonally write a letter of apology to Harris, with a PS at the bottom:

PS: Why did you su-ck so bad at Miami.

Yo Cane trash

U girls should stop complaining about people posting here and making fun of U. Man up fools.
Yo dUmmy No Mo Tiltes, I was the one who said I'm here cause Ur little cane pig posts 24/7 @ gatorclause. I'm the one who borrowed his favorite terms, like calling U maggots and failure.
Ur so dUmb U can't tell who is who, it's not so hard maggot, everyone who posts here has his own style.

Yo LOSERTILUDIE now wants to play at the Marlins park. What a doUche. What happened to Ur street corner begging for Tropical Park dUmmy?
At least playing under a roof Ur sissie girls won't have to deal with rain, cold or wind, so what's Ur new excuse gonna be?
Bunch of pathetic LOOSERS!

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