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UCF, Missouri State, Stony Brook will be in Coral Gables Regional with Canes

The NCAA released its field of 64 bracket in baseball Monday and the good news for the Hurricanes is that No. 1-seeded Florida and No. 3-seeded Florida State can't hinder them from getting to Omaha this year.

UM, selected as one of 16 host sites on Sunday, learned Monday that UCF (43-15), Missouri State (39-20) and Stony Brook (46-11) will be the three teams coming to Coral Gables this weekend to compete in the double elimination regional tournament.

The winner of the Coral Gables Regional would then face the winner of the Baton Rouge Regional, where No. 7-seeded LSU (43-16), Oregon State (38-18), Belmont (38-22) and Louisiana-Monroe (31-28) are.

The Hurricanes (36-21) haven't been to the College World Series since 2008. They've lost each of the last three seasons to Florida in either the Regional or Super Regional round.

UM split its season series with UCF this season. The Knights are ranked higher than UM (22nd, 21st) in both the Collegiate Baseball News poll (21st) and USA Today/ESPN College Coach's Poll (18th).

UM will open tournament play Friday at 7 against the fourth-seeded Seawolves of Stony Brook, who earned a berth by capturing their fourth America East Conference Championship in program history. The Hurricanes have faced the Seawolves only one time, winning their March 19, 2003 match-up in Coral Gables by a final score of 9-8.

Despite dropping their most recent match-up, the Hurricanes hold a 16-4 all-time advantage overUCF. The Knights will open its postseason at 2 p.m. against Missouri State. Similar to their brief history with the Seawolves, the Hurricanes have little experience facing the Bears of Missouri State.

Miami has taken the only two head-to-head match-ups with the university, formerly known as Southwest Missouri State. Miami enjoyed an 8-2 win in the Austin, Texas regional of the 1996 postseason, and also captured a 7-5 win on June 17, 2003 during the College World Series in Omaha.


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# 1

Tougher regional than it looks, but better there's no SEC teams, as they'd find a way to bring their own umpires, recognized as maybe the worst in the NCAA.
I live here in SEC country (Nashville) and I can tell you, having seen several Vandy games the umps were at times indecisive, and had some very strange notions of the strike zone.

This time of the year, every call is important.

A Happy and Safe Memorial Day...even to our gator trolls.
We owe much to our military men and woman, and especially those who gave all.

#1 in gagging and choking in 70 years of playing baseball.
When you think about it, GatorScum is more known for choking in most sports throughout their history. If not for USC losing really late in the season, the GayTurds don't win their last two BCS football championships...they had to rely on USC to lose in order to even get into the championship games.

Guck the Fators!
Bunch of hillbillies!!!

Where is the loud-mouth FIU fan who said "FIU would destroy UM's baseball team this year" - ???

Funny, that moron hasn't posted anything in a long time...why do FI-who fans have to be so IGNORANT, really?

I've met and discussed sports with many nice, educated ones...but, for every good one, I've encountered TWO MORONS!!


P.S...UCF is no pushover!!

gators #1. LOL. THis will make it even sweeter, as it is obvious they will choke their way out of the cws or even earlier.

Where are all the sky fairy lovers explaining the massacre of innocents in Syria?

I guess your fake god, built in man-made religion, does work in mysterious ways.

Vatican Bank. The pope and the Catholic Chirch are as filthy as any corporation.

What a joke that religion is.

Tebow licks meat flavored lollipops..

after sunday, it's go yellow jackets. i hope they keep on hitting like they did last week. go tech, go canes. as for the bible basher, one day you will KNOW the truth. lotsa luck

Ignorant till the bible days stop: You truly are IGNORANT if you need to come on to a SPORTS BLOG and post your religious beliefs, etc.


You religious fanatics scare me more than anyone...at some point in time, "God always tells you to shoot your family members", etc...etc.

Religion, like anything else, is good - IN MODERATION!

I do KNOW truth. And it's not contained in some first century text. You want to be a slave living in confusion. I choose knowledge. You choose superstition.

Keep living the lie, bible boy.

Lets go Canes, get it done and get to Regionals and then the CWS.

'Keep living the lie, bible boy.'

Stop living how you're living, with nothing better to do on a Monday night than go on a sports blog and troll around using religion to try to get someone to talk to you.

Well said mike.

Well, I tried to get the fake judeo-christian god, holy spirit or jesus to talk to me but, not surprisingly, there was no one there.

So I choose to live in reality. Unlike the armies of god.

And while in theory a religion in moderation may or may not be good, religion by its nature is divisive and for that reason cannot be good. "my god teaches (fill in the blank)"

I you do not agree with that person, you are ostracized. That is the hallmark of religion. That and also that it and it's gods are man-made.

Corruption at Vatican Bank.

Child sex abuses and deliberate cover-up.

Pedophile priests.

Suppression of knowledge.

Ostracize gays.

Congrats to the baseball team for hosting a regional, this makes the path to Omaha a lot easier.
I see the atheist freak is out in full force, way to go and ruin a good sports story moron. Why don't you stick to your silly rivalry with the gator trolls. Better yet why don't you leave us sport fans alone, no one cares about your stupid rants.
That said, lets go canes, on to Omaha.

Yo Cane trash

Yo I admit I was wrong, didn't think U would be selected to host a regional, good for U maggots:
"good news for the Hurricanes is that No. 1-seeded Florida and No. 3-seeded Florida State can't hinder them from getting to Omaha this year."

So U got lucky U don't have to face the big boys. Now U got no excUse fools. U better man up and show up.
Still think the NCAA is out to get ya? If it were so they would have sent ya to Tally or G ville.

That is my dose of reality for the day. Let's see how U dopes twist the facts.

Bunch of pathetic LOOSERS!

as soon as posters stop referencing the sky fairy and declaring, "I am a christian," I will stop throwing fact-based reality at you.

Posted by: Sure looks man made

Moron who do you think you are? You sound like a little whinny boy who gets mad and takes the ball home. No one here or anywhere cares about your so called "fact-based reality". Take that and stick it. Why don't you talk about baseball, you know, what this thread is about.
You never discuss sports all you do is change your name and post none sense. Go away.

Posted by: This moron is a loser

My, you are an angry cane fan. No wonder the gator posters here hate you. But anger and hate is in keeping with the religious tradition so I get it.

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But what about Love
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Stop the Hate
Can't we disagree and remain friends?
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Pedophile priests hate that they have to rape little boys. They truly hate that act but it never stopped them. The sky fairy forgives them, can't you see.

Trashman so came clean and sort of apologized for all the smack you said about Cane baseball.
Now the bit about lucking out of not facing the Noles or Gators is being said by the same tools who said we couldn't host a regional. They are wrong about this too, remember past performance is no guarantee about future results. Who's to say we couldn't whip the Noles and Gators if we faced them.
On our way back to Omaha
Go Canes

Embrace HATE
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love? For What?

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There is no soul. That is a fiction created by the religious powers 2 thousand years ago to make sure the peasants stayed in line or else face retribution in the "after life."

So not only does the crooked church seek to control you in this life, they want to control you afterwards too.

It would be laughable if it weren't so sad that the weak, timid and the children have been held captive to that theocratic nonsense for so long.

Do the massacred children in Syria think that the judeo-christian god is all-loving? Or omnipotent? Or just wanted to hold off before he intervenes?

40 straight years in the playoffs! 24 times being the host.


Meanwhile, Texas had their streak snap at 14 this year.

Gators are nowhere near 40 straight, and have only hosted 11 regionals, and have zero titles, yet their obsessed name-changing troll tries his hardest to claim the Gators were, are, and always will be the better team. Wrong again, stupid troll.

Yo Cane trash

No Mo Titles what a dope U r!
1000 years in the playoffs
700 pro bowlers
70 times hosting
Yo dUmmy, all in the past. No trip to Omaha since 2008, courtesy of the Gators. Since 2008 Ur a has been maggot.
How can U be better than the team who beats U up every year since 2008. What a doUchebag!

Yo miramarmaggot
call it an apology if it makes U feel better fool.
U know who says U can't beat the Gators or Noles dUmmy?
History, recent performance, results on the diamond, that's who.
Are U so delUsional as the rest of Ur fellow maggots?
U seemed a bit brighter, maybe not.

Yo Cane Pig
What up with all the anti God manure fool
I agree no one cares about Ur dUmb rants
Stupid little pig troll

No excUses maggots. U got Ur regional, man up and show up losers.

Bunch of pathetic LOOSERS!

Bunch of pathetic LOOSERS!

What a dumb, pathetic, gaturd troll you are. Ufelony diploma hard at work......or was it Santa
fe CC......

Posted by: Blog idiot

"I agree no one cares about Ur dUmb rants
Stupid little pig troll."

Pot meet kettle.

Saying god does not exist is not anti-god. Are you anti-Santa because he does not exist? That is a fallacy perpetrated by the armies of god to avoid having to face the cold reality of the non-existence of their beloved sky fairy.

Man, you are one angry member of the god army.

Morris and this Cane bunch better not just brush off this Stony Brook squad. They have the # 1 winning % in the Country of .806 @ 46-11. They hit nearly .340, one of the Top fielding teams in the Country @ .980% and have a team ERA of under 3.00. In their 11 losses, 6 were by one run in games where each team scored under 5 runs. 10 of there 11 losses were by a total of 15 runs. They have 3 Top MLB prospects in this years draft including Basball America's # 1 Prospect #6 6-3/200 B-L/T-R All-American and Golden Spikes award finalist Travis Jankowski. Kids a STUD hitting .411 and has 77 career steals in 3 years. Their Big Stick is 6-2/220 #5 3B William Carmona hitting .380 with 10 HR's and 60 RBI. They have 2 solid starters and a true stopper that all recieved various National honors as well. The Canes will face the Seawolves and America East's Conference Pitcher of the year #44 Righty Tyler Johnson. 9-1 in 12 starts, 1.76 ERA 76 innings pitched with only 1 HR allowed. At 6/180 he's in the same mold as Tim Hudson. Good arm, but not just a thrower. A true Pitcher in that he works locations and changing speeds letting hitter get themselves out rather than just trying to blow it by everyone. But he is upper 80's-low90's sneeky fast. His go to out pitches are heavy sinkers and change-ups with great location. Patience, fouling of pitches and a good 2-strike approach to up his pitch count is what I'm sure Gino DiMare will be Preaching these Cane hitters next few days in facing Johnson. Brandon McNitt is the #2 starter. Another smaller but hard thrower at 5-10/180. 14 starts, 8-2, 87 innings 55 k's with a 2.26 ERA and also only 1 HR allowed all season. #23 6-2/205 Righty Frankie Vanderka with a 1-2 record 5 saves and 2.22 ERA, 39 k's in 48 inngs. with a .181 against B.A.

Now I know there are some out there that will scoff, roll their eyes and say "Stony Brook" ? Who are they ? Well let me tell you. They are a "small D-1" but DAMN good Baseball program from the N.E. Shore of Long Island. They are not Scrubs and were a lot closer to being a solid 3 Seed than a lower 4. So which brings me to hearing that Morris might opt to move LHP Ace Erickson (want him matched against Jankowski) down a day and start Ewing for Game 1 against these unknown Seawolves. I just don't like it. If we had the overall pitching depth like the old days, then ok. But This Miami team needs to start this Tournament like they already have 1 loss and not look ahead. They MUST Win this first game. To even take a chance on having to come from the losers bracket and have to essentially play maybe 2 more games than the team on the Winners side will spell their doom. They just DO NOT have the Quality Pitching depth period. UCF and Mizzou. St. are very good and deep teams. But I guarantee the sleeper of this entire 64 team field could very well be Stoney Brook, and that is a consensus opinion from many many baseball people from around the Country. There were lots of thoughts that they very well could have been a # 3 seed closer to the North East Regional. Thus many are calling The Coral Gables Regional now one of the most underated and toughest "throughs" outta all 16 sites.

Anyways, please fellow Canes, do not take this opening game lightly and get out to the games early and in numbers. Let's make the Light what it recently once was and can be again.

Go Canes !

Wanna know a little about Stony Brook ? Here you go.


'Sure looks man made' is completely right. All religions are made up by men and none of them are real.

There may be a god or gods, no religion from Greek mythology to Christianity to Scientology is based in knowledge of a god or gods. All are made up by men.

Equally true - 'Sure looks man made' is a huge loser trying to use religion to get people to talk to him on the internet.

Well, god won't speak so I need some other imaginary friends. Guess I am not deluded enough to think that the voice in my head is really just me, not god.

Now can someone see if the most crooked corporation on earth, the Vatican Bank, can lona me some of that money they are hoarding to payoff the victims of priest pedophilia? Maybe that natzi Ratzinger pull some strings.

5 minute refresh.

Jesus f*cking Christ.

How dare you take the fake lord's name in vain. You will rot in imaginary hell.

Do something about that anger.

urban meyer pining for tebow playsold90s depeche mode:

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words are very unnecessary, they can only do harm.......

Posted by: Sure looks man made

Pot meet kettle
This clown again
Lots of cutesy different names
Same old lonely stinky piggy
Begging for attention
No life and no friends
Internet nerd and Wikipedia expert
Quotes from Milton and Chaucer
No sports talk
What a loser and moron

Yo Cane trash

Yo cokcroach man
I venture to say U r the "dumb, pathetic," one. And U probably don't have any type of diploma.
I spell my sign off in all caps so U clUcks can clearly understand and it works.

Yo cane pig
No one is really impressed or interested in Ur stupid rants, really. Not even Ur fellow cane clUcks. Surely U know that, U can't possibly be that dense.
Seems like the "Sad times" monicker is also Urs. Are U talking to Urself? Truly pathetic.

Yo 5>3>2 but none in a decade

What up with the Tebow infatuation. Here we are discussing sorry cane baseball and U bring up Tebow. What a loser U r maggot.
BTW the Depeche Mode song U r referring is "Enjoy The Silence". Ur so dUmb U can't even get that right.

Yo maggots
What's gonna be Ur excUse this time. U don't have to face Ur daddy this time.
Man up and show up fools.

Bunch of pathetic LOOSERS!

"Quotes from Milton and Chaucer
No sports talk
What a loser and moron"

That is an amazing juxtaposition of phrases. Only in the sports-obsessed and cultural backwardness of your life would someone who quotes Milton and Chaucer be considered a loser and a moron yet someone who spews nonsense about unimportant sports talk be considered learned.

Your imaginary god hates you. The pope is a lying Nazi who protects pedophiles. Your life is a lie praying to a non-existent sky fairy. Keep living the lie, bible boy. The virgin mary was no virgin. She lied. She had sex. Deal with it.

No, no, no - only on the UNIVERSITY OF MIAMI SPORTS BLOG IN THE SPORTS SECTION OF THE MIAMI HERALD would someone who quotes Milton and Chauncer be considered a loser and a moron.

But you do troll people into talking to you and filling your sad existence with some approximation of human contact so I guess you can't be that big of a moron.

That big of a loser? Obviously.

canetrash: your name says it all. You is what you is. gator puke

Well said Sad times. He who quotes Milton and Chaucer
on a sports blog is a total loser. A moron as well. An obsessed moron to boot, harping on pedophiles, Nazis and hate, just to draw others into a worthless discussion.

Show me one post I laid down from Milton or Chaucer. Find one.

You can't. It's not there. Just like your fake god. And fake jesus. And fake holy spirit.

And you think exposing the atrocities of hate and pedophilia is a "worthless discussion?" Wow, you are dumber than I ever thought. I guess to you, the only worthwhile discussion is the forty time of the third string CB. A typical sports-obsessed slob.

Come to UM where we will eat your face. It's called Zombie Swag!

UM Medical school has layoffs and zombies attack? Ground zero for the apocalypse but Coach Golden has a plan. We are getting stronger.

Nothing to do with the layoffs. Mr Zombie and his meal were both high on street drug cocktail. Just one example of the excellent quality of life
in our great sophisticated metropolis.
Parents don't let your kids grow up to be Miami Zombies. The Golden Plan is already a failure, no matter how much you lift.

The Pope IS a Nazi and the Catholic church is full of pedophiles, both are true. That is just a condemnation of the Catholic church, not of religion as a whole and most certainly not of God.
You may not have quoted Milton or Chaucer but you have brought up Churchill, Hemingway and others so the point is valid. Your rants are out of place here, your half truths don't add up. Go meet a Zombie.

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