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UM gets QB commitment

The father of Wayne Hills (N.J.) quarterback Kevin Olsen told The Herald's Barry Jackson within the past hour that his son is committing to UM. Kevin Olsen, brother of former UM tight end Greg, is rated the nation's seventh best Class of 2013 quarterback by rivals.com and 131st overall. For details on this, and highlights of what Stephen Morris and Ryan Williams said today, go to the sports home page and click on Florida Sports Buzz.



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Ouch! I hear that he dumped offers from some SEC and ACC rivals in the process.

Another big get for Golden.

You trolls call him Golden Retriever as a weak attempt at an insult, but he just fecthed us an elite QB.

Yeah 5 titles. Florida offered him as well as Auburn adn UScarolina.

This shows that Golden and his coaches are recruiting their butts off.

Sanctions or not, they are bringing in some athletes where UM needs it most.


Rivals shows no offer form UF, so stop, but this is a great get for Golden, but if he couldn't deliver on a legacy like this he should have just left town. South Carolina just signed a stud QB so they were out of the mix. Wisky was also a consideration and they got ther transfer stud, FSU got who they wanted, so if you check his list you start going down to the next level teams, so maybe this kid was running out of viable options.

sam, i am not EVER going to defend a turd fan, but i do get tired of seeing the we got this and you got that stuff from both sides. all that should matter for us is we seem to have a great coach{finally}, and he hass a lot to prove. it seems he is a worker, and that will get us back where we belong. we will right the ship ion 2013, beating you guys go canes

OK. He's from NJ. I don't have a problem with that. Greg Olsen was good. We need winners.

gatorsam check out scout for all the scholarship offers. UF is on there, Bama, FSU, Wisconsin, and many others "so stop". Seriously at least attempt to find out this information before claiming you actually know what you are talking about. Also, his other brother (aka not Greg just make sure you understand) was a qb and he went to Virginia so it's not like they're super loyal to any school, especially with future sanctions. They aren't just going to be like Jayron Kearse and go to Florida just because his uncle Jevon went there....oh wait.

@GatorSam Ur a lie buddie! I saw on espn that Florida,Florida State,Sandford,Auburn,S.Carolina,Oregon @ many other schools offered this kid. If you go to Youtube and watch his Highlights everyone wanted this young man. Kevin welcome to the U my friend. Stay positive and motivated on the field. I'm coming to see you play kid. And I hope you can reel in a another championship for us. Great job again and good luck!!!!!!!!

Hey sick troll liar, your buddies at Alligator Alley might want to be informed.


Should we beleive Luke Stampini, or some racist troll?


And Scout lists him with an offer. Should we bleive Scout or believe some racist troll?

And South Carolina got their QB with 3 star Connor Mitch? yeah, they dropped their offer to the #7 QB because they got the #57 QB?

your eager sick desire to dump your lies on here during a moment of good news is wasted, wrong, and needed over in Gator Clause, gatorspammer.

Golden is getting it done out there. I must give props were they are do. He might not be as good of a coach as JIMMY but he definitely has an aura like him. He did exactly what he was supposed to do and get the players here. Having the best players in football is what wins you NC's. Olsen was in some kind of skills tourney and he was very nice in the drills. If he can display that while the bullets are flying he will be a monster. JJ was a Jedi psychologist and his philosophy was in the players heads. Maybe Golden is creating that kind of culture around here.


Go Canes!!! Nice get but until the sanctions are handed down and the 2012 season is over us fans must wait and see what the future holds for the "U".

The Golden Touch strikes again....
We all need to lighten up and realize that Coach G is REAL. The guy tells it like it is.. does not shrink from letting his players know where he stands (i.e my way or I will suspend your butt..follow the rules) and he runs a tight ship with his Asst. Coaches all on Board.

Don't tell me that these young High school good players aren't looking at the 'U' in a different light, and the icing on the cake is that Kevin has been hanging around the 'Canes from he was a kid and his Dad who had always been involved with our program for a long time. They all see this as an opportunity to be part of this Rising of the 'U'.

My hat is off to you Coach G, and a lot of posters including GatorSam is still cranked since we stole Tracy so take it for what it is worth..
Money in the Bank says that after 2-3 years we will be throwing up the 'U' for Kevin as we kick some major schools compliments of the 'U'. Eat your heart out Moosechump lovers.
Go 'Canes.

Kevin welcome to the 'U'.

I know as a kid running around the 'Canes you dreamed of playing for the 'U'.
Your dreams can now be answered and I know your family is very proud of this decision.

Keep your head down, work hard, study and be a gymrat like you already are, and good things will happen for you and the 'U'.
Go 'Canes.

Glad to see that skunk took the hint and got lost. The stink of his lies and rationalizations was rotten like the smell of his unwashed teeth.

Don't come back, troll.

MAY 18, 2012, 12:11      Sports/NCAA FB Recruiting
Top QB recruit picks Miami
BY William J. Browning

1:25 p.m. | Updated 
Coveted High School quarterback Kevin Olsen erased all doubt today when he firmly committed to the University of Miami today. The 2013 recruit has offers from the top programs in the nation. 

He decided to make his commitment now, rather than continue through the hectic recruiting process when he already knew where he wanted to attend.

When asked if his brother, NFL star tight end and Miami alumn Greg Olsen, influenced his decision, Kevin categorically stated "I evaluated each school on its own merits. An offer from a big football school like Florida might seem tempting, but when you look at the whole picture, there's no comparison. The U is academically superior. It is in a diverse international city with culture, excitement, corporations and many other things. The campus, well there's no comparison, from the smaller more personalized classes, to the tradition and cachet of the U, it's all there. It really is a family. I suppose if you are planning done future in a rural career, farming, sharecropping, or maybe the mobile home industry that you could go there"


Young man is wise beyond his years.

Geuss he didnt want a degree in inbreeding at UF.. WOO HOO.. .

Alright Kevin get in the gym and beef up bro. Get to 225lbs and master the playbook bro. Stay in QB camps. Be a front runner for the Heisman bro. Welcome to the U go canes!!!!!!!!!!!

sharecropping... thats funny

I said it once and I'll happily say it again, even with pending sanctions Golden reels in another recruit. This kid had offers from a bunch of places and chooses THE U over them all even with what's coming. Golden simply gets it done.


It was mentioned Golden might not beas good a coach as Jimmy Johnson. Im a huge J.J. fan on the college level as a coach. The one thing he was probably the best at was evaluating talent. He at his time in college had to be one of the best in college. In regards to coaching he was very good. Was a GREAT MOTIVATOR . He knew how to get is players to produce. He also had one of the best coaching staffs in college at one time. How many of those coaches went on to the NFL and had sucess?. Some even became head coaches in the NFL. So he had alot going in regards to help. I think Golden has the smarts to get the job done. What we
need to see is what kind of staff he has that will be able to help. Golden can recruit and he can motivate. Lets get through the
sanctions which will come. Get through that and keep the coaches and recruits we just might see how good he is as a coach Just. realize this won't be easy and won't be fixed in one or two years. It will happen just let Golden build from top to bottom. Then we will see the rewards.

gators ssssssssssssssssuuuuuuuuuccccccckkkkkk! canes are back!!!!!!! u can bet that

First to admit when I'm wrong, ESPN shows offer by UF, Rivals does not so kudos to Miami on this 4 star get. I stand by comments that Carolina and Wisky just got QBs but Miami just got a stud no doubt.

Great addition, but I know many of you guys didn't attend the U, you're grammar is terrible. You ought to read your posts.

Thank u Sam!


You will not be disappointed with this kid.
Trust me on this one.

First of all Jimmy was a great "figurehead" more then a "coach". He was a great motivator and king on the mind control game. The reason Jimmy was successful because of those "attributes" and his coaching staff....Wanstead, Davis, Stevens, Brodsky, Hubbard, Wise, etc, etc, etc.....lets keep it real....AG is an actual "coach" and motivator...


[]_[] GOLDEN AL []_[]


Joe that has to be one of the most idiotic statement's I ever read. A figurehead? Who's philosophy was it? You have to at least win some kind of championship before you can even be mentioned in the same convo as Jj. Jj won on every level in football with superior players. Maybe golden can do the same?

I see by some of the bloggers here that the Alachua County Detention Center has expanded their internet hours in the facility library! Isn't it time for the Alachua County Detention Center feature of the week? Where you can mingle with the University of Florida athlete of the week!

Yeah gatorsam. In other words st-fu with your dribble. When it was posted ( I dont know by whom) thathe had offers from UF etc, 90% knew it was correct. Only moron trolls like you had to come here and talk smak. And youmentioned USC- I think youhave USCarolina confused with the real USC, who landed THE top QB in the country.

So do yourself a favor- start up your own blog regarding all gator stuff and leave this blog to cane fans who know what we are talking about. You can start your blog by asking...

?How many national championships could Florida have won if they didnt have to play UM and/or FSU"?

Tallycane....I was on the field when JJ was there...he had coaches who "coached"....JJ would go from drill to drill overseeing the practice....trust me....JJ was the conductor of the orchistra...but...he had a great coaching staff who got the players ready. JJ did manage all game situations with his coaches though.....and did a great job.

JJ surrounded himself with top personnel. No HC can do it all by himself. Look who he had- eventually many D-1 and NFL coaches: Wannsted, Tuberville, Greg Schiano, Butch Davis, Soldy, and others. That is the onlty way to succeed. Tho have excellent personnel- and for some of the haters here who in the past have said that Miami doesnt pay the coaches enough... UM didnt pay them then either. No difference. Its just a matter of getting the right people in here. Like now. I believe with (maybe) the Offenseive coord which I am still not convinced with, Golden has surrounded himself with great coaches. But like with everything, time will tell

532 you are a joke. Other than 2001 none of the other Miami teams would have won titles if they played in a real conference. Additionally no other school in the country had the same advantage as Miami in playing national title games in their home stadium. I believe 3 of the 5 were won in the OB.

You are an idiot apologist, gator trash. I guess every title Michigan or tOSU won, or USC, or OU should be asterisked because those conferences sucked throughout the years.

Also, ND should give back all of theirs as well. As a typical ignorant 'billy Hatr, college football only started to count for real beginning with the BCS, right? So much so that it is being abandoned.

You can rationalize every team, conference and schedule so that the only team worthy of winning is the Gatr Trash, right dope?

If you didn't see Bowden's comments on FSU thinking about changing conferences here they are, Bowden speaks the truth, he knows FSU would never had been as successful as they were if they played an SEC schedule. Last week he also went on the radio and spoke about when FSU was making the decision to join the ACC and said the same thing that it would be crazy to bang his head against SEC competition when he could dominate in the ACC. At least he is honest. here are Bowden's comments: "My message would be stay in the ACC," Bowden told Arute in a transcript provided by SiriusXM. "Do you want to win a National Championship at Florida State? You've got a better chance in the ACC than you have in the Big 12, or even the SEC.

"You say, ‘Well, gosh, they're much stronger in those conferences.' Yeah! They beat up on each other and you can't hardly get there. You know what? Florida State, wait ‘til you get good enough to rule the ACC then you start looking for someplace to jump. But my opinion? They should stay right where they are."

In another sport the Gators ended Miami's season. For the third year in a row the Lady Gator Tennis team has eliminated the Miami Tennis Team.

It's our 3rd espn 150 player out of 5. Great job. Golden is on like 25 espn top players. After 33 kids in 2012 class he can bring in all 4-5 star kids this class since it's smaller and therecis 10-15 top 50 in Miami this year. Golden gets them to stay in Miami we r talkin top 5 class this year.

Wow sammy,tennis? Really?

He looks like Justin Bieber and he made another lame LeFraud James imitation with his announcement. In other words, don't look for any solid QB play in the fourth quarter of games. He can stay in New Jersey.

come on cane fan, admit it, in 3 years you'll be ...

right back to where U wUz back in 2004.

O n D line ... thin

ur pinger coming to titletown ?

This old cracka' Pig only posts before 6 AM. That's how crusty old douchebags live. In bed by 7. Up by 4:30.

Key Biscayne summer '69. Ahh, yeah. The fall of 1971 was good too, right Pig? Nixon was the best. And bell-bottoms hadn't even been designed yet.


You are a doosh

You are stoopid

Yopu are a moron

You know nothing

YOu are sadly jealous and biased

You are a gator

I suppose youfail to mention all of the gator bowls that UF played in in Jacksonville that they won, or the yearly match vs Georgia. Neutral? HAHHAHHAHHAHHAH. My a55/

I suppose if Cal or USC or Oregon played in the Rose Bowl and won it it would be ok

Or if LSU won the NC in the Sugar BOwl itt would be OK

Or if Texas beat Miami in 1991 in the COtton bowl it would be ok

That is such a pathetic argument its not even worth even arguing/ You fail to disclose that even then, Miami played a very tough schedule. Like in 1987 when they went undefeated (you suggest like Miami played all home games) They played 3 SEC teams, Notre Dame, FSU, Maryland, AND OKLAHOMA. And when the OB hands out tickets it goes in equal apportionments to BOTH programs. Its not like its a regular season game you ignorant fool.

And to say the 2001 team was the only one capable of winning the NC is proof of your intellectual deficiencies. The 2002 was just as capable. The 2003 team was just as good. The 2004 team mybe a notch down. SO just stfu with your dribble

NOBODY CARES about your opinion about FSU or the ACC. Go away.

Tough schedule in 1987, are you kidding me, they played only 4 teams with winning records. And 3 of them, Arkansas, Notre Dame and and South Carlina had 4 loses. Only FSU went 11-1. Then they got the Sooners at home in the OB. Please keep the facts straight. And yeas LSU, USC, Cal and Oregon never played or won a national championship in their home stadiums.

Yeah, so te Cames should apologize for winning the games that were scheduled and winning the national championships by virtue of those games. Same thing ND and every other pre-BCS team should do, right?

Just focus in why one of the most bloated schools in the country has underachieved for the better part of its 100 year history. All the resources and facilities and they scratches out only four worthwhile years.

The Gatr Trash should apologize to all of the Florida taxpayers for that.

Fed up with Mediocrity it amazes me that you are ready to indict Kevin to your own form of mediocrity without even giving him a chance to work or show what he has under the tutelage of the 'U''s staff.. How dumb is that?..

Answer you will live with your level of mediocrity and stay fed up..you are really not a fan and probably cheering for someone else..To have you rooting for them, they must be mediocre..at their best.

The 'U' is way above your level of thinking.
Go 'Canes

Who did the Gators play in 87 that were so good? The Canes can;t help the Orange Bowl was their home field and in 89 we went into SEC land and beat Alabama. Who does the SEC play out of conference besides Georgia State or Furman? Nobody thats who. The only team that has any merit for playing a quality opponent out of conference is LSU. Georgia couldn't beat Boise in the Georgia Dome for crying out loud. When the SEC team go to a quality opponents house and beats them then the SEC can talk about actually playing somebody.

The Gators were 6-6 in 87 that's my point. Miami won 3 national titles in their home stadium that's my point. And the Gators play FSU every year which is an out of conference opponent and one of the toughest teams year in year out in the country. Why does no one acknowledge that? Why does Alabama, LSU, and Georgia only get credit for scheduling teams like Michigan, West Virginia, Oklahoma State, Penn State and Boise State? Why does FSU not count for UF.

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