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UM gets QB commitment

The father of Wayne Hills (N.J.) quarterback Kevin Olsen told The Herald's Barry Jackson within the past hour that his son is committing to UM. Kevin Olsen, brother of former UM tight end Greg, is rated the nation's seventh best Class of 2013 quarterback by rivals.com and 131st overall. For details on this, and highlights of what Stephen Morris and Ryan Williams said today, go to the sports home page and click on Florida Sports Buzz.



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I know all my Miami friends will be thrilled to know that Florida just clinched the SEC ALL Sports Trophy for the 20th year out of the last 23rd year including both the men's and women's trophy.


Great choice. Welcome to you and your family! You will love the U, the city and the prospects for the future under Coach Golden!

That does just cover the sec sammy...nothing to brag about.Try pulling something other than a rabbit out of your hat for a change. Your bragging on such lame things is a sign of desperation.

You may love the city as long as you don't leave the Gables or if you reside in the Gables By The Sea or a luxury condo on Brickell or Miami Beach. And if you reside in in the Gables remember you can't own a truck.

Well- you see. Gatordweeb and the billies around Ocala all chant SEC SEC when its covenient. I point out that Miami played 4 SEC teams in 1987, 2 away, and he copmes back that they s-ked that year. You all cant have it both ways gator boy. Either you are in with the SEC always or never, or stop that bandwagonning crap.

Miamis schedule in 1988, 1989-1992 was just as tough. I recall UM going to Michigan and playing there in front of 110,000.

Besides, UM has 43-37 record against ALL SEC teams (has played them all) since 1961. See, I'm including the 70s which was horrible for UM when they played Alabama year in year out, and the 1983-1994 Miami dynasty years to be fair. Point is, dont come on here talking stuff that you have no clue about.

Obviously your facts will need to be checked since Arkansas and South Carolina were not members of the SEC till 1992 and we know Miami did not play Alabama year in and year out.

Uh, sammy...UM played Bama in 62,63,68,69,70,71,73,74,77,and 79. Thats pretty dang close to year in and year out!We played South carolina in 86 and 87,and Arkansas in 87,88,8 and 89. He did not say while they were in the sec, so 5>3>2 is right. Why do U even try. Basic comprehension skills man....basic.

By the way sammy, I believe we are 6-4 against current members of the sec. 3 of those bowl wins were against U.No wonder y'all ran and hid.

I am the first one to come on here and admit when I am wrong. I knew Miami played Alabama in the 70's but did not realize the series was that extensive. Kudos to 532 on the facts. Sid, not to mince words but I do believe 532 did imply the 87 Miami team beat 4 SEC teams and Arky and Carolina were not in the SEC at that time. The only team they played was UF.

But there are bigger fish to fry today and bigger concerns for you guys. Word is that the noise coming out of Tally is not just the usual clown noise coming from the flying high circus. Apparently the BIG 12 will not be able to stay at 10 teams with the push for the four team playoff looming and serious talks will be commencing to steal FSU and Clemson from the ACC in addition to Georgia Tech possibly one other. The SEC will eventually be looking at Virginai Tech and NC State. Naturally no one will break up Duke and NC. The ACC will be ripped to shreds and Miami will be left on the street corner like the ugly gapped tooth hooker at the end of a long night.

Some hookers can teach you a thing or two. Miami will be alright and I guarantee you that no matter what, there will be a conference that will cream themselves to have Miami if the ACC implodes (which is not beyond the realm of possibility. regardless, the ACC is still a powerhouse in several sports (baseball, lacrosse, basketball, m +w soccer, golf) and academically, there is no comparison between any of the aforementioned conferences and the ACC. I would take what gatorsam says with a grain of salt because he is always spewing things that prove to be incorrect, but if FSU, NC state, GTech(I highly doubt these two) Clemson and VT leave the ACC, that would leave BC, Miami, Syracuse, Duke, NC, Wake, Virginia and a couple of others which could be a base from which to rebuild. I am not worried nor do I care. Miami ws succesful as an indep. and in the Big East. their failure thus far in the ACc has been not due to the fact that they are in the ACC, but due to horrendous coaches and recruiting, recruit BUSTS and overall poor coaching. They would have s-ked in any conference not just the ACC.

Yo Cane trash

Why all U girls up in a tizzy?
Gatorsam bothers U so much? The man speaks the truth and with kindness I might add.
Some of U dopes have confused me with him in the past, so let me try to make it easy for U maggots to tell us apart.
Ur all a buch of pathetic losers and whinners. So a kid committs to U for 2013 and U act as if U just won the NC. We got higher rated committs now and in the past and we act as if it is normal, cause it is, no big deal, it's expected at UF. On the other hand U fools get one or two high committs and U go crazy. Grasping at straws, in need for some good news no matter how trivial. Must sUck to be a cane clUck.
This QB kid may or may not stick around till 2013, he may or may not be any good, so why act as such fools?
U can't help what U are, pathetic.
Yo if FSU leaves the wimpy ACC U girls be in troUble.
Yo Golden Retriever needs to fetch more than one or two high rated recruits to make a difference. Is he gonna field an all freshmen team this year dUmmies?
How many more wins can he fetch U with what he has? Not many, U will soon see.
Yo maggots is Ur new motto gonna be "wait til Olson and 2013". Not long ago it was "Teddy in 2012". How did that turn out for U? Thought so.

Bunch of pathetic LOOSERS!

Isn't it interesting that practically all the trash-talking mouths who find it necessary to come on a Miami Hurricane site over and over...same ones day-in and day-out...are self-described gaytor "fans"? Really amusing in a pathetic sort of way how obsessed they are with The U. I couldn't care less what happens in Gainesville, and I wouldn't be caught dead on a gaytor website, let alone post on one. So-called "fans" like Canetrash need some serious psychiatric help, because whatever bad may or may not happen at The U, nothing's going to change their bitter, sorry, 'Cane-obsessed little lives.

Yo michiganmaggot

Trash is what U dUmmies understand, so it's what I dish out.
Gators have real fans, it's U fools who have "fans"
U know the type, bandwagon, front runner, casual "fans" who only show up when U win. No wonder Ur rent a stadium has beem EMPTY since U moved in over a decade ago.
U may not post @ the Gator site but many of Ur fellow doUches do.
I post here once in a while, U don't know what obsessed is maggot.
Many bad things are a coming for U dUmmy, that is interesting. Glad to point it out for U delUsional fools.

Bunch of pathetic LOOSERS!

Canetrash... you are almost as stupid as jls14234. I know its hard being a little brother to "The U"but one daymaybe...maybe, the gators will get their own identity and not be in our shadow anymore. Keep your head up little brother.

President Shalala the Commissioner of the Sun Belt Conference is on the phone he wants to know if you want to take FIU's spot?

Watch it sammy, SEC may be talking to furman. They would have the most exciting offense in the sec easy...

Good for Miami. I wish that UrbanMmeyer ran an offense that this kid could play in.I would be very happy for him to play for the Bucks. I have met his Dad a few times and he said that academic quality was going to be an important part of his decision. That is a good sign and probably why Florida and FSU were not selected. Congratulations Canes' fans and GO Buckeyes!!

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