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UM Canes Coach Golden talks ESPN-ACC TV deal, while FSU & others have all eyes on Big 12 Meetings

While we await the Canes' opening round of the NCAA baseball regionals (great time of year) at 7 p.m. Friday against Stony Brook, below is a statement released Tuesday by football coach Al Golden on the Atlantic Coast Conference's new Television contract through 2027 with ESPN -- announced May 9th.

The deal is worth $3.6 billion over the next 15 years, according to the Associated Press. Each of the league's 12 schools now are paid an average of about $13 million per year in rights fees -- but will eventually (after incremental increases) get an average of about $17 million apiece with the addition of new ACC members Syracuse and Pittsburgh.

GOLDEN: "The new ACC-ESPN television deal achieves many things that are essential to us as a conference, institution and program. The ACC is ESPN’s only all-in conference partner and this provides marquee Thursday and Saturday coverage with the multi-platform promotional power that only the World-Wide Leader in Sports can provide. There is no doubt that national sports fans tuning in to normal ESPN programming will be exposed to more of the ACC brand over the next decade than any other league in the country. The ACC’s footprint extends from Boston to Miami and, with the addition of Syracuse and Pittsburgh, it now encompasses nine of the top 25 media outlets in the nation. This increased TV exposure will help recruits identify with the University of Miami Hurricanes and showcase ACC football, not just to the eastern half of the United States, but to the rest of country as well. The ACC-ESPN television pact is historic in nature and a strong indication of the future of the Atlantic Coast Conference."

Wow. That's a very long statement, with some significant ACC and ESPN-pumping.

The Big 12 meetings have begun in Kansas State, and though it's doubtful anything major will happen this week, you probably are aware by now of the rampant talk regarding Florida State and Clemson (and, initially, spurred by TCU athletic director Chris Del Conte, also the Miami Hurricanes) being open to pondering a jump to that conference.

The Big 12, which voted to add TCU and West Virginia to its conference, still has not announced its pending TV deal with ESPN and FOX (as previously reported by SportsBusiness Daily being worth $2.6 billion over 13 years for first-tier rights, which means for nationally televised football and/or basketball games. The $3.6 billion ACC deal over 15 years is the figure that encompasses all sports). The Big 12 TV deal could eventually end up netting more money for each school.

 UM has made it clear it is sticking with the ACC. Barry Jackson reported recently that the subject of exiting for the Big 12 "hasn’t been discussed inside UM,'' according to two Board of Trustees members "and they could not envision Miami being interested. One pointed out UM would need to pay more than $15 million in ACC exit fees even if it wanted to move."

FSU reportedly (Tallahassee Democrat) has a $20 million ACC buyout fee from the ACC.    

 Still, most of these decisions, when you get to the nitty-gritty, usually come down to money. I'd love to have a looking glass 10 years into the future to see how it all shakes out. But I'm wondering how you'd all feel if FSU, first and foremost, bolted for another conference. That would certainly shake the foundation of the ACC, and make things rough football-wise. 

Also wondering how you'd feel if UM ever left. I remember when we first heard the Canes were contemplating leaving the Big East. It was thrown around for years, with UM saying "No,'' and was huge news when it finally happened. Now, with the landscape of college sports in continual flux, nothing seems crazy or strange anymore.

Will have some baseball availability Thursday at The Light, where we'll shift into full baseball mode.






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I just can't see UM exiting to Big12. Academically - it's a step down (WVU, KSU, OSU). It's even worse academically than the SEC. Culturally it's not a fit (mid-west and central US). Miami doesn't recruit and alumni bases are mostly along the Northeast/East Coast. So i don't see it happening - but

If FSU bolts then the ACC will be weaker than it already is and will spell doom for UM and whoever is left behind.

I agree Susan that the three Major factors overiding anything else are:
1. Dollars generated in a Conference.
2. Travel to compete within a Conference.
3. The Standards set for eduactional levels within the Conference.
Considering all of the above.

The 'U' as they improve will generate $'s in any Conference.
Travel would be a killer in the Big 12. Now it is convenient and cost effective to operate on the East Coast from Mass. to Florida as far as travel expenses are concerned.
Our tradition is one thing but one of the most important things stressed by Coach G and the team is the excellent "standards of learning, and graduation rates of ALL our Athletes at the 'U'.

My opinion that should not be compromised because not all our football players will go to the NFL to earn Major Schekels..That degree will have to carry the load for life and career.
The Comfort level of parents too knowing that their kids are getting a first rate education is a BIG selling point..

Miami will make the ACC a factor again and we have to support and know that .
The SEC is there as a barometer showing that because $$$'s are flying around, when it comes to graduating athletes and standards of learning..look at their graduation rates. Dismal..

The 'U' is Special and among Colleges in football and the bearer of a Major Legacy...

Put the $15 million buy out in infrastructure and develop more state of the art facilities on Campus,and just start pooping it in the ACC as consistent winners..
We will do it and we will be back...

If FSU leaves then we'll be right back where we started with the Big East - only one good team (Va Tech) standing between us and an undefeated or one loss season and an Orange Bowl or BCS bid.

Analysts would think even less of the conference?

Who gives a sh*t? Not like strength of conference beats record in the polls (well besides the joke conferences like the MAC and Sunbelt).

I think all of this is a clear indication that colleges are in the business of making money and education. This should quell any beliefs by those who think "football" players shouldn't get paid. Sorry about participants in other sports,they gotta be happy wt scholie only (except basketball). It is football that is revenue generator and the primary sport which TV Networks pay the big bucks for. Too much money football brings in for these guys not receive $1000 a month. The currently Socialist system where one sports pays for the other non revenue generating sports goes against democratic and free market principles. Go back to court! Schools, especially private, shouldn't be told which sports ie scholarships they will offer. Just like you can't tell Augusta National who to let into their institution. Sports should operate on a system of fan interest and revenue generation. If the university can show a negative financial impact of a sport then it should be able to drop the sport. Of course that would be many girl sports and preppie sports. They would have to get sponsorships and a subsidy payment (sport welfare) from the university.

UM has to end up in one of the Super Conferences (4 groupings of 16 teams each), which seems inevitable. When FSU and Clemson bolt, seemingly inevitable, the ACC will be left holding the bag. There's a chance Va. Tech will end up in the SEC, further weakening the ACC. UM must do whatever it takes to be in the 64 team power group. It will be impossible to recruit against these teams if you're left out of this group.

Oh please. people forget that the revenue football and basketball bring in pay for womans basketball, volleyball, track, mens baseball, womans softball and other sports. Without money from football and basketball most if not all those programs would have to be cut as they don't generate enough revenue on there own to succeed, Look i have no issue with players getting a full scholly that covers everything they need at school and a few bucks more, But the truth is most of these kids get a free education worth alot of money, So they do get paid in a scholorship , the education they recieve also helps make a better life for them after school, That said miami should only leave for the sec, The acc will get back on top in a few years once miami rebuilds and fsu gets back on top, Then people will talk about the acc again and its football.

mainecane - I hate that line of reasoning, football players in no way shape or form get a free education worth what other students are paying.

They are all steered into garbage humanities degrees that won't help them get a job when they graduate. I'm sure they could decide to pursue a real major if they wanted to but even with personal tutors many athletes just flat don't have the time to get a degree in 4 years that will benefit them.

Just look at the majors whenever you see them listed in bios - sociology, criminology, sports management. That's about it.

Sorry but a 4-year degree does not even come close to the money that generated. Sure it was fair and great when coaches were making 5 figures. But now there in the 7 figures and that is nowhere near a full ride.

That's cool. The school can keep their money. The boosters can pay the players...oh wait...

why does miami have to belong to a super anything. when golden gets this train rolling, and i believe he will, miami will get all the attention it needs. notre dame is still an independant, making it work. as an independant, miami could schedule anybody, anytime, anywhere. the ACC will be fine. i know coker and shannon didn't do their jobs, but changing conferences can affect recruiting. maybe positive, maybe negative. i know our move seems to have hurt us. in the big east, football made more than in the acc for winning. whatever happens go canes

gatorsam here. I know all of you hate me and most times I come here to agitate. But this is serious. Read what is being written and listen to the national radio shows and then stop thinking about Miami for a minute and stop hating on me. Despite what FSU and Clemson are saying I believe this is a done deal and the louder FSU and Clemson deny it, the more scared the ACC Commissioner better get and any school like Miami or Geogia Tech that delays planning is going to be left behind. Virginia Tech and North Carolina will be in demand. I am telling you this is not if, it is just when and once the conference presidents agree to that 4 team playoff, all hell is going to break loose.

Despite bad blood between the two in the past, the Big East and ACC should merge their major football programs into one conference. This will allow both to survive. The only problem I see there is the academics at some of these Big East schools like Louisville. Maybe the "safety" schools should be excluded from such an arrangement....or forced to increase their standards.

it doesnt matter. Miami and any ACC schools are already set pretty well with the ESPN deal through 2027. That is huge. Academically, Pitt and SU make the ACC even stronger than ever. They are clearly basketball powerhouses and now the ACC will consitently put 10 teams in the tournament. If ACC or Clemson leave, it wont hurt Miamibc Miami will continue to play FSU yearly. That would drop the ACC back to 12 teams, and 2 more can be added down the road, Now, if Ga Tech, va Tech, Clemson and FSU leave, thatsanother thing. That would effectively destroythe ACC.

Miami hasbeen independent, in theBig East and ACC. All along Miami has been known for playing OOC teams. Oklahoma, Michigan, Wisc, Cal, tennesee, Alabama, etc etc. That tradition will continue. That tradition has made the U well known, hated or loved in the entire continent. The U ha a HUGE following in the Northeast. UF nor Alabama can say that. So no matter where the U goes, their fans will follow.

Posted by: 5>3>2

With Super Conferences, their OOC games will be minimal because of the increase of the teams in their own conference. We need to get to the SEC.

If FSU leaves, they will become a non-football factor. They haven't proven anything for ten years and they will become the SEC's whipping boys. Stupid move in the long run as it is a big downer academically as well.

Please stop saying any of these decisions are based on basketball or academics. No one stays home on Saturday night to watch Villanova and Georgetown and no one drives 5 hours, spends 2 nights miniumum on hotels, thousands on booster contributions and tix, food, hats, shirts and decorations to listen to a lecture by the chemistry professor.

What is a degree worth and from WHAT institution?..

The fine line is that the Colleges will make money and the Conferences will also..but what will the athlete who got a Freebie education do with the DIPLOMA?..
How many go and continue playing 2 %...in the NFL.

Think about the contributions that these kids make to our Universities but the end result with a Garbage degree is still garbage, for the kid who did not make the BIG time..What do they do?..That is why graduation from the 'U' should be important.

My point is the education should be VERY important and at the U the last time I checked it was over $40,000- $45,000 per year with the sundries in there to get a degree. UF and FSU a lot less..

No Conference will change this.. the players are the Main Event. Everything else is Backdrop.

So 5>3>2 makes a valid point Miami has a tradition of playing many schools OOC so the Conference is important but not crucial. Players and Recruiting is the KEY. WINNING is Everything..Miami wins and the Affiliated Conference rides the wave..ACC. Big 12, SEC.

Miami conference affiliation is a 3 on the scale of 10. Let's not make this more speculatively important than it really is.
..$$$$ are in play here, and who gets what out of the Conference shares are the motivators for the schools, not the players..

Miami still draws the cache from their legacy across the country... VTech, no, Clemson, no..Everyone knows the 'U'.Love them or hate them.
Go 'Canes

Anyone going to take in a little College Playoff Baseball this weekend at the Coral Gables NCAA Baseball Tournament as the Miami Hurricanes host the University of Central Florida, Missouri State and Stony Brook ? Should be quite a competitive tourney but I was really interested in the # 4 Seed Stony Brook... Who are these New Yorker types ? So I did a some research and jotted down this lil scouting report ... A Guido Cinderella Story in the making perhaps ?



Jim Morris and his # 21 ranked Miami Hurricane Baseball bunch better not just brush off this Stony Brook Baseball squad in the opening game of the Coral Gables Baseball Regional Friday Night. The Seawolves of Stony Brook are the America East Conference Champions. America Eastern you ask ? Yes, the American East Conference is Division-1. Fielding teams from Colleges and Universities like Albany, Boston U. Hartford, New Hampshire, Binghampton, Vermont and Maine. Sounds like a hotbed for Hockey Champions right? Certainly not baseball. Well, this Stony Brook team is making a quite name for itself and it's Conference on the Diamond rather than on frozen water. They currently lead the entire Nation and have the # 1 winning percentage in College D-1 Baseball in the Country at a clip of .807 % and 46-11 record. They hit nearly .340% as a team. They are one of the Top fielding teams in the Country @ .980% and combine that with a stellar team pitching ERA of under 3.00. at 2.87. Of their 11 losses, 6 were by one run in games where each team scored under 5 runs. Another 3 losses by just 2 runs. And 10 of their overall 11 losses were by an total of just 15 runs. They have at least 3 MLB prospects in this years draft including Baseball America's # 1 Prospect and American East Player of the Year 6-3/200lb. Bts.-L / Thr.-R All-American and Golden Spikes award finalist Travis Jankowski. This kid's a spray hitting STUD machine, batting .411, with 77 career steals and 86 RBI in just 3 years... Their Big Stick is 6-2/220 3B William Carmona hitting .380 with 10 HR's and 60 RBI this year... The other 6 comprised Starters and DH all hit between .300-.350... On the mound they boast 2 solid starters plus a true stopper that all received various Conference and National honors as well. The Canes will likely face the Seawolves and America East's Conference Pitcher of the year Righthander Tyler Johnson. 9-1 in 12 starts, 1.76 ERA, 40 k's, 76 innings pitched with only *1 HR* allowed all season. At 6ft./180 he's in the same mold as a Tim Hudson. Good arm, but not just a thrower. A true Pitcher in that he works locations, changes speeds with movement basically letting hitters get themselves out rather than just trying to blow it by batters. But he can be upper 80's-low90's sneaky fast. His go to out pitches are heavy sinkers and change-ups with great location being the key to his success. No doubt Patience, fouling of pitches and a good 2-strike approach to up Johnson's pitch count is what I'm sure Canes Hitting instructor Gino DiMare will be Preaching and imbedding these next few days into his Miami batters minds... RHP Brandon McNitt is the #2 starter. Another smaller but hard thrower at 5-10/180. 14 starts, 8-2, 87 innings 55 k's with a 2.26 ERA and also only *1 HR* allowed all season... The end of games for the Seawolves is when the ball is handed over to 6-2/205 Righty Frankie Vanderka. He boasts solid numbers with a 1-2 record, 5 saves, 2.22 ERA, 39 k's in 48 inngs. with a paltry .181 against B.A. against him.

Now I know there are some of "U" Cane fans out there that will scoff, roll "Ur" eyes and say "Stony Brook" ? Who are they ? Puuuuleeease... Well let me tell you. They are not a bunch of Upper Long Islander stick ball playing scrubs. They were a lot closer to being a solid 3 National Seed than a lower 4 and the high 4 seed that they are now. They are the little team that can ?, could ?, might ?, maybe ?, will ? A "small D-1" but DAMN good Baseball program from the N.E. Shore of Upper Long Island. Which brings me to hearing that Miami Head Coach Jim Morris might opt to move # 1 LHP Ace Eric Erickson (I'd like him matched against Lefty Jankowski) down a day and start #2 Starter RHP Steven Ewing for Game 1 against these unknown Seawolves. I just don't like it. If Miami had the overall pitching depth like they did in the early 2000's days, then ok. But this Miami team needs to start this Tournament off like they're already having to play with 1 loss, they're backs are against the wall and not look ahead. They MUST Win this first game. To even take a chance on having to come from the losers bracket and have to essentially play maybe 2 more games than the team on the Winners side will spell their doom. They simply just DO NOT have the Quality Pitching depth period. UCF and Mizzou. St. are very good and deep teams. But I guarantee the sleeper of this entire 64 team field could very well be Stony Brook, and that is a consensus opinion from many, many baseball people I've spoken with lately from around the Country. There were lots of thoughts that they very well could have been a solid # 3 seed and placed closer to home in an Atlantic or North East Regional. But ironically enough, the Snowbird New Yorkers were sent South to Miami. Hhhmmmmmm ... Thus is why many are now calling The Coral Gables Regional not just one of the most underrated Regionals but one of, if not the toughest "get through" outta all 16 Regional sites to make it next round to a Super Regional...

So please College Baseball fans of the Magic City of Miami and City Beautiful of Coral Gables, do yourselves a favor and DO NOT take this opening game with lil ol Stony Brook lightly... Get out to the games early and in numbers this entire weekend. Let's make "The Light" what it recently once was and can be again... The Riviera and Mecca of College Baseball.

Wanna know a little about Stony Brook ? Here you go.


If eventually we go to 4-16 team mega conferences that means the SEC has room for 2, the Big 10 has room for 4, the PAC 12 has room for 4 and the BIG 12 has room for 6. Anyone want to play who gets in and who gets screwed?

gatorsam, sure, no one wants to watch Villanova vs georgetown or vandy vs wake. But Miami is a big draw, even in bad times.

Miami STILL is a big draw. All Miamii bowls are bigger draws than people think. Miami has played in 3 of the 5 top watched college football games in HISTORY. That means ever. last one was in 2006, so no, I dont live in the past so dont even say it. The Cal-Miami bowl in 2008 had higher ratings than a coupple of teh Bcs games.

My point is, it dont matter where the U goes. Its a big draw. Hate us (like you) or love us, the U is a big draw. Go to europe, china, whatever, and I guarantee you more people will recognise the U than the A of Alabama. So for anyone to say that Miami will be scr-ewd if FSU leaves is assinine.

I fear we get a two year bowl ban, they move to 4 super conferences and we are left out. That will KILL recruiting. FSU will be able to pull talent from TX then.

canesalltheway, recruiting comes down to the coaches, and i believe golden will ALWAYS do well in recruiting. coker was handed the keys to a machine, shannon never tried, golden will (has) got things going the right way. no matter where we go, or play, the NFL rosters are proof we will be miami no matter what.look at some players butch got during probation. the problem then was depth, as well as rebuilding what erickson did not do. golden is a winner, and we will be soon. GO CANES anywhere anytime anybody that's miami football no one else can claim that

conference size doesn't matter. it's the quality of opponents that get you there. miami plays their conference schedule, although we must admit the acc isn't the best, plus out of conf teams. lok at their sched. Notre Dame, K-state, USF. UF plays bowling green, UL-lafayette, and Jax state. which game on tv will be watched. thats what makes it fun. not playing the same teams every year. no OOC challenges is boring. this is why the brand U is nationwide. GO CANES

gatorsam - a degree does matter. A softer academic conference like the SEC (think Arkansas, LSU, Miss State) maybe not so much. A degree means nothing. (UF, Vandy, UGA, and now Mizzou hell even Bama/Aub. are better academically than FSU). and then a precipitous fall. Miami is now in the top 50 schools. All ACC schools are in the top 100 save for FSU. A degree for those who actually go to these schools does mean a lot.
Colleges aren't in the business to entertain - they are in fact set up to educate and give degrees. I'm sorry for the majority of morons who line up schools based on entertainment factors. As a UM grad - i'd rather see the value of my degree go up than the MNC go from 5 to 6.

Of course degrees matter. Education is primary. But please don't ever think that athletic conference affiiliations are based on academics.

I believe coach when he says we're sticking with the ACC.
I believe the conference will be in big trouble if our (currently) top 4 teams go.
There is no way the Miami Hurricanes will be left out if 4 Super Conferences are formed.

You don't go to college to have the upper hand on people without a college degree, you go to make yourself marketable and build a career in a field that interests you.

Athletes that go through these sociology and humanities majors are no more marketable than the rich girl future housewives that fill out their classes.

No problem if they're going to the NFL but those degrees are DAMN sure not worth $150,000. They'd be more marketable with a two year vocational degree.

I doubt Golden wrote it. Looks like ACC work.

why would miami want to go anywhere when they get a piece of the espn pie? Big 12? dont make me laugh. Travel alone would be prohibitive. They'd play 1/3 of their games in big 12 country. No- they cant ttake the bus to Texas or Oklahoma.

"not playing the same teams every year. no OOC challenges is boring. this is why the brand U is nationwide. GO CANES"

May not be boring but it's prohibitive to winning a NC.

Realignment is all about money, not student-athletes or football players.

Travel time will cost the football players more personal time. But the university reaps all the money. It's not good for the football team, players and coaches.

Let's be humane and not overwork the football team.

Listen, my diploma is worthless. I want to make sure everyone else's is as well.

Sure but please can the "U" atleast win one ACC championship before we bolt for another coference. It would realy suck as a fan to know that they left one conference for another without winning a single championship.


Yeah, that would really tear me up. I would not be able to sleep for weeks. Guess it didn't bother Mizzou or A&M though.

"It hurts that recruiters laugh and look with scorn upon the degree from the gator diploma mill."


Notice that Harvard and Yale aren't in that list.

Because Harvard and Yale graduate too few students to be worth recruiters' time.

The state of Florida's public education is a backwater. And that is even before the current round of budget cuts hit.

Don't worry, gatr grads, Avis needs its desk workers at the airport.

Enough. Let's talk about the new super conferences and how we are not going to be included. We will be on the outside looking in a la Boise State in the past. ACC SUCKS and we can't even win it.

"this is why the brand U is nationwide"

Then why aren't other conferences asking us to joing their's?

I dunno. Why is a loser Gatr Trash fan posting here as a Cane fan?

Must be an accident while flipping through all of those job offers that seem to go to people with worthless diplomas.

Game Set Match, Gatr Trash.

This jumping to different conferences is rediculous. You figure teams would stay in their geographic locations . Now you have Boise st and San Diego St of all teams joining the Big East. You cant get any further away than that.

It hurts that recruiters laugh and look with scorn upon the degree from the gator diploma mill.

He responded to the above statement. It was a survey of recruiters. No arguing that.

Wonder of wonders!! Talk on this board about academics and the value of a degree from one university over another university. You guys better cut this out, you guys are going to upset the guys who think that "academics" is a 4 letter word and should never be mentioned on this board. Anyhow, UGo2Canes2, you made some excellent points. I personally want the ACC to stay the way that is currently is (team wise).

Miami football is a brand and is (even though we are currently down) is very viable and I do not see that changing anytime soon. That being said, IF there is a road leading to four 16 team super conferences, then Miami has to do what it has to do to be in one of those conferences whether it is making a move OR making the ACC, even if we loose FSU and Clemson, (this will be hard unless UM and 2 or 3 more of the remaining members return to glory i.e., Syracuse or Pittsburgh or a "sleeping giant" i.e., UNC steps up and gets to become a semi-power, ala VaTech).

Again, many people on this board do not believe this, but UM has some capable people who are examining the situation and will do what is best for Miami to remain in a conference that matters when it comes to playing for MNC's. Again, I want us to stay in the ACC, but I would not jump off a bridge if we were to go to the Big 12. For those who want us to jump ship and just leave the ACC behind, keep 2 things in mind:
1) Texas is and will always be the big dog in the Big 12. No matter whose name is on the title as commissioner, the REAL commissioner of the Big 12 is Deloss Dodds at Texas I don't care if FSU, Clemson, Miami, Alabama, USC, Florida or LSU go to that conference. Oklahoma, a very storied program with a great fan base and tradition, who has won 7 MNC's and played for 5 or 6 more, has to answer to them. All teams in the Big 12 will have to answer to the Longhorns. The only team that may be 1A with them would be if Notre Dame where to end up in the Big 12. Their being the "bully" of the league has rubbed many of the other programs the wrong way for a long time. That is the reason why Colorado, Missouri, Texas A&M left and others have considered leaving. When Miami starts winning again, no matter who is in the ACC, we will carry lots of weight in the league. That will never be the case if we are in the Big 12 with Texas.

2) Texas and their running mate Oklahoma we extremely close to leaving the Big 12 and heading out to the PAC 12. We don't know how this all is going to play out. Think about this: Do you really think that Syracuse and Pittsburgh would have left the Big East if they thought that FSU, VaTech, Clemson or Miami would be thinking of leaving the ACC before they even played a game in the league? These are some very unstable times in college sports with money rating on as #10 on the scale and loyalty and security rating at 0. To all who wish to go to the Big 12, be careful what you wish for. No matter how much money is involved, the grass is NOT always greener on the other side.

I like the acc, there are a lot of interesting teams on the schedule.

One of the recruiting selling points that Coach G uses is the fact that not only does Miami have the Campus, location in the Gables, , and world class Sports entertainment in our backyard, he also presents the picture of the 'U' as a top echelon University in Research, small classes, and graduation of our football players.
No one else on the East Coast of the U.S. offers what we have regarding recruits.
When we start winning in the ACC, it is just a matter of time for all the factors of athletics and learning come together to form a package that will stand up against any conference.
Miami is on the road to a return to a powerful program that has a lot of say on the National scene..
In my opinion we are in a good position to create our own destiny after the NCAA ruling, and even then winning some crucial games with sanctions (a la USC) will make us a player on the BCS scene again, irregardless of the Conference..
Go 'Canes

Yup, 'U' as a top echelon University in Research, that's why I had come hurrrr.

Doesnot matter what conference we play in, as long as Donna "The Troll" is in charge of the U, we will not be in the hunt for NCs. Academics over athletic ability is only good for losing programs, which we have become. Since Donna has been at the U, we have won nothing!!!

Who says strength of schedule does not matter? If it was all about which conference you are dominating then wouldn't Auburn have two championships?

Look at Notre Dame's schedule this year. Do you think that if they went undefeated after beat teams like Michigan, USC, Miami, and no cupcakes that they would not be in any playoff?

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