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Baby UM Canes excited to rep The U and bring it back. 'The class we have is pretty amazing. Everything you need is in this class.'

The football season is closer than it seems, and no one knows that more than this year's crop of Baby Canes, who have been arriving since January to get a head start for 2012.

I have a story in today's Miami Herald about the guys who have enrolled in the first summer session, and are about to enroll in the second summer session that begins June 27. Naturally, they're very excited to get going and experience college life while also diving into their workout regimens and seven-on-seven sessions with the older players.

"Me and [fellow incoming Cane] Vernon Davis have been going to UM every day and lifting weights,'' receiver Herb Waters of Homestead High told me. "We're working on our abs and muscles I never even knew about. Like on our shoulders we have inner muscles that hold our joints, or something like that. We use a little bungee cord to strengthen those muscles.''

Waters is also excited about being able to take one class when he gets to UM in late June. He said he is interested in studying criminology. He also said he likes the way the upperclassmen respond to the younger ones.

"The older guys are pretty cool,'' he said. "They treat you with respect.''

"Big Earl" Moore, a 6-1 defensive tackle from Tampa Hillsborough High, told me he has gained 15 pounds since the high school season, and now weighs 295. He said he's interested in studying about sports medicine.

"I'm pretty sure it's going to be good, just from how [the other freshmen already enrolled] talk about it,'' he said, adding that safety Rayshawn Jenkins told him all about the small classes and how "the professors really get to know you."

Moore said he's been working out with his coach from Hillsborough before he gets to Coral Gables in late June. "[UM] told me I'm going to play the position I played in high school, which is defensive tackle and noseguard. Mostly I look forward to the football season. I can't wait to get back on the field."

Vernon Davis, the cornerback from Coral Reef High who also will arrive for summer session II,  said UM "is like family. Everybody is together. I'm very happy with my choice. The position I'm in, they really need help. I hope to get early playing time."

Davis said he likes coach Al Golden's straight-forward approach.

"I love Coach Golden. He doesn't sugarcoat anything. He tells you what's right. He tells you how it is. He doesn't hide anything. He tells the truth all the time.''

Vernon said he wants to major in sports administration. "I was always a UM fan,'' he told me. "I feel like we're going to bring the team back to the way it was in the early 2000s, when everyone scored touchdowns and jumped around and celebrated. The class we have is pretty amazing. Everything you need is in this class.''

The parents, it seems, are equally happy.

Standout safety Deon Bush, already enrolled (summer session I), keeps his dad, Gary Bush, abreast of what's happening. Gary Bush said his son loves his psychology class, and that Deon was super excited about using "a clicker'' to take a test using a promethium board (interactive electronic whiteboard).

"He said he did pretty well,'' Gary Bush said. "Deon can retain. He has a good memory.''

Earl Moore's mom, Cherrie (pronounced like the wine), said she "just fell in love with UM'' when she visited. "I was good with UM,'' she said, because of "the graduation rate of the athletes and the fact that it's a private school with smaller classes -- the personal attention."

Theodosia Davis, Vernon's mom, said she likes Golden and thinks Vernon will excel at UM. "Coach Golden seems like he's a family type guy,'' she said. "I like that because I know I'm releasing my son to someone who will treat him like I would.''

I hope all of you have a great summer, as I begin my vacation. My daughter just graduated from Yale (proud mom!), so it started out very well.

Again, have a healthy, happy and safe summer!





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Here we go again, "I feel like we're going to bring the team back to the way it was in the early 2000s, when everyone scored touchdowns and jumped around and celebrated. The class we have is pretty amazing. Everything you need is in this class.''Yada, yada, yada, I was psyched last year and bought into the pre year hype because of new coach Golden but this year not so much after a dismal 6-6 season. Start instilling in these kids this fundamental, talk is cheap.

Too bad these current kids will be nailed to the NCAA Cross for the next 4-5 years mired in the continuation of the Canes mediocrity that will linger on and on... So enjoy this top heavy, overrated and over-signed class, because just like the housing bubble, when they're Juniors and Seniors with nothing in terms of Top Quality follow up recruits in '13-'14-'15 strength of talent or numbers to come in behind them to sustain them and the overall team, the whole thing will BuRST and set U back to 2020 Cane fans...

"Big Earl" Moore, a 6-1 defensive tackle from Tampa Hillsborough High, told me he has gained 15 pounds since the high school season, and now weighs 295.


"BIG" ? 6-1 means 5-11 3/4 ... Another Fortson short-squat clone...

U want BIG ? Check the SEC's DT's... Try 6-3-290 avg. with 36 inch waists, 25 plus/225 reps n 4.9 quicks...

Yo Arty ... HERE THEY GO .... AGAIN !!!

al golden ain't going no where so stop the hatin and bashing these kids' dreams. Yeah they had a crappy season last year which was the expected hangover from randy shannon, if you're a true canes fan hopefully you accept that this season is probably gonna be similar to last (maybe 7-5), not having washington at left guard, lamar miller and tommy streeter is gonna hurt, but this team will be alright.

Here is an idea for baseball. With Obama approving the new law to stop deporting young illegal immigrants and allow them to apply for work permits. We should get some more cuban ball players on the team

Go canes!


Posted by: Be Honest... U'll Be LUCKY To Win 6 Again This Year ... AND U KNOW THIS ! | June 15, 2012 at 02:22 PM

Breathing heavy, Pig? "These boys are really big mans. (breathe breathe breathe). I love 18 year olds."

Twisted bitter fruit.

I've been a 'Canes fan for 37 years and am 50/50 on the vitriol these kids are spilling about the new recruits.
I agree that "Big Earl" is not as big as he should be, and time will tell whether he should even be on the field in big game situations.
Personally, The U could have done much, much better than Al Golden as a head coach; he nor Shalala are interested in bringing back the swagger we used to have. Until we get a legitimate D1 head coach, we will be mired in the Land of Mediocrity for years to come.
It looks like we will have 3.75 GPA students and .500 records now in all of our sports.
Call 560 WQAM and 790 WINZ and complain your heads off.

Listen to the Pig bash Moore. The Gatr TRash, Noles and Gamecocks all offered him. Yet when he punks the Gatr Trash and signs with the mighty Canes, he sucks.

We've heard it all before Pig. You jumped the shark years ago.

You need new material. Seriously. You are worse than Stephen Wright.

Can't argue with Bob. Talk is cheap.

Al b gone> the troll has got his crystal balls out and telling the future again

Be Honest> Great game. So 6-3 is really 6-1. 290 is really 310. 36" waist is really 39", and 25 reps is 23. What a fun game. Thanks for playing with us.

canesrule > the Cuban kids will go pro too. $$$$$$

Everyone have a safe and happy Fathers Day. I'm off for the coast. Boating and fishing.

Trolls keep the hate fires burning. You know you really want to be a Cane. Come to the light Trolls


Hey canetally enjoy your fishing trip. Did you sign up for the Sapp fraudulent tournament? I hear Jacory and Aldarius Johnson are going in Shapiro's old yacht, should be fun.
I wouldn't call this back and forth "hate", to me it's just fun.
Who the heck wants to root for a mediocre program whose "fans" are bandwagon, delUsional and live in the past?

To all you post comment fools!Winers never win and Winners never wine. CANES #D WILL ROCK!...GO CANES.


The Miami Herald, citing a high-level UM official, reported on Sunday that the school "hasn't been given an updated timetable by the NCAA" and would not be surprised if the punishment is held until the 2013 recruiting class has been signed.

In January, the NCAA introduced a penalty matrix that creates clear - and much stiffer - punishments for different types of violations. The Hurricanes have yet to receive their Notice of Allegations from the NCAA, but given the information in Charles Robinson's Yahoo! Sports report many are anticipating numerous violations and severe punishments.

Damn, this cannot be good. Looks like it's going to be over our heads all season. Funny how the NCAA changes the rules last Jan. now that Miami is next on their plate. Just want to get past all this and move on to better things. Hang in there, I hope.

The Gators are on their way to mediocrity or worse under Muschamp. As long as Saban is at Alabama and Muschamp remains at Florida all the Gator fans can do is watch out for large elephant spore falling from above. Most Gator fans don't act like the parasitic fools that show their jackasses on this and other Canes blogs. These cretins make real Gator fans look bad. Go Canes

It doesnt matter. With this signing class and the 2013 class, well be good for another 5 yrs. The sanctions will only hurt us for two. Look at USC. Theyre already back in the national ch mix.

All this talk from gator trolls... Acc suck, gator this,etc, are scared weenie pu55ies who are actually talking more and more.... Scared a gaytor pukes?


U mean that pUny 2013 Class with ONLY 7 kids that is ranked outside the Top 30 ? U mean the one that will finish with 15 2 n 3 star scrubs, after de-commits, that NO Top-25 program wants just like 20 of Ur 33 in this last years class? Newsflash U dope. Supply n Demand. U will miss out on ALL the rest of the 30-40 non-commits in the Top 150 that aren't even considering U in 2013 ? And Ur seriously going to compare Ur sorry program with USC ? They've remained just outside the National mix in the Top 20 the last 4-5 years hauling in Top 5 Classes after another while U've been sUckn hind teet for going on 10 years now and another 8 years to come U immense fool... It DOES matter U dUmmasse. It's dUh U that doesn't on a National scale.

Come on U clUcks... Tell us, like the last 8 years, all about how Ur on the verge of "Being back" with a 9 win Season and ACC Ship appearence next year again.

HOW MANY W's in 2012 ?

OK. let's just forget all the talk and the hype. It's all about what you do on the field. Once again, on paper this team is awesome and if a few of the players who left last year had come back, we'd be that much more good.

I say no more than 2 losses a year forever.

But that reference to to year 200, I don't know about that. That was the beginning of what you have now, and correct me if I'm wrong: Was Dorsey on that tea? That's all I'll say about that one......

Gaytor clUck

You still stuck on rankings?

What about that perennially top 5 ranked UF class with all everything brantley mr gatorade player of the year 5 star all whatever...? Excellent results bwaaaahahaaaaaaa

Cool cat...
Not only was Dorsey on that 2000 team, UM should have won the NC that year his drive under pressure in 100 degree weather against #1 FSU, with 1:26 remaining was nothing short of genius. His passes were pinpoin and his matra... Waiting till the last second to get rid of the ballwas genius. When he hit Shockey for that TD he got slammed. 2001 nuff said. 2002. Nuff said.

We need another dorsey

"My daughter just graduated from Yale (proud mom!), so it started out very well."

CONGRATS! to you and your daughter Susan.

UF....no baseball NC'S? Whats the use of being number 1 if you cant REALLY be number one??

Wow, that guy went off on the canes...apparently he forgot the #1 ranked class of Shannon and the bulls or landing the #1 recruit two years ago (seantrel Henderson) by him choosing us over USC.

Congrats to your daughter and you, Susan, very few things more amazing than watching your child graduate from ivy league Yale I bet....

Can t wait to see if these young Canes have the moxie they need to begin a new era at the U.This class seems like the start of a GREAT one.Their attitude seems great at the start.Hope the entire team gets COACHED UP and improves from year to year now.Hope also that the old lazy,flat culture is gone though the OL gives me some doubt still.Yep them BIG OL guys underperformed last year big time.That said...CONGRATS on your daughter s graduating from a great University like Yale.My son s friend played football for them and graduated last year or early this year I believe.

Enjoy your summer and congratulations on your daughters graduation (from Yale, nonetheless).

Jedd Ficsch sucks

Who da hell is Jedd Ficsch? Damn Gator retard.

So, are U still Seawolves or now Gamecock fans U clUcks ?


Some blog Pig needs a friend, a hobby, a woman and new material. I fall asleep reading this idiots recycled posts. You still suck, Pig.

Cane 4 life!!! no one will ever change that. Half of you people are not even relevant?? Who cares what you think. Go Canes.....UF and FSU could die for all I care.....I BLeed Orange N Green......A Real Fan

Slow day in the trailer park for the Gaytor troll - I guess his toothless sister, I mean wife, is busy with her other brother and Gaytor boy continues with his U obsession ... Good job Jethro,

"Damn, this cannot be good. Looks like it's going to be over our heads all season."---OhioCane

I've been trying to tell my fellow CANES this for MONTHS. I really have. Unfortunately, they don't have one IOTA of what the NCAA is about to do to US. IT WON'T BE PRETTY!

MY SOURCES are LEGIT. We are going to try to self impose a BOWL BAN next season but I PREDICT that we FINISH 3-9. The NCAA will only laugh at Us. They really will!

Speaking of THE NCAA, SHAPIRO and his fellow CANE inmates, wanted to cheer you up with your favorite THE VILLAGE PEOPLE song!

Young recruit, there's no need to feel down
I said young recruit, pick yourself off the ground
I said young recruit, 'cause your in our town
There's no need to be unhappy

Young recruit, there's a place you can go
I said young recruit, when you're short on your dough
You can stay there and I'm sure you will find
Many ways to have a good time

It's fun to stay on Nevin Shapiro's yacht!
It's fun to stay on Nevin Shapiro's yacht!
SHAPIRO has everything for young men to enjoy
You can hang out with all the recruits

It's fun to stay on Nevin Shapiro's yacht!
It's fun to stay on Nevin Shapiro's yacht!
You can get yourself clean you can have a good meal
You can do whatever you feel

Young recruit, are you listening to me
I said young recruit, what do you wanna be
I said young recruit, you can make real your dreams
But you've got to know this one thing

It's fun to be investigated by the NCAA!
It's fun to be investigated by the NCAA!
SHALALALA is queen
But they know that we're not clean
This will be the the biggest penalty ever SEEN!



Thompson has a lot of competition at QB to take springs off for baseball. Williams, Morris, Dewey, and Olson...that's a lot of serious competition. I rather he become a full time all american 3rd baseman for Jim Morris. Let's see what happens...Russell Wilson did ok, but drove NSCU coaches crazy.

Susan, congratulations on your daughter's tremendous accomplishment! What a blessing - to go to Yale and to graduate! A bright future is in store for her, I'm sure.

New players and families, Welcome to the UM family. You made a great choice and will be difference makers in bringing the Canes back to the top!

Lmao @ "baby canes."

Canesrule just sprayed splooge all over his face.

And the excuse cycle starts anew.

I have been a Cane fan since 1945 and a Gator hater even longer. I have always and will always support the Canes. Back when the Gators used us as doormats. Now the Canes are no longer doormats the Gators which are proven cowards refuse to play us.
GATOR CHOMP states Gators are all mouth and no brains. Just check their posts.

Congrats to your daughter Susan!
I know you are very proud!

Funny how the fans of a very average football team have a lot to say.

Funny how they stay obsessed with our football program.

To you fathers out there...have a great Father's Day.

Unreal all the hater comments on here. True Canes fans do not sit here bashing their beloved team. Coach Golden is doing a great job, especially with the hand he has been dealt. I cannot wait to see Coach Golden's teams on the field in a few years.

Remember, it took Coach Davis time to rebuild THE U after the pell grant scandal! WE WILL BE BACK SOON!


U mean that pUny 2013 Class with ONLY 7 kids that is ranked outside the Top 30 ? U mean the one that will finish with 15 2 n 3 star scrubs, after de-commits,

Posted by: So... Ur Calling Urselves Baby Canes Again hUh ? | June 15, 2012 at 08:00 PM


Make that 6 kids in Ur pUny 2013 Class... The word is getting leaked out on just how bad the NCAA is going to hammer U... The De-Commits will continUe and once again, U'll be scraping the bottom of the unranked and 2 Star barrel just to fill out a class of maybe 18 kids with more than half without any D-1 Talent whatsoever... Just like half of the oversigned 33 2012 Class that Ur All pumped up about that has "U Back"... 5-3-2 U Fool. The fact that U really think these 2012 incoming Freshman (maybe 5 see the field this season) combined with an 18 weak 2013 HALF Class with even less talent, then added into the mix a non-impact 2011 Class will sUstain U through what the NCAA Sanctions has in store for U only fUrther proves U have Officer Barbrady Syndrome...

********* Well-regarded South Ft. Myers safety Jayron Kearse, nephew of former NFL standout Jevon Kearse, de-committed from UM on Friday after spending four days in Clemson **********

This is just the Beginning Cane Fan... Wait til the NCAA news, and it's leaking that it will be much worse than U clUcks could ever imagine as a REPEAT MULTISPORT Offender, spreads and these **** kids start taking visits to REAL College Campuses with REAL Top- 20, Conference and National Championship Contending Football Programs...

******************************Deeeeee - Commit******************************

Just be happy if U can Win 30 games the next 5 years and find some worth while Coach to take over in 2014 after Al. B. Gone cashes in his ticket back to where he came from...

### Determined to avoid leaks in the UM investigation, the NCAA has ordered former UM coaches not to discuss the case with other former or current UM coaches or anyone else, for that matter.


Nothing to see here ... Move along... Nothing to see ... Keep moving ...

Psssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssstttttttttttttttttttt... I'm Baaaaaaaaack.

dannyboycane.....at it again....the sky is falling the sky is falling....such a punk.....stay envious my friend...stay envious....

To our gayturd bretheren....the more you hate....the better we feel. We get it....we would NOT want to be in your shoes by any means....Timmy tears....lost hopes and dreams as they fade into the bitter night from a Bama beatdown....oh....my poor childrens....come rest your head. Four or five top ranked classes....nothing to show for it....6-6 last year....you can try to pail the water out of a leaking boat...but...eventually it WILL sink...hey....at least Meyer finnaly decided to grab his manhood and start disciplining his players...."temporary loss of scholoarsips".....haha....good start I guess. We don't get all riled up when someone "de-commits" from us....I actually have more respect for the kid for being a man and handling his business. But of course....you try your best to twist it into something else....oh well. As Canes fans...when we talk smack to you it's actually based on facts like:

5>3 - Well yes it is


Canes baseball 4-5 NC'S(cant even keep track)
Turds - 0

or how about this one

Canes - 149 straight weeks of TD'S in NFL

Turds - But Timmy just scored.....yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy...look at him go....Go Timmy go....go Timmy go....wait why did they trade him....coughbecausehesucks....

So keep sweatin us....it lets us know were on the right track...please don't forget our little date next year...hopefully your QB situation will be settled...we don't want any excuses.

Offensive line coach Jeff Stoutland’s compensation of $395,000 did not change. Saban was asked if that was because of Stoutland’s alleged involvement in NCAA violations at the University of Miami before the coach came to Tuscaloosa.

“As a university, we make decisions to do things because we think it’s the right thing to do,” Saban said. “In the future, I think Jeff Stoutland deserves to get a raise based on the merit of the work that he’s done here.......But I also think that it wouldn’t be smart on our part to ignore other things THAT HAVE HAPPENED."


SEEEEE! ALABAMA even knows that we were cheating. He CAN'T even get a raise from a CORRUPT school like ALABAMA! He really can't.

This will BE WORSE THAN USC! I PREDICT 45 lost scholarships over a 3 year period. We'll be able to put ALL of our FANS IN A CITY BUS by the time this is over!!! WE REALLY WILL!




The only thing Shapiro is singing is........ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I never knew gay sex could feel so goooooooooooooooodddddddddddd. Nevin....we allllllll know it's you posting form prison...no one cares....except you obviously....all you had at the end of the day was pictures and receipts with no names on them. No stripper either....I can assure you....had that been true and their was a stripper in the wing....she would have surfaced by now knowing her story will pull a nice little "payday"....but...nowhere to be found. Your sources are the dude behind you shooting driz on your back....other then that...hang yourself already!!

Nevin shapiro: weeeeeeeeeeeeeee weeeeeeeeeeeee weeeeeeeeeeeee!


As Canes fans...when we talk smack to you it's actually based on facts like:

5>3 - Well yes it is. But 2006 and 2008 are in this decade, why must you live in the distant past. What have you done for me lately?


Canes baseball 4-5 NC'S(cant even keep track)
Turds - 0. Again come to the 21st century little Joe, what have you done since 2008 and who has done it to you?

or how about this one

Canes - 149 straight weeks of TD'S in NFL
This is the best one of all. As if the canes played in the NFL!
As if any of those former players have done anything for your sorry program in the past decade.
As if any of those TDs have counted as wins for the canes. What a complete moron!
You forgot to list all the pro bowlers. Same idiotic argument!

If these are your "facts" then you are in troUble little cane clown. But we all know that only in delUsional Gables you can use these stupid points to talk smack.
I know, you have to do that, you got nothing else.

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