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Baby UM Canes excited to rep The U and bring it back. 'The class we have is pretty amazing. Everything you need is in this class.'

The football season is closer than it seems, and no one knows that more than this year's crop of Baby Canes, who have been arriving since January to get a head start for 2012.

I have a story in today's Miami Herald about the guys who have enrolled in the first summer session, and are about to enroll in the second summer session that begins June 27. Naturally, they're very excited to get going and experience college life while also diving into their workout regimens and seven-on-seven sessions with the older players.

"Me and [fellow incoming Cane] Vernon Davis have been going to UM every day and lifting weights,'' receiver Herb Waters of Homestead High told me. "We're working on our abs and muscles I never even knew about. Like on our shoulders we have inner muscles that hold our joints, or something like that. We use a little bungee cord to strengthen those muscles.''

Waters is also excited about being able to take one class when he gets to UM in late June. He said he is interested in studying criminology. He also said he likes the way the upperclassmen respond to the younger ones.

"The older guys are pretty cool,'' he said. "They treat you with respect.''

"Big Earl" Moore, a 6-1 defensive tackle from Tampa Hillsborough High, told me he has gained 15 pounds since the high school season, and now weighs 295. He said he's interested in studying about sports medicine.

"I'm pretty sure it's going to be good, just from how [the other freshmen already enrolled] talk about it,'' he said, adding that safety Rayshawn Jenkins told him all about the small classes and how "the professors really get to know you."

Moore said he's been working out with his coach from Hillsborough before he gets to Coral Gables in late June. "[UM] told me I'm going to play the position I played in high school, which is defensive tackle and noseguard. Mostly I look forward to the football season. I can't wait to get back on the field."

Vernon Davis, the cornerback from Coral Reef High who also will arrive for summer session II,  said UM "is like family. Everybody is together. I'm very happy with my choice. The position I'm in, they really need help. I hope to get early playing time."

Davis said he likes coach Al Golden's straight-forward approach.

"I love Coach Golden. He doesn't sugarcoat anything. He tells you what's right. He tells you how it is. He doesn't hide anything. He tells the truth all the time.''

Vernon said he wants to major in sports administration. "I was always a UM fan,'' he told me. "I feel like we're going to bring the team back to the way it was in the early 2000s, when everyone scored touchdowns and jumped around and celebrated. The class we have is pretty amazing. Everything you need is in this class.''

The parents, it seems, are equally happy.

Standout safety Deon Bush, already enrolled (summer session I), keeps his dad, Gary Bush, abreast of what's happening. Gary Bush said his son loves his psychology class, and that Deon was super excited about using "a clicker'' to take a test using a promethium board (interactive electronic whiteboard).

"He said he did pretty well,'' Gary Bush said. "Deon can retain. He has a good memory.''

Earl Moore's mom, Cherrie (pronounced like the wine), said she "just fell in love with UM'' when she visited. "I was good with UM,'' she said, because of "the graduation rate of the athletes and the fact that it's a private school with smaller classes -- the personal attention."

Theodosia Davis, Vernon's mom, said she likes Golden and thinks Vernon will excel at UM. "Coach Golden seems like he's a family type guy,'' she said. "I like that because I know I'm releasing my son to someone who will treat him like I would.''

I hope all of you have a great summer, as I begin my vacation. My daughter just graduated from Yale (proud mom!), so it started out very well.

Again, have a healthy, happy and safe summer!





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Man it is great to see the trolls have kept the hate fires burning.
You boy's and girl's keep me laughing.
It is great to see that Dannyboy let go of his ankles long enough to type us such great information. Just a wild guess but maybe Saban did not think Stoutland deserved a raise. He did not impress me when he was here. The OL was suppose to be our strength his last year here, but that never happened. I do not remember Stoutland being mention with Shapiro.
For myself I just wish the NCAA would give the penalties so the program can move on. What ever they may be.
You trolls keep the envy and the hate going.
Just remember no matter what happens

" Just a wild guess but maybe Saban did not think Stoutland deserved a raise."---canentally

Duuuuhhh! READ THE ARTICLE----"“In the future, I think Jeff Stoutland deserves to get a raise based on the merit of the work that he’s done here."---Saban

2010 Alabama before Stoutland---#30 That was with Ingram and Richardson!!
2011 Alabama with Stoutland------ #16

"I do not remember Stoutland being mention with Shapiro."---canentally

Duuuuhhh READ THIS ARTICLE----"Stoutland joined a second coach, identified by two sources as then-assistant Joe Pannunzio, at Shapiro’s $6 million Miami Beach mansion for a recruiting pitch to offensive line prospect Matt Patchan. The visit, which Shapiro and two sources said occurred in the summer of 2007, included Patchan, three members of the recruit’s family (his mother, father and uncle), two Miami assistants and Hurricanes players Robert Marve, A.J. Trump, Derrick Morse and Jason Fox." YAHOO


"He did not impress me when he was here."

Duuuuhhh!!! STATS!!!

2010 Miami rushing yards under Stoutland---#29
2011 Miami rushing yards after Stoutland---#71

OWNED!!!!! You can't SEE or HEAR anything because your head is stuck in THE SAND and you're SQUEALING like a PIG THAT's about to be BUTCHERED BY THE NCAA!!!! You really are.....YOU don't have a CLUE....not one IOTA!




The end is near.

Aww the warmth from the flames of hate!!! Keep stoking those fires trailertrash hillbillies and others who simply weren't loved enough as children. You're only fueling the storm that's slowly brewing and collecting itself and once it's ready will unleash it's prowess across the college football landscape.




"once it's ready will unleash it's prowess across the college football landscape"


Funny this Yahoo continues to bash on UM. Remember guys, this is the same chick who stated that the Turds would get Tracy Howard, Stephon Diggs, Nelson Aghlor and about 5 other guys on signing day. Well guess what, they did not get any and the piece of crap that she is went into hiding. Do not pay attention to this broad, she has zero credibility in life and on this board.

Gayturds go 0-2 and bar-b-que in the CWS!!! The #1 ranked team loses to Kent State form Ohio. You guys squeaked by Fordham in football, but Kent State caught up with you guys. Typical 'Turd style, not even winning a game while ranked #1. Heartless, the mark of anything to come out of that God forsaken dump called Gainesville.

Enjoy your babybacks boys!!!

This is too beautiful.

THE CHAMPION CHOKERS of the universe. THE mighty gators.

#1 all season long.


The Linda Lovelaces of the college athletic world

This is too much for me. I am so stoked. You beetches ( gatorsam, acc s,,cks, soldy, the dude who always types with Us in the middle, all you pi55ant gaytrs talked soooooooooo much smak. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

I have said this before fix this two bit blog so you can comment directly to a persons comment. Until you do it's just a jumble of crap you can respond too.

Oh Dannyboy
Glad I could make your day. Looks like you needed something to cheer you up. 2 and bar-b-que.
No I did not read a article about Alabama. Why would I. I don't go to their board to insult them, but I am sure you do. Seems like you have enough envy and hate to spread around.
I also did not read the Yahoo article. Shapiro is a convicted felon. I do not agree with a Yahoo giving him a soap box to stand on so he can keep the spotlight on himself.
So in the yahoo article did it say that Shapiro gave Patchen, and his family money? Gifts? Did anyone other than a proven liar say they saw anyone get any money.
Everyone knows that every University in this country takes recruits out to nice places(yes boosters homes)to wine and dine them. Surely you with all your great connections knows this? Don't tell me you have your head in the sand too. LMAO
Just remember Dannyboy. No matter what you or any other troll says about the U, or one of us. We will always be proud to be Miami Hurricanes.

Perhaps if the turds spent more time cheering in front of the TV while their baseball team was playing....perhaps they would not get "bounced" from the CWS by Kent State....

0 and 2 and a BBQ
...love it...

Hey Gator trolls, how did that number one baseball ranking work out? LOSS LOSS 0-2 and out the door, 0fer, choke, collapse, two game LOSING streak, can't win the big one, Kent State who? Gator's # 1 in baseball, not anymore,you lost didn't win a game, #1 yeah riiiight!!!!! hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

Guess they have to fall back on that elementary education they are getting at the Alachua County Detention Center's Academic Center for Excellence.

gator trolls....from gator chomp to gator stomped!!

God I love it when the gators lose after opening their ignorant mouths. Yes there is a God!

In NCAA baseball, it looked like Kent State would choke in an amazing ninth inning against the mighty Gators. But, remarkably, the Gators could not score a tying run! Amazing ending to the game.

And so, back to Gainesville they go, humbled by the (huh!) Golden Flashes. Maybe there is hope for the Canes. Ah, humble pie is tasty to those watching.

So, are U still Seawolves or now Gamecock fans U clUcks ?
Posted by: # 1 GATOR BASEBALL... STILL !!! | June 16, 2012 at 11:22 AM

#1? More like we dropped a #2 in the CWS, again.

zero for two this season
zero for forever in all seasons.

#1 in March, afterthought in June, just like always.
Kind of like how our football teams and basketball teams plummet in the rankings each year once we face real competition. God, we suck, we need to find something else to cheer for. Oh yeah, SEC SEC SEC!!!

Gatr maggots choke again.

pre-season champs;
regular season chumps.

Just like your life, right Pig Soldy?

Jim Morris > redneck fool Sully.

You are a joke again, Gatr Trash Nation.

at least the go-gatrs have a solid...errr...champions.....errrr some sort of football season to look forward to. Yep, that Driskell is sure going to light it on fire.

And the running game is going to shine with...ummm...who?

"once it's ready will unleash it's prowess across the college football landscape"


Posted by: canesrule 21 'ships


Mommy looky what I done did!! I copied and pasteded just like the smart kids!!! Now all I have to do is learn the whole alphabet and I can get into any Florida school north of Lake Okeechobee!!!

Gatr football. Year of the collapse. Again.

The Gaytor Troll is in hiding after flaunting his ignorance on these boards...I bet he is beating his sister, I mean his wife, up there in his Gaynesville trailer park. But that's OK Gaytor Boy, if you want to see what a championship trophy looks like in baseball come on down to the U and you can see them there... sucks to be the redheaded step child of the State of Florida... as the most interesting man in the world would say, I don't always talk to University of Florida grads, but when I do I ask them to super-size my order!!! Stay stupid my Gaytor friends...

What do you get for being ranked #1 in baseball all year and then losing 2 straight in Omaha and going home to Deliverance Country with your tails between your legs? I can hear the banjo music playing.... squeal like a pig you turds, squeal.....! What a joke of a school, and what a joke of a baseball program! What a bunch of mental midgets and hillbillies make up that sorry-ass Gaytor Nation! LMAO... please stay underneath your mother's skirt and cry into your T-bow crying towel, or did that cheating coach Urban the Liar take the crying towel with him to Ohio State after he abandoned that sinking ship of a football program like a rat, and left half the team in jail! Oh well, I bet we won't hear from that Gaytor Troll for a while.

Note to Canes and Gators. You are two of a kind and both SUCk !

Once again the Gaturds choke it BIGTIME ! And they're loss might actually be the Canes BIGGEST Win in the last 5 years in anything as they were watching yet again at home. Not sure with is more pathetic. But watch as the Noles do what you 2 loser programs can't do for yourselves and make it to the Championship round and WIN it ALL !

Canes n Turds, enjoy watching and not playing.

Gator troll jumps ship and becomes an FSU troll, just as predicted by yours truly.

Hey gator/FSU troll, you picked wrong going to the FSU side, they have zero titles, too, and have even fewer basketball and football titles than the Gators. You are falling in the wrong direction, but that's okay, loser troll is what loser troll does.

Duuuuuh, Fear duh Spear. I's be a dumb Gatr fan switching IDs. It doesn't get any more trash than a Gatr.

Typical maggot.

WOW troll
I have to agree with Five Titles. Not that you had much credibility on this site,but to jump to the Noles. You lost what ever credibility you had.
Do you even have a team, or are you some lost soul who gets his kicks out of messing with people.
You really need to take a long look at your life, cause it sucks.

Danny boy I just realized that your protestations on the Canes is a worthless use of GOOD oxygen while trying to purge your lungs of DRIVEL...
You are pathetic....
The 'Canes are bigger than you can ever imagine and just go away and play...

Susan you should be very proud...well done.. To have a daughter graduate from Yale is indeed an accomplishment.
Go 'Canes.

Besides UF's annual choking in Omaha, Muschump tried to sign 8 QB's this year and finally got a 3 star. They lost QB's to BC, Ole Miss, Bama, UM(Olsen) and others. Of course Gayturds say its because Driscoll and Brisette are there but after what we saw of them last year that's hard to believe. Go Canes, who actually know how to win in CWS, unlike UF and FSU.

I read the Ocala paper every day and their main writer, Gator Pat Dooley blames every UF loss on officiating, injuries and tough schedule. Whether its womens sports or mens thats always his excuses. This was the best baseball team they will ever have and still couldn't get it done. UF, where even 2 white basketball players got arrested last year and 3 girls got thrown off the team this year during softball regionals. 41 arrests in 6 yrs for the states "flagship university. You gotta love it

Fear the spear - were you born stupid or did you major in stupidity at FSU? I see you received a great edumacation up there in Southern Georgia - try winning a baseball championship and then pop off! Man, once you go north of West Palm Beach the IQ's drop by 50 points! You have 2 teams that have zero championships in baseball talking crap to the one team in the state that has multiple championships - go figure?

Cardinal Newman High receiver/defensive back Travis Rudolph has been a Miami Hurricanes fan since he was a young child, and his favorite player happened to also be his cousin – Devin Hester.

“Watching him, that’s my favorite memory of the ‘Canes,” Rudolph said Saturday during a break between games on the first day of the Miami Dolphins Academy 7-on-7 High School Tournament.

Rudolph, a 6-0, 182-pound two-way standout on the verge of his junior season, verbally committed to the ‘Canes last Wednesday

gator nation, yeaa rigghttt. 10 toothless rednecks do not make a nation. How bout that baseball team, #1 at going 2 and BBQ, now all you have is that 6-6 football team to look forward to. BAWAHHHHHHAAAA

dUh U ain't like the Heat but day like da Gators !!!

Winners !!!

f.s. U !!!

the last time U skcuf's Won anythig ?

18 commits ... 17 * * * * STARS

U ? ain't shheeeeeeeee


The Pig copying posts from 3 years ago. What a sad miserable lil' Piggy you are.

Doesn't your boyfriend need attention, Porky?

Interesting you should say that. Porky's = where most attendants posses the I.Q. level equivalent to a dumbbell.

OK all you cane clowns get over the Gator defeat in Omaha, it's so funny how all you losers get so happy with a Gator loss. May I remind you that your sorry team did not make it to Omaha? You talk as if your team was playing in the CWS. How stupid of you to trash talk a better team. Did you already forget it was your team who choked at home and could not make it out of a puny regional. Last time you will be rewarded with hosting one for a long long time.
You are the same Morons who trash talked after the Gators lost in the Elite 8 when you weren't even dancing, what a bunch of bUfoons!
There is no shame in Gator Nation, our teams compete at the highest level while your teams..............can't even compete in the sucky ACC.
No contest.
Wallow in your delUsions cane clowns and enjoy the rest of the summer. This is the only time of the year when your teams won't lose. Of course that is because they are not playing.

A handheld dumbbell, an inanimate object with purpose. What purpose do you serve? At Cerdos everyday to not workout, but to talk,joto. What purpose do you serve? YOUR purpose is to die violently in a grinder (you know, a cylindrical object with rotating gears the size of tractor tires),joto marranita

"There is no shame in Gator Nation, our teams compete at the highest level"

Ummmm, you got blasted by Kent State. You were losing in the 3rd Q at home to Furman. This is something that would be somewhat understandable if it happened to Iowa State.

But with the alleged athletes, facilities and all the talk of the Capital One Cup winners, you would think that the Gatr maggots could do better.

This is why it is an epic fail and there is shame in Trailerville. All hat, no cowboy. 100 years of cowardice, failure and mediocrity indeed.

Graduation rates are a silly way to measure a programs focus on academics. Everyone knows these "student" athletes are given a pass on their academics.

The inner city Obama supporters that makeup 98% of Miami's football team are getting a hand-out from UM, who's following the lead of the modern democrat party in giving handouts.

What is the matter troll. Running out of material. Now you have gone political hoping someone will take the bait and get upset. That is all you want.
Your game is up here time to move on.
Don't leave mad. Just leave.

Ok, let's assume you are correct that the athletes are given a pass.

What does that say about the brain-dead felons at UTrailer who cannot pass even when given one? You just insulted your UFailure academics, clown.

Now Magnus, as a true Ocala area rednk gaytr, is brining up the race card. He implies that 98% of UM players and/or fans are inner city Obama supporters. Say what you mean, 'neck, dont disguise your cowardly racism with abstract innuendos. You and dumbs...t acc sks are two of the same idiots.

Uf is the champion choker of the world. They should get the trophy for most overrtaed most hyper hyped team in the US. They can name all of their failures the Galen Hall trophy.

2011 including softball and baseball
2012 ditto

The linda lovelace cup. You win

Posted by: Floriduuuuuuuuh

Don't let the facts hit you in your small head or fat arse. The fact we played Kent State in the CWS is evidence that we compete at the highest levels. For you dUmb cane Morons, the CWS is the highest level in baseball. You diss K State, when they are much, much better than you this year, and so are the Gators and every other team that already lost in the CWS. Remember you dUmb cane, you did not make it.
And there you go again with Furman, that is a win for the Gators, nothing more needs to be said. Compare that to BC, a much worse team than Furman. That was a loss for your sorry canes. You are a typical cane Moron, have no facts, no arguments, just your delUsional make belief.

Posted by: 5>3>2

You are another cane Moron, all those dates you list show the Gators were in the mix for national titles in multiple sports time and time again. Of course your canes were no where to be found, can't compete.
Your canes can't compete forget nationally, they can't even compete in the weak ACC nor in the State of Florida. Second rate has beens is what you are.
Getting blasted at home in a regional is the definition of choking, it's all yours.

ACC sucks and the canes can't compete

When you claim your team is the best, that all of its recruits are 5 stars, and then you struggle at home against Furman and go 6-6, that is failure. That is choking. That is, well, that is what defines the Gatr Trash: 100 years of cowardice and failure.

Put the anger to rest, Gatr gomer. It is unseemly.

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