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Baby UM Canes excited to rep The U and bring it back. 'The class we have is pretty amazing. Everything you need is in this class.'

The football season is closer than it seems, and no one knows that more than this year's crop of Baby Canes, who have been arriving since January to get a head start for 2012.

I have a story in today's Miami Herald about the guys who have enrolled in the first summer session, and are about to enroll in the second summer session that begins June 27. Naturally, they're very excited to get going and experience college life while also diving into their workout regimens and seven-on-seven sessions with the older players.

"Me and [fellow incoming Cane] Vernon Davis have been going to UM every day and lifting weights,'' receiver Herb Waters of Homestead High told me. "We're working on our abs and muscles I never even knew about. Like on our shoulders we have inner muscles that hold our joints, or something like that. We use a little bungee cord to strengthen those muscles.''

Waters is also excited about being able to take one class when he gets to UM in late June. He said he is interested in studying criminology. He also said he likes the way the upperclassmen respond to the younger ones.

"The older guys are pretty cool,'' he said. "They treat you with respect.''

"Big Earl" Moore, a 6-1 defensive tackle from Tampa Hillsborough High, told me he has gained 15 pounds since the high school season, and now weighs 295. He said he's interested in studying about sports medicine.

"I'm pretty sure it's going to be good, just from how [the other freshmen already enrolled] talk about it,'' he said, adding that safety Rayshawn Jenkins told him all about the small classes and how "the professors really get to know you."

Moore said he's been working out with his coach from Hillsborough before he gets to Coral Gables in late June. "[UM] told me I'm going to play the position I played in high school, which is defensive tackle and noseguard. Mostly I look forward to the football season. I can't wait to get back on the field."

Vernon Davis, the cornerback from Coral Reef High who also will arrive for summer session II,  said UM "is like family. Everybody is together. I'm very happy with my choice. The position I'm in, they really need help. I hope to get early playing time."

Davis said he likes coach Al Golden's straight-forward approach.

"I love Coach Golden. He doesn't sugarcoat anything. He tells you what's right. He tells you how it is. He doesn't hide anything. He tells the truth all the time.''

Vernon said he wants to major in sports administration. "I was always a UM fan,'' he told me. "I feel like we're going to bring the team back to the way it was in the early 2000s, when everyone scored touchdowns and jumped around and celebrated. The class we have is pretty amazing. Everything you need is in this class.''

The parents, it seems, are equally happy.

Standout safety Deon Bush, already enrolled (summer session I), keeps his dad, Gary Bush, abreast of what's happening. Gary Bush said his son loves his psychology class, and that Deon was super excited about using "a clicker'' to take a test using a promethium board (interactive electronic whiteboard).

"He said he did pretty well,'' Gary Bush said. "Deon can retain. He has a good memory.''

Earl Moore's mom, Cherrie (pronounced like the wine), said she "just fell in love with UM'' when she visited. "I was good with UM,'' she said, because of "the graduation rate of the athletes and the fact that it's a private school with smaller classes -- the personal attention."

Theodosia Davis, Vernon's mom, said she likes Golden and thinks Vernon will excel at UM. "Coach Golden seems like he's a family type guy,'' she said. "I like that because I know I'm releasing my son to someone who will treat him like I would.''

I hope all of you have a great summer, as I begin my vacation. My daughter just graduated from Yale (proud mom!), so it started out very well.

Again, have a healthy, happy and safe summer!





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I see that the former Gator oh what's his name want tobe traded from Minnesota, has requested a trade, said he is just not happy, yeah Harvin, that's his name. Sounds like he misses the good ole days at Florida where he got special class status by Urban (A legend in his own mind)Meyer. Percy Percy Percy......can't hit the marijuwana without a penalty this time?

To gatorsham...oh excuse me gatorsam it seems you have been channeling your inner McFly the past few weeks. I realize you feel a lot smarter when you do so I guess whatever works for you.

Waaaaah, nobody pays attention to me in real life and I killed Gator Clause with my stupidity, so please, please please respond to my messages so i know I am not hallucinating.

It's okay, gatorspammer, you are a real boy, you can snip the strings off your puppet here and go outside and play in traffic.

You're next, Gatr maggots. That public diploma mill in Trailerville is in for it:

"The NCAA’s new academic requirements could give new meaning to the madness of March. On Wednesday, three-time national champion Connecticut and nine other men’s basketball teams were banned from the NCAA tournament because of poor Academic Progress Rate scores."

What's with all the hate for gatorsam, he hasn't posted in a while. Is he in your heads so bad you hate him so much?
And Floriduuuuuuuuh why must you be so dense? Fact is the Gators went 7 - 6 last season. Not pretty, but much better than 6 - 6 like your sorry canes. "struggle at home against Furman " who cares it's still a win you Moron. Much better than lose at home to BC in football and lose at home in your last regional as a host in baseball. As for the so called "claims", you made those up yourself. You are so dUmb you can't tell the difference.
Cowardice and failure as well as ineptitude and futily does describe the University of Mediocre very well.

hold on, let me just take some time to post on page three of a week old University of Miami blog in the sports section of the Miami Herald.

bam! got it! man I'm awesome!

Acc (you)sucks:
Uf went 6-6 in the reg season and they beat osu by a lesser margin than UM did.

Acc sks posted like one page ago.


Gatorsham, assyousuck,

Whiney little gatir hillbilly girl with tight daisy dukes and ponytails who are jealous of big bro down souf in miama

thank christ for the Miami High n University of Florida HEAT players

It is not clear that Christ ever existed.

Even if he did, he had nothing to do with the victory or that a few former University of Florida players pay of the Heat.

Damn that is ignorance defined.


Any updates on football recruiting ? Who's close to commiting ?

Hurricanes Fans for a Hurricanes Stadium


Any updates on football recruiting ? Who's close to commiting ?

Posted by: ? | June 23, 2012 at 05:07 AM


Go to Rivals.com...Football recruiting...Team rankings 2013... Then scroll down past #40 and U'll have Ur answer.

Go to rivals.com the last 5 yrs and see the top ranked or top 5 gaytr recruiting classes. Result: 6-6 record. Beat 1 team with a winning record: furman



UF is ranked #2 in the 2013 ESPN recruiting rankings.

Another failure waiting to happen.

THAT's weak.

What is a bigger embarrassing failure?

#40 recruiting class and going 6-6?


#2 recruiting class and going 6-6?

Any idiot with a UFailure degree knows the answer.

This post has been up for 9 day's now. Did Manny and Susan quit or is there really this little news re Hurricane's football. I guess the thinking is we can really milk the Heat victory for weeks. Unfortunately, I hate pro basketball, plus I live in Az. so that holds zero appeal for me. Miami, like the Fighting Irish have to get their own website similar to Notre Dame Nation. I know we have a website, but it sucks. The only other alternative is to subscribe to Cane Sport and pay their outlandish subscription fee. I wish more fans would start complaining about the lack of news. '61 alumnus

What a week!! The Gators go 0-2 and Que, the 'Noles lose AGAIN, in the CWS (21 appearances and 0 championships), the 'Phins start training camp, Coach Golden host a very, very successful camp and lastly, the Heat win the Finals. I can't wait for our first game against BC in September. I believe the 'Canes are about to make significant progress this year.

How about a serious discussion without name calling? UF, FSU and UM fans always twists the facts when it comes to recruiting. We go nuts when we get a 5 or 4 star and when we get a 3 we state how many past champs weren't highly regarded. But the truth is in the long run the blue chips win championships. Yes some 3 stars develop into studs and NFL superstars but give me the blue chips everytime and I will roll the dice over the long haul. Right now according to Rivals only. Alabama 2, Florida 3, Georgia 3, LSU 8, Auburn 11, FSU12, South Carolina 12, Vanderbilt 16, Clemson 17, Virginia 18, Missouri 18, Mississippi 20, Virginia Tech 23, Tenn. 26, Miss State 28, North Carolina 30, Maryland 31, Ga Tech 38, Miami 42. Of course recruiting is far from over. This is just how it it stands now.

smartest thing youve ever posted.

Except for one thing: Someone did look at the number of 1, 2, 3,4, 5 stars that eventually make it into the NFL. NFL. The ultimate measure of football. The answer: There are more 2-3 star cfb players in NFL rosters than 4-5 star ones.

Miami had a dynasty from 1983-1995. That cannot be disputed no matter how much you try. No other program since 1970 has even come close to dominating football for that long and that consistently. And still, they had mostly 2, 3 star players some unrecruited (Russell Maryland) and sprinlkled in by a few freaks. Yet they won 4 national championships, and played for another 4 or 5. And went undefeated twice in that span. and went 3-0 against Oklahoma, 1-1 against Alabama and 3-1 against Nebraska. Oklahoma, Nebraska and Alabama totalled 3 or 4 national championships.

Point is, to your point, its not the number of five stars or four stars.Its how you coach these kids and the coaching, and it is WHICH kids in WHICH position are the freakazoids. Clemson for ex, has gotten a bunch of freak defensive ends and split ends the last 5-10 years. Tons of first rounders. But what have they done- They havent had a bona fide super star QB to match! Same with Miami and FSU. UF had Tebow and Harvin. That made the difference.

Posted by: 5>3>2

Your point, "Miami had a dynasty from 1983-1995"

Good for you, it's 2012 though, and just like you claim for Clemson "But what have they done", I ask you What have they done for you in the past decade?
We all know the answer to that: SQUAT.

We're going on 5 years for the Gatr Trash of squat.

Just sayin.....

Wrong cane dUmmy, the Gators have only been down the past two seasons, and that is only in football.
On the other hand, you have been down in football for 12 years, at least 4 for baseball, and basketball, well, you do have a basketball team right?

gatorspammer loves to alternate between trolling on here insulting canes fans, laughing about the death of Paul Dee, and then getting all upset if someone dares insult him back. What a crybaby. Take your lies and loaded "questions" to Gator Clause where they belong.

And bragging about Rivals standings in July for a February resultiing date is like bragging about the Gators' preseason rankings when they were 3rd and disappeared once the actual games were played. Premature celebration must run in the family. Miami was ranked low last year, too, but finished strong stealing UF "locks". Remember, ALL GATOR, another ID that got destroyed when their 13 LOCKS all went to other schools? Of course you do, you were obsessively on here 24-7 probably under that ID.

Take your whining, trolling, lying comments over to Gator Clause, where nobody will disagree with you through common snse and logic, neither of which you can handle, troll.

I will never get tired of seeing you morons use the word "point" in your posts about your childish internet rivalry that has nothing to do with football.

Here's the only "point" you need to know: UM and UF are not rivals. FSU is UM's rival. FSU is UF's rival. The only reason you losers are talking about UM and UF is that there's no FSU blog on the Miami Herald's sports page to bring their internet losers into the fold.

WE DON'T PLAY UF NEXT YEAR. We do play FSU next year. UF plays FSU next year. But here you are and here you will remain. Talking about your fake internet rivalry that has nothing to do with football on page three of a week old blog.

Wash rinse repeat, same pointless "points", same childish internet trolling, for another complete year.

Y'all will shut up for about a week in 2013 when an actual football game embarrasses one or the other team, but mark my words, you're not going to let a football game interfere with your internet rivalry for more than 7 days. You idiot losers will be right back at it.

ACC squat:

Squat is what your mighty gaytrs have done in baseball. Not in 2, not in 10, but in 100 d-mn years!

Squat is what UF has done compared to Miami in football. Beating Miami once in the last 25 years is... SQUAT.

Squat is what former gators do in the NFL.

Squat is what you do when you take a wiz.

By the way... someone told me Shapiro is beingtransferred to Pa to be Sandusky's cell mate. Weeeeeeeee weeeeeeee weeee tickle tickle weeeeeeeee tickle tickle weeeeee

532 While I am not going go through each of your recruiting classes; please don't tell me Miami didn't pull in the studs in their hey day. As far as your comment regarding that they had mostly 2 and 3 star players, well the bulk of 95 of all 124 college teams are made of this type of player.

Only the 20 or so top ranked recruiting teams get 1-2 5 star kids a year and maybe 10-12 4 star kids a year, so the bulk of every team is made of the 3 star kids or less.

gatorspammer talking about bulk. Hilarious. You have issues, troll.

2 + 12 = 14, so unless you are signing over 28 a year, the "Bulk" of your signings are not 3 stars.

The bulk of your body leaning your trailer to one side though, that is pretty obvious.

5>3>2 (notice that you keep screwing up his name, can't admit that 5 is greater than 3?) didn't tell you anything like that, but you try to put words in his mouth, typical of a troll looking to stir up trouble.

What's next, a joke about how we signed those "studs" when Paul Dee was here just so you can joke about his death again?

Why don't you just take your trolling to Gator Clause? It is where you belong, troll.

Posted by: corpus

What's wrong corpse? Truth hurts. Gators are competitive in every sport and have been so for a long long time, only in football have we been off for the past 2 years.
You know you can't say the same for the sorry canes, they have been sucking for over a decade.
You are so lame you have to bring up former players in the NFL, as if they help the canes in any way, what a Moron!
5 ancient titles,
gatorsam is very eloquent but you can't compete with him in the realm of ideas and facts so you resort to name calling. Typical cane clown behavior.

Let us look at some facts.
Who gets the higher rating on NATIONAL Television when their games are telivised on a Rivalry game?.
The 'U' not the Gators.
Whose NFL graduates have earned more money in the NFL?
The 'U' not the Gators or FSU.
Who has the most players with National Name recognition in the NFL?
The 'U' not the maggots or fissu's.
Key question who in the state of Florida has more BCS wins that fit on 1 HAND with the rings to match?
The 'U' of course.
Case presented case closed...I can hear the past, what do we have now, and the sky is falling bull...
Reality check Miami has the legacy evryone envies, and with Coach G and the plans that are in place there will be a lot of silence when Miami gets back to growing the legacy...What does the maggots have?..nothing no legacy..Spearheads the same, none once Bobby was out of there what have they done?..Zero.
Miami is the place, and the 'Canes will be the face of football in Florida....
Fear the tie....
Go 'Canes

Excellent "points" douchesticks.

Yo Cane trash

I've tried but can't stay on the sidelines anymore..........

Listen UGoNowhereCanes2, that long dirty laundry list of Urs is a bunch of B.S.
TV ratings? Rivalry game? FYI dUmmy Ur only rival is a bigger rival of the Gators. The rest of the time Ur crappy games aren't even on TV.
And NFL players and salaries? What does that have to do with college football? Nothing. I know U clUcks need to grasp at straws cause U got nothing that's why u keep bringing up the NFL when comparing college teams.
All Ur ancient titles were before there was a BCS, U clUcks don't know BCS just like U don't know the ACC has a championship game.
Maybe U meant who has been blown out more in 2nd rate December bowl games, Dah U wins in a landslide!!!
And now U have Golden Retriever to bring U back. News flash maggot, Golden Retriever is a mediocre coach( as a 6 - 6 record shows). What has he done, won a few games at Temple, that is impressive............NOT!!!!!
Case presented, case closed, U still suck and have done so for a decade.
Yeah, yeah U are back, or wait til next year, same old same old and we still be waiting.
Miami is the place......for the Heat and not much else.
Go Heat!

This post has been up for 9 day's now. Did Manny and Susan quit or is there really this little news re Hurricane's football.

Is that a rhetorical question?

Why don't you enjoy the summer when there is not much going on football wise. You will have enough time to whine and fret in the fall when your canes start losing again.

Just think of every day that's there's a non-Canes post as the same as everyday a Top High School Blue chip 4-5 Football recruit commits somewhere else other than to dUh U.

Rank . School . Total . 5-Star-Commits . 4-Star-Commits . 3-Star-Commits

#3 ....Florida ........18 .............0 ........................10 ......................8

#42 . Miami (FL) ...7 ............. 0 ........................ 4 ....................... 3

Just think of every day that's there's a non-Canes post the same as another one of Ur pUny 2013 halfazzclass members de-commiting... but they're coming, just like the NCAA...

U HAVEN'T been ranked ahead of the GATORS in ANYTHING in a DECADE !

The college sporting world is about to party. Arizona up 4-1 in the 9th. Possibly ending the SEC's 3 year reign over College Baseball. It's ok still the champs in basketball and football.

Congrats to Andy Lopez, a GATOR, on his second National Championship is College Baseball

Congrats to the typical Meeeeeeeaaaaami Cane/SeaWolve/GameCock/GoldenFlash clUcks out there for cheering for teams and other real programs to getting done what Ur incapable of doing for Ur selves...


show who U truly be

u always got me ...


UA stops The 'cocks from winning their third. LOL>
BUt see, So Carolina arent the chokers that the #1 ranked gaytrs are.

Now one of the trolls is claiming UA coach Lopez for himself as a gator. Lopez himself, on ESPN recounted his loss ion the 2008 super regional to guess who...

The U

And he also talked about how they could have won in 1998 and talked about #1 rankled Florida in 1998. Did Florida win in 1998?


Miami hasnt been ranked ahead of florida in anything in a decade another troll claims:

You choke again:

decade? 2012-10=2002

2002: Miami finishes ranked #2 after their national championship was stolen
2003: Miami finishes #5 where are the mighty gatrs?
2004: Miami destroys and literally toys with Florida in Atlanta (aka NOrth Florida)> where are the gaytrs?

Seriolusly, do the math baby. Of course we all understand. That college Algebra 101 course in Gainseville is probably a joke. Counting cows and possums is not algebra.

show who U truly be

Posted by: u is wat u isw | June 26, 2012 at 06:30 AM

drunk, fat and stupid is the only way a Gatr maggot
knows how to go through life.

Pig, you get blasted at every turn. You are the blog punching bag.

Hey five titles, did you see Ryan Lochte last night? Did you like his swim cap? I bet you are going to pull for the Iranian swim team to beat the USA because of Lochte. Just seems to be your style.

Posted by: 5>3>2

Seriously you have to go all the way back to 2004 to find just one lousy example of a time the canes were ahead of the Gators in anything. 2004??????????????
So not really a decade but still a long long time ago. Grasping at straws again little cane clown, why not list all your pro bowlers. As if the NFL argument holds any water, but it's all you got.

Posted by: Floriduuuuuuuuh

"Pig, you get blasted at every turn. You are the blog punching bag."
Seems to me you and your delUsional minions are the ones who get blasted and are devoid of any facts. Wallow in your delUsion little cane piggy, you really are a smart one right?

Wow, "devoid," huh? Esoteric word for a useless diploma holder. You come onto a herald football blog to use that word?

What's wrong, can't find a way to fit the word into conversation when taking lunch orders at the deli counter?

Remember, the SEC LEast sucks and the Gatr Trash can't compete. But you can root for SEC, SEC, SEC, right Gomer? You and the 60K other illiterates at UFailure.

Hey five titles, did you see Ryan Lochte last night? Did you like his swim cap? I bet you are going to pull for the Iranian swim team to beat the USA because of Lochte. Just seems to be your style.
Posted by: gatorsam | June 26, 2012 at 11:30 AM

Sounds like you are making things up again. When have I rooted against an American in the Olympics? When have I even done the cheering for Gator losses that some others on here have done? You are clueless to accuse someone you don't even know of something like that, troll.

Heck, when the US Women's soccer team had a Gator on it I still cheered for them. But of course we wouldn't want FACTS to get in the way of your sick trolling, right?

And no, I didn't see it. I don't follow swimming to the level you do, apparently. I will go and see if there is something about his cap now...


Speedo? Don't see a problem with that. Is Lochte a Gator, is that why you are suddenly on this new cheap attack on Canes fans in here, troll?

"U HAVEN'T been ranked ahead of the GATORS in ANYTHING in a DECADE !"
-- gatorspammer in one of his other IDs

2006 CWS, Miami was there, Florida was not even in a regional.
2007 NCAA Tournament, Miami was there, Florida was not even in a regional.
2008 NCAA Tournament, Miami in the CWS again, Florida was 0-2 and Barbeque in the FSU regional.
2009 NCAA Tournament, Miami and Florida both lost in Gainesville.

Congratulations, your "decade" was actually three years ago.

Oh wait, we can also look at academics, since you put ANYTHING all in caps, where #38 Miami is way ahead of #61 Florida, and has been so for over those three years. Best college in the state, most football and baseball titles, too.


OUCH, looks like your weak stupid sick maladjusted trolling was wrong YET AGAIN.

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