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Baby UM Canes excited to rep The U and bring it back. 'The class we have is pretty amazing. Everything you need is in this class.'

The football season is closer than it seems, and no one knows that more than this year's crop of Baby Canes, who have been arriving since January to get a head start for 2012.

I have a story in today's Miami Herald about the guys who have enrolled in the first summer session, and are about to enroll in the second summer session that begins June 27. Naturally, they're very excited to get going and experience college life while also diving into their workout regimens and seven-on-seven sessions with the older players.

"Me and [fellow incoming Cane] Vernon Davis have been going to UM every day and lifting weights,'' receiver Herb Waters of Homestead High told me. "We're working on our abs and muscles I never even knew about. Like on our shoulders we have inner muscles that hold our joints, or something like that. We use a little bungee cord to strengthen those muscles.''

Waters is also excited about being able to take one class when he gets to UM in late June. He said he is interested in studying criminology. He also said he likes the way the upperclassmen respond to the younger ones.

"The older guys are pretty cool,'' he said. "They treat you with respect.''

"Big Earl" Moore, a 6-1 defensive tackle from Tampa Hillsborough High, told me he has gained 15 pounds since the high school season, and now weighs 295. He said he's interested in studying about sports medicine.

"I'm pretty sure it's going to be good, just from how [the other freshmen already enrolled] talk about it,'' he said, adding that safety Rayshawn Jenkins told him all about the small classes and how "the professors really get to know you."

Moore said he's been working out with his coach from Hillsborough before he gets to Coral Gables in late June. "[UM] told me I'm going to play the position I played in high school, which is defensive tackle and noseguard. Mostly I look forward to the football season. I can't wait to get back on the field."

Vernon Davis, the cornerback from Coral Reef High who also will arrive for summer session II,  said UM "is like family. Everybody is together. I'm very happy with my choice. The position I'm in, they really need help. I hope to get early playing time."

Davis said he likes coach Al Golden's straight-forward approach.

"I love Coach Golden. He doesn't sugarcoat anything. He tells you what's right. He tells you how it is. He doesn't hide anything. He tells the truth all the time.''

Vernon said he wants to major in sports administration. "I was always a UM fan,'' he told me. "I feel like we're going to bring the team back to the way it was in the early 2000s, when everyone scored touchdowns and jumped around and celebrated. The class we have is pretty amazing. Everything you need is in this class.''

The parents, it seems, are equally happy.

Standout safety Deon Bush, already enrolled (summer session I), keeps his dad, Gary Bush, abreast of what's happening. Gary Bush said his son loves his psychology class, and that Deon was super excited about using "a clicker'' to take a test using a promethium board (interactive electronic whiteboard).

"He said he did pretty well,'' Gary Bush said. "Deon can retain. He has a good memory.''

Earl Moore's mom, Cherrie (pronounced like the wine), said she "just fell in love with UM'' when she visited. "I was good with UM,'' she said, because of "the graduation rate of the athletes and the fact that it's a private school with smaller classes -- the personal attention."

Theodosia Davis, Vernon's mom, said she likes Golden and thinks Vernon will excel at UM. "Coach Golden seems like he's a family type guy,'' she said. "I like that because I know I'm releasing my son to someone who will treat him like I would.''

I hope all of you have a great summer, as I begin my vacation. My daughter just graduated from Yale (proud mom!), so it started out very well.

Again, have a healthy, happy and safe summer!





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"Pig, you get blasted at every turn. You are the blog punching bag."
Seems to me you and your delUsional minions are the ones who get blasted and are devoid of any facts. Wallow in your delUsion little cane piggy, you really are a smart one right?
Posted by: ACC sucks and the canes can't compete | June 26, 2012 at 12:33 PM

Pig blasted? Check.
His lies about us not providing facts exposed? Check.
Idiot troll says decade without knowing that means ten years? Check.
Puching bag will be back for more under a new ID? Check.

Oh, and looking at recuriting rankings in June based on the Gators signing 18, with major holes and transfers leaving them below the scholarship limit, versus a Miami team that just signed 33 folks and doesn't have ROOM for 18 more recruits, is just plain stupid.

Gators 10 4 stars to 8 3 stars, almost 50-50 in 4-3 star players.

Miami 4 4 stars to 4 3 stars, 50-50 in 4-3 star players.

Miami's star average of 3.5 is ahead of Alabama's 3.39, for example. But it is JUNE, we aren't hear claiming we are trouncing Alabama in recruiting. You know why? Because we are not RIVALS, troll.

Take your 18 player bragging to Gator Clause, where it belongs, troll.


Hey Floriduuuuuuuuh you looking in the mirror while posting again dUmmy? Talk about projecting.
And try to change my handle as you might but it doesn't work for you Moron. See you need some semblance of truth to make your name stick. Truth is the ACC sucks. Truth is the SEC East doesn't suck at all. Truth is the Gators are competitive in the best league in college sports. Only the past 2 years have they been mediocre in football. Truth is the canes can't compete and are very mediocre in one of the worst conferences in college sports. Hence ACC sucks and the canes can't compete rings true while your feeble attempt falls far short.
Another example of cane clown lack of originality and understanding. Yes little cane piggy you are devoid of intellect.

Funny that you say "rings true" when the truth is that you lack rings.

5 > 3
4 > 0

Hey, that rings true....

"hence." What kind of moron uses that word anyway? That word went out in the 1930's and only some insecure bubba gump would try to use it, much less on a herald football blog.

C'mon gomer. You prove yourself an ashamed member of the worthless diploma club from the state's largest diploma mill.

Think the budget cuts won't hurt that crap school academically? Think the value of your worthless diploma can't get any worse when they raise tuition again and gut the Bright Futures program again?

Your "skeeewwwl" is falling right in line with the worthless academic and cultural backwater of the SEC. And now you are a second-rate football skeewl behind Bama and LSU.

It truly sucks, to be, a Floriduh Gatr maggot.

I second what Floriduuuuh wrote. This UFailure is straight crap. Bring back "Ubahn Mayars."

Excellent "points" all around!

I think that there were good "points" made by some of the UM losers talking about an internet rivalry that has nothing to do with football on page 4 of a week old blog, but on the other hand there were also good "points" made by some of the UF losers talking about an internet rivalry that has nothing to do with football on page 4 of a week old blog.

How you geniuses will ever sort through all these brilliant "points" to decide who wins the internet rivalry that has nothing to do with football is beyond me.

Guess you're just going to have to keep talking to each other about your fake internet rivalry that has nothing to do with football all day everyday for another year.

Who knows, maybe you'll figure something out before your fake internet rivalry that has nothing to do with football is rudely interrupted by a football game for a week in 2013.

Thanks for the info daveh, looks like another smart young recruit that chose a quality education in the best school in the state over catfish noodling in some backwater sludge pond.

"Let me be cleeee-ah. Der dun already haaaas been a playoff. And duh Flahr'duh Gatuhs have provens to be duh best skewwwl on the field we compete in."

Canetrash what has Moosechump won?..........


Reality is a kick in the ***.

Go 'Canes

dont matter. CAnes will have at least 5 athletes in the olympics. 10:1 Lochte CHOKEs vs Phelps in teh games.

4 team playoff approved. When was the last time an ACC team finished the regular season ranked at least 4th?

THats a stupid question gatorsham.

Because conference realignments are progresively making you and your "SEC" buddies' cries of sec sec to rationalize your pathetic gators' performance more and more obsolete. 1 year ago Texas A&M and even Mizzou were the darlings of the big 12 outside of Texas and Oklahoma. Now theyre in the SEC. That makes that sec, sec chanting , blah blha blha argument so worthless it doesnt even deserve commenting.

Bro, we ain't see a NC anytime soon unless we change conferences. After we get our bowl ban - hopefully only one year - the ACC will be considered a secondary conference to the SEC, Big 12, Big 10, and PAC 12.

this suuuuuuuuuuuuuucks.

GO HEAT!!!!!

I am redneck trailertrash with nothing to live for but a few Saturdays in the fall when I can cheer for the SEC.

It's what life is like being owner of a worthless UFailure diploma.

Yah, the ACC is clearly a backseat conference in football, although they were at the recent BCS table. The ACC champ will need to run the table, or a least 1 loss, if others have poor years, to get a BCS shot.

The upside is that it is a very winnable conference with some good competition (FSU, Va Tech, Clemson) to impress the selection committee.

UM, with fairweather fan support and no campus stadium, is at a disadvantage from the standpoint of attractiveness to conferences like the SEC. But, what school is more Southeast?

Our fans do not travel well, giving us an economic disadvantage in the eyes of the BCS bowls. Money talks.

The only way we get in the game is dominating the ACC and producing powerful teams that can not be denied. It also helps if everyone hates the Canes, because that is an attractive draw as well. Here's hoping it all comes together for our beloved Hurricanes...

If FSU leaves we should too.

Yo Cane trash

A few points are in order and I have to correct an omission in my earlier post.......

UGoNowhereCanes2 U dUmb maggot, Muschamp went 7 - 6 while Ur Golden Retriever was stuck at 6 - 6. One had a winning season the other a mediocre one by definition.

Not Our Rival, this is a TWO week old blog and U seem to enjoy the conversation if not U wouldn't be here. Hypocrite.

Floriduuuuuuuuh aka cane pig aka multiple handles remember just because U say UF is a diploma mill and worthless diploma etc etc, the whole world knows that it aint so. Everyone knows UF is a top academic institution. Just because U say the sky is pink, it aint so. Just because U believe there is no God it aint so. Ur just a Moron "hence" U are "devoid" of intelligence. Enjoy the fancy words.

No Mo Titles
UF has 2 in basketball U have none. But really U know most of Urs were in the stone age, what have U done recently? We know the answer to that.
My man's name: ACC sucks and the canes can't compete does ring true, cause it is. That is a fact.

5>2>3 but none in a decade, little maggot U really wanna talk olympic athletes? Seriously? Just in track and field there are 17 Gators, how many canes?
In swimming there are more than 30 Gators, how many canes? Basketball the same. Don't be a sore hater, Lochte is a stud.
And gatorsam had an excellent question about no ACC team being ranked top 4 in a long long time. U are the stupid one not the question.
TAM and Mizzou were darlings of the big 12 cause they are darn good dUmmy. Now they are in the SEC making the best conference in the planet better. How's Pitt and Cuse gonna work for U and the crappy ACC?

canesalltheway, the ACC is already considered a second rate conference and U aint gonna sniff the NC even if U win the ACC( which U can't) if the top 4 format sticks. So Bro go ahead and make the switch, problem is, none of the big boys want a mediocre team like U.

dcb, are U truly a cane? If so U are the only intelligent one of the bunch. Good points except 1 loss will doom any ACC team compared to SEC, PAC 10 and Big 12 teams.

The omission was that I forgot my sign off last time. Well it had been a while since I posted....

Bunch of pathetic LOOSERS!!

Secret Tape Of Orange Bowl Committee Meeting:

OBC President: OK great news we finally have a playoff and we will be a major player every couple of years, now lets have a serious discussion; how can we extricate ourselves from our last remaining cancer?

OBC Member: What cancer?

OBC President: The ACC?

OBC Member: What do you mean?

OBC President: Are you an idiot? Have you not been to our recent games? Unless Clemson or FSU come our games suck, no fans. Remember Georgia Tech, remember Wake Forest?

Another OBC Member: I agree, we are in SEC territory just as much as ACC territory. Can you imagine Alabama, LSU, Georgia or Florida fans here? The alcohol consumption alone would bring Dade County out of deficit for the next 10 years.

Another OBC Member: Yeah how do we dump that dog ACC and get aligned with the SEC Champ?

Another OBC Member: Are you crazy, what makes you think the Sugar Bowl is ever going to give up the SEC?

Another OBC Member: Well it’s worth a try.

Another OBC Member: I am tired of these crap ACC teams coming here with no fans and spending no money; they don’t even drink except for the Clemson fans.

OBC President: Call Donna maybe she has some pull with Mike Slive.

Congrats to the Gators for winning the Capital One Cup for the second year in a row. Once again UF is recognized as having the very best men's athletic program in the country. The women placed in the top 10.


Awwww. Boo hoo. Doesn't mean much when you are redneck trailertrash with nothing to live for but a few Saturdays in the fall when I can cheer for the SEC.

It's what life is like being owner of a worthless UFailure diploma.

All sports. Nothing to really help your life.

Congratulations to the puke gators incluting gatortrash and gatorspam for their gators winning ESPN's capital one cup.

Too bad that in the three major sports- the ones that matter, you all are sorry, overhyped, overmentioned, overrated, overpaid (yes overpaid), overindulged, overmentioned, overranked pieces of redneck choking trash

football team- plain s-ks. Beat one team with a winning record: Furman.LOL> Mighty gators.

basketball team and baseball teams: equal out. Lots of preseason and in-season noise, and attempts at pretending, but never contending. Translation like any goators anywhere:


You had your chance to win the baseball NC two years in a row. Instead someone else did. Boy oh boy had you won you'd have 1/2 of Miamis NCs in baseball!

Champions (several years running) of the most pretentious, least liked, most hyperbolic, suckiest and dooshiest university in america

I guess you forgot the SI poll where the fans rated Miami the most hated team of all time both pro and college. Never let the facts get in your way corpus.

Posted by: corpus

Funny post corpse. I'm a little upset you forgot to congratulate me too. Lost in all your tired diatribe is a plain truth: "You had your chance to win the baseball NC two years in a row". You also forgot we made it deep into the dance again. That is the definition of contenders. Something you and your minions have forgoten. What it means to contend, that is. But the title for most despised teams belong to you and you alone, as evidenced by two top spots on ESPN's recent list.
Canes keep whining, Gators keep winning.

And for those of you that trash the Capital One Cup as a made up award perhaps the Director's Cup is more to your liking when considering overall excellence in athletics.

Florida matched its best ever finish in the Learfield Sports Directors’ Cup, ranking second overall after 12 top-10 finishes in national championship play. The program was led by a record three NCAA titles this year. Stanford again won the cup, as it has for the past 18 years. North Carolina won the inaugural competition in 1993-94. Florida is the only program to finish among the nation’s top 10 in each of the last 29 national all-sports standings. The school finished second in 2009-10 and tied for second in 1997-98.

thats right gatorsham. SECOND in the Director's cup, whcih is an award given by the NCAA, not a made up ribbon invented by ESPN. The DIrector's cup: Floriduhhh=2nd.

Again, you choke.

And by the way, thank you for mentioning SI> The U is hated. But guess what moron, people watch the U on TV more than they do the turds. The U is the most recognizable college football brand in sports and hate us or love us, you peeons still wtahc us. Go ahead hate us. We like that. Youre such a pu55y

ACC: No kidding- you keep going deep into the cws, and you choke. Thats right. You keep winning and winning and then losing and losing.

effen losers that you all are.

Where did US Nand WR rank UF? 57? 61? That's right. Get to the back of the bus.

UM#38 and climbing

5>3>2 - stop pretending like you're talking about UM or football chode.


Thanks. Yah, I am a proud UM grad (MS, PHD).

Let's face it, the SEC is the dominant football conference. Recent additions only strengthen it regionally. The ACC is strong in hoops and OK in baseball.

It is uphill with the Canes in the ACC. Yah, one loss might doom that champ for the BCS, unless the SEC powers had mediocre seasons.

To the suggestion that UM leave if FSU leaves. I would agree. That would strengthen recruiting and fan interest, although the Canes would have to rise to new power to compete in the SEC. Our fan support and no proximate stadium would hurt our chances to be selected by the SEC.

But, a winning team can at least correct the fan issue. There are many that would rise to the occasion if we were major winners. A sleeping giant. We have the coaching to make the next step.

We shall see what comes down...

Who cares - if you don't go undefeated and win your conference YOU aren't going to the playoffs. And the ACC is the 5th wheel and I don't see the Gators doing that in the SEC, so shut it.

Only good thing about the capital cup is the scholarships.

canesall theway: An ACC team with one loss "may" play in the playoff depending on a lot of things. Remember last year if Ok State didnt lose the one game to TA&M they play in the ship vs LSU and eventual champion Alabama would have been left out. Bamy got lucky. Not saying they werent good but they were lucky. Lots of things need to fall in place, but it also depends on who they play and lose to and SOS.

Your right bama got lucky just like fla that year the loss to fsu. Oklahoma also benefitted by beating a fsu team 13 to 2 that we beat that year. The bcs robbed us we would have beaten Oklahoma that year. I'm cautiously very optimistic about us this year. I dogged the d last year but I have a feeling they are gonna be a Nasty unit this year. Chickillo, Porter(health), Smith, Pierre, Kirby or Johnson, Perryman, Paul, Gunter and Howard, McGee and Bush, Tmack, Armstrong(can't call him Ray Ray yet) and Highsmith. If we tackle well we will be in every game. Hopefully keyhoe can mold that oline we can have a nice running game with James,Clements and duke. if golden can correct penalties and get more turnovers we definitely will be good this year.


Nice football analysis. Could happen.
Got to get an O going.

Posted by: Tallycane |

So Bama got lucky last year and UF got lucky in 2006 and then Dah U was robbed by the BCS that year and you forgot the refs robbed you of an NC in the OSU game.
So the great teams were just lucky and the sorry canes were robbed.
Prime example of a delUsional cane clown.
Prime example of coulda, shoulda, woulda. Which translates to more losses and continued mediocrity for the University of Mediocre.
Good analysis TallydUmmy.

Gatr Trash were lucky to beat Furman at home.

Just sayin....

First 3 Picks in the NBA Draft ... Cone on, U can say it ...

S.sssssssssssssss ... E.eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ... C.eeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Cone on?
Your dunce cap (cone) is on, gatorspammer.
So, you say we cannot get creit for how UM players do in the pros, yet you want to take credit for how players that are not even Gators do in the draft? What a loser you are, gatorspammer.
Case closed, misspelling troll. Take your garbage to Gator Clause before the Herald finally shuts down that cesspool for it's worthlessness. If they could only shut you down for your worthlessness, too.

plus the idiot wants to give credit to the gaytr swimmer who is battling Phelps ---incidentally, Phelps beat him 2 days ago... another gator choke.

No one ever said miami was robbed by the bcs in 2006, acc. It was 2000. and they were. UM beat FSU head to head. FSU was #1. and the rest of their sos was very similar. Only game miami lost to ranked Washington, first game of the season. It was highway robbery ad Um would have destrpyed Ok, because Um had a well rounded game, while FSU was pass only.

Yes UF got lucky in 2006. But Bamy was extremely lucky last year.

The Herald should have an editor that just edits out stupidity- it would leave out Gatorsham, accsks, soldy, and bunch of other stupids

Yeah Florida got lucky that year when Lawrence Philips and tommy Frazier went crazy on y'all setting a scoring record on you boys. Then spurier whined and cheesed about the fla state d ends killing his qb. Didnt fla also win a championship with two losses against Ohio state. I know for sure that Alex brown didn't get lucky when big McKinney knocked him out on bourbon. I guess you want to talk about baseball now ha. Fla fans are still mad after all the success that you have had. You have come a long way from being the dormats of the state of fla.

Posted by: Tallycane

Dude at least try to get a GED or some "schooling" it's very hard to understand your dribble. UF did not have 2 losses against OSU we have beaten them every time we played.
UF fans are not mad you dUmmy and yes we have had success so why would we be mad?
UM is the doormat of Florida, has been so for a decade and counting.

U Understand the cone of death CaneClUck ?

... get it ?

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