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UM Canes Ray-Ray Armstrong and Seantrel Henderson are the subject of rumors -- again

A briefing for those of you wondering about the status of University of Miami senior safety Ray-Ray Armstrong and junior offensive tackle Seantrel Henderson:

I had originally heard rumors that Seantrel and Ray-Ray were dismissed from the football team, but those are apparently false. When I called UM to ask about those rumors, I was told by Chris Freet, the UM associate athletic director for communications and marketing, that UM declined to comment on anything regarding that subject and Al Golden was on vacation and could not be reached.

I also reached Ray-Ray Armstrong's dad, Albert, by phone a little while ago, and he told me he knew nothing about any Ray-Ray news.

Here's what InsidetheU is reporting:

"Armstrong discussed interaction with a booster via Twitter and the coaches have suspended him indefinitely, but as of today he has not been removed from the team. However, this situation should be closely monitored as there is current discussion within the coaching staff about his future with the team.

"In regards to Henderson, the players were given time off in between first and second summer sessions, but were expected to be back by Tuesday. Henderson arrived a day later on Wednesday and is currently serving a punishment, but is expected to return to the team in the near future."

Those last two graphs were reported by InsidetheU.com.

After speaking with various sources, and reading the report, it's obvious something is going on with these guys -- the exact extent of which is yet to be revealed by Al Golden (if, indeed, Golden reveals it).

Henderson, listed on the latest roster as 6-8 and 350 pounds, started nine of the 12 games he played in for the Hurricanes as a freshman in 2010. He played in eight games – two of which he started – after recovering from offseason back surgery as a sophomore in 2011.

    Henderson, who played in high school at Cretin-Derham Hall in St. Paul, Minn., was the 2009 USA Today High School Offensive Player of the Year, the only lineman to ever win the award. He was ranked as the No.2 recruit in the nation by Rivals.com.

    Henderson was suspended for the first weekend of spring practice in early March, 2012 for violating an undisclosed team policy.  He also was the subject of rumors more than a year ago that referred to him getting in trouble and contemplating transferring.

    Armstrong, who ended spring as the top free safety on the final depth chart, played in seven games as a junior in 2011, earning a start against Duke. He finished the season with 34 tackles, an interception and fumble recovery.

    Armstrong was a 2011 candidate for several national preseason awards before being suspended by the NCAA for the first four games of 2011. He was suspended for accepting impermissible benefits from former UM booster Nevin Shapiro, whose relationship with the University of Miami is the subject of an ongoing NCAA investigation.

   Armstrong also was suspended in November after going to dinner at Prime 112 steakhouse in Miami Beach with a friend who owns a public relations company that works with professional athletes, then tweeting about the dinner. He was later cleared of any wrongdoing in that situation.

    In the spring game in April, Armstrong had an interception and a fumble recovery. Many believed he would enter the NFL Draft, but he chose to remain with the Hurricanes.

    Rivals.com ranked Armstrong as the nation’s No. 13 player, regardless of position, as a senior in 2008.

    I am on vacation and will be back for the ACC Kickoff in North Carolina.




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Grow up Seantrel! Anything Armstrong does or will do should come as no surprise to anyone. He's a senior who just can't get his act together. Whatever punishment comes his way, he richly deserves it, if this is true.

Please keep in mind that I was just reporting what I know and what I saw posted by insidetheu.com. UM, hopefully, will comment on this at the right time.

Can we say that Seantrel hasn't lived up to the hype Coming out of high school?

This site and at least two others reported rumors as fact, they should be ashamed, they blew it in the race to beat all others with news about Hurricanes, past or present or anything else about recruiting or the Miami program. At least Canesport(I am not a member) came out with a response refuting the rumor and asked their members to be more careful when blogging such claims.

It does impact the players involved and the program to some degree, especially with the situation the U finds itself in with the NCAA.

Does this make a statement about their credibility, about their lack of professionalism and about the relevance of their sites? I think it does.

Most of the time the writing is poor and some of them can't spell or use the English language in the proper manner. They are amateurs and this is just one incident among many others that prove that to be true!

Fans should be careful what site they join, who they listen to and what information they are paying for and go to one that is relevant, tied into the program at the U and does not seek to be first with the story without checking out the facts.

Just saying.......

Com on man

Just to clarify the Herald blog is not one of the sites I was referring to that put out these false rumors.

We have to many, yungens coming in kick ray ray to the curb. No bad apples!!!!!

I would like them to play but we have more players on defense that can step in for Armstrong. If keyhole has any magic I hope can use it on the oline. If we can get that right that will be the key to our team. We can replace Armstrong if the don't want to do the things necessary to be a champion.

Yea, it seems like everyone at the herald that updates this APP we are PAYN 4 is on VACA. Would be awesome if we could get some updates on recruiting ETC!!!!!!

we're screwed..

every year its something new, smh

IF true, again, IF true, the one good thing is that the staff is on top of things and are being proactive with their actions. Again, IF true, Ray-Ray should be allowed to finish his academic scholarship, but should be kicked off the team permanently. He has had chance after chance and bottom line is, his production is not even close to the headache he causes.

As far as Henderson, if he got back one day late, talk to him and suspend him and let him know, that this is his last chance to get his act together. With his size and girth, he is surely not playing up to his potential. I truly believe that this kid does not work hard enough and has issues with authority. If this is true and he gets suspended and he screws up again, he too needs to retain his academic scholarship, but needs to be removed from the football team permanently.

Unfortunately with the NCAA investigation going on, UM has to be extra stringent with discipline to show that we have institutional control. These kids already know this (especially Ray-Ray), so any who step out of line, especially any issues where a booster may be involved, needs to get kicked off the team, fast, quick and in a hurry.

Again, I hope this is over reaction by Canesport and that all is well as regards these 2 kid down in Coral Gables, but we will find out in the next several days or weeks.

By the way, if this is true discipline needs to be handed out in both situations, but it could be worse. Lots of schools are having issues with kids getting DUI's, beating up their girlfriends, getting into bar fights, armed robbery, rape and all around mayhem. Coach Shannon did not do much on the field, but he brought in kids who do not have that "criminal" element in them. Coach Golden seems to be doing the same thing and for that I am proud and happy to be a 'Cane fan. Keep the faith guys, we will go through some tough times, but winning is on the horizon for this team. Any of you who closely follow the Heat remember the 15 win season they had and how the team was laughed at, ridiculed and talked about by the media. Well, now look where they are. When the 'Canes get back to their winning ways, after the scandals and the NCAA punishment that we receive, the winning will be so much sweeter, just like it was for the Heat to win the championship this year. Keep the faith.

It is this Coaching Staff that better get their act together. If this Coach Golden that everyone thinks so highly of, can win 10 games by ridding the team of two starters and potential NFL talent--I want to see it. You can send a message and discipline your players without threatening to kick them off the team for these infractions. It would be ridiculous!

Armstrong and Henderson have proven time and time again, that they don't deserve to be on this team. It's time for both to GO! We may suffer for it this season, but some kids who are more deserving and will do what Al expects of them will eventually take their places and actually help the team.

Enough with these two slackers. They're typical of Wandy's Wonders. Stupid kids.

So nothing official from UM ... yet paid sites out there trying to get some free press and more hits.

Honestly, it's the flip of a coin if these guys are coming back, so the paid sites throw stuff at the wall. If it sticks, they're patting themselves on the back for having the inside scoop. If they're wrong, they blame their unnamed sources and move on to the next story.

Sad that all these guys work so hard to 'break' the news ... which is nothing more than a bunch of rumors at this point.

If they're suspended, then let them work their way back and report the story then. If they're gone, then Miami moves on and Al Golden will bring on more guys that get it and want to be a part of the process.

Lame that people would rather break the story, reporting rumor than wait for the story to actually break, reporting fact.

CANE4LIFE: Coach Shannon brought in kids who did not have that 'criminal element' in them...?

Gee, I wonder WHY UM will be getting the incredibly harsh sanctions in the very near future...Jacory & Company hanging out with a ponzi-schemer, going to strip clubs, getting hookers, and supposedly getting girls pregnant...I think Shannon's so called "#1 recruiting class was BY FAR the biggest FLOP OF A CLASS that UM EVER RECRUITED...they under-achieved on the field, and basically caused UM's upcoming sanctions....DUH!!!

DUH!!!! to you. What the UM kids who got suspended as regards Shapiro's situation did was wrong and against the rules. I am not condoning it in any way. The kids know the rules and should follow them instead of being greedy and selfish. That said, nothing that they did was criminal. It was not a felony or a misdemeanor. What I meant by "criminal" element was the issues that many of these other schools have going on with kids committing felonies and kids getting arrested and having to do hard time for their actions. Yes, kids taking money from a booster is wrong and against the rules and it will unfortunately cost the school with sanctions, but it is not criminal. If it is criminal Mike, how come none of them will go to jail/prison or how come it does not go on their "criminal " record. Reggie Bush, Chris Webber and numerous others have been guilty of taking things from boosters and breaking NCAA RULES, but NONE of them have done any time. You are confusing doing something that is wrong or against the rules with being criminal.

Shapiro did not go to jail for anything related to breaking NCAA rules, he went to jail for running a Ponzi scheme. That had NOTHING to do with UM's athletic program. What the scum bag Sandusky did with those poor kids was criminal, but is was not against the NCAA rules. Again, not condoning what these kids did as far as NCAA violations, but no criminal act was committed. Try not to get the two ideologies confused.

Henderson arrived a day later on Wednesday and is currently serving a punishment...

ohhhh no no no, it's only a Tax

Aw, come on! Sounds like we don't know all the facts. What we do know is this kind of stuff brings team morale down. Neither of these guys have lived up to their hype. The appear to be NFL me-firsters. It is a shame that they have not played to their potential, and their performance on the field has been the most disappointing fact.

But both seem to have a knack for violating rules and not getting the point.

I am sure Coach Golden will do the right thing for the program. The fewer me-firsters, the better.

This rumor is from CaneInsider, period.

Wouldn't be surprised if it is already been deleted or that they have taken steps to cover their folly.

What do you expect from people who want to be thought of as real insiders to anything and all things Miami and are not?


ray ray just getting his stuff down with his financial people--he'll be a top pick and need to start getting the agents lined up. the man can play---he'll take the U to the top.

The miami herald quoting insidetheu.com. Inisdetheu.com is the biggest joke ever. Neither player was suspended or dismissed. Nobody is going to get suspended for a frigging tweet, when other college players are smoking weed and crashing their cars and carrying illegal firearms. I think college football has a lot more to worry about than a tweet that nobody can see. The herald is a joke. Hey Susan go hang out with tyrone moss, since you told yahoo.sport that you knew his voice very well dating back to 2003. Maybe you and charles robinson can start a quack investigation team based solely on inuendo and hearsay, since that is what you thrive on.

I'm foldin' on Golden. Another false prophet. Another fake Messiah. Bum.

jokyla, you are a joke. Character counts, specially in football. You have never been part of a team, it's very evident.

renstammm, you're wrong, Armstrong was suspended last year for tweeting about his dinner at Prime. So tweeting does count.

Ray-Ray should be dimmissed from the team, he should know better. Next time becareful who you get #26 too. Sentrel this is your second strike that we know of. Get with the program or leave, we don't need the drama.

Poor Seantrell is still bummed he left a national powerhouse in USC to transfer to this dUmp. It is obvious the kid cannnot make good decisions.
As far as Ray Ray, he may well go on to play in the NFL. Would be one more example of a player who took off his college days at UM to go on to excel in the NFL. Hey but you chUmps can later rave about another one of your NFLers.

how stupid can these two be???? seriously?? yeah we don't know if its true but obviously theres something going on with these two, if seantrel comes in and haves a good year he can be a possible first round pick, ray ray has been in and out of the coach goldens doghouse, how stupid can these kids be? what in the world is going on with todays youth? you have these kids being given a free world class education and playing for a top notch program with the hopes of heading to the NFL to make millions and they do everything possible to sabotage their hopes, why??? at least we don't have that knuklehead from UGA

If true, Armstrong just doesn't have the smarts to cut it at a university.

With both, it would also appear that today's "me first" attitude once again is on display.


I looked at ray ray armstrong twitter account. There is nothing there that suggest any impropriety existed. As far as Seantrel, he is not going to get any punishment for arriving one day late from minnesota during thes summer. Gimme a break. This whole rumor was started by someone on canesport.com. The mods at canesport.com have said nobody has been suspended or kicked off the team. Canesport is the only cane site that has reliable sources minus the john gruden episode. The bigger issue is the herald, specifically susan degnan and its national enquirer type reporting. These two kids were leaders during the spring and are doing great stuff in the commnunity, but the herald is reporting a stupid tweet and a missed plane flight from a college kid. Wow, the herald has really stuped too new lows. I have read the herald for over 35 years, but its complete trash right now

I WISH Hack reporters (eg SD) would just stop. STOP! with your rogue innuendo-based, rumor laden reporting. Report facts, not that "you heard". If this in fact turns out to be less than fact she should be fired. This UM blog/section of the MH is the worse in south florida. The sunsentinel is 10000X better..

Regardless, IF true,

Seantrel Henderson is as big a bust based on his size and hype, that ever existed. He approaches Ryan Leaf levels. What has the big a55 lug done? With his size, he should have been regarded (by now) as good as or better than McKinnie. Translation: LAZY FAT A55.

DONT get me started on Ray Ray. If true- CUT his dumb a55. Period. Move on.

Yeah, dont start with that here we go again- look at UGA, and bunch of other with off the firled issues. This could be merely an unfounded rumor and all of this ranting by me and others could be for zilch

Sorry Susan, had to be said

I think we should not refer to him as ray ray becuase he is truly not RAY RAY and maybe taking that 26 away from him could do some good. You got one of the best names in UM history and in the NFL and are not living up to it. You also have one of the best numbers in 26 and are not living up to it. With all that being said you still have a great oppertunity to be the opportunistic safety most of us thought you would be coming out of Bokey.


Ur such a pUUUUUUsssy 5-3-2 .... Whhhaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh !!!

Hahahaha, I'm a UM fan through and through but that 5>3>2 dude is the biggest moron of all the morons who post here about their internet rivalry.

Don't post "rumors" but they must be true and "I hate Seantrel Henderson and Ray Ray Armstrong" and "cut them all".

F***ing idiot.

These 2 players have not just suddenly been mentioned for away from football conversation.If true............Armstrong will never get his UM career on track.Henderson will still be.....if true appear less focused on football than his own personal shenannigans in life.Either way....these guys may ....hopefully be the LAST of those that made the U be in need of a "culture change".

How many days 'til the start of Football?? :____.. Really, Not fast enuough!!!

Please stop defending these kids. There are plenty of kids who really want to be at the U and can play. I'm just sick and tired of kids USING the U to get in the league but not having one ounce of respect for the team. Get some high quality kids and send the primadonnas packing.

I am BIG on second chances. But I cannot figure Ray Ray. Even when you are on the field, U understand that the game is not just a physical game. Too many mental lapses. Doesn't think about what he's doing. Lost on the field.

Somebody, anybody HAS to pull him aside and tell him what the real deal is.

Ray ray has all the physical tools. that's not what U need to be successful though. Think about it, that is those of U who have played: Didn't U think about what U were doing while on the field?

Henderson I'm going to give a pass.

How about WAITING until the facts are presented before blasting these guys?

Let's give both kids a 2nd chance. Some game suspensions should be adequate.

Susan, enjoy your vacation.

truth is, truth- youre no cane fan you effen deadbeat. ncaa waits. care to meet me somewhere and call that to my face? all we know is youre some fat blogger hat sits in his room eating ceetos and posting crp. Wait...whats taht? oh yeah mommass calling you down for supper. go on . go on.

If truth wasnt such a moron, he'd understand that what I said was that a) Susan Degnan shoudl not be posting rumors. only facts. Yet, if true, Henderson and Armstrong should both be cut. Anyone here who thinkseither has done anything valuable for the U iss either clueless, brain dead, or knows nothing about football. Begone morons. STFU or rootfor the gators. You sure sound like gators.

Congrats to Jakhari Gore, four-star running back out of Columbus High and cousin of Coral Gables/University of Miami/San Francisco 49ers running back Frank Gore. Great pickup for FIU, he'll be ready for their inaugural year in Conference USA.

Thought I was reading the Miami Herald online, turns out it's the National Inquirer. Loves to stir the pot.

hahahahahahahahhahahaha lol lmfao

lochte- you lose again.
so did another gator and 2 gator girls

did demps make the 100 m team? NOT.

Yeah. Lots of gators there. But theyre not. Losers. Chokers.

Lots of blah blah. No medals. Buh bye.

I think Seantrel should shuffle is flabby butt back to Minnesota. I guess he can be bouncer when he grows up.

Yea, see that's the difference, I'm a UM alum and a fan of UM football. You're a douchebag obsessed with an internet rivalry with other douchebags.

That's why I respect athletes that play for my school regardless of how they perform on the field and wouldn't be caught dead talking about the FLORIDA GATORS TRACK AND FIELD TEAM!

Having played on 28 teams, baseball and football, including three county championships ( football), two conference championships and one state championship( high school baseball)I do not need anyone, especially those who only played Optimist soccer in fifth grade, to preach about the essential nature of team sports.
When the rubber meets the road, it ALL boils down to a win being the sum total of outstanding individual efforts not at all related to some We mentality which is preached by coaches.
Doe's anyone actually think the heroic stand by the Welsh Guards against the Zulu was for Queen and Country? No, it was just the courage and intestinal fortitude of a small group of gritty Welshmen.

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