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UM Canes Ray-Ray Armstrong and Seantrel Henderson are the subject of rumors -- again

A briefing for those of you wondering about the status of University of Miami senior safety Ray-Ray Armstrong and junior offensive tackle Seantrel Henderson:

I had originally heard rumors that Seantrel and Ray-Ray were dismissed from the football team, but those are apparently false. When I called UM to ask about those rumors, I was told by Chris Freet, the UM associate athletic director for communications and marketing, that UM declined to comment on anything regarding that subject and Al Golden was on vacation and could not be reached.

I also reached Ray-Ray Armstrong's dad, Albert, by phone a little while ago, and he told me he knew nothing about any Ray-Ray news.

Here's what InsidetheU is reporting:

"Armstrong discussed interaction with a booster via Twitter and the coaches have suspended him indefinitely, but as of today he has not been removed from the team. However, this situation should be closely monitored as there is current discussion within the coaching staff about his future with the team.

"In regards to Henderson, the players were given time off in between first and second summer sessions, but were expected to be back by Tuesday. Henderson arrived a day later on Wednesday and is currently serving a punishment, but is expected to return to the team in the near future."

Those last two graphs were reported by InsidetheU.com.

After speaking with various sources, and reading the report, it's obvious something is going on with these guys -- the exact extent of which is yet to be revealed by Al Golden (if, indeed, Golden reveals it).

Henderson, listed on the latest roster as 6-8 and 350 pounds, started nine of the 12 games he played in for the Hurricanes as a freshman in 2010. He played in eight games – two of which he started – after recovering from offseason back surgery as a sophomore in 2011.

    Henderson, who played in high school at Cretin-Derham Hall in St. Paul, Minn., was the 2009 USA Today High School Offensive Player of the Year, the only lineman to ever win the award. He was ranked as the No.2 recruit in the nation by Rivals.com.

    Henderson was suspended for the first weekend of spring practice in early March, 2012 for violating an undisclosed team policy.  He also was the subject of rumors more than a year ago that referred to him getting in trouble and contemplating transferring.

    Armstrong, who ended spring as the top free safety on the final depth chart, played in seven games as a junior in 2011, earning a start against Duke. He finished the season with 34 tackles, an interception and fumble recovery.

    Armstrong was a 2011 candidate for several national preseason awards before being suspended by the NCAA for the first four games of 2011. He was suspended for accepting impermissible benefits from former UM booster Nevin Shapiro, whose relationship with the University of Miami is the subject of an ongoing NCAA investigation.

   Armstrong also was suspended in November after going to dinner at Prime 112 steakhouse in Miami Beach with a friend who owns a public relations company that works with professional athletes, then tweeting about the dinner. He was later cleared of any wrongdoing in that situation.

    In the spring game in April, Armstrong had an interception and a fumble recovery. Many believed he would enter the NFL Draft, but he chose to remain with the Hurricanes.

    Rivals.com ranked Armstrong as the nation’s No. 13 player, regardless of position, as a senior in 2008.

    I am on vacation and will be back for the ACC Kickoff in North Carolina.




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This is a stupid article with no new facts. Susan Miller Whatever should be writing for a tabloid not the Miami Herald. Or maybe the Herald has now become a tabloid! Susan Miller Whatever was already on vacation when she wrote this and should, at the very least, be suspended indefinitely!

Just read on five rings.com, golden is in costs rica banging ticas. if these rumors are true high five! Also shalala(our pat Riley) was seen at tropical park with a yard stick taking measurements for a new stadium. Sid Rosenberg confirmed that the u is changing their colors to vomit orange and jail khakis and he host the best sports radio show in the universe

5>3>2 has a terrific idea. Some of you may think there's nothing but moron-speak and dogs barking through the fence on this site, but occasionally a truly intelligent idea arrives which would raise the discourse above what some may see as a level of idiocy: 5>3>2 suggests that he and "Truth" meet face to face to settle their differences. Why has nobody ever thought of this? I mean, considering all the insults that get exchanged here: One night a month, some convenient parking lot, all the insults get settled and may the best man or whatever win! Think duels of the Old Days--if there's a physical mismatch, maybe swords or pistols. Possibly televised(camcorders), a small admission charge, proceeds to charity, the possibilities for referees would be almost endless--I can think of one now who's on vacation. There must be creative posters who could add a lot to this basic idea, but the credit really belongs to 5>3>3 and Truth. Thanks!!

Internet rivalries that have nothing to do with college football can only be settled on the internet, by making having the same four douchebags say the same exact things over and over and over and over again to each other.

Confirmed reports that Ray Ray has quit the team and is already vying to enter into a special NFL supplemental draft as soon as August. He has also hired an agent weeks ago that has concocted this scheme up in order to get 3 or 4 teams to draft him to the higest bidder.

Good riddance you definition of under achiever. You disgraced the #26

Susan Come on...
Stating your sources as InsidetheU and Ray Ray's dad denying is not good enough.

You know that this, (which clearly is nothing but conjecture and innuendo, bearing no relation to FACTS) should not have been reported unless thoroughly vetted.

I know the summer is hot and the fans are lookig for something but with Coach G on vacation, and your sources not available this should have been checked before releasing.
Why throw gasoline on a fire?.. Why yell fire in a crowded theater you know the frenzy that would occur?..
I take all this "reporting " with a grain of salt..My opinion is "Show me proof" and then I can react..till then it is stirring on slow summer day...
Be much more responsible to uphold your credibility.
Go 'Canes

I got a rumor...Miami herald journalists are not journalists at all, this just convey message board rumors. I think I am correct on this rumor.

Most people on here knocking the Herald & Susan are the same who dump on the Herald & Susan for not reporting more on Canes......I've heard all same "rumors" all weekend and NOT from flaw sources. We shall see. Personally I'm done with ray ray get him THE F**K off my team. Seantrel needs to mature and only life & time can do that. Al Golden is RE-building a monster here, TRUST that.....Naysayers=Haters on this staff right now, bcuz EVERYTHING that has been done, aside from 6-6 season, is what is supposed to be done in order to bring it back....The WHOLE Hurricane Family needs to UNCONDITIONALLY support WHATEVER Coach does with ray ray & Seantrel....AND WE GOTTA RETIRE THAT #26 ALREADY NO MORE SCRUBS IN THAT JERSEY!!! #CanesFam4Life

InsideTheU has been writing alot of negative articles past few months. Sensationalism to get their memberships up! I cancelled my subscription, they don't know jack, just get second hand sources like grad assistants, etc...


This and several other Florida newspapers are so slow to report any good news about the Hurricanes football team but now write this kind of stuff about rumors? What kind of news is that?? Then they even posted nice articles in the UM section about other football teams?

I don't know who runs this paper but I heard a rumor they were going to find some good writters to do a real news worthy article about Miami football!! Perhaps it could be about the Golden turnaround?

Seantrell played with a back injury, so he's going to get some slack from me. Punish the kid and make sure he understands.

Ray Ray is an idiot, if its not one thing its another. Let him rot on the bench.

Posted by: nate

This an several other Florida newspapers are filled with idiots who are poor excuses for journalists.

Nice to see a thread that isn't filled with talk about the Florida Gators.

But the comments here highlight why UM has the worst fan base in college sports and is the only team where a guy like N***** S***** could exist. Where a guy could become such a big 'supporter' and then turn on the school.

You see all kinds of variations of hate for Ray Ray Armstrong, as the gentleman from Cutler Ridge above says, "get off my team". You hear it all the time, not just with Armstrong, with any player who doesn't perform on the field as well as you armchair heroes want.

It's that basic lack of respect, the lack of understanding about what it means to be a college football fan. Most of UM's local fans aren't alumni, so they don't even care about the school in the first place, they don't identify with the school, don't identify with the players as college athletes.

To them UM is just like a professional sports team. If one of the kids who dedicated his four years to playing for your school, to waking up at 5 AM for practices, to going to classes and living in University Village, if one of those kids doesn't play as well as you want then you just turn on them.

Nowhere in your consciousness does it occur to you that these players ARE UM football, they're Hurricanes for life. They owe you nothing, UM owes you nothing, if they don't meet your standards, then go follow Alabama.

Just stop acting like entitled little brats and giving UM's fan base a bad name by sh*tting on players who are the heart and soul of the football program you "support".



Thank you EUDO, couldn't have said it better myself. Is there any update on Tropical Park and the Stadium? I think the petition is still floating around out there - please sign it if you get the chance.


I respectfully disagree...
I graduated and have degrees from Miami and have been with our 'U' from before our first BCS..
Loyalty is unquestioned.

My beef with your post is the manner in which you attempted to portray lack of performance on the field as a reason to "get off the team".. I do not feel that way.
College fans have degrees of intensity, 1) the diehard
2) the casual, 3) the bandwagon.
Your assertion of the kid getting up at 5:00 applies to all on the Team...I have not heard of any pictures or tweets detrimnetal to the team from any of those hardworkers. You have to understand- if the charges are true- that these guys are multiple offenders on breaking rules, and the "me first attitude" rather than the team first is very evident.

Most posters are supportive , but they do get pissed when the hardworkers get screwed by a few with the NCAA looking on at our every move..they have a right to be indignant for bonehead actions, which may affect our team.
The heart and soul of the team are right where they should be.
Direct your venom to the rule breakers not the fans..

NO one is entitled to cheer for the 'U'.
They cheer for whomever, but discipline, hard work, study, and guts, are the ingredients Coach G is instilling to return to where we should be...

Standards are set by the team NOT the fans.
Go 'Canes

Thank you EUDO, couldn't have said it better myself. Is there any update on Tropical Park and the Stadium? I think the petition is still floating around out there - please sign it if you get the chance.


Posted by: CANETILIDIE....DH

HAHAHAA damn that topic continues to crack me up. Thanks for that good laugh. A stadium in the middle of tropical park...Hmm the hippies would get upset and when that happens the rest of the tree hugging community will join in and protest. You'll probably be out there but not with a protest sign. Your sign will say "WORK 4 FUUD". Good lord man get a life. Armchair heroes to the rescue!!!!! They use other people's identity because they can't come up with one of there own and even if they did it would still be pathetic.

Now to something actually prevalent to what the hell is going on here.

Man this burns me. I can't believe that anyone on the team, let alone these two AGAIN, are getting into any trouble whatsoever. The fact that ray ray and seantrel's names keep coming up is absolutely disheartening to me as a long time diehard Canes fan. Ray Ray came out and said "I want to finish what I started" when asked about his former team mates leaving early for the pros. If that's the case then Ray Ray, F'ING DO IT THEN!!!! Keep your head out of your $%^ and in the books and nothing will go wrong. Now if you want to do something other than football and school you know what that will get you, in trouble. Every time he does something other than football and school, he gets into trouble. I don't even want to think about that Prime112 incident. In regards to Seantrel, I have no idea what to say here. Multiple times this kid as been spoken to, punished, suspended from practices, etc, etc... I don't care what the hell your football rating was when you were in highschool, you're in college now so act like it.

Sorry guys for being gone for awhile. I was enjoying time with my family and working on one of my cars (it's a hobby of mine).

What's up..
and the rest of you REAL HURRICANE FANS out there that I didn't mention. Hope all of you are doing great and can't wait for the upcoming season.



I also disagree with Eudocimus. 1000%. I'm not an alumn. But I challenge anybody here or from Homestead to Opalocka to be a more rabid cane fan than me. As a non alumn, I've donated money to the U and have gone to games, and supported the U for decades. Not years. Decades.

In fact, I've been a diehard U fan since longer than many of you blog freaks been alive, or whenyour momma was wiping the pea soup from your cute little faces.

So dont tell me that because your a UM alumn fan, that youhave more of a right to be a fan of the U than me. thats the exact elitist attitude that the Notre dames of this world have. Are you going to tell me that youhave the b--ls to walk into O-town or Carol City, or sistrunk in Lauderdale, and proclaim that anyone here in this hood, who never wentto UM should s-t-f---u and not be cane fans? I there you. Or go toTropical Park and ask the random dude with a U hat on if he likes the U. If he looks at you thinkingyoure weird, my advice, is, run.

The 70,000- 80,000 fans thatused to fill the OB including the $5.00 seats were all cane fans? Dont make me laugh.

And yes cane fans can be fair weather. But you lump us all like no one else has fair wetheror hypercritical fans. A narrow minded view. Go onto UF, OSU, USC, texas blogs and analyze the anger that is posted when those perennial powerhouses are doing cr-appy. Plpease.

And to your comment that Miami fans shouldn't criticize lazy, entitled players who hurt the team with ridiclously dumbdecisions such as meetingwith a professional agent at Prime 112, taking money, texting anopposing QB 6 hours before a big game, etc. then you are 1000% wrong...again. Miami players during the succesful years were all about the team. All about the U. Ed Reed came back for his senior year and gave up a few mor million dollars to win a ship for the U. His half time speech still makes me cry. Watching Mike Irvin make thatcatch against FSU in UM's victory was unreal. Watching Miami beat Michigan at the big house or Penn State, I mean. Those were teams composed of unselfish hardworking kids who would put the work in in the off season. Havent seen that for about 8 yeras now. That is, until AG came in...

I am a cane to the bone. No pi55ant U graduate can tell me otherwise.

automatic spell check s-cks. I "dare". you

Yes, you are a cane fan corpus and a perfect representative of why UM's fan base, on the whole, is the worst in the country.

That's not to say there aren't great UM fans who never set foot on campus, but chances are they did go to college and do understand what's so special about college football.

Anyone who thinks that Ray Ray Armstrong tweeting a picture of his chicken dinner makes him 'entitled and lazy' and then in the same breath glorifies the 'hard working, team first' mentality of the teams of the '80s - you just don't know what the f*ck you're talking about.

Those teams in the '80s were filled with elite talent and yes, players that were selfish and bolted for the NFL early and broke far more and far worse rules than Ray Ray Armstrong ever did.

They were also true Hurricanes, unlike the entitled spoiled little brat fan base that plagues our team down here.

CANE4LIFE: Coach Shannon brought in kids who did not have that 'criminal element' in them...?
Gee, I wonder WHY UM will be getting the incredibly harsh sanctions in the very near future...Jacory & Company hanging out with a ponzi-schemer, going to strip clubs, getting hookers, and supposedly getting girls pregnant...I think Shannon's so called "#1 recruiting class was BY FAR the biggest FLOP OF A CLASS that UM EVER RECRUITED...they under-achieved on the field, and basically caused UM's upcoming sanctions....DUH!!!
Posted by: UMike | June 30, 2012 at 02:16 AM

Please tell me that you a joking? I beat you would call a jay-walking a thug.. hahahahaha


I am still waiting for folks to call out Al like they were doing towards Randy? If SH & RR were 3rd stringers they would both be gone.. Of course, folks here that had an issue w/Randy would never admit that Al is playing favorites too..


Seantrel Henderson was a day late for the second summer session!


Ray Ray Armstrong tweeted dumb sh*t again!


The team I like because they used to win championships isn't winning championships anymore!!

Waaaah!!!!! Waaaaah!!! Waaaah!!


Eudocimus is a twitter stalker just like me
Follow me please

For all you know I'm Ray Ray's momma.


And don't waste your time, he took down whatever it was.

Haha, look at this one though, he puts baller things together and takes a picture of them, no wonder his chicken dinner from Prime 112 had to get posted.


Ray Ray Armstrong to transfer to a Division 2 school and will be eligible to play this season. Most likely North Alabama.

Don't bring me into your family fight. I didnt post that above. Posted by the Real Gator Sam.


Im a fat perverted racist skank who has a fake online lawyers degree. Im at 225lbs guys so please call me im desperate for attention. Pay for my wigs and clown makeup and im all yours

Posted by: jsq the racist skank | July 02, 2012 at 06:08 PM

Delete above

This is a disgusting personal attack

gatorspammer, quit with your disgusting comments. i realize you lost every debate on logic grounds, so you have to pollute the board with your side comments and by stealing IDs, but take all this garbage to Gator Clause where it belongs.

Just because you killed one board doesn't give you the right to do it again over here, troll.

Cantillidie and Eudocimus,

Good to see you back on the board! You always bring a lively perspective to the discussion, and some good analysis.

All UM fans are welcome, as I see it. The more passion, the better. Players that disappoint should get a fair shake, but not a pass. We don't know the story with RRA and SH, but hopefully it will be nothing, and they will have great seasons. We are all waiting for both to manifest.

Passion brings ecstasy and disappointment. Both need to be tempered with the facts, but rabid fans aren't confined to UM. They are at the heart of college football.

Can't wait for the BC game

Well by now I am sure you have have heard we denied Dante Phillips admission to UF based on academics even though the NCAA cleared his admission. I bet Goldie left his wife and kids on the beach the minute he heard this and is already in Dante's living room. Remember when UF rejected Santonio Thomas and you all scooped him up. Well good luck with Dante.

Great to hear from you dbc.


To all the haters.. You armchair heroes... and the rest of trailer nation...

Suck on 5 Titles ladies!!!

This message was brought to you by DEEZNUTZZ, enjoy.

It's a Canes thang and you simply can't understand.


Any of you guys want to see what next years DLine will look like here you go



"Well by now I am sure you have have heard we denied Dante Phillips admission to UF based on academics even though the NCAA cleared his admission."


Yeah, right. No such animal. Does not exist. That is an impossibility. What's next, gatorsam, are you going to claim god exists?

Good to hear from you too...It is great to know that our biggest Fan is out there.
Enjoy the family and enjoy the cars....
Get ready because Football season is around the corner and we need your input on everything 'Canes.
Go 'Canes


Happy fourth, Canes fans.

Gatorspammer, now that Lochte(sp) lost to Phelps, TWICE, I guess you will be cheering for the Iranian Swim Team, that seems to be your obsession in a nutshell.

See, the difference between you and I (other than of course the education, hygiene, and class issues) is that I can cheer for a Gator representing my country or my basketball team or my football team, while you forever taint anyone just based on if they were a Cane at some point.

You truly are a disgusting and obsessed troll. Take your lies about recruits and about the olympics and about regular posters on here over to Gator Clause, where you belong.

And of course, (before gatorspammer tries to twist my words) I mean have a great Independence Day celebration on July fourth, tomorrow, Canes fans.

I know the Gator troll will be on here, but I will be out in the real world, so I am sending out those holiday wishes a day early.

Eudocimus--- Wrong again.

I side with corpus. Eudos idea of a "nice" Miami fan is one who never says anything goes to ( because he can afford it) to every home game at $30 a pop for parking and $7 a beer, NEVER and I mean NEVER says anything never about Miami and Miami players even if they sell themselves and their by-the-book playing teammates and school to a ponzi schemer, and never blogs anythingnegative about these players.

My view has been that idiots like Eudocimus are weenie bookworms who sit in a computer lab somewhere on campus posting PC stuff like this, never played any sports and is a flaming raging liberal who hates when anyone disagrees with him.

By the way Eudocimus- where have you been since 2006? Many players coming through here have been lazy, entitled, overrtaed no cane-quitters. And this converstaion started by SOme calling out Ray Ray and Seantrel for again (not the first or second time) again making fools of themselves and breaking rules. I dont care if its showing up late for practice. You all think Trent Richrdoen ever showed up late for practice? Or D'onte Hightower? Please. Golden is and mustc clean houise of these entitled overrtaed no work ethic fools. We want winners here, that work hard and bleed for the U. The likes of Ed Reed and Dan Morgan who would play dehydrated in 95 degree whether in a hot Octyober against the #1 Seminoles, and would suck it up every play and would bring the victory to the U his brothers in green and orange and the 80k fans, most of whom were not alumni. Peckerheads like ERudocimus were sitting in a comfy air conditioned couch reading Nietze while many of us were swerltering in that OB heat, while Ken Dorsey brought the U back- I havent seen that much emotion and yes swag since maybe when Miami beat Oklahoma a couple of years ago. Thats once in about 10 years--- And I disagree with Eudocimus that Miami fans are the worst- funny. Maybe he's never left Dade county. I have and I disagree. And yes the U is an urban football program. It is not like any other. Maybe USC is similar. It is a small university with a small student body. The rest of the population (many poor, hispanic, black or whatever), which is a huge poplulation encompassing Dade, Broward, Palm Beach and part of Collier and Monroe counties have embraced the U over the last 31 years. Whether weenie academics like Eudo like it or not- and we are entitled to our opinion.

The OBC just signed a 12 year contract with the ACC and moved the Classic to 1 PM. Are you kidding me? What morons approved this? They better hope they get FSU or Clemson. Can you see Wake at 1 PM? Crickets, like a Hurricane home game. They have spoiled the great OBC, and its history. No one will go during the years they don't host one of the playoffs. What a joke.

As always, 5>3>2, you're the worst. Not even a UM fan, a fan of the stupid childish inter webs nonsense with Gators trolls.

But any real college football fan would tell you your impression of player since 2006 as 'lazy, entitled, overrtaed no cane-quitters' is 100% a result of their win-loss record and you don't have anything to support your subjective, Skip Bayless-esque opinion.

VERY excited about the OB's new deal. 1 PM when everyone's getting up new years day isn't ideal but ACC champion vs. BCS at large is INFINITELY better than the Big East champ.

UM's fanbase is TREMENDOUS nationally, but is far and away the worst in the country locally.

That's not subjective and it's not limited to the Miami Hurricanes. Miami fans don't go to games when the teams aren't contending for championships. That's just a fact.

To all those excellent 'urban' fans who only go to games when UM is contending for championships - I double dog dare you to stay home when Golden gets this team to the top of the ACC. Won't be long now.

Here's the difference, my grandfather, who I like, and 'Canetillidie', who I don't, didn't go to UM. They have no relationship to the school other than they're from Miami and they've followed the team for a coons age.

Now my grandfather, and Canetillidie, as represented on this blog, would also be good representatives of the local fan base. They dump on players who don't perform and try to come up with broad, ambiguous reasons the team isn't winning anymore (Fire Shalala!).

But my grandfather and 'Canetillidie' still go to games. And more importantly they're both going to be entertained this season, and genuinely enjoy the play of Anthony Chickillo and Denzel Perryman, and everyone else who has a great year regardless of the wins and losses.

5>3>2 is going to be so worried about what he's going to say to his Gators internet friends that he's going to hang his head in shame all week after a loss.

'Get off my team'

5>3>2 - ask yourself this. Is tweeting a picture of a chicken dinner and 'something' about meeting with 'someone' as egregious to you as Brandon Meriweather shooting a gun at a person?

Why the f*ck are 'fans' who joyfuly and fondly watched ESPN's 'the U' suddenly declaring that players who play for the University of Miami are 'entitled' and 'lazy' and 'not real Hurricanes', if not because of the win-loss record?

Cantillidie, Eudocimus, 5 Titles and fi-tree-tU

Good to see you back on the board! You always bring a lively perspective to the discussion, and some goodanal

We need players with character, not the boy scouts being created by AG. Let's not start giving out merit badges for being hospitable.


So I'm a "bad fan" simply because I call out a player who is making himself, his teammates, his coaches, and The U look bad. When you're an adult you have to act like an adult. "You knew that when you put pen to paper (Michael Irvin)". If a coach tells you something, you do it. No player is above a coach, no one, not even Seantrel. He showed up a day late, you pay the penalty, simple. Players with those type of attitudes (Me first you whenever...) is a slap in the face to his coaches, teammates and The U. This is a common sense issue plain and simply. You should be able to understand that.


Do I think that players like that are detrimental to a sports program.. Absolutely

Do I think that Shalalalalala has done less for The U's football than everyone else would like to believe in fairy tale land... Claro que si.

Did I go to The U... Nope, because I got an academic scholarship to another school instate so I went there and got a great education and still got to support my favorite college team. Win win, arrest me if that's a crime.

You don't have to go to a school to support that school. Honestly ask yourself this question, of "all" of the fans of The U, how many actually attended The University of Miami,FL.???? I'm not asking in a sarcastic manner, I'm asking this in a genuine sincere manner. Man to man.

By the way...

I have the utmost respect for The U as an institution for higher learning. We have stellar programs that out perform many other "larger" institutions. We're a top 40 academic school and the top academic school in the beautiful state of Florida. My sister played soccer on scholarship there until she had a kid and came back for her senior season to play and did. She got a tremendous education there and wants to put her 3 daughters there as well. I myself wish to send my child to The U but I will be more than happy to cut the check to send her wherever my lil'angel wishes. Her first baby picture had a U t-shirt on. HA!!

I choose my colors a "long time ago" and that fact will never change. I never jump ship and I never will. GO CANES ALL DAY EVERYDAY and if someone has a problem with it, I'll be happy to talk to you about it outside, lol. GET SOME!!!! LOL..

GOLDEN 2012!!!!

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