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UM Canes Ray-Ray Armstrong and Seantrel Henderson are the subject of rumors -- again

A briefing for those of you wondering about the status of University of Miami senior safety Ray-Ray Armstrong and junior offensive tackle Seantrel Henderson:

I had originally heard rumors that Seantrel and Ray-Ray were dismissed from the football team, but those are apparently false. When I called UM to ask about those rumors, I was told by Chris Freet, the UM associate athletic director for communications and marketing, that UM declined to comment on anything regarding that subject and Al Golden was on vacation and could not be reached.

I also reached Ray-Ray Armstrong's dad, Albert, by phone a little while ago, and he told me he knew nothing about any Ray-Ray news.

Here's what InsidetheU is reporting:

"Armstrong discussed interaction with a booster via Twitter and the coaches have suspended him indefinitely, but as of today he has not been removed from the team. However, this situation should be closely monitored as there is current discussion within the coaching staff about his future with the team.

"In regards to Henderson, the players were given time off in between first and second summer sessions, but were expected to be back by Tuesday. Henderson arrived a day later on Wednesday and is currently serving a punishment, but is expected to return to the team in the near future."

Those last two graphs were reported by InsidetheU.com.

After speaking with various sources, and reading the report, it's obvious something is going on with these guys -- the exact extent of which is yet to be revealed by Al Golden (if, indeed, Golden reveals it).

Henderson, listed on the latest roster as 6-8 and 350 pounds, started nine of the 12 games he played in for the Hurricanes as a freshman in 2010. He played in eight games – two of which he started – after recovering from offseason back surgery as a sophomore in 2011.

    Henderson, who played in high school at Cretin-Derham Hall in St. Paul, Minn., was the 2009 USA Today High School Offensive Player of the Year, the only lineman to ever win the award. He was ranked as the No.2 recruit in the nation by Rivals.com.

    Henderson was suspended for the first weekend of spring practice in early March, 2012 for violating an undisclosed team policy.  He also was the subject of rumors more than a year ago that referred to him getting in trouble and contemplating transferring.

    Armstrong, who ended spring as the top free safety on the final depth chart, played in seven games as a junior in 2011, earning a start against Duke. He finished the season with 34 tackles, an interception and fumble recovery.

    Armstrong was a 2011 candidate for several national preseason awards before being suspended by the NCAA for the first four games of 2011. He was suspended for accepting impermissible benefits from former UM booster Nevin Shapiro, whose relationship with the University of Miami is the subject of an ongoing NCAA investigation.

   Armstrong also was suspended in November after going to dinner at Prime 112 steakhouse in Miami Beach with a friend who owns a public relations company that works with professional athletes, then tweeting about the dinner. He was later cleared of any wrongdoing in that situation.

    In the spring game in April, Armstrong had an interception and a fumble recovery. Many believed he would enter the NFL Draft, but he chose to remain with the Hurricanes.

    Rivals.com ranked Armstrong as the nation’s No. 13 player, regardless of position, as a senior in 2008.

    I am on vacation and will be back for the ACC Kickoff in North Carolina.




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U got 5 weeks til it falls apart ...

again 6-6

Earth Wind

4 weeks n 28 days

Posted by: UGoCanes2

To answer you question, Yes, I do believe that some of the close games wouldn't have come down to the end results as they did. The Kstate game wouldn't have in my opinion. You take the weight room numbers NOW and compare them to last years weight room numbers and it's literally two different teams. That last play against Kstate would have been a TD or not even come to that point. That USF game wouldn't have come down to a field goal. Possibly the VT game wouldn't have ended the same way. I definitely believe that 2 games would have been won last year if we were putting up the same numbers that we're putting up now. Majority of our losses came at the end of the game, that's crunch time right there. I'm glad the Golden is putting in a 5th qtr conditioning program to get those boys over that hump. I said it and I'll say it again, now that the "me first" guys are gone we can concentrate on what they have to do and not what they're planning for that night. Now we have guys that are unselfish playing anywhere they're told to. Dyron Dye has been moved around how many times?? Jeremy Lewis gave up his spot on DLine to help on the OLine, Tyrone Cornileus has been playing LB and Safety, Davon Johnson switched from WR to DB. Hopefully, I would like to see Brandon McGee switch from DB to WR or KR/PR. All in all these are guys putting the team before themselves. Those are true players IMHO, those who sacrifice for the better of the team.

I'm seeing a whole new team. Now I want to see what is the conclusion of the QB situation we have in regards to Morris and Williams. It's Morris's to loose IMO. Williams looks good to me, calm in the pocket and his timing is there. Only time I saw him get picked was a tipped ball that fell into a DBs hands. Gray Crow is ready to be the 3rd QB. Kid is fearless, has good size to him. Preston Dewey should redshirt but I think he could be a good QB. In his highschool highlights he reminded me of Dorsey but with a slightly stronger arm. He needs time to adjust to the speed of college ball IMO.

GO CANES 2012 !!!!!

Posted by: UGoCanes2

To answer you question............wait, what a stupid question!
One play here, ten plays there........
5 more reps here, 8 more hours of lifting there.....
Sounds like coulda, shoulda, woulda
The cane motto for the past decade
Maybe if you actually won some big games in the past decade no one would come here to make fun of you.
OK, forget big games, you don't have many of those in the past decade, just win some more, don't lose to pansies(BC and Maryland last year). Don't get blown out in a crappy bowl game. At least show up to your conference championship a couple of times in a decade.
Try to win your crappy division at least once. Show up at a BCS bowl game. Not much to ask. If you can do that then we wouldn't be able to make fun of you so much and you wouldn't be the perennial "loosers" you are.

Funny how in the State of Florida...

ACC sucks and thecanes can't com...

Everybody sucks when it comes to Championships..
It must hurt to get up everyday and realize that the Canes legacy is slapping you in the face..
Count them 5555555555555555555555555555555
Championships....Reality..whether it was yesterday or 40 years it still is Championship Football..
So as we move towards our 6th so whether you like it or not the ACC is small potatoes we want the ring..
One hand is complete and we are starting on the other so tighten your seat belt ACC...
The 'Canes are on the way..
Go 'Canes


Miami wins Five Titles, whiner troll says that isn't enough.

Yet his team only wins three and that is supposed to be bowed down to?

No wonder the guy is taking medication:

He is here repeating himself daily (forgets he already said that),
He is lost (thinks this is Gator Clause),
Confused (thinks 3 > 5)
Forgets his own name (which is why it changes so often)
Unable to handle simple questions (as seen in his previous trolling post)

Yes, folks, we have an Alzheimer's patient trolling here. Get lost gatorspammer, go back to Gator Clause where you belong.

Congrats on Ur new Weight Lifting team Cane ClUcks...

To bad they will be the same skill set of **/*** average football players that U've rolled out the last 8 years...

Same thing new year except they'll be able to maybe do a few more push-ups n sit-ups after losses now.

Miami releases top hoops recruit from letter of intent

4 Star Melvin Johnson’s basketball career in Coral Gables officially ended before it began. Miami released the prized New York prospect from his national letter of intent in an announcement made Wednesday afternoon.

The short news release stated Johnson was free to attend any NCAA institution he chose.

Johnson’s mother, Kizzy Gladden, told The New York Post her son was parting ways with coach Jim Larranaga’s program “for mutual reasons.”


Homie knows what's about to hit the Canes ENTIRE Athletic program shortly crippling it for the next 10 years.

Ur pUny 2013 Football class will be decommiting in droves come December as well once the NCAA drops the hammer on U fools...

Great to see the troll has his crystal balls out, and rubbing them so he can predict our future again and again.
That must be one amazing life you have. Always looking for anything that has to do with the Canes. Just so you can rub those old crystal balls together one more time, and bless us with your wisdom.
So tell me do your eyes cross when you go into your trance? How about a bowel movement? Everyone on here knows your full of it.
Keep up the good work, and when you come back to reality remember
Thanks for the laugh troll

Duh U.


Good morning!

Great day to not be a Nittany Lion or a Gator, eh?

hahaha Five Titles you kill me!!!!

GO U!!!

just how many more weeks will it take til U realize just exactly where Ur at ?

U are U

Anyone hear anything about the top RB who has the Canes in his top 2? He is supposed to announce today. Hope we land him...


Ur srewed ... again

DJ Williams provides non human urine for his drug tests. Stay classy DJ. Wonder if it was Gator urine?

Im confused by all the title talk about UM, sure they won 5 titles but the LAST one was in 2001, 11 years ago. Now they have been in the ACC for 8 years and cannot even come close to competing for the ACC Championship. Hmmmmmmmmm.....Well if you dont leave to go somewhere else maybe one day you can compete for the ACC Championship. Remember, just in case you forgot, you have to win that to go to the BCS, or National Championship game.

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