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Hurricanes shine academically; especially impressive that football & baseball are in top 10 percent of nation in Academic Progress Rate

Before I head out for vacation I wanted to get this report in from the NCAA, regarding the Hurricanes' academic standing among five of its sports programs.

The NCAA reported today that UM football, baseball, women's cross country, women's golf and men's diving teams were among the most successful academically in the nation.

I, for one, am very impressed the Canes' football program has finished in the top 10 percent nationally for three consecutive years.

This is a geat accomplishment in and of itself, obviously, and the Hurricanes should be very proud. However, it also should help in the long run on the field. Moms and dads, who usually have a major influence in where their children play, can only be impressed by this report. And you know that UM will tout it all over the place, as it should. As a parent, you want your child -- even the ones who are almost singularly focused on football -- to have a good education and some type of assurance that the college they attend cares about more than just football.

I think this is a positive selling point for Coach Al Golden, who will run with it.

Now, if he can keep getting highly ranked recruits who strive for excellence academically, UM football will benefit.

Here's the release from UM.

Everyone have a safe, happy and healthy summer!!



CORAL GABLES, Fla. – Five University of Miami teams were publically honored for being among the top 10 percent in Academic Progress Rates (APR), as announced by the NCAA earlier today.

Football, baseball, women’s cross country, women’s golf and men’s diving were recognized with APR Public Recognition Awards. It marks the third straight year that Miami football has been recognized for finishing among the top 10 percent. Baseball and women’s golf were both honored for the second consecutive season.

"The collective effort of the student-athletes on the baseball, football, women’s cross country, women’s golf and men’s diving teams have raised the bar at the University of Miami," said Director of Athletics Shawn Eichorst. "We join our coaches and academic support staff in celebrating the academic achievement of these Miami Hurricanes, which has established a new high of five APR Public Recognition Awards. This success starts with dedication and perseverance by our student-athletes, who are able to balance the many pressures of college and still achieve academic success at a higher rate than the majority of their peers.” 
Miami History - APR Public Recognition Awards
2006 (4 Teams) Women's Golf, Men's Track & Field (Outdoor), Men's Diving, Men's Cross Country
2007 (2 Teams) Men's Cross Country, Men's Diving
2008 (2 Teams) Men's Cross Country, Men's Track & Field (Outdoor)
2009 (4 Teams) Men's Cross Country, Men's Diving, Men's Track & Field (Indoor & Outdoor)
2010 (1 Team) Football
2011 (4 Teams) Baseball, Football, Men's Tennis, Women's Golf
2012 (5 Teams) Baseball, Football, Men's Diving, Women's Cross Country & Women's Golf
Each year the NCAA honors select Division I sports teams by publicly recognizing their latest multiyear NCAA Division I APR.  This announcement is part of the overall Division I academic reform effort and is intended to highlight teams that demonstrate a commitment to academic progress and retention of student-athletes by achieving the top APRs within their respective sports.  Specifically, these teams posted multiyear APRs in the top 10 percent of all squads in each sport.  This year's release will again include recognition in the sport of football by subdivision (i.e., Football Bowl Subdivision and Football Championship Subdivision). 

"It is with great appreciation that we accept this honor from the NCAA and we applaud not only our illustrious student-athletes, but the faculty, academic advisors and coaching staff for fostering an environment that cultivates personal, academic and athletic excellence," said David Wyman, Associate AD for Academic Services.


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For a School that is sooo concerned and brags so much about Ur Academic status... How can U be so dUmb as to where U are Athletically Nationally ?

2011-12 - U

Football- Unranked

Basketball- Unranked

Baseball- Unranked

2011-2012 - Gators

Football- #24

Basketball- #8

Baseball- #1

Volleyball- #4

Soccer- #20

W-Tennis- #1

M-Tennis #10

Lacrosse- #3

Indoor Track- #1

Outdoor Track- #1

Gymnastics- #2

M-Golf- #12

W-Golf- #12

M-Swimming- #8

W-Swimming- #8

That's WINNING !!!


2012 Pre-Season Football Rankings


#9- FSU

#26- Florida

#48- Miami



#8- FSU

#20- Florida

#49- Miami


Phil Steele

#1- FSU

#10- Florida

UR- Miami



#7- FSU

#14- Florida


U keep pUmpn out those "Brain Surgeons" and The MIGHTY GATORS Will keep pumpn out' Confernce & National Titles !!!

cue the bitter Gatr maggots.

Golden's main message is "NO EXCUSES"

Posted by: canentally | June 14, 2012 at 02:58 PM

In 2009 U had hundreds of rubber wrist bands, T-Shirts, signs and Billboards made up with "No ExcUses" that the players pimped and was their Team Motto ...

How'd that work out?

U will continUe to use woUldas, coUldas, shoUldas, refs, rain, cold, wind, long walks to the field and bad luck now just like U have the last 10 years...
It's what U do best and is TrUly a Cane Thang...


watch this Arty ...

HEY Cane fan, yeah U ... Just how many of Ur losses last year were close, by how many points and how many of those games woUld U have won if U coulda, woulda or shoulda scored or kept the other team from scoring at the end of the games ? U woulda been ACC Champs and in a BCS Bowl game riiiieeeet ?

Boooooooooring. We've heard it all before, blog Pig.

You jumped the shark years ago. Seriously.

Miami is an absolute toilet academically. It's easy to have high graduation rates with the types of courses their alleged athletes are taking. I wouldn't trust your average University of Miami graduate to spell "cat" correctly if they were spotted the "c" and the "t".

Congrats to all the teams for their Academic accomplishments, but I'd really rather have the entrance requirements lowered for Atheletes some and see our Football and Baseball teams contending for Omaha and BCS bids again. If that were to happen again soon, I doubt if any of us Miami fans would really remember or care if we won academic awards or not.

Go Canes !

University of Miami student athletes among the most successful in the nation.

Congrats! Sooner than later they will go back to the glory days on the field and it will be the best of both worlds.

Too bad for the ignorant people living and studying in the swamp. We will beat your a## in 2013.

Let's go Canes!

I love to see that these Gators have the time to visit our website and diss us. They know that the U is coming back. They fear us. You can claim all the SEC conference titles you want. We don't care about that sh*t. We have 5 national titles. That is what matters the most.

Cecilia shame on you, potty mouth. I thought your post was from 5.3.2 or 5 titles your typical toilet spewing internet thugs. So much profanity from a "lady", only in Miami.

MJG, be serious, who the heck is afraid of the softies from the Gables? A mediocre middle of the pack team in the weak arse ACC, dude get real. Yep you have 5 ANCIENT titles but nothing in the past decade. Lots of good will those titles do you in the future, same as they have done in the past 10 years.

Hey, it's great those teams achieved academically, however who cares. They are not competing in a spelling bee or any brain bowl. In your case they are not competing in any type of bowl nor can they compete in the "mighty" ACC. That is your problem.

These people who claim to be Gator fans that slither onto UM blogs and message boards are nothing more than front running phonies. It wasn't too long ago; before Urban Meyer the liar & during the Ron Zook era when Miami beat the Gators 5 or 6 times in a row. In fact ya had to go back to 1983 to find a contest where the Gators triumphed over the Canes. That was the first game of that year it was and what a very special season indeed! The Canes lost to the #7 ranked Gators 28-3 in Gainesville. Canes fans know what followed. If you need a refresher go to


Most of these skunks who diss the Canes on MB's and blogs weren't even a gleam in their poppy's eye. In fact they didn't start pulling for the gator until they became prominent under Urban Meyer. They'll deny that of course but none the less they're strictly front running phonies. After this idiot Muschamp who is dumber than a bag of rocks lets the mighty Gators descend from the upper echelon of college football the same way Larry Coker did(and Shannon perpetuated) at Miami---- These frontrunners will jump off the reptilians bandwagon and find a new team to root for. Probably the latest National Champion glamor team. Thats the nature of these jerks.


Moldy canes - was that English? Academic accolades do not transitition to the hialeah fan base. Anyway, Susan any chance Lebron and Dwade use their academic availabilty for the canes? would've a great story.

I live on the West Coast and enjoy reading newspapers from major cities, especially sports. I must admit that after many years, it just occurred to me that I have never read one intelligent post by a fan from the U. of Florida! Why is that? Is it the weather? Is it the admission standards? Is that university a tax-payer supported school that allows entrance to anyone from Florida, even Barbary Apes?

UF does have a great Academic reputation. I am certain that those UF bloggers who spend their free time blogging on a Miami did not take one course at UF. They are probably on the eight year plan at Santa fe.

Academic standards are really not difficult for student athletes at any school. But I do believe that at schools like Notre Dame, Miami, Stanford they are a bit higher.

Very proud that these kids are doing good academically but some athletes just aren't great students and many can't qualify to get into Miami. Which is pretty sad because those standards are pretty low. Other schools lower their standards. Some athletes don't want to crack the books at all, so they go to the schools who require less.....like it or not this is the state of college athletes (mainly in the big 3 sports) and there are many more underachievers than overachievers and many more kids who prefer the easy way to the hard way!

Hey Gator guy, they play games on the field not in polls. You can crow all you want, but right now it doesn't matter neither team has a win or a loss.

MoldyCaves what a moronic rant! Talk about projecting, were you looking in the mirror wjile posting? Everyone knows that Miami "fans" in general and cane "fans" specifically are the definition of bandwagon, Johnny come lately and fairweather.

FLORIDA HATERS RANK #1 NATIONAL IN ARREST FOR 3 YEARS IN A ROW. GO SHI? ON THAT FOR A SECOND. RANK PROBABLY IN BOTTOM OF PACK IN ACADEMICS. We just got another recruit receiver/ db for 2014 class from Steve Walsh high school. Go to Sun Sentinel

Gator chomp illustrates: Gators are all mouth and no brains and they innerbreed. That is why they say stupid things and act so crazy. Gators are unsure if their father is older brother or uncle. Just check their posts.

And the top achiever the President of the Alumni Association. What do they teach at Miami; Fraud 101?

Six elderly, unsophisticated investors have sued companies controlled by Rocky Johnson’s ex-wife Dany Garcia, a prominent socialite who’s the president of the University of Miami Alumni Association, and well-known accountant Emery Sheer.
The plaintiffs claim they were enticed by Sheer to pour millions into Garcia’s investment company, JDM Partners, and White Buffalo Entertainment, a movie production company fronted by The Rock. Now the cash has vanished, and the investors have received little or no return. The investors, meanwhile, filed three separate lawsuits asking to get back a total $5 million, according to Miami-Dade County records.
And as many as a half a dozen other locals who poured money into Garcia’s schemes, including some of her employees, have contacted lawyers about the loss of another $3 million. None has filed a legal action.

Obsession by gatorsom.

You seriously read business pages for subordinate clauses that mention Miami just for your fake internet rivaly? No wonder Gator Clause sucks....

Five Titles I wish the Herald would find a writer so that everyone would be privy to the fantastic Gator news on a daily basis. Just yesterday and today alone:

Coach Muschamp got a 4 star WR for 2014.
Billy D got word that Dorian Finney-Smith an All ACC 6'8" freshman will transfer from VT.
Mike Holloway was named National Coach of the Year by the US Track and Field and Cross Country Coaches Association.
Mike Zunino received the Dick Howser Trophy as the Top College Baseball Player in the Country.

Yes a busy day at UF. I wish the Herald cared about the thiousands of alumni and supporters that live in South Florida.

Amen gatorsam, it's great to be a Florida Gator. Now we reside in this cane blog to make fun of the delUsional cane "fans" until the Herald hires a full time writer to resurrect Gatorclause.
No surprise that fraud and deceit run deep in the ranks of UM alummni and boosters alike. The legacy of Uncle Luke lives on. We discuss facts, cane clowns only have name calling and make belief.

Did U know that gators sink into the muck of the swamp when they die? UM students do. The studeants at that school up north? Not so much. And by the way, Mark May is clearly both bitter and ignorant, I guess the Pitt education that helped marino and Tony Dorsett didn't penetratehis thick skull.



While you Gators are discussing facts, how about mentioning how many of your football players have been arrested the last 5 years or so - only the facts please!

Gators have proven best over the canes in the last 5 yrs. Gators 31 arrests -Miami 1. Winner!

Posted by: U Looose Again Eggheads ... | June 14, 2012 at 05:21 PM

Ignorant Gator. as dumb as the animal for which your penal colony is named.
BTW, with unlimited state funding, lower academics entrance requirements(as is most of the SEC) and 30k+ students, it is MUCH easier to maintain success in sports, especially the minor ones.
Lets have a big cheer for tour 7-5 2012 football team.
As much as I hate Saban, I'll relish 'bama's crushing you.
That is, unless you're ducking them as well.

Hey Gators, read this...that is if you can read and have enough time allowed on the computer at the Alachua County Detention Center Academic Center for Excellence and if the current University of Florida athletes in attendance give up their time for you!

Did you see the mighty gators kick the ball all around the infield in their first game LOSS at the CWS? Looked like they couldn't have beat the Bad News Bears, LOL.

Can you spell CHOKE? No I guess not... but there you have it.....all those errors, looks like a Gator athlete typing his book report on Dr.Seuss and Cat In the Hat for his English Honors class!!!!

Just so you will get it....I will explain....errors on the baseball diamond per errors on term paper for English Honors....now you get it!

I guess it is time for your lunch but first to clean up those toilets,enjoy your baloney and water.

For those Gators that can read...I guess when Occupiers talk about the one percent...they aren't really talking about the percentage of Gator alumni that can read!

However.. how bout that article in Sporting News about how Urban liar brought down the football team and created an atmosphere of entitlement,turned his back while the team went to POT and had 30 arrests, and then lied about not being in good health, resigns before they go 6-6, and how many draft picks and then takes the Ohio State job, lmao!!!

This is good news for the U. But what most of us UM fans want to know is, what is happening with the NCAA investigation and coming punishment?? Suan, Many, any other Herald reporters have a clue??

Poor dumb Gators. UM ranked 38th and UF 58th this yr by US News and World Report, the go to guide for ranking colleges. 41 UF arrests last 6 yrs to 3 for UM. UF will allow 5 pot arrests before kicking dummy of team, most in SEC and the only real college in SEC is Vandy. Acc full of highly rated schools like Duke, NC,Virginia, Ga. Tech and UM. Gator diploma not worth paper its printed on and good luck getting a job with it. And UM still dominates NFL. It must be embarrassing to be a UF grad.

Great- the Lib-Loon Sha-la-la can challenge NYU in chess now

#1 Baseball team in Omaha bounced again!!!



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