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Seawolves howling all the way to Baton Rouge, while Canes watch top recruits go bye-bye

The Stony Brook Seawolves looked as good the past few days as the Canes looked bad last Friday in UM's opener in the NCAA Coral Gables Regional.

No. 4 seed Stony Brook (50-12), led by Willie Carmona on Monday night, won the school's first regional championship by defeating UCF 10-6 at Alex Rodriguez Park.

Stony Brook advances to the Baton Rouge Super Regional to meet No. 7 national seed LSU in a best-of-three series.

You may recall Stony Brook pitcher Tyler Johnson (11-1), who dominated the Canes. After two days rest he came out again and allowed four runs in 6 1-3 innings while throwing 119 pitches.

According to the Associated Press, the Seawolves are the third No. 4 seed to win a regional (Missouri, 2006; Fresno State, 2008) since the field was expanded to 64 teams in 2001.

Meanwhile, as the first round of the MLB Draft went on, UM coach Jim Morris must have gotten that sinking feeling -- not that he hasn't had enough of that the past few days.

The No. 1 draft pick Monday? Shortstop Carlos Correa of Puerto Rico and the Puerto Rico Baseball Academy. No. 1!!!! to Houston. Nothing like rubbing salt on the wound. Carlos, of course, was a UM commitment.

Just as painful: fellow UM commitment Albert Almora, an outfielder from Mater Academy in Hialeah, was picked by the Chicago Cubs sixth overall. Just watched a video on him. Good story. Touching.

And to continue UM's woes, Hurricanes commitment Nick Travieso, a right-handed pitcher, was selected 14th overall by Cincinnati.

Keep in mind that these signees have until July 15th to decide whether they're turning pro or going to college. But let's face it, I think we all know at least what Correa, Almora and Travieso will do (If not, I'll be stunned).

As posted on HurricaneSports:

"Two more signees were selected with compensatory picks, otherwise known as “sandwich round” selections. The Chicago White Sox took Keon Barnum (King High School), highly regarded for his powerful bat and solid arm strength, with their second pick of the night at No. 48. Walker Weickel (Olympia High School), a 6-foot-6 pitcher with a 90-92 mile-per-hour fastball and an impressive 12-to-6 curveball, was the fifth and final Hurricane selected, chosen by the San Diego Padres at pick No. 55.

The 2012 Major League Baseball Entry Draft will resume Tuesday afternoon, set to commence at 12 noon live on MLB Network."

Even before Monday, Jim Morris lamented UM's history in the draft, saying he has watched some pretty special Hurricanes recruits opt for pro ball over college. "I mean the biggest thing that has happened is he last two or three years we've been crushed in the draft on our team, and all our recruiting classses, as people that follow closely know. It's something that's out of your control. We signed some of the best players in the country. We signed the best player in Puerto Rico, but you know you've got to sign players that go to school.

"...I think they're signing too many guys that are not top prospects. When you say that after the first round, 98 persent of the guys do not make it to the Major Leagues, then 98 percent of those guys should have gone to college. Maybe they would have matured physically and mentally and maybe they would have made it...''

How much can one highly regarded prospect improve a program? "It can,'' Morris said. We got a kid out of Orlando, Walker Weickel (GONE!), that can really make me a good coach. ...You need a break and get a guy like that.''

None of the current Canes got drafted Monday. Of the several who are draft-eligible, four were listed by Baseball America ranked in the Top 500:

Catcher Peter O'Brien, ranked 69th nationally and 13th in the state.

Pitcher E.J. Encinosa, 322 nationally and 38th in the state.

Shortstop Stephen Perez, 357th nationally and 45th in the state.

Pitcher Eric Whaley, 397th nationally and 51st in the state.









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Hey coach.
If the same thing keeps happening every year. Maybe you should change the way you are recruiting?
How about if they are high in the MLB draft, and there is a 50% chance they will not come to school. You don't sign them, and go after kids on the boarder line who have talent and want to play at the U.
Seems to me the kid from Puerto Rico was a waste of time.Great player, but was never going to college.

I completely agree. FSU didn't lose any kids in the first round because they did their homework. There plenty of top notch kids that go in rounds 10 to 20 that would sign at Miami. Coach, did you really think the kid from PR was going to sign with us? He was at a F*&^%$ baseball acadamy in Puerto Rico. That was like signing A-rod lol. "Hey, we have a shot". I love our aseball program as much as our football program. In fact, I love all of our sports teams which means I am pretty dissapointed in you coach morris. It isn't the fact that we haven't been to the world series since 2008. I know no matter how good you are it is tough to get their. But I am concerned on HOW we lose those games on the way to the playoffs and in the playoffs.

Oh, and one more thing. I read the same player rankings last night on Baseball Americas website. How in the world is Stephen Perez draftable? Seriously? Let me guess, he was killing us at SS all year because he has potential? He has potential to injure someone on the 1st base side with a throw. He has potential to turn our outfielders into infielders. That was strictly a JD Arteaga move if you ask me which means Morris should have over ruled his half a%$ pitching coach.

None of the current Canes got drafted Monday. Of the several who are draft-eligible, four were listed by Baseball America ranked in the Top 500:

Catcher Peter O'Brien, ranked 69th nationally and 13th in the state.

Pitcher E.J. Encinosa, 322 nationally and 38th in the state.

Shortstop Stephen Perez, 357th nationally and 45th in the state.

Pitcher Eric Whaley, 397th nationally and 51st in the state.

This list is pathetic. This is why you are irrelevant nationally. Meanwhile the Gators and Noles advance in the tourney and you sit home crying about losing the regional and losing all your recruits.
Second rate program on par with the FIU, FAMU, UCF and USF crowd. U are what U are = LOSERS

Yah, you've got to wonder about the recruiting strategy, although give Morris credit for having top kids interested in UM. Our performance at home in the regional leaves serious doubts about Morris' ability to field a competitive team. I mean, the Sea Wolves?!!

Pro sports has trashed college sports in the 3 major games. Look at Kentucky's great starting 5 leaving for da NBA, or Canes football losing key players, or UM baseball losing top players to the draft.

The lure of pro sports is so strong, and loyalty at the college level so rare that this is the result. I wish that pro sports had a rule that mandated a kid finish his NCAA eligibility. But, the lawyers would trash it, as they did pro baseball in the free agency case of Curt Flood. The players unions could take a stand, but do not as they should. You wonder why, as such a stand or rule would preserve current players jobs longer.

So, college sports suffers. But, who can deny a kid his dream of the big bucks, big time life?

As another poster points out, FSU and UF do not have this problem in baseball right now. Maybe something to learn there? Or who is this Sea Wolves pitcher and how do we get more guys that are looking to work hard and move up, as opposed to likely stars right now?

quvo le

Dumblogic -- not only is Miami irrelevant nationally, but they are now irrelevant in the state of Florida. If you're going to call them a second-rate program on par with UCF and USF, then you owe UCF and USF an apology. Miami is garbage in every sport. Which is fine with the civilized world.

Has anybody looked up the definition of coach in the old Webster lately? Has anybody ever doubted, why they hire a coach? Then why do coaches always go out and recruit the best players? Why do they not develope their own players? When a coach says his best hitter is sidelined, he is telling you he is not capable of developing his own. All players should be his/her best hitter. Coach/articulate (POPS) Principle of physics savvy. It is natures way and is instantaneous to average athlete

Look.....Morris has lost his touch.He s crying out to anyone that it s not his fault.He s being controlled by the kids and the choices that the kids make.Give me a breal Morris.Your adaptation to recruiting each year has to be improved,tweaked.YOU have been doing NONE of that.If you can t do that and making excuses for the past several years is all you keep harping on.....then YOU goota GO man.

Recruiting in college baseball takes a lot of effort and work to find players that may not opt to go pro. You have to talk to a lot of people and hustle to make these determinations. Morris has not been doing this. UM can lure the best players without much effort because of its reputation, but that's only part of the battle. He either needs to start working his tail off or vacate UM as coach.

Posted by: Mark May

Just like an apology is due to drunken sailors around the world when compared to members of congress...........I do apologize to FIU, FAMU, UCF and USF for comparing them to the lowly canes.

tired of excuses!!! Just win or resign!!!

Turtle Thomas was the best recruiter, hands down, that UM ever hade. He was never replaced. Until UM can find his equivalent, this will be the norm, at our beloved school. Sad Face.

Miami needs to leave the ACC and join The IVY League.
Thanks, Donna.

Or, let academics slide to garbage, increase undergrad to 60K, behave like unethical trailer trash then join the SEC.

Forget all about the recruits that didn't come...focus on the ones that did. Then compare their skill sets (pitchiing, batting, fielding) with what we saw from our opponents in the Regional. Bottom line is that "their" best is better than our best. Do you not think most of those kids at Stony Brook would have jumped at the opportunity to come to the U? It means our recruiting skills from the coaching side are weak.
I say concentrating and hanging your hat (and job) on someone in the top 25 cominig to your school is suicide. The money will trump you 99% of the time.

We haven't been able to find signable, quality players and then coach them up to be better...a sign of poor coaching and recruiting. Also...Stop focusing on S. Fla players that are 2nd and 3rd tier and expecting them all to be "diamonds in the rough".

Or be ranked #1 all year round in multiple sports and then go and choke at the end. Theyre used to it. Theve been doing it for 150 years. Thats why they have 60,000 students, millions of dollars, and yet,

UM 9 national championships in the 3 major sports
Higher rank nationally
Higher IQ: tooth ratio

And UF has 5 national ch in the 3 major sports
(sigh). jealousy is such a sad thing

Mark May
ACC sucks...

These pathetic dweebs are just petty jealous girls

Morris,NOTHING can make you a better coach!
Do us long-suffering fans and UM a favor a quit now.
You have dragged this program down for many years.And you had the gaul to mention your Nat'l Championship at Tech.Tell you what-go back there-oh wait,they don't want you either!
And why not sign all the top prospects every season- because you still haven't learned after all these years that THEY SIGN PRO contracts!

For several years now,you have been an embarassment to the program.

This is not a knock against the U,,,the kids want the money

This constant run of excuses is very nauseating. It's amazing how Miami seems to be the only school that loses top players in the draft. A culture change is desperately needed by this program. Not sure about the commitment from the top. Lacking change, crowds at home games will be miniscule. Disgusting.

So much fun observing Miami fans attacking their own players, coaches and administration. No trolls necessary. Any stud recruit or their parents reading these comments will think long and hard before even considering Miami. Keep it up Miami fans.

Until Donna Shalala is gone, the University of Miami will never beat the University of Florida in any sport ever again.

Quvo Soldy .....all five thousand of you

"UM 9 national championships in the 3 major sports."

Should have just put 9 national championships in 2 sports. Including basketball is laughable.

What ever happened to getting the hard nose kids that UM thrived on through their History. Where are the Mike Fiore, JP Santangelo, Gino Dimare, Julio Solis, RIck Raether, Mike Tosar, Will Vespe, And the List goes on forever. Even our terebile recruiter JD Arteage. These guys all had one thing in common the will to win and they wanted to be at UM. You cant recruit the whole Gulliver High Baseball Team that cant even win states because they are soft. Look at Steven Perez Soft and no cojenes 25 errors is pathetic he should of been benched period. Recruit the hungry kids that want to come to school and are not going to be a first round pick. You guys better wake up. because you wont be at the U any longer. Refuse to lose and make sure your kids know that if you do perform you dont play period.

oh Yeah one more thing Brad fiegler a walk on cn flat out hit and was one of your most consistent players....


Not to throw jabs at you, but those points that you listed make you sound just as irrelevant as UM is these days... What do past national championships, or another team being #1 all year and choking do for UM this year, or next year? absolutely nothing. those are childish arguments.

There is not one person in the world that can tell you they wouldnt prefer to be #1 in the nation in whatever sport it may be, make it to the championship game, and see how that game plays out... Yea, they may not win it all, but at least they made it there and had the opportunity to win it. Anything goes in championship games; there's so much adrenaline in those games, it becomes anybody's game.

Yo Cane trash

Pseudologic has no logic, or like my man's name says: dUmb logic. No logic but pseudo intellect.

Yo I just hear the same pathetic excUses and whining about recruits turning pro. News flash dUmb clUcks, it happens to all programs and most still find a way to compete. Most, except the Gables Girls that is.

Yo then there r the doUches that start with the academics, as if that was an excUse for not being competitive. The Ivy League wanna-be cane clUcks
don't belong academically with the "Ivys" or athletically with the weak ACC. What a bunch of LOOSERS!

Speaking of academics, only in the past year or two have U dUmmies being ranked higher than Ur daddy up north. U sucked in sports then and still do, nothing to do with academics.

And regarding "behave like unethical trailer trash then join the SEC."
Well nothing more unethical than Ur string of pay for hits and cheating started by Uncle Luke and continued proudly by Shapiro and taken to the NFL by Vilma. That is quite a legacy clUcks. A legacy of dirt and cheating. Which brings to mind Ur current situation: "I cheat yet I can" win"
Truly pathetic. At least Uncle Luke got something for his dirty money.

Bunch of pathetic LOOSERS!
Posted by: Redneck in-bred 'billy face

Yo Cane trash

Ur motto is: " I cheat yet I can't win"
Just a clarification maggots.

Bunch of pathetic LOOSERS!

Yo 'Canetrash'

Your motto is: I spend multiple hours every day researching the University of Miami so I can talk to other internet nerds about our fake internet rivalry.

UF motto is:

"We are the mighty gators. We have existed for 150 years and still cannot catch that small lowly private university in Coral gables in number of football and baseball championships because we tend to choke our way out of championships every time. Furthermore, if it werent for that small private school down yonder, we'd be havin more championships. Oh. I forgot. theres the matter of that other school west of us. Ok. My bad. But we be the gators. We go on other college teams blogs to talk trash and remind them how they live in the past. How they are so bad in everything. But we forget that we havent beaten them more than once in the last 25 years. Yet we do talk a lot."

My nickle: Thats fair.. Miami played in the NCAA tournament a couple of years ago. basketball is included. Plus Miami has played in the two toughest basketball conferences the last 30 years: Big East and ACC. Win or lose. If you dont want to include basketball, then its 9>3.

Ok, fair enough, we should live in the now. But practice what you preach. And leave this blog. You all have no business on here spewing garbage that is 90% nonsensical. Like the BS about Vilma. Vilma gets punished for a tactic that was thought up by his coaches. An issue that is wide spread in the NFL. If you dont believe it youhave no business talking football and making accusations like that. So-called bounties are widespread and have existed since the leather helmets. You dont think the Oakland Raiders if the 70s and 80s had bounties? The Pittsburgh Steelers Defense? Jack Lambert, etc etc? believe me. They were. Jerry Rice knew there was a bounty on him. And for some of you morons to bring up Uncle Lukes payments-- those were for scoring TDS and ints, and sacks, etc. At no time was there any proof of a bounty to hurt another kid.

And for some of you to throw stones knowing full well the rampant corruption that is the SEC is laugahble. The SEC maybe #1 in football but I gaurantee 50% of LSU, Arkansas, UK, Ole MISs players and others are illiterate at best. And the # of arrests. Dont get me started please.

Hello Cane Fans. I am checking in on The U as I cannot be in camp right now. We are fighting Commissioner Gordon's suspension and I expect to be free of all charges in Gotham. I just wanted to point out that Charles Robinson of Yahoo and Goddell have been after me ever since I paid for "Bounty Paper Towels" for me team mates not bounties on other college and pro experience.

Thanks and Go Canes!

corpus's motto:

I spend multiple hours every day researching the University of Florida so I can talk to other internet nerds about our fake internet rivalry.

I was watching "Talking Football" on CSS the other day and they said the SEC does not have a drug testing policy. Each school gets to set their own. Vandy and Georgia are the only two schools in the SEC that if you test positive one time you are not playing. The rest of the league is 3 to 5 times you can test positive before they will take you off the field.
I was surprised to hear CSS talk about the SEC that way.

At UF, you are not dismissed from the team until you flunk your 5th drug test for marijuana. No games suspended for 1 failed test, 1 game suspended for a 2nd failure, 2 games for a 3rd failure, 6 games for a 4th failure and dismissal for a 5th failure. Uf has the most lenient drug policy in the SEC. Let's hear no more nonsense from Gator fans about the high ethical road UF supposedly takes.

At least I won't have to watch any Miami baseball for the next 12 years.

Regards to all,

Nate I Like Em Young Webster

Nobody needs to research the gators. Its all there. 150 yrs of close calls, chokes, near misses and mediocrity.

532 just checked the Capital One Cup Standings, saw the Miami women at #84, however the men were nowhere to be seen. Of course the standings only listed 100 schools so I guess that makes sense.

Why is the U any different from other Big Baseball schools at losing kids to the Pro's, it happens all the time. Stop whining about it. You sound foolish.

Susan it would be nice for you to write a statement on randy and UM squashing things. Thanks

The U isnt whining about losing recruits. Morris is. You are right. It is foolish. That fool has to go.

TAllycane what do you mean?

Leave it to gatorsam to give so much importance to a stupid "Capital one cup", which has been in existence for (drum roll please...) 2 years. Truth is, that capital one cup is a fabrication of ESPN and is nothing but a publicity ploy to keep watching menial unintersting sports such as womens lacrosse and sogftball, which are showed on ESPN.

Furthermore, to add to your idiotic logic, you cannot compare what 40-50,000 studnet schools like Texas and Florida do in athletics with what a school like MIami does. Texas just one the mens golf NCAA. Miami doesnt even have a mens golf team ( thanks to Tile IX). So stop using that silliness as your reason to trash Miami. The only thing that counts is the 3 major sports. ANd yes, Miami currently s--ks in all 3.

At least I won't have to watch any Miami baseball for the next 12 years.
Regards to all,
Nate I Like Em Young Webster
Posted by: gatorsam | June 06, 2012 at 03:43 PM

Wow, you really are a sick disgusting human being. Guy got arrested years after playing here, for a team that you pretend you don't follow, but you keep track of every little misstep by any Canes players while ignoring the actions of any Gators and former gators out there.

I bet that humor is what helped kill Gator Clause, troll.

Or did it die because your bandwagon fans gave up once Tebow and Urban left? That is more likely.

Remember Muschamp and Brantley > Urban and Tebow? how did that work out for you, sicko?

I won't list all the 46 arrests the Gators have had while you bring up this one, bevcaue you don't even belong here. Go back to the corpse of your blog, which is in the garage with the engine running, as we already know.

Since it looks like North Carolina is gonna win the Capitol One Cup this year, does that mean we can chant ACC ACC ACC in here? Nah, because it is a weak fake title that awards quantinty of teams over quality of teams. Just because UF won the roach shishkabob title last year menas nothing, because no other schools participated.

gatorspammer, go back to gator Clause where you belong, troll.

Posted by: 5>3>2

It won not one.

As in, "Stoney Brook won the game." Your are not a smart one.

I see that UM settled the suit by Shannon.

Wow, with all his FBS head coaching offers, where did he find the time to sue his former employer?

Hope that's the last we will hear of this guy, at least until some obscure program hires him.

capital one cup? IS YOU for real?

Is that what the gator nation has come down to? Cheering for the capital one cup?

Are you e--fen serious?

Do you know, gator nation how sad, how pathetic. How completely weak and un manly that claim is?

Its almost as bad as Brandon Spikes consoling Tebow on the sideline and kissing him (by the way the video exists-this is why Florida sucks)

In my many years on planet earth I have witnessed multiple times many interviews with high profile athletes and the one thing they all have in common and agree on, to perform their sport of choice is over 90% mental. By the same measure I have never heard anyone or heard of anyone mention or articulate mental. Therefore over 90% of a players natural ablilty is never utilized. To be a complete coach he/she must coach mental or they are the most senseless/useless position on a team. This NOBODY does so if you get rid of Morris, who you gonna get? Hitting a base/softball is a natural doth, a natural process and is instantenious to the average player, but it is mental and that 90% is unknown to all. Just read these nobrain posts.

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