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Seawolves howling all the way to Baton Rouge, while Canes watch top recruits go bye-bye

The Stony Brook Seawolves looked as good the past few days as the Canes looked bad last Friday in UM's opener in the NCAA Coral Gables Regional.

No. 4 seed Stony Brook (50-12), led by Willie Carmona on Monday night, won the school's first regional championship by defeating UCF 10-6 at Alex Rodriguez Park.

Stony Brook advances to the Baton Rouge Super Regional to meet No. 7 national seed LSU in a best-of-three series.

You may recall Stony Brook pitcher Tyler Johnson (11-1), who dominated the Canes. After two days rest he came out again and allowed four runs in 6 1-3 innings while throwing 119 pitches.

According to the Associated Press, the Seawolves are the third No. 4 seed to win a regional (Missouri, 2006; Fresno State, 2008) since the field was expanded to 64 teams in 2001.

Meanwhile, as the first round of the MLB Draft went on, UM coach Jim Morris must have gotten that sinking feeling -- not that he hasn't had enough of that the past few days.

The No. 1 draft pick Monday? Shortstop Carlos Correa of Puerto Rico and the Puerto Rico Baseball Academy. No. 1!!!! to Houston. Nothing like rubbing salt on the wound. Carlos, of course, was a UM commitment.

Just as painful: fellow UM commitment Albert Almora, an outfielder from Mater Academy in Hialeah, was picked by the Chicago Cubs sixth overall. Just watched a video on him. Good story. Touching.

And to continue UM's woes, Hurricanes commitment Nick Travieso, a right-handed pitcher, was selected 14th overall by Cincinnati.

Keep in mind that these signees have until July 15th to decide whether they're turning pro or going to college. But let's face it, I think we all know at least what Correa, Almora and Travieso will do (If not, I'll be stunned).

As posted on HurricaneSports:

"Two more signees were selected with compensatory picks, otherwise known as “sandwich round” selections. The Chicago White Sox took Keon Barnum (King High School), highly regarded for his powerful bat and solid arm strength, with their second pick of the night at No. 48. Walker Weickel (Olympia High School), a 6-foot-6 pitcher with a 90-92 mile-per-hour fastball and an impressive 12-to-6 curveball, was the fifth and final Hurricane selected, chosen by the San Diego Padres at pick No. 55.

The 2012 Major League Baseball Entry Draft will resume Tuesday afternoon, set to commence at 12 noon live on MLB Network."

Even before Monday, Jim Morris lamented UM's history in the draft, saying he has watched some pretty special Hurricanes recruits opt for pro ball over college. "I mean the biggest thing that has happened is he last two or three years we've been crushed in the draft on our team, and all our recruiting classses, as people that follow closely know. It's something that's out of your control. We signed some of the best players in the country. We signed the best player in Puerto Rico, but you know you've got to sign players that go to school.

"...I think they're signing too many guys that are not top prospects. When you say that after the first round, 98 persent of the guys do not make it to the Major Leagues, then 98 percent of those guys should have gone to college. Maybe they would have matured physically and mentally and maybe they would have made it...''

How much can one highly regarded prospect improve a program? "It can,'' Morris said. We got a kid out of Orlando, Walker Weickel (GONE!), that can really make me a good coach. ...You need a break and get a guy like that.''

None of the current Canes got drafted Monday. Of the several who are draft-eligible, four were listed by Baseball America ranked in the Top 500:

Catcher Peter O'Brien, ranked 69th nationally and 13th in the state.

Pitcher E.J. Encinosa, 322 nationally and 38th in the state.

Shortstop Stephen Perez, 357th nationally and 45th in the state.

Pitcher Eric Whaley, 397th nationally and 51st in the state.









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Yeah sure swamp bily, but a coach recruits and a coach motivates and a coach sets the roster and match-ups, anc calls the pays (bunt, steal, etc). Morris has been outcoached and more importantly out recruited by FSU and UF the last 10 years. He hasnt even come close! His squads havent even made it competitive vs the gators. Nor FSU. Meanwhile those programs are regularly top 5 in the nation. Same with UNC, UVA, NC state. Its pathetic. He recruits BOYS. these are undersized kids who lack the basics (fielding, etc). They have been error prone (last 3 yrs) and mentally are not there. No toughness no aggressiveness. Soft.

Translatio: Morris gots to go

Yep pseudo intellect, your girls are soft. Like Usoft, remember? No matter how much you lift, you're Usoft.
No matter who or how you recruit, you're Usoft.
No matter how many coaches you fire, you're Usoft.
It's not the coaches, it's not the players, it's your DNA. It's what you are. Sucks to be U.

Fake internet rivalry that has nothing to do with sports? IS YOU for real?

Is that what internet nerds have come down to? Cheering for a fake internet rivalry that has nothing to do with sports?

Are you e--fen serious?

Do you know, internet nerds, how sad, how pathetic, how completely weak and unmanly a fake internet rivalry that has nothing to do with sports is?

Yep Dumblogic, you're talking about a fake internet rivalry that has nothing to do with sports.

Like the internet nerd you are, remember?

No matter how much time you spend posting on Miami's blog, you're talking about a fake internet rivalry that has nothing to do with sports.

It's not about Miami, it's not about Florida, it's your lack of a life. It's what you are. It sucks to be an internet nerd who spends all day talking about a fake internet rivalry that has nothing to do with sports.

ANd yes, Miami currently s--ks in all 3.

Posted by: 5>3>2 | June 07, 2012 at 06:50 AM

*NEWSFLASH* U also s--k in every other sport minus Women's hoops too (last time U competed for just an ACC 'ship in anything?). But, we've known this going on 10 years now... Ur just getting it and it's too bad the rest of Ur DelUsional brethren don't... The sooner U realize and accept where Ur trUly at, the sooner U can move on and win Academic compititions and be the University Ur Prez envisions. But the rest of U dolts will eventUally see Ur current state as time and the L's moUnt. Next year, and the immediate fUtUre will be much of the same if not worse... And Donna could care less. Many of us, as a College sports fans, knows that when the REAL U is relivant, it makes the entire College Sports spectrUm better. It's Shalala, not a neutered Pseudo A.D. that's given real power to make real change, and her ongoing Academia Napoleonic CrUsade by not realaxing entry requirements for kids that deserve it is what has gotten U into this mess and will continUe to do so. That's the sad part.

Maybe we can hire the Stony Brook Coach ?

Mayb e Muschump will go 6-6 next year. Oh wait. UF will beat the Citadel by a close margin and go 7-6

Seiously Gaytr peckers, who is your QB? And are you nervous yet about choking in the CWS? How about you dumba55logic?

Ignorant Miami fan. Keep crying about those 3 games we play. With our SEC opponents and FSU we still have a more difficult schedule than you. Get a new line already. According to the NCAA UF had the 30th most difficult schedule in the country last year, Miami had the 75th. By the way the team we open with this year Bowling Green could take Bethune, Duke and Boston College on any day.

Ohhhhhhhh Silly, Unimformed, delUsional, stUpid Cane fan...

Seriously, U wanna talk Q.B.'s ? ok I'll play.

Gators have 2 5-Star Sophmores Stars that EVERY BIG SCHOOL OFFERED that spurned U with BIG TIME Game experience. U'd take anyone of them right now as Ur Clear # 1 Starter. And 3rd. Stringer Tyler Murphy is as good as the Starter that U'll roll out there in 2012.

U have a reject transfer from a crappy Memphis team, a Starter who's thrown more Int's than T.D.'s, that couldn't beat out Jacory Harris ('nUff said) and that NO ONE (as in Top Program, which Ur not) recruited as Q.B. Bring up the talentless rear are Two Freshman that combined wouldn't equal one of the Gators top two.

Spring Games ?

*****Jeff Driskel 10-11 133yrds 1 TD

*****Jacoby Brissett (who U and his momma prayed would be a Cane) 8-11 149yrds. 2 TD's

All verses a TOP 10 Nationally Ranked Gator Defense in a 21-20 thriller.

And now former longtime Boise St. O.C. running the show.

U ?

Stephen Morris DNP - Chronic Back no touch pick throwing machine

Ryan Williams 15-27 169 yrds. 2 INT's

Gray Crow 12-21 95 yrds. 2 INT's

Preston Dewey 6-12 56 yrds.

In a 7-6 1td, 2 field goal snooozer Verses an Average at best Defense, that lost 4 of it's top players from last season, ACC Defense in front of 5k in Broward County.

*****this is where Ur sUppose to Use the Rain n wind as an ExcUse*****

"Seiously" a dUmb clUck axes ?

Axe Ur fellow Canes who'd they rather have under center the next 3 years... That is, if they're not still living in the delUded past like U are.

NEWS FLASH FOOL ... Ur 2012 Starter couldn't beat out beanpole, rag arm Japicky Harris and Ur going question the Gators about their Q.B. situation?

Bottom line ... If Driskel and Brissett showed up in Coral Gables, they'd both shoot straight to #1 n #2 on Ur paper thin QB depth chart the minute they walked outta the locker room for practice. I defy and Cane Fan with even half a brain to deny that... But then again denial along with excUses is what U Canes have done best these last 10 years.

Take a cUe from 5-3-2 psychologic... At least he's finally convinced and admits that U trUly do S--K .

Jeeez Arty, it's on the begging of June and they're starting up already.

Once again Sam strength of schedule means nothing when comparing two teams. (By the way your strength of schedule is where your team got it's b**t handed to it) Why not look at the 2 teams both teams played last year for a true measuring tape. FSU and OSU. Check out the stats for the games. If we suck, then you guys must be the suckers.

Seriously this has to take the cake in gator stupidity and denial. They come here to talk up their QBs.. LOLLL!!!!!!!!!!

which one of the 5 QBs that were used last year/ I mean, Muschump was (is) so desperate, he was about to ask the Janitorial staff to fill in b/c your QBs were so pathetic. beginning with Brantley. Mr 5 star gatorade player of the year. He was so bad, he made jacorry look like warren Moon.

And for you dooshes who tout your strength of schedule, I dar your pathetic AD and I dare your pathetic trustees to one day, some day take your might effe-n gators and leave the eff-en state and play an OOC team Out of the south, like say, Oklahoma at Oklahoma, Michigan at Michigan. No not at the Gator Bowl in jacksonville, not in tampa at the outback bowl, not in Jacksonville against Georgia. And that pathetic sad, old, boring stale excuse that the SEC is so hard blah blah, Hey- these programs are so familiar with themselves and with their venues that these are all basically home games for everyone. Players arent afraid to play at LSU, or Alabama, its too familiar. Go to friggin Penn State at night in front of 110,000 peple or whatever.


WOw. Guess who had a winning record? You guessed it/// Furman


say it again


Who had you all down by 18 points at the swamp


Thats right.


Shut up! Shut the f*ck up! No one cares about the Florida Gators!!! We DON'T EVEN PLAY THEM THIS YEAR!!!!!

Well it was the Moron pseudologic who brought up the QB comparison and Q.B. WhU provided a flawless analysis.
Then the same Moron pseudo starts with the schedule as if a lowly ACC middle of the pack team can compare to ANY SEC team, much less the Gators.
But enjoy your summer the best time to be a cane when no football is played and you get your hopes all inflated in your yearly ritual only to be brought crashing back to your sucky reality once the losing starts. Your baseball debacle is past you now. Your basketball.....never mind you never had a prayer in basketball. Your spring game debacle is also in the past, you blame the wind this time for your poor QB play. Enjoy the summer, nothing going on for you. Can't lose if you don't play. The new cane thing. Can't compete anyway so what's the use, it's better this way for you.

5>3>2 if Susan can write an article on Shannon suing his former employer then she can write one saying that the debt has been settled. That is what I mean.

Who cares about Columbus or State College, if you guys had to go to Baton Rouge on a Saturday Night or Tuscaloosa you would crap your pants. You can't even win at at Virginia or Atlanta.

No it was the stoopid gator punk that brought up drislel and brisset and whomever.

Miami fan: stf..u yourself, befor i find you and bareknuckle your ass, you spineless dweeb. You must be a gator living under a bridge in opa locka. Go f yourself.

Acc sks youre a sad punka55"
Its gator fans like you that i love to destroy during games.

Excuse me Sam. We did win in Atlanta. We crushed GT last time in Atlanta 35-10. You are the one comparing the teams. You are the one on a Cane blog talking.
If you really want to compare the teams from last year? Look at the two teams they played.
Every year is a new year. Players leave, and new ones come in.
We will see where both of our teams are when the season starts. Unlike yours we will know what our team is made of with in the first two games.
Anytime, anywhere
GO CANES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Really, BC is rated as one of the worst teams in the country and KSU lost so much they are no where close to what they were last year.

well Sam you say we suck, so it should be a good measuring stick. Who are you playing your first two games?

Bowling Green at home, Texas A&M at College Station.

Texas A&M should be a good check for your team, since they claim the 12th man.
As you I can not wait for the season to begin to see if Golden has my team moving in the right direction.
Muschamp has some proving to do as well.

I'm on an NFL Roster and will play in preseason games...

Try the Pigs feets. They be really good today.

No it was the stoopid gator punk that brought up drislel and brisset and whomever.

Posted by: 5>3>2 | June 07, 2012 at 10:13 PM

Read mUch ? Tell time ?


Seiously Gaytr peckers, who is your QB?

Posted by: pseudologic | June 07, 2012 at 02:30 PM ... Asked the CaneFool


Posted by: Q.B. WhU ? | June 07, 2012 at 04:39 PM ...

QB WhU then destroyed him with plain n simple logical facts that even dUmb homer Cane fans couldn't deny. He even asked all Cane fans basically who U'd rather have, Brissett n Driskel or Morris n Williams and the Cane silence was and is still loud n clear. There is not ONE Coach of a Top Program that would take Ur QB dUo over the Gators period.

pseudologic got what he deserved. His dUmbasse handed to him.

And Ur a 100th. of a second right behind him 5>3>2 .

Just wondering ...


Pathetic Football Spring game showings ...

Women's NCAA Tourney Flameout ...

NIT Gopher Beatdown at Home ...

or the Baseball teams epic Home Regional Collapse at the hands of National nobodys Stony Brook and Mizzou St. ... Finally Kill U ?

4 more years

It is really baffling that on the one hand, we have some gator pu55ies coming on this UM blog chanting SEC SEC SEC, and going out of their way to try to prove how bad UM snd the ACC sucks, and, on the other hand there are others who come on here stating that MIami fans "started" this whole nonsense.

This nonsense between UF and UM fans on this blog was started by putrid, lowlife gator fans who had NO BUSINESS coming onto this blog to spew their hateful dribble- goingback to 2005, 2006, when Brayn Pata (RIP ) was killed and some actually made fun of him. It is not a surprise that these hate mongers come on here because it is obvious, that for at least 3 deades they have been afflicted with a severe case of jealousy and pe-nis envy towards the hurricanes,who have beaten them like a child gets beaten in the playground over and over and over. It definitely has to get to them. I understand that part. But it is a well-known fact among college coaches and fans that gator fans are the most annoying, least respectful, most unsportsmanlike of all the fans. Likely due to their porr education and low life uprbringing in the flatlands and hills of central florida.

But then some come on here and they spew the same old boring dribble, based on emotions, and only partly on facts: That Miami should go to LSU or Tuscaloosa to play- Not State college or Michigan stadium because thats hard. That we shouldnt focus on Florida's cowardly way of dodging Miami or other OOC opponents.. Fact: Miami has played vs LSU and Alabama. In fact the only reason UF is going OO stste to play now is becaue Texas A&M and Mizzou have joined the SEC. Wow. Now they can say they actually travel.

But the point is, what business do you (gatorsam, Arty, SOldy, the one who constantly uses the words caneclUcks, ACC sks, etc) have coming on here? Does it matter to you that we talk Miami sports? DOes it affect your day? Does it bother you?

Get a life losers.

532, yu do understand the reason they are here, gatorspam and the rest of his sick welfare-collecting ids, is because he has NOTHING TO SAY about the Gators on his own blog.

He is bragging about the tennis and handball teams because he has NOTHING ELSE in his life but this blog.

Go back to Gator Clause, trolls, you are on here more than on your own blog. That shows how sad and pathetic your lives are.

And hilarious that they are trying to claim their QBs are improving. From Tebow to Brantly to the three stooges, it has been a downfall of unprecedented proportions. Meanwhile, Memphis lost a very good QB, but he wasn't a reject, he chose to upgrade to a better team in Miami.

Yo Cane trash

Yo 5>3>2 but none in a decade, are U posing as a historian? Maybe a wanna be psychologist? Just stick to the wanna be part, U aint no historian nor psychologist maggot.
Let me share a secret with U dUmb clUcks. U had nothing to do with the demise of Gatorclause. When Goodman left the Herald hired a student as a part time writer. That student, Matt Watts, has graduated and moved on to a full time career apart from the Herald.
I don't know who U say came here in 1805 or so to make fun of Pata or whatever Ur stupid claim is.
I just know the past 2 years or so a bunch of U chUmps were parked 24/7 @ Gatorclause, truly pathetic.
So here I am to return the favor.

Yo No Mo Titles

That is why I'm here, I can't speak for the others but it is easy to come here and make fun of U dUmb clUcks. U are so delUsional the fun never ends.
A good example of Ur delUsion is Ur post about the QBs. Q.B. WhU? gave a great summary of the QB comparison, U are just too dUmb to accept reality. I will add an example of projecting is when U post: "it has been a downfall of unprecedented proportion". It has been so, for U clUcks. From Kyle Wright to Marve to Joke ory to Morris and to the Memphis reject. In the same time span we had Leak, Tebow, Brantley and the 2 stud sophomores. No contest.

To sum up, we would love to go back to Gatorclause as soon as the Herald hires a full time writer. I know U clUcks would be back there too. Hypocrites.

Bunch of pathetic LOOSERS!

SEC added 2 expansion teams. So did the ACC.
Texas A&M and Mizzou >>>>>>>> Pitt and Cuse

The strong get stronger. The weak get weaker.

But you have a tougher OCC schedule?
Typical delUsional response, look at the svhedule as a whole. You need a tough OCC schedule, you play in the ACC. It's obvious to all the planet. Except in delUsional Coral Gables.

Typical University of Miami Student Football Game Day

Wake up in off campus luxury apartment.
Go to refrigerator finish pitcher of Cosmopolitans from party the previous night.
Get in Porsche.
Stop at high end coffee shop and buy a $9 coffee.
Drive to parent’s house in Gables By the Sea.
Kiss step mommy on the check lightly so as not to smudge painted on make-up.
Go into bedroom grew up in and do some coke.
Have a quickie with Juanita the housekeeper who actually was responsible for upbringing.
Drive car onto the 16th green at the golf course to visit with dad for a few minutes and to ask for the week’s allowance.
Pick up dead beat high school buddy who has no college affiliation but has been a Miami fan his whole life.
Drive to Dolphin Stadium arriving mid way into the first quarter.
Down about 10 beers and sit with 23,000 other Miami fans in 95 degree heat.
Leave midway through the 3rd quarter.

Typical University of Florida Student Football Game Day

Wake up in frat house and tell the pretty blonde that she needs to leave within the next few minutes because the frat is having a secret meeting (not really) but if she wants she can come back for the pre game party at 5 but it’s a theme party and she must bring a bottle of Patron and a bag of limes.
Open the freezer and take a couple of shots of vodka to start the day.
Go downstairs and eat breakfast with frat brothers and watch GameDay.
Head out to meet mom and dad at their tailgate location. Grab one of mom’s delicious shrimp kabobs and succulent hamburgers. Watch the early SEC Game with dad on his satellite dish. Then tactfully attempt to tell them changing major again and need to stay at UF another 2 years. Hug mom because she will be upset and watch dad show fake anger but then see the smile sneak across his face as he watches the beautiful parade of coeds walk by and know that he is wondering why he ever left Gainesville.
Head over to a couple of other tailgates to visit friends and then back to the frat house for the 3:30 SEC Game of the Week. The house is packed by now and the alcohol is flowing.
At 5 the blonde girl shows up with the Patron and limes (shots all around).
Soon time to head to the Swamp.
Here Come The Gators!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: R.I.P. c.t.U.d.

Listen troll, I'm 100% behind my canes win or lose.
I have been away from my computer for a while now. I got run over by a truck with FIU plates on the corner of Bird and 87th as I was coming back from my burger break to collect change for the Tropical Park stadium.
Hit the curb pretty hard and injured my left leg, then this Zombie jumps on me and tries to chew my hand. I turned around, he saw my cane T shirt mumbled "disgusting", threw up and left. Dodged a bullet there!
Anyway, as soon as my hand heals I'll be back more often.
Thanks for the fake concern hermano.

Fire the Troll Now!

'Truly pathetic'

'So here I am to return the favor.'

At least you recognize what a loser you are.

sad pathetic (probably fat) gator trolls

Your BMIs are probably > your IQ

Your #teeth>IQ

You are sad little pathtic dweebs with no new factual information

How can you excuse Furman? UAB/ FAU?

Sad sad sad.

Come play us.

Oh yeah 2013.

Yeah enjoy that bus trip up to Boca you idiot.

Youre the idiot you POS moron rednck- Go have at it with your sister in your trailer. Maybe thatwill relieve you of the anger and hate you have for Miami. p-uu5y

You moron the Gator fans posting on the Herald site have lived in South Florida longer than most of the Miami fans. Redneck? The only time we spent in north Florida was the greatest 4 years of our lives at UF. Grow up.

How can you excuse Furman? UAB/ FAU?

Posted by: pseudologic

The same way we can excuse Bama, LSU, So Carolina, UGA and Auburn
At least we beat our pansies, what happened to U with BC and Maryland?
How can U excuse Bethune, Duke, UVA, Duke, BC, Maryland and the rest of the weak arse ACC?
No factual information? You and your ilk are so delUsional U don't recognize a fact even if it hits you on your tiny head.
Get ready for 2013, our fans will be represented @ your Rent a Stadium, will yours show up?
Sad, sad and pathetic.

'Sad, sad and pathetic.'

Wait, are you still talking about your internet rivalry that has nothing to do with sports?

Just checking.

U Stony Brook n N.C. State fans now caneclUcks ?

'U' still writing poetry on the University of Miami's sports blog about a fake internet rivalry that has nothing to do with sports at 8:00 on a Friday evening?

All U got indeed.

Whoever has the best prospects at QB, someone will have to step up for the Canes. I think Morris has the best shot and all around talent. He threw picks as an underclassman, and should improve with better coaching and a more familiar system. Williams has promise as well with his size, but Morris has the arm
and the feet.

If you have a balanced offense, you don't need an ace QB. But the Canes have questions at RB and the OL. So, those two phases must jell, and I hope James and newcomer Duke Johnson make it happen, with Clements having a breakout year. All will need a dominant OL that plays aggressively and smart.

Optimism beats pessimism every time, unless you are out of touch with objective reality, but I think the Canes have a shot at QB, RB and OL to make a difference. We shall see...

It could be year round - they dont matter

Dont let me fail


Honestly, I have never met an intelligent Gator. They must be out there but the 15 or so I met have real trouble expressing themselves other than to swear and shout.....What is wrong with that school? I don know of one young woman who couldn't get into UM who excelled at UF. She was as dumb as a house plant but good to look at. I guess that is something.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yet ANOTHER GATOR NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP !!!

How U doin SeaWolvesPack fans ?

Florida Men's Outdoor Track and Field Team 2012 National Champions. First time a track team captured both indoor and outdoor titles since 2003. Third national title for UF this year. Oh wait a minute not allowed to mention titles if not in football, basketball or baseball I forgot.

Honestly, I have never met an intelligent cane. They must be out there but the 100 or so I know have real trouble expressing themselves other than to swear and shout.
The worst part is that none of them have ever set foot in UM. One lives near Coral Gables.....guess that's close enough.
Most of them have no higher education beyond high school. My favorite one is the guy who works behind the counter at my local Publix deli, he is a real talker. Just like his favorite canes, all talk and no action.
On the other hand all the Gators I know in Miami are highly educated and successful professionals who carry on the passion they had while studying in Gainesville.
Guess that's what happens in a small commuter school dominated by entitled rich kids and foreigners who care more about coke and booze than college spirit and athletics.
Or is it that for the first time in a very very long time they are rated slightly above UF in the US News list all of a sudden they tout their "academics". When everyone who has smart college aged kids knows it is much much more difficult to get into UF than it is to get into UM.
And while little george has his fake story about the young woman, the real story is there are tons of top students who have chosen UF over UM and many more who could not get in.
But now you act as if you are such an elite school to excuse your dismal athletic performance, while UF is still better than you in academics and athletics.

Wow you Gator trolls have been been busy this weekend. Since 12:15 am on Friday 13 posts. It could be 16 but I can not tell which side emilio is on.
Did the Gators win their Super? Never mind. If you had you would have posted on here.
Keep up the envy and the hate boys and girls.
It is great to know we are relevant to your life.
Now repeat after me

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