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Seawolves howling all the way to Baton Rouge, while Canes watch top recruits go bye-bye

The Stony Brook Seawolves looked as good the past few days as the Canes looked bad last Friday in UM's opener in the NCAA Coral Gables Regional.

No. 4 seed Stony Brook (50-12), led by Willie Carmona on Monday night, won the school's first regional championship by defeating UCF 10-6 at Alex Rodriguez Park.

Stony Brook advances to the Baton Rouge Super Regional to meet No. 7 national seed LSU in a best-of-three series.

You may recall Stony Brook pitcher Tyler Johnson (11-1), who dominated the Canes. After two days rest he came out again and allowed four runs in 6 1-3 innings while throwing 119 pitches.

According to the Associated Press, the Seawolves are the third No. 4 seed to win a regional (Missouri, 2006; Fresno State, 2008) since the field was expanded to 64 teams in 2001.

Meanwhile, as the first round of the MLB Draft went on, UM coach Jim Morris must have gotten that sinking feeling -- not that he hasn't had enough of that the past few days.

The No. 1 draft pick Monday? Shortstop Carlos Correa of Puerto Rico and the Puerto Rico Baseball Academy. No. 1!!!! to Houston. Nothing like rubbing salt on the wound. Carlos, of course, was a UM commitment.

Just as painful: fellow UM commitment Albert Almora, an outfielder from Mater Academy in Hialeah, was picked by the Chicago Cubs sixth overall. Just watched a video on him. Good story. Touching.

And to continue UM's woes, Hurricanes commitment Nick Travieso, a right-handed pitcher, was selected 14th overall by Cincinnati.

Keep in mind that these signees have until July 15th to decide whether they're turning pro or going to college. But let's face it, I think we all know at least what Correa, Almora and Travieso will do (If not, I'll be stunned).

As posted on HurricaneSports:

"Two more signees were selected with compensatory picks, otherwise known as “sandwich round” selections. The Chicago White Sox took Keon Barnum (King High School), highly regarded for his powerful bat and solid arm strength, with their second pick of the night at No. 48. Walker Weickel (Olympia High School), a 6-foot-6 pitcher with a 90-92 mile-per-hour fastball and an impressive 12-to-6 curveball, was the fifth and final Hurricane selected, chosen by the San Diego Padres at pick No. 55.

The 2012 Major League Baseball Entry Draft will resume Tuesday afternoon, set to commence at 12 noon live on MLB Network."

Even before Monday, Jim Morris lamented UM's history in the draft, saying he has watched some pretty special Hurricanes recruits opt for pro ball over college. "I mean the biggest thing that has happened is he last two or three years we've been crushed in the draft on our team, and all our recruiting classses, as people that follow closely know. It's something that's out of your control. We signed some of the best players in the country. We signed the best player in Puerto Rico, but you know you've got to sign players that go to school.

"...I think they're signing too many guys that are not top prospects. When you say that after the first round, 98 persent of the guys do not make it to the Major Leagues, then 98 percent of those guys should have gone to college. Maybe they would have matured physically and mentally and maybe they would have made it...''

How much can one highly regarded prospect improve a program? "It can,'' Morris said. We got a kid out of Orlando, Walker Weickel (GONE!), that can really make me a good coach. ...You need a break and get a guy like that.''

None of the current Canes got drafted Monday. Of the several who are draft-eligible, four were listed by Baseball America ranked in the Top 500:

Catcher Peter O'Brien, ranked 69th nationally and 13th in the state.

Pitcher E.J. Encinosa, 322 nationally and 38th in the state.

Shortstop Stephen Perez, 357th nationally and 45th in the state.

Pitcher Eric Whaley, 397th nationally and 51st in the state.









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Real Story I must disagree with you. There are many intelligent Hurricanes. For instance I present evidence of 3 currently in jail for ponzi schemes. Lewis Freedman, Andres Pimstein and Nevin Shapiro. You have to be highly intelligent to scam and steal millions of dollars from people. You cannot be stupid and pull off such sophistocated crimes.

The Real Story/gatorsam

You know what you're doing with your college degrees?

Talking to other internet nerds about a fake internet rivalry that has nothing to do with sports on the THIRD page of a week old UM blog in the Miami Herald.

Yo U StonyN.C. SeaWolfPack fans... Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, it's back to OMAHA we go ! Again !

And the best part was when the Oye Diaz from Meeeeeami for N.C. St. watched slidy STEEEEERIKE THREEEEEE split the heart of the plate and then go Full Tilt El Loco on the Ump !!! Aye-Yi-Yi-Yi-Yi-Yi-Yi-Yi-Yi-Yi-Yi-Yi-Yi !!!!!!!

Hey, maybe U can get him to transfer to Ur Comatose Baseball program to infUse a little life into it.

Go Lady Canes and Stony Brook !!!


Hola Arty ! Omaha Steaks ! See you there !

Ahhh yes. I am glad the Gatr Trash won. All the sweeter when they get bounced from the CWS.....again.

Posted by: canentally | June 10, 2012 at 03:09 PM

Wow U Cane maggots have been M.I.A. for going on TEN years now with all posts void of any substance about how U are relevant in ANY Sport at the National Championship level... Or even that punching bag weak sister A.C.C. too.

a week old UM blog in the Miami Herald.

Posted by: Carry on that passion loser | June 10, 2012 at 04:18 PM

It'll be months before there'll be anything worth posting about regarding that sorry Athletic program dUmpster fire down in Coral Gables... Unless of course if the NCAA decides to drop the Guillotine on Ur spUttering programs before September.

Ahhh yes. I am glad the Gatr Trash won. All the sweeter when they get bounced from the CWS.....again.

Posted by: FAKEgatorsam | June 10, 2012 at 07:45 PM

Are the Gators opponents really the only teams U can cheer for to do the work for U that U obvioUsly can't do for Urselves ?

Well enjoy that reality U clUck. U'll have 7 Teams to hitch Ur Loser Cane mentality bandwagon to U... giddy Up.

Yet florida southern has more national championships (NCAA) than UF 27-25


Nothing to post on, yet here you are. Talking to other losers on the internet on page three of a week old UM blog in the Miami Herald about a fake internet rivalry that has nothing to do with sports.

FigUred oUt how dUh U clUcks can bring back Baseball...

Get a list of whU Stony Brook recrUits and then hire their Head Coach.

Ha ha
Man somebody was lonely last night.
Keep up the hate and envy.
We know YOU really love us. Why else would you be trying so hard to get our attention?
IT'S GREAT TO BE A MIAMI HURRICANE IT.S GREAT TO BE A MIAMI HURRICANE..........................................

a week old UM blog in the Miami Herald.
Posted by: Carry on that passion loser | June 10, 2012 at 04:18 PM
It'll be months before there'll be anything worth posting (blah blah blah)
- gatorsam off his meds.

Soo, if there is nothing on here for a week, that is bad, yet YOUR blog has been dead for months now. You guys stopped posting there because you want to be with us 24/7, and the Herald decided to stop wasting their time feeding a bunch of sorry trolls with slanted lies about their choking teams.

1 week between posts is MUCH BETTER than two months between posts.

Florida State 18, Stanford 7

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. -- Sherman Johnson homered and drove in five runs to lead Florida State to an 18-7 victory over Stanford on Sunday to earn its 21st trip to the College World Series.

Johnson's three-run home run capped a four-run second inning that gave the Seminoles (48-15) a 6-0 lead. Jayce Boyd hit a two-run homer in the first.

Gage Smith (5-0) picked up the win in relief.

Stanford starter Brett Mooneyham (7-6) was chased before getting an out in the second.

Stephen Piscotty had four of Stanford's 18 hits. Stanford (41-18) was outscored 35-8 in the two games.

Florida State's infield turned three double plays for the second straight game to stifle Stanford's best scoring threats.

-- The Associated Press

It is now Monday June 11th and Stony Brook is now a Super Regional champ beating mighty LSU at LSU and the truth is they were much better than the national 7th seed and LSU was fortunate to win the one game they did.

Soooo.... Maybe the Hurricanes play in the regional against SB was not as bad as it looked, although it looked bad when they were blownout twice by teams who played lesser competition throughout the year!

Stony Brook is in a tough bracket having to play UCLA and then if they win and FSU wins then the Seminoles. But the Noles as great as they looked against Stanford you have to take note this is not one of the great Stanford teams.

So SB could surprise again!

This all leads me to say that Morris is great at getting these high draft choices to hedge their bets and commit to the U but what good is the recruiting if half of your commits take the money and run?

Point is that there are many very good players Morris is missing out on and maybe he should begin to look in the heartland and the NE for players instead of just South florida and the Caribbean.

Just saying what has been happening lately isn't working! I miss the Canes being competitive and it is painful to watch them play these days!

The world would be a lot better if everyone associated with the University of Miami left it.

So U Canes are now envioUs and riding the coat tails of lil ol Stony Brook huh ?

'nUff said

Am I envious of Stony Brook? No I am not.I am happy for Stony Brook.It is great to see a group of players the big schools didn't think had what it takes. Playing their hearts out and proving them wrong.
Riding their coattails? No. My team is out. To make this series worth watching to me I have to pull for somebody. Why did I pick Stony Brook? Read above again.

Pull for the Gators? Sorry between the trolls, the flop, and the fact you will not play us every year in football. I have no respect for the Gators.

FSU ? I am sure I will watch some games with my friends who are Noles and pull for them, but not when they play Stony Brook. As Mike Martin once said of his Noles. In Omaha they seem to play 2 and bar-b-que.

Now you trolls keep the envy and anger burning, and repeat after me.


Why would anyone want to be associated with a liberal tool like Capitol One/Alex Baldwin?
They have about 2 million people complaining about their cell phone sales tactics, which border on harrassment.
A shi**y company sponsoring a meaningless award.

It may be great to be a Miami Hurricane but its BETTER to be me. Returning to the air waves in August on the 640 and free beer for everyone!

It's great to be a Miami Hurricane? Perhaps if you're a leper stranded on a remote island in the North Atlantic. Otherwise, I'd rather be a decent human being.

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