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Second Annual UM Sports Hall of Fame Celebrity Dolphin (as in fishing) Tournament set for June 29-30



MIAMI, June 12, 2012 – More than 200 former Hurricanes football greats and sports fans are expected to take to the waters off of Islamorada, Fla., later this month for the 2nd Annual University of Miami Sports Hall of Fame (UMSHoF) Celebrity Dolphin Tournament.

 Hosted by Warren Sapp, a Hurricanes defensive lineman who starred for 13 years in the NFL with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Oakland Raiders and who is known today for his work as an NFL television analyst, as well as for his runner-up finish in season seven of ABC’s Dancing with the Stars, the event will provide anglers with the opportunity to fish alongside former University of Miami sports stars while raising money for several non-profit organizations. The tournament, slated for June 29 and 30, will benefit the UMSHoF, which is set to undergo a renovation of its on-campus facility in Coral Gables, Fla., Shake-a-Leg Miami and Habitat for Humanity of the Upper Keys. 

 “The registration numbers have already surpassed those of last year’s tournament,” said K.C. Jones, president-elect of the UMSHoF, a 2008 hall inductee, two-time Super Bowl winner with the Denver Broncos and founder of the tournament. “However, we still have space for individual participants and groups with or without their own boats. In keeping with the UMSHoF’s mission of recognizing, showcasing and celebrating the achievements of athletes who brought acclaim to the university, the tournament is an ideal venue for Hurricanes fans to network, socialize and have fun with former UM athletes while contributing to important causes.”

 Former Hurricanes sports stars expected to participate include Brett Romberg (Jacksonville Jaguars, St. Louis Rams and Atlanta Falcons), Bubba Franks (Green Bay Packers), Gary Dunn (Pittsburgh Steelers), Damione Lewis (St. Louis Rams, Carolina Panthers, New England Patriots and Houston Texans), Jeremy Shockey (New York Giants, New Orleans Saints and Carolina Panthers) and Randal Hill (Miami Dolphins, Arizona Cardinals and New Orleans Saints).

Tournament Information

 For information about tournament participation, including boat entry or sponsorship opportunities, visit www.canesfish.com, send an email to info@canesfish.com or contact K.C. Jones directly at (305) 925-3660.


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So excited - can't wait!

PS Some be sure Sapp doesn't handle the money.


Manny and Susan - have you ever considered turning off the comments section on this blog?

Do the number of 'hits' and 'comments' get factored into advertising or anything?

It can't be more than two Gators fans and five or six UM fans that troll each other all day every day here about their internet rivalry - it's not very pleasant for actual UM fans to read or talk around, I avoid even reading the blog entries here because the comments section is so childish and off putting.

Only reason I care is that the UM blog in the Miami Herald is something that recruits (and their parents) most likely check out and it can't help to have their image of UM fans be what fills this blog.

Didn't Teddy Bridgewater's mom say as much when he decided not to attend UM?

Nice to see a classy school giving back to the community.

Nothing like being written about in Gator Clause, I see.

suggestion box: You are right one one account: The gator trolls that have ruined this blog. We cane fans are here defending our turf from the annoying, disrespectful, nasty and sometimes ouright racist comments by the few (not just two as you so egregiously erroneously said) gator hacks that patrol this blog.

Otherwise I 100% disagree about the Teddy bridge thing. I say, who cares. He wouldnt have done anything at Miami. He is a clone of jacorry. maybe a tad better. And if he changed his minds because of the sometimes nasty comments made by a few internet idiots behind a computer, then We dont want weak a55es like that playing for the U. You need thick skin toi play the big time- in any venue. What, you don't think gator QBs are getting ripped week in week out at the swamp? Please. Same will happen in the NFL. pressure like an athlete feels at the U will serve him well in life or in the NFL. period. So he needs to grow up (assuming what you see is true, which I doubt)

#1 - I don't think you're right about that, I've read enough of this blog to know that the single or MAYBE handful of Gators troll(s) go out of his/their way to change names and writing styles to make it seem like he's not posting here all day every day. The Herald's moderators could check the IP address and confirm that if they cared.

#2 - I don't care about Teddy Bridgewater per se, it's just a broader problem that's applicable to all local recruits.

#3 - while you may think you're 'defending' your internet turf, you and all the UM fans like 'gatorsam' above are every bit as childish and unpleasant to read as the Gator troll.

We don't play UF next year, I have no interest in trying to glean thoughts about UM from pages and pages of third graders talking about an internet rivalry.

If recruits and their parents really read what is posted here Tracy Howard's mom would have never allowed her son to come. At the time he was deciding where to go the atheist troll was running rampant with his anti God bullcrap. She is very religious. Just an example of how silly it is to pretend that what goes on on this blog has anything to do with football.

So does Warren Sapp now qualify as a non-profit organization ?

Or the time when U Cane fans enjoyed all the 18 Wheelers full of Ice and food provided by Florida Gator 3 million in proceeds donated from the Season opener in 1992... Or when U New Yorker transplant Canes that recieved over 5 Million in donations for 9-11 relief from the replayed Tenn. game in 2001...

***** The tournament, slated for June 29 and 30, will benefit the UMSHoF, which is set to undergo a renovation of its on-campus facility in Coral Gables, Fla.*****

NEWSFLASH--- It's only called "Donating for Charity" when the proceeds or doled out to "Outside" non-profit organizations... Not the majority to Ur OWN ON CAMPUS University's HOF...

Sounds like something Ur # 1 Fan Nevin Shapiro would come up with.

Nice to see a classy school giving back to the community.

Nothing like being written about in Gator Clause, I see.

Posted by: Five Titles | June 13, 2012 at 12:58 PM


U mean like the time when the University of Florida announced after the Sept. 10, 2005 Football game against Louisiana Tech that they were going to donate ALL game proceeds, Tickets, PPV and concessions, Well over 5 Million dollars to the National Hurricane Katrina Relief Fund ? And then later that Season in Oct. in Baton Rouge they again donated ALL proceeds, Tickets, road game proceeds and CBS $, over 1.5 Million to the Inner City New Orleans Red Cross Relief Fund ? Bet U didn't hear or read about how they did that and donated well over 6.5 Million overall, a sum that U'll be lucky see in Ticket sales over a 4 year period with Ur 8 dollar seats and 30 k crowds... Good deeds go unseen and without fanfare because it's called charity Cane Fan. But good luck with Ur lil maybe 6 figure 2nd. Annual Zepco fishing tourney headed by a bankrUpt former Cane fool that will claim at least half the proceeds will disappear and were for operating costs... But congrats, every little bit for a school in need of self charity helps. Even as little as this little Fishy Cane Thang is. So maybe U'll raise 50k, which is like spittn in the Ocean or a Tarped off sold out packed No Life Stadium Home game Cane Crowd... Maybe a good investment would be to put that 50k down on a down payment on one of the least expensive Sky Boxes at THE SWAMP. Then that way U might get to see how real players, Financially and Athletically do it on the Worlds Biggest Stage.

Aloha Arty ... 48 Oz. Rib Eyes on me in Omaha bro.

Sounds about right... What has become of the University of Miami and it's 21st. Century Athletic Department Teams over a Decade now ?

********************************* GONE FISHING *********************************

***** The tournament, slated for June 29 and 30, will benefit the UMSHoF, which is set to undergo a renovation of its on-campus facility in Coral Gables, Fla.*****

NEWSFLASH--- It's only called "Donating for Charity" when the proceeds or doled out to "Outside" non-profit organizations... Not the majority to Ur OWN ON CAMPUS University's HOF...

Sounds like something Ur # 1 Fan Nevin Shapiro would come up with.

Posted by: U Go Fish | June 13, 2012 at 05:50 PM

Wow, The Canes are now a Charity in and of itself.

gator charity would be the spit cup olympics, chasing your sister into the doublewide and who can use the most bloody credit cards from your girlfriend.

How many internet points does trash talking charity functions give you Gator Troll?

I'm way behind on my scoreboard.

Even though the UM Troll post is short, I'm going to rate this 5 UF Troll posts to 1 UM Troll post.

In the internet nerd battle of college football program charity functions the UF Troll, as in life I'm sure, is the big winner.

Congratulations buddy, you worked hard for it. Take the week off, you deserve it.

Wow!! I thought Sapp renounced his being a 'Cane? I guess he came to his senses. Also, Jeremy Shockey is going to be there too? Pretty interesting after Sapp accused him of being the Mole (which was totally incorrect and malicious) who went to Godell as regards Bounty Gate and the Saints. I wonder who will throw who overboard first?

Ur gUns are

Here is a topic for everyone to comment on.
ESPN has a article out about how Urban Meyer is upset that players have to pay their own way for unofficial visits.
Could it be that not many Florida kids want to spend the money to go to Ohio for a visit?
I guess he thought all the Florida kids would just come a running to be coached by him.

I guess he doesn't understand the word "unofficial" and is willing to outspend other teams on bringing in a bunch of guys and then comping their "expenses".

No doubt Five Titles
He knows the Schools of Florida have a leg up on him from experience.
Everyone should check out Golden's interview with Irving on WQAM.
Golden's main message is "NO EXCUSES"

No doubt Five Titles
Meyers knows the Florida schools have a leg up in unofficial visits from experience.
Everyone should check out Golden's interview with Irvin this afternoon on WQAM.
Golden's main message is "NO EXCUSES"

Golden's main message is "NO EXCUSES"

Posted by: canentally | June 14, 2012 at 02:58 PM

In 2009 U had hundreds of rubber wrist bands, T-Shirts, signs and Billboards made up with "No ExcUses" that the players pimped and was their Team Motto ... How'd that work out?

U will continUe to use woUldas, coUldas, shoUldas, refs, rain, cold, wind, long walks to the field and bad luck now just like U have the last 10 years...

It's what U do best and is TrUly a Cane Thang...


watch this Arty ...

HEY Cane fan, yeah U ... Just how many of Ur losses last year were close, by how many points and how many of those games woUld U have won if U coulda, woulda or shoulda scored or kept the other team from scoring at the end of the games ? U woulda been ACC Champs and in a BCS Bowl game riiiieeeet ?

Well let's see.
Last year we lost 5 games by 7 points or less.
I guess any time the game is that close you could say (as you put it) coulda, woulda, and shoulda won, but I am sure you Gator fans never say that after a close loss.

Would we be ACC Champs? Guess we would have to play in the Championship game.

BCS Bowel game? Remember we refused a bowl game.

You seem to ask the same simple questions over and over. I hope this helps you out.

Here is a simple question for you.
Does Arty know you have a thing for him?
I mean you are always shouting at him. Wanting to buy him dinners. Does he know how you feel?

Keep up the envy and the hate. It will keep you warm till Arty comes around. Till then repeat after me little boy or girl


Good job canetally you have kept count of all your almost wins and pretty losses from last season. Too bad they are still loses. Too bad they count the same as blowout losses, big losses, medium or little losses, they are still losses. But when you qualify them as close calls or shoulda coulda woulda, it sounds like a bunch of excUses. Just like when your players complain about the rain, the cold and the wind. It's a bunch of excUses.
It doesn't matter what you write on the sign, T shirt or wrist band, it matters what you do.
So far Golden is all talk and poor results. Let's see how the new Ustrong B.S. plays out this season. More empty talk it seems like.

Which football program has the most National Championships? END OF DISCUSSION! U wish U were Us. JUST FACE IT! U'll be better off

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