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UM baseball goes down hard at home in its NCAA regional. The season is over for the Hurricanes.

Hard to believe. I thought for sure the Canes would have enough left in them to win one at Mark Light Field on Saturday afternoon. The victor, Missouri State by a 12-2 butt-whooping, will advance to Sunday's early game against the loser of Saturday night's UCF-Stony Brook game.

The Hurricanes are done for the season at 36-23.

It's the first time UM has gone two-and-out in the postseason since the 1993 season, when Brad Kelley was coach -- for that season only -- before current coach Jim Morris took over and was 49-14 in 1994. Morris lost in his third game of the College World Series that year.

Morris only wishes he could have gotten there this season.

This team lacked in every part of the game. Poor fielding. Poor hitting. Even the pitching collapsed at the end.

Not the Canes that I recall from years past.



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UM will most likely take a financial bath with this Regional, since they are gone after only the 3rd game played. As a host, you have to guarantee and pay the NCAA a minimum amount of $$ dictated by your bid. Unless Central Fla. brings a lot of fans to C. Gables, the monetary loss will occur. If the poor play on the field doesn't get the UM AD's attention, perhaps the loss of money will. Losing $$ brings about change quicker than anything else. We'll see if UM even cares enough about its baseball Program to take a close, hard look at what is going on inside this once proud Program.

Wow. Did that really just happen?

Its time to make a change!

Just glad to have DiMare back...The Canes have not been the same since he left...
It is all about the Recruiting at this level...
These are not DiMare's guys they are not the Type of Player he brings in...and it has shown for the last few years...

Something STINKS with this team. Morris has to be acountablee. Too much potential talent to lose like this.

I don't know enough since I just follow from a distance nowadays but...This isn't Fraser's ole UM baseball program.

Other teams have pitchers that throw heat, our #1 pitcher is always a "finesse" pitcher. Other teams have some big ole boys that can hit it out..We can't hit. Other teams play defense...yeah.

Nice ballpark for an underperforming program. After this display, the next time we actually deserve a regional they may decide nah.

Why are they even hosting?

To all of what Susan mentioned i may add that Jim Morris has made bad decisions all year.

Thanks for the good years Jim but since 2008 NADA.
Time for a change!

Go after a young, hungry and uprising coach who is an excellent recruiter for college baseball nowadays...

This is really disheartening, especially with UF's and FSU's baseball teams having become so dominant in recent years. It used to be the Canes could be counted on every year to make the CWS. Since joining the ACC, they've become a team good enough to make the postseason, but not good enough to advance. I don't know what the heck's happened or why Morris has lost his magic, but things need to turn around quickly.

It's starting to get boring telling U just how bad U and Ur Unranked Football, Basketball and Baseball teams sUck...

Dimare is the logical next coach and should have been head coach a while ago. Morris had his run. Time to move on for the best interest of the future of the Canes.

It really does seem like the team needs a coaching change. Fraser would have lit a fire under this team.

Jim Morris needs to realize that the college game has passed him by. Just days ago he was quoted with complaining about the number of scholarships available and how his recruits are being drafted. Sorry Coach Morris, but the Canes of old never used excuses. They let their play speak for itself. Your team's on-the-field performance speaks volumes. It's time to hang it up. You have been on the decline for four seasons and you haven't brought a title to Coral Gables in 11 years. Do the right thing--step down gracefully before this thing gets really ugly over the next few seasons. Thanks for the two titles. Go retire and have some fun.

Morris must go!

Susan: You forgot to mention THE critical aspect that has been missing from this program:


PERIOD. END OF STORY. Morris has been getting a free pass. He has been egregiously complacent in his recruiting. There is no passion, no energy, no aggressiveness in this team. They are a glorofed high school team out there! I bet Miami Pace would give them a run! Eichorst take notice- If you give a %%^^$$ about this program fire Morris.

Track Miami football and baseball records relative to Donna Shalalalalala coming to UM. You will see a direct coorelation with losing! She has KILLED Miami sports. How much longer is she going to be allowed to destroy our programs?

I am surprised they didn't implode at the ACC tournament.
Hard to believe but this team got worst as the year went on.
Really 7 runs in the first. In a elimination game. How do you leave the pitcher in when he is getting hit hard. Of course when his replacement then throws his pitch to the backstop for another run. Maybe he was the best we had today.
Players need to be looking at themselves, and figure out how to improve. Coaches need to be looking for employment.

Coach Morris has to go; he has had multiple years of doing absolutely nothing. If RS only gets four (4) years to try and turn around a football program that was destroyed by Coker and others; why does Morris get ten years to destroy a program that was on top of the college world when he rec'd it?

Outscored 22-4 by 3rd and 4th seeds. This team is not competitive. It got Shannon fired,Morris should be no different.

Why Morris has to go.

Read the comments on Canespace:


Why is this program in a nosedive and Florida and FSU are at the top? Simple. Coaching and recruiting. Perhaps the top players don't want to play for someone whose favorite offensive weapon is a bunt.

omg...ive said it long before these people! MORRIS HAS BEEN A DUD FOR YEARS NOW! we are the U! we dont get swept at home much less LOSE ta home to the gators?!!! and now this?! wheres the teams stars?! we are in miami for godsake! get some stars!!! hes awful! HES KILLING UM BASEBALL! FRASERS HARD WORK GOING DOWN THE TUBE! attendance sucks and no one even TALKS aboyt um baseball! SHALALA DONT WAIT LIKE U DID TO SHANNON AND COKER...MY GOD...IF ITS BROKE (FOR YRS NOW)...FIX IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LEAVE US PLEASE MORRIS! I CANCELLED MY SEASON TIX THIS YR, THANK GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!1

MikeP-Bad news for you. The AD raves about Morris. Either he is a nincompoop, disingenuous, or plain ignorant. All bad. Don't look for a change. Hope I'm wrong.

I'm stunned. Absolutely stunned. I've been a Morris supporter but you can't lose to Stony Brook at home and then follow up with another butt-whipping to Missouri State.

In fact, Morris should resign and DiMare should be named head coach.

to pay for all the money lost at this regional, maybe donna can shut down another department at the U.

I hope that Shawn Eichorst's mind is no longer in wisconsin.

Maybe we can get Ryan Braun to come out and talk to the team next year.

Oh what a bunch of children, fire Morris, Morris has got to go, etc etc.
When in reality he has probably put more people into the pros than most college programs and that causing a serious depletion of talent. Not to mention how many U commits went directly to the pros and never saw the campus.
And Morris has taken the U to what 20 consecutive regionals.
Yeah folks a terrible coach, let's tar and feather him and run him out of town.
If you do that make sure you send the troll SHALALALALALA to carry his bags.

Yes. Fire the coach. Because that worked out really well in football and basketball.

I love it! Fire Morris and replace him with DiMare! That's like firing Larry Coker and replacing him with Blandy Shantard! Good one! Here's a better idea -- just tear down the Hecht Unathletic Center and quit our feeble attempt at playing sports. We're not good at it anymore. Thank you, Donald Shalala, you hermpahroditic sloth.

Get rid of Arteaga too.

You got it right...UM needs to take care of DiMare...he is the best thing they have...He just came back this year...
I dont mind if they bring Morris back again next year, but let DiMare have more control...
UM is UM...everyone has down cycles...
The U will be back again in both sports...plus Basketball...U Watch!

@rboud - UM doesnt get any money from the ticket sales. All money goes to the NCAA.

As for Gino Dimare, he will be head coach eventually, but not necessarily because he deserves it. More so because his father is one of, if not the, biggest donors to UM athletics. Good Luck.

Dimare is already rumored for FIU. We can't let him go!!!

We should fire Morris, Laranaga, and Golden. All guilty by association. Start fresh! Bring in Braun and Arod and their distributor and PEDs for everyone.

Thank goodness their season is over. This is the sorriest team UM has had that I can remenber. I wonder how many errors we had this season. It can only get better next year. Best for 2013!!!

Nice try ACC Champ ChUmps ...

Posted by: Montreal-Cane | June 02, 2012 at 09:40 PM

This was not my post but the one by a troll

Al Golden will beat your ass very soon!

Just for the trolls

Saturday September 7th 2013

You will get whipped by Al Golden and the Canes.

Al Golden is a false prophet.

Poor record. Underachieved all season. This team isn't good! Very disappointing!!!

FIRE GOLDEN? Your an idiot!!!

TallyCANE! How much thought did it take to come up with that one. An ! Is all the you could come up with. Would you do me a favor and change your handle. Thanks

The Sun come up today in Miami Cane Fan ?

Same none caring President, same cluless A.D., same average Atheletic programs, same mediocrity, same embarrassment, same deluded Cane fan continued false hope, same U sheeet... New day ... Same tomorrow.


Look on the bright side Cane Fan.

Atleast U can now cheer on Ga. Tech, College of Charleston, Vandy and the field of 7 other teams in Omaha to do for U what U cannot do for Urselves...

Enjoy Ur Summer of non looosing Cane Fan...

Until September starts that is.

Yo Cane trash

So U lucked out of not playing in Gainesville or Tally, got rewarded as a host. And what do U do? Save Ur worst for the tourney. Reminds me of Joke-ory and the football girls playing their worst at the end of the season. Must be a cane thang. Prime example why the BCS and NCAA bypasses Ur sorry program when selecting bowl teams. Same thing for Ur basketball clUcks not invited to dance. And now U won't be hosting any Regionals for a long time to come.
What a total embarrassment, U call that Div 1 baseball?
Yo fools, Ur postseason was even shorter than the basketball clUcks, and we all know how bad they were. U r worse in baseball.
Can't wait for football to start. How will the Golden Retriever era continue to unfold. More mediocrity coming up. And sanctions too. Not pretty.

Bunch of pathetic LOOSERS!

Ha ha ha not my fault this time, SUCKERS!!!!!!!!!!!

Numbers don't lie, YOU are an idiot. The job of a college president is not the same as a GM on a of a pro team. Sports is just one component of a college president's job. Remember the education component, the fund raising part, the overall administrative part. So grow up. The job to keep the standard of athletic at a high level is the athletic director, and we've had a revolving door on that.

The problem with the baseball team is determining who to offer a scholarship to. Colleges only have 11.2 baseball scholarships to offer. So most times you have to divide a full ride fractionally. The rest of the tuition must be absorbed by the player. It's much easier to do the at Florida or FSU because tuition cost are much lower than at the U. Also offering scholarship is very tricky because of the the major league draft. Offer a very good player a scholarship, then he gets drafted high, if he signs a pro contract you're left without a player in June looking at talent that is questionable at that point. Lots of issues here.

Bolddan, it's not coaching, or it could be. The main reason Florida and FSU have risen is the NCAA scholarship limits on baseball, and the cost that must be absorbed a prospective baseball recruit. Colleges on get 11.2 schollies for a 33 man team. At a private institution a baseball player on scholarship must pay 25/30 a year to attend depending on what fraction of a scholarship they get. At public universities the pay portion is much less,

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