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UM baseball goes down hard at home in its NCAA regional. The season is over for the Hurricanes.

Hard to believe. I thought for sure the Canes would have enough left in them to win one at Mark Light Field on Saturday afternoon. The victor, Missouri State by a 12-2 butt-whooping, will advance to Sunday's early game against the loser of Saturday night's UCF-Stony Brook game.

The Hurricanes are done for the season at 36-23.

It's the first time UM has gone two-and-out in the postseason since the 1993 season, when Brad Kelley was coach -- for that season only -- before current coach Jim Morris took over and was 49-14 in 1994. Morris lost in his third game of the College World Series that year.

Morris only wishes he could have gotten there this season.

This team lacked in every part of the game. Poor fielding. Poor hitting. Even the pitching collapsed at the end.

Not the Canes that I recall from years past.



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Hitting baseball/softball is a quick fix because it is a natural doth/natural process. Any average player can be an accomplished proficient hitter in just hours because it is natural. Because we are all a product of our learning, a reflection of our guidance or mis-guidance we have become creatures of habit. Our emphasis are in the wrong areas and with stubborness we cannot go forward.
I would like to spend 1 hour with Coach Moerris. I can help him save his job. It is all mental.

Offer big money and hire florida's coach---he's got them ranked #1 in the country and they don't even have any baseball tradition like the U does. for enough money, he'll take the job---just get some rich boosters to kick in a few more million to seal the deal.

He won't take the job idiot, public universities have the advantage because of money and lower tuition.

Fire Morris now, he has outlved his usefullness at the U. Get a new coach with fire in his belly.

Fire Shannon
Fire Haith
Fire Morris
Fire Kirby
Fire Shalala

How's it working so far clUcks

Not very well I see

It aint the coaching doUches

Must be a cane thang

The job to keep the standard of athletic at a high level is the athletic director, and we've had a revolving door on that.

Posted by: mike | June 03, 2012 at 10:48 AM

Disagree. Funny how when the SEC wants to get something done Athletically it's the Schools Presidents that meet Annually to do just that. You know, like forming the first Conference Football Championship game and now leading the groundbreaking charge towards 4 Super 16 team Conferences and forcing the NCAA's hand at eventually going to a 4 BEST Teams Playoff very very soon. The A.D.'s job is to carry out what the Presidents institute. And unfortunately for the Canes and our fans, Donna and the rest of the ACC fails at realizing that. Once more, even though she shakes her pom poms and speaks in Clintonian half truths about being commited to fielding first rate compitition, Shalala could care less if Miami Athletic teams we're going to be a National force or where the Cane overall are now and have been heading over the last 8-10 years.

It has and always will begin at the top and our President is Sportophob.

Well said Mike B. Your current administration does not care about sports. It has nothing to do with academics, sports and academics are not mutually exclusive. Just look at Stanford. Sad thing, for you, is that you may be left behind as these super conferences are being formed since your president and AD seem to be clueless or not interested in being pro active.
Some of you morons have harped on and on about the Gators losing in the CWS last year and calling them chokers. Now you have a prime example of what choking is, your 2012 Miami Hurricanes baseball team. C.H.O.K.E.R.S. You ARE without compare the Linda Lovelace of college sports. It's all yours, enjoy.

Not to mention that Donna has Eichorst's balls in her man purse.

It amazes me how gutless, Susann and Manny!!! they both should be writing a column on the immediate firing of Morris! Are they afraid they will lose thier press passes if they write anything bad about Miami!!

Not fair, "MarkD."
Susan's assignments are basically as a reporter, NOT an opinion columnist. Her inside looks and 1 on 1's will players are always well done, and allow insight into our athletes. Manny appears to have a bit more leeway regarding opinion, but it's been 1 day since the debacle at ML Field.

Perhaps a few days to suss it all out will be good for sun all.
I, for one a have been guilt of the current Fire Morris mantra.

ignoring the cretinous trolls that surround the UM family on this forum/blog, as an ex HS ball player (decent) I can't help but comment at the sloppy, haphazard way our team has played over the last several seasons. Our poor record against our in-state rivals is a first indication that our ship is not on course.

BAD Fundamentals=no consistency,. and blow-ups in big pressure situations.
This comes from then top, regardless of talent level.

Thank goodness I had nothing to do with this fiasco

Mark your comments are moronic and show you do not know what your talking about. But then again that is par for the course for gator trolls.

Truly pathetic.

Time for a new leader for the program.
Someone who can recruit quality players.

Embarasssing. Enough already.

ACC- Correction--- A choker is especially and most impressively true when the chok-er has been overhyped all year round and touted as the next coming of the 1978 yankees. A choker is a team or athlete who was all along EXPECTED to win the championship, only to wet him or herself or themselves under the pressure. That is the purest defginition of a choker. NOt the 8th place team losing in the first round. Not the 21st ranked Miami getting destroyed in the regionals. But last year we had two beautiful examples of chokaholics:

- The UF mens baseball team ranked 1 or 2 all year long. GAAAAAGED the salami

- The UF womens softball team ranked #1 all year long- GGAAAAGED the kilbasse

- The UF basketball team. Hyped and overhyped and overrnaked and overrated- GAAAGED in the NCAA.

Sorry. But the Linda Lovelace of college sports is UF.

We canes fans know and realize UM sports is in a major rut. We s-k. Bad. Difference is... You all dont realize it, and think Tebow is still a) jogging around campus in Trashville, and b) The designated hitter for the gators in the regionals

You all are in super denial. I guess we'll see if the LLinda Lovelace trophy.is again yours this year/.. along with your Capitol one trophy

"realize UM sports is in a major rut"

No Coach Golden will bring us to the promise land. The sanctions will be minor and with the new found strength of our squad, we will be on top of the ACC and on to our SIXTH NC.

Go Canes~!!!!

Dbc everything you just wrote he does better than just about every coach out there. Please be informed when you write

Itc dolphin,\

Fair enough.

If Morris recruits quality players, why did we lose to two inferior teams by large margins?

What am I missing here?

tallycane...get over the name thing...and go beat up on a Gator or Nole fan...dont give me a hard time...
If you dont like DiMare that is ok...I could have said the team had too many E's and the BA was too low and...and...
But the reality is the players are not what the U had been recruiting for years when DiMare was working the trail...For whatever reason DiMare took himself out of the picture is here choice...but the reality is Morris and DiMare really dont get along...
The only way UM keeps DiMare is to get rid of Morris...or give DiMare a deal where he knows UM is committed to him...
Bottom line is we need better players...I will give you a few mistakes or even a number of coaching mistakes a game...but when you have mor E's than R's in a year...you not a very good team...and if you dont hit very well on top of that...you finish the season early...

For this discussion, consider the following facts for 2 reasons –

1. They affect EVERY sport at UM
2. They affect recruiting with NO regard as to who the coach is

Cost of attending:

FSU TOTAL = $19,694.00

UF Total Budget = $19,830

UM Total Cost of Attendance: = $58,782

If a top tier player is recruited by both UM and the state schools – those numbers might decide where the player goes. Not many families these days are wanting to pay an almost $40,000 premium per year - assuming if they can even afford it.

There are only 11.7 scholarships permitted for baseball. With a roster of around 30 players NO ONE gets a full scholarship so the parents/player are in for the difference. For some, academic scholarships can help make up some of the difference.

I understand Miami has always been more expensive – we know that personally from when our son was accepted at Miami back in the mid-90′s. But the differential then was nowhere close to where it is now in total dollars.

Then there’s the academic requirements. In the Shalala era, the NCAA minimum required academic score is no longer good enough to get an athlete into UM. That leaves the star athlete who may not be a star student with no choice but to choose somewhere other than Miami. Academically it’s not a level playing field in recruiting.

Our team is our team and we will always support them. We are just trying to point out that it is a complex process to get the best players you can onto the field.

Shame on you Canes, Shame on you. Losing to StonyBrook and Mo. St. You got worse as the season went on. The AD has to take a real hard look at this team and the direction it has gone the last four years. Ranked 10th, 11th and 12th in runs scored, batting average and fielding. This team is a shadow of what Miami baseball once was.

I am a strong supporter of UM athletics and have been since my dad took me to see Don Bossler play football but this is embarrassing and the U got the right man for football, basketball and the right lady for womens's basketball and now they need to move on and get the right man for the baseball program.

I have been on the fence about Morris, I know he didn't forget how to coach or recruit but the direction of this team the last four years is toward mediocrity at best.

Rodriguez, Perez and Broad should be ashamed of the years they had. We have some young players that most likely will get better but as long as the status quo is allowed they won't. I love coach Morris and he is a good man and did the program proud but it is now time to think about stepping down!

Shame on you Canes!!!!!!!!! I don't know about others but this as a Canes fan is embarrassing and unacceptable, period.

Acc sk: one more thing... A choker is someone like rilckie fowler or spencer levin or rory sabatini at the memorial.. Gaaaaged. Thats choking

I see that the Gator trolls are out in numbers now that the U has crashed and burned on the baseball diamond. What is it that the Gator trash has to be so envious of the overall accomplishments of this little ole private university? or maybe they let the prisoners at the Alachua County Detention Center Computer lab have an extra fifteen minutes of computer time before they have to go clean the toilets and make their baloney sandwiches for dinner. Most likely both options are the correct answer.

So Gator fans who is the student athlete felon of the day in Gainesville today?

To those FIU fans who want to have a say remember F I U, you will always be Forever Inferior to the U!

Go back and get under the rock you crawled out from!

UM> the Heat

We canes fans know and realize UM sports is in a major rut. We s-k. Bad.

Posted by: 5>3>2 | June 03, 2012 at 05:28 PM

Thanks for bringing to light that Sooooooo many Gator sports teams are always in contention for National Titles. Suppose Cane fans would rather just stink up the playing fields in all sports rather than be competitive for 'Ships in so many like the Mighty Gators... Do U even realize one iota just how stUpid U sound criticizing a Top Flight Athletic program that is in constant contention in just about every sport for SEC and National Titles that they compete in? But thanks for the compliment and endorsement on just how great Florida sports are...

U got to be in it to Win it u dUmb ClUck. And Ur on the outside looking in, in every sport U field except maybe Ur Lady Cane Cagers. But according to Ur misguided and delUded logic, their strapons were lodged firmly down their throats during the Tourney right ?

But Ur right about one thing U dope... U do suck bad. And it ain't no rUt pal. It's Ur State and will continUe to be so. Enjoy U loooser.

Que Pasa Arty ! Gators- 15 ACC Champs- 3

Gator Fan='s BMOC's grinding body parts with Cheerleaders n Beauty Queens...

Cane Fan='s Staying home with Ur blow up doll n Google searching with one hand...

10 Wins next year riiieet clUck ?

Gator Fan='s ... Better to have Loved and lost at Love, than to have never Loved at all ...

Cane Fan='s ... Rather just stay home n jaaaack it ...

TallyCANE from Miami your absolutely right I should be on here bashing noles and gators but unfortunately they are not the problem. Morris and the baseball team are partly responsible for these possible sanctions looming. Maybe he needs to go to because it's not getting any better it's getting worse. I guess it's okay for you to lack imagination and creativity. You obviously like sloppy seconds so this is probably right up your alley.lol


CHOKING is getting pummeled, at home, not once but twice in a row by two no name teams and not making it past a regional for the 5th consecutive time.

CHOKING is losing to one - win teams you are supposed to beat like Maryland and B.C.

Youa are so ignorant you should not post.
Only a Moron from Miami would follow your logic.

A decade of being ACC n National doormats isn’t bad luck, bad coaches, or your favorite, a Cyclical “down time.” It’s empirical data that loudly states that []_[] are done. Never to return again.

It hasn't been 5 straight years we got beat in a regional.We made it to a Super Regional a few years ago you dumb turd and had you beat until an error and bad calls by the umpires stole it from us. Can't even get your facts straight. Typical gayturd

Going to the CWS and losing a one run game and a 3 run game to the defenind National Champs (South Carolina) is not choking. Going to the Elite Eight 2 years in a row and losing to teams of equal or greater talent is not choking. But you know what getting pounded at home when you are the number 1 seed in a baseball regional by teams that are ranked below you is also not choking. It is something a lot worse. Miami didn't even show up. They quit on their coach, they quit on their school, they quit on their teammates and they quit on their fans. No heart, no guts. This is not a coaching problem. Morris needs to clean out the dead wood, the cancers and start over. Too many times after games Morris said we were not ready to play. He was sending Miami fans a message, but you refused to listen. These players just didn't care at all and that is how you get pounded at home and are non competitive. Chokers at least compete. Miami didn't choke, they quit. Quiters are losers.

Yo Cane trash

Another day dawns, same old excUses for U clUcks
Did U choke, did U quit?
Doesn't matter, U lose again
It's what U r.............LOOSERS!!!!!!
Baseball today, Basketball yesterday and Football a few months ago. No matter the sport, U lose again.
Like my man's name says: ACC sucks and U clUcks can't compete. Heck U can't even show up. U choke, U give up. U lose the same.
And some dUmb clUck complains about the refs.
Yo the refs stole a game or two from ya?
Yo U almost won a few games, barely lost. A play here a p[lay there woulda won it? Coulda shoulda woulda, it's a cane thing U know.
Guess what maggot, U still lost.
Getting rid of Morris aint gonna make no difference.

Just like getting rid of Shannon didn't.
Or is Golden Retriever that much better? I think not. Ur problem is institutional. It's in Ur DNA.
Choke, quit, don't show up, choke............U lose again fools!

Bunch of pathetic LOOSERS!!!!

Gator Trash all over the place, pride goes before the fall, oh yeah your team was 6-6 in football last year.

Gator fans need to get a life! Or get out of jail, can't remember which it is.!!! Oh yeah both.

Posted by: AnonymousCane

Gators were 7 - 6 in football last year. Bowl games count. Just because you can't go to one, or get pummeled if you do, doesn't mean they don't count.

This is not all Morris' fault. We just have way to many small school pimpn n profiling local Latin players that just want to look good in their Under Armor gear, 300 dollar bats and gloves, sweet pull overs that warm up, take infield and hit in the cages great, but when it's time to play ball their talent level shrinks compared to the competition. They're so used to playing one another from the little leagues on up through high school that they just go through the motions as if they're already in the big-leagues. They think that they can just roll out their gloves and bats and Wins will follow. There's a reason that Major Leaguers make the game look so effortless. It's because that have off the charts talent and work ethic. I've watched these Cane players for years now. It's the culture of premadonnas combined with average talent and little incentive. They try to be all smooth and suave, but when the lights go on and it's time to ball and play games, they just crap all over themselves in every facet of the game. And I mean EVERY facet. Name me just one area that they weren't great at, but just good? Time and time and time and time and time again they exhibited the fundamentals of Baseball to like watching group of monkeys trying to fuuu@k a rock. I'm sick of it. Give me Stony Brooks Coaching and EFFORT any day compared to what these Canes have been laying at Mark Light the last 5-6 years !

If there is one area the Morris has failed at, it's in that his past recruiters have dropped the ball and relied way to much on the "local" flavor. You have to go with what you got and all we got are undersized with good arms, no gloves and no bats.



And to you Florida and Cane fans arguing back and forth here. You're ALL repetitive IDIOTS ! Who cares about them ! We need to clean up our own mess !

IT'S THE LAZY PLAYERS that we need to get rid of.

With all that being said and done the gators or noles still haven't one one in baseball. We may be down but we will be back

Everythings already been said about these coaches at the U and the current level of the Baseball Program.Nothing left to say.The fans know what s goin on.

tried to go to the Canes baseball webpage to look up batting averages, fielding %, errors, and pitching E.R.A's. They're not listed. I wonder why. Anyone have any idea just how many errors this team commited this season ? Can probably triple that number when combine how many mental errors they made as well. It's hard to coach undertalented mental midgets.

to all the gator p-u55ies on this blog:

This is a Miami blog. Nobody here cares what you have to say. Your opinion of the U is clearly petty girlie jealosy. get over yourselves

And yes, being ranked #1 all year long and losing in the end is choking. Every where in the world. Except maybe in Alachua county.

You will choke again


Please do everyone a favor. Go on to the Gainseville Sun Times or whatever and post your dribble there.

remember you losers havent won anything

hey, U spelled loser right ! Been having lots of practice lately huh ?

mUst be a Cane Thang.

With 11 Super Regional spots already set, the final five berths will be decided on Monday. Sunday Roundup looks at the Pac-12 and Southeastern Conference's dominance, and a disastrous weekend for the ACC...

Four SEC teams have advanced (Florida, South Carolina, LSU, Arkansas), and two more will play decisive games Monday (Vanderbilt, Mississippi). Kentucky lost in a regional final; Mississippi State was the lone SEC team that failed to reach its regional finale. Overall, the SEC is 19-6.

• Florida State is the lone ACC team that has won a regional, and North Carolina State is the only other ACC team left standing, out of the seven that made regionals. Three other ACC teams lost in regional finals (Georgia Tech, Clemson, North Carolina), while Miami and Virginia fell short of regional finals. The ACC is 13-11.


The Best stay the Best in ALL Sports... The S.E.C. ...

And then there's U and the A.thletically C.Hallenged C.onference ...

When's the last time, other than in split-tailed hoops recently, have U been ranked ahead of a Superior Gator Sports Team in ANYTHING ?




bUeller ?

Posted by: corpus

CHOKING = 2012 UM Baseball, Coral Gables Regional

CHOKING = 2 - 10 Maryland 32 - Choking Cane ClUcks 24
4 - 8 B C 24 - Choking Cane ClUcks 17

Every where in the world. Even in Coral Gables.

I just ordered a canes jersey.

Why is it that our pitchers are just soft tossers? Arteaga needs to go, just too predictable. Everything away, which is where Arteaga need to go....AWAY!

The ACC was granted 5 regional host slots. Three host teams have already been eliminated (Miami, Virginia and North Carolina) and NC State could go tonight.

In football the ACC only had 3 teams in the final top 25, none higher than 17th.

In basketball the ACC only had 4 teams in the top 25, one team ranked 6th, no other team in the top 10.

They need to put this conference out of it's misery.

Posted by: Redneck in-bred 'billy face | June 04, 2012 at 01:54 PM

Corinne Brown is a 4 year Graduate of Florida AnM University U Racist maggot.

Now if you want to look up choking in the dictionary you will see the picture of the #1 ranked 1986 Miami Hurricane Football Team the night they played Penn State in the 87 Fiesta Bowl. After running their mouths all week and behaving like ill bred louts they failed to back up all their talk and turned the ball over 7 times. Now that is choking.

I see gatorsam is here taunting and obsessing again. Pretended to want to discuss sports for one day, but fell back to his normal disgusting troll self. He will be back to joking about dead people any second now, aalong with changing his ID yet again when proven wrong.

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