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UM baseball goes down hard at home in its NCAA regional. The season is over for the Hurricanes.

Hard to believe. I thought for sure the Canes would have enough left in them to win one at Mark Light Field on Saturday afternoon. The victor, Missouri State by a 12-2 butt-whooping, will advance to Sunday's early game against the loser of Saturday night's UCF-Stony Brook game.

The Hurricanes are done for the season at 36-23.

It's the first time UM has gone two-and-out in the postseason since the 1993 season, when Brad Kelley was coach -- for that season only -- before current coach Jim Morris took over and was 49-14 in 1994. Morris lost in his third game of the College World Series that year.

Morris only wishes he could have gotten there this season.

This team lacked in every part of the game. Poor fielding. Poor hitting. Even the pitching collapsed at the end.

Not the Canes that I recall from years past.



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No choking is 1996 floriduh getting pasted no sodomized by nebraska ... Tommie frazier is still running! Just saw him running down i-75. How many pts ? 60? 70? I think spurrier still gets phantom pain when he wipes his bootay


"The 6-foot-4, 190-pound star from Santa Isabel starred at the Puerto Rico Baseball Academy and is committed to the University of Miami, but after being a surprise No. 1 pick is likely headed to Houston's farm system instead."

Carlos Corea, 1st player picked in MLB draft.
Have to say this was NOT Jim Morris fault, but you have to wonder if we had not been so horribly disposed of, maybe the kid mighty want to make a quick stop at UM. A heck of a lot better than a year at a ball in Numbnutsville, IA.

I meant class A ball.

Who in his right mind wants to come play for the Gables Girls? You poor clUcks are delUsional.

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