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UM Canes to Honor 1987 National Champions -- and how about College World Series bound Stony Brook?

As the Hurricanes continue to prepare in the weight room and on their own during seven-on-sevens for the 2012 football season, the University of Miami announced Monday that it will honor the 1987 Canes at halftime of the homecoming game against Florida State on Oct. 20 at Sun Life Stadium.

The 1987 national champion Canes were coached by Jimmy Johnson and finished 12-0, defeating top-ranked Oklahoma 20-14 in the Orange Bowl for UM's second national title.

The Hurricanes, then ranked No. 3, defeated then-No. 4 Florida State at Tallahassee on Oct. 3, 1987, after being behind 19-3 late in the third quarter. UM's memorable comeback encompassed three quick scores: a 49-yard reception from Steve Walsh to Melvin Bratton; a 26-yard completion from Wash to MIchael Irvin (plus a two-point conversion to tie it at 19); and a 73-yard touchdown from Walsh to Irvin to put UM ahead with 2:22 left.

The Canes stopped an FSU attempt at a two-point conversion and finally won 26-25.

I like the homecoming game being against a heavy-duty opponent. It shows moxie.


By now, I'm sure you know that Stony Brook shocked the college baseball world by defeating No. 7 National Seed LSU in a super regional to advance to the College World Series for the first time in its history. Stony Brook is the No. 4 seed that made UM look bad (in addition to UM making itself look bad, actually) in the opening game of the Coral Gables regional.

I was sure after that tournament that Stony Brook was the real deal, but it's hard to convince anyone that a no-name school from Long Island in the the America East Conference is a team with which to be reckoned.

 "They outplayed us really in every phase of the game,'' LSU coach Paul Mainieri told reporters after the Seawolves clinched with a 7-2 victory over LSU (winner of six national titles). "The people in the South haven't heard much about Stony Brook, but they know who they are now.''

  Stony Brook defeated LSU in two of three games and trailed only once in those games: when LSU's Mason Katz hit a walk-off single in the bottom of the 12th in the super regional opener. The Seawolves outhit LSU 15-3 in the series finale.

  According to the Associated Press, the Seawolves are the first team from New York State to reach the College World Series since 1980, and the first team from the Northeast since Maine did it in 1986.

  Stony Brook became the second team to open the NCAA Baseball Tournament as a No. 4 seed in a regional and reach the College World Series. The first was Fresno State in 2008. Fresno State went on to win the title that year -- the last time UM was in the College World Series.

  I didn't mean to go on and on about Stony Brook (52-13), but in light of what happened to UM in Coral Gables, I thought it was telling that a similar fate awaited LSU (47-18).




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Randy Shammin' was on that 1987 team, was he not? He had better not come within five miles of the stadium. He's not a 'Cane anymore. Not after four years of willful, intentional sabotage. To hell with him.


Sorry but Randy may not be a good head coach but he is a Cane and always will be. He deserves some respect.

Randy did some good things here at UM. They beat Oklahoma and FSU among others, VT and UVA too. The players graduated and largely stayed out of trouble. And they like him as a human being.

Too often we forget that players and coaches are humans too

Stop trying to save Morris' job; we got beat by a team that got lucky against LSU. We need a fresh start with the baseball program. PERIOD.

We will be celebrating this team years from now. Coach Golden is building a national power and we should be able to run through the ACC this year.

Go 'canes!

Morris has gotten a pass that neither Coker nor Shannon got. Fire Morris.
The excuse that his players turn pro is pathetic. Like that doesnt happen to everyone. UF and FSU dont seem to have that excuse do they?

The 1987 team is 2nd only to the 2001 team and definitely top 5 in history. they beat what is now 3 SEC teams, ND, Oklahoma, FSU, and Florida and went undefeated!

The U will be back. You all sit back and watch.

As I have said so many times after witnessing multiple times many interviews with high profile players where they themself acknowledge, to perform his/her sport of choice is over 90% mental. Never have I heard or heard of anyone even mention or articulate mental. Until we are smart enough to apply the PatRiley theory we will continue to perform with just brawn and the same miserable results.
You must have the principle of physics (SAVVY) It is all natural/natures way, however it is also the 90% mental we never learn.

As the 2013 recruiting class is being put together, I can't help but wonder how many of these kids will be busts despite their 4 stars 5 stars. Not just in Miami but everywhere else. this whole star system is a sham.

Wow who runs marketing and promotions at Miami? Must be the dumbest idiots ever. When you honor your past champions you should pick a game you have a chance of winning so the night is enjoyable for all. You don't schedule a top 10 team and your main rival. Just ask FSU. Remember the night they dedicated their field and named it Bobby Bowden Field and the Gators beat them had to ruin the dedication and be one of the stupidest things ever.

gatorsam- why are you on this blog you stoopid idiot? You have nothing intelligent to say.

At least the 2006 UF team isnt being honored when or if the Jets come to town with timmy bible thumper. That was the single stoopidest thing Dolphin front office did last year. It made no sense financially. MMMM. Lets see. The rival QB comes to town to play the fins and we honor him at 1/2 time? Are you serious? Why dont the Redsox honor Derek Jeter when they come to Boston to play them? Same concept!!!!

Was good to learn that we (The University of Miami) are still playing football. When can we look forward to the next football article? August?


Whats your excuse for the Missouri State game??? They had one win the whole regional; a dominating at that.

stoopid is as stupid posts and
looser is as the loser posts

So goes on the story of the stoopid looser pseudologic who hasn't got a clUe.
Scheduling FSU for homecoming is not moxie it's plain "stoopid". Or maybe they wanted to make sure the game was a sell out. Too bad over 50% of those in attendance will be wearing Garnet and Gold. Way to go canes!

What is wrong with you children?

gatorsam- why are you on this blog you stoopid idiot? You have nothing intelligent to say.
Well, first he destroyed Gator Clause with his trolling and hate, and now has nothing to do all day. 18 days until his next welfare check, so he will continue here until someone resuurects his pet blog.

gatorspammer has no friends, no job, and no clue. So he comes here to learn from his masters.

No need to respond with some tennis results, gatorspammer, we don't care.


Why do you hate my Dolphins so much? Such anger!

Forget baseball, bring on the football stories. That's all we have left to look forward to..............football.
The Great Golden is putting together a powerhouse that will run amok in the ACC, go on to the BCS and contend every year for the NC.
We should honor the 2001 team at the beginning of the season to set the tone for the rise of the canes. Imagine Golden's players looking up to the great canes of the past to carry on their tradition.
Go canes all day every day

Hire the Stony Brook Coach

ACC your puny leetle brain can't comprehend fascetiousness--- He writes stoopid because if he spelled it correctly it would be censored, you dee-k head mowron gaytr.

There is no shame in asking a mutual friend in introducing us to each other. If that's what you want.


Where are U Fools ?

Well, congratulations to Stony Brook. I'd say it is more than luck. The fact that they are good does not negate the reality that UM is not.


Agreed. It could happen under Al Golden. Just a matter of time and, hopefully, light sanctions. For now, I'll settle for competing for the Coastal Division title as a first step, and not losing to underdogs as a sure thing in that pursuit.

Halftime of the homecoming game against Florida State on Oct. 20 at Sun Life Stadium.


Well even as Ur getting Throttled by the Noles in front of over 40,000 of their fans, at least U'll have 20 mins. to celebrate something during a dismal 2012 season even if it was an Ancient 'Ship over 3 decades and a Century ago...

Hey Susan and Manny - did you ever think about just closing the comments section of this blog?

If that meant fewer 'hits' or reads would that affect advertising or anything?

It's just sad to read what can't be more than two UM fans and two UF fans talking to each other all day about their internet rivalry and it's certainly not entertaining for actual UM fans to read about or respond to.

Yes I can see it now when Miami introduces their championship team 30,000 FSU fans drown them out doing the Chop. Briliant.

hey, randy shannon better not come close to the stadium!!!! I know he won't show up, he ain't that stupid.

whats pat burrel doing these days? hire him as baseball coach

Well even as Ur getting Throttled by the Noles in front of over 40,000 of their fans, at least U'll have 20 mins. to celebrate something during a dismal 2012 season even if it was an Ancient 'Ship over 3 decades and a Century ago...

^^^^^^speaking of throttled...those Noles are gonna slaughter the turds!.....doesn't mater if they play the game on the moon or anywhere else.

at least our offense can score touchdowns against the Noles.....score some when it matters turd faces!

last year was actually quite close and UM had a chance to beat FSU. With Japicky at QB. No difference this year. Will be close.

Gatorsh*t and "how low can you go": What's worse, being overhyped, overrated, over ranked, over expected, over estimated by the media (as UF and FSU commonly are)- or unranked (as we should be) like UM is?

UF has been the champion of overhype. Tebow, for exmaple wa sincluded in the "best season ever by a college player"...what the? Are you serious? Not even close.


UM is the champion of almost won and pretty loss and close call and we had a chance and coulda shoulda woulda. Which all translates to a big fat LOSS.

5.3.2 would rather be unranked and out of the mix, guess after a decade of futility he finally accepts his reality. And you are wrong pea brain, you can spell correctly, as in you are too stupid and stoopid too.

dbc you seem like a level headed guy, a rarity for a cane "fan". What are you doing agreeing with delUsional? His name says it all and if you agree with him then so are you.

Just a thought, why spoil the fun?

Miami played for 10 national championships from 1983- 2002. Won 5, had 2 stolen by the refs. 3 others lost outright, no excuses. Finished in the top 5 in the rankings another 3-5 times. If you call that woulda coulda shouldas, then GUILTY.

Posted by: corpus

Just what I said corpse, haven't done squat in a decade.
And "had 2 stolen by the refs" is another example of coulda shoulda woulda, which means a LOSS.
You are a prime example of living in the past and being extremely delUsional.

If you are going to steal my name and post fake comments, at least capitalize Gators, spell Gators correctly and use an exclamation point (!)when you make or attempt to make a strong statement or people will know I didn't post it!

Hey Manny do you know if the entire team will be honored or just the starters for the 1987 team/

ACC sucks etc.

I appreciate the positive from you.

I try to recognize points that speak to optimism for the Canes in football, especially as they apply to Coach Golden. It is the desperation of deprivation, man!

In spite of the name, delUsionalcane had a fair point in the recent post, unless there was a sarcasm that I missed

I don't think I am delusional (of course, if I was I wouldn't recognize it!) and am really unlikely to develop such a disorder at this stage of the game.

But, like all Canes, I am hopeful and do appreciate when you and our fellow posters put out fair points, wherever their true allegiances may truly lie. Have a great day!

gators for me will ALWAYS be gators...
No Capitols allowed...

Time to honor one of the BEST College teams ever put together by any school.
JJ is still a Huge Hero to all Cane fans, and what we have the others can dream about but never duplicate.

Look at JJ's face in the picture...Pure joy of being Champions.

Coach G will take us back..support the team and support his effort...gatorsam will be crawling back to the trailer and pulling the door closed behind him because there would be nothing to say..
Celebrate our 'Canes anywhere, anytime...
Go 'Canes

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